Thursday 12/8/16

Hello parents, posterity, and or absent people here is what we did today!



  • Normal SSW
  • Very brief lesson on different graphic organizers that could help you write your narrative
  • There were 4 different graphic organizers
  • 1: Plot Diagram- more story/event oriented
  • 2: Alternate Plot Diagram- not as structured as the normal plot diagram
  • 3: Series of Events Chart/Flowchart
  • 4: Character Wheel- helps describe and plan out a character


  • Went over the previously assigned homework
  • Assigned new homework Pg. 396 #2-46 even, 52-54 all, 56-58 all


  • Watched crash course videos to help us on how an executive branch works
  • Then we worked in our Hab groups to choose an executive branch of government, the roles within it, how the leader will be elected, and how it would be applied to on Mars
  • *Don’t forget to do your notes for the test on Wednesday*

Tuesday 12/6/16

Hello parents and posterity here is what we did today!


  • Went over what will be on the next test
  • Got a new worksheet
  • Worked on new worksheet and or work on Hab wiring




  • normal SSR
  • Began our writing workshop with a couple examples of a Fable and a Myth. The Fable was titled- The Miller, His Son, and the Ass. The Myth was titled- The Crane Wife.
  • Then went on to work on our narrative essay
  • At the end of the class you were to have stated whether you are going to be writing a Myth, a Fable, or a Legend

Monday 12/5/16

Hello North house absent people here is what we did today!



We first began with SSR as we do normally on Mondays. Then we began our quiz on the prologue os The Canterbury Tales. This quiz was 30 questions, multiple, choice, and open note so you couldn’t possibly fail, but somehow I’m pretty sure I managed to do that. After we finished our quiz we turned in our closed reading questions homework. Then Edwards gave us an unofficial writing workshop that was an intro to the easiest text type, the narrative. We will have two weeks in class of writing workshop using rotations 1&2 next week. Depending on how much progress we make during Writing Workshop the essay might be due 3rd rotation next week or the Monday before christmas break.

Here are my notes for the presentation.


Unit Two Narrative Text Rubric.


In Pigott’s we went over answers to the homework from the previous rotation. Then he assigned us new homework which is Pg. 385 #54-118 even.


Don’t forget we have our test on December 13th/14th. Notes due the on Chapter 3&4 all sections, Chapter 5 sections 3&4, and Chapter 7 sections 1,2,3. The test will be open note, however you may not have printed notes.

We began by working on the iPads using the app titled We The People, which you can find on the app store if you wish to complete this at home instead of continuing next class. to sign into this app the username is ipoly followed by your iPad number, then the pass word is pomona followed by your iPad number. Keep in mind there are three other people from the different houses using the same account to work on our assignment, which is why there might be some work done already, and or difficulties when more than one person is trying to sign into the same account at the same time. Our assignment was to read all of Lesson 23 and complete the questions at the end of each section, because those questions plus the vocab is what we will be tested on. I suggest you all take notes.



Blog #14

Hello North house! I hope you all had a decent week. For this weeks blog I decided to venture into the world of the seven deadly sins. I know we all probably have heard enough about this, but because we just read the prologue for The Canterbury Tales I figured watching this video will help you compare the seven deadly sins to characters in The Canterbury Tales.

This video titled Are Spongebob & his friends based on the 7 deadly sins? explores the theory that Spongebob and the other main characters from the show are based on the seven deadly sins. The narrator of the video then goes on to explain how each character is connected to the seven deadly sins. After reading the prologue of The Canterbury Tales we were given the extra credit option to think about what sins were some of the characters committing. After viewing this video hopefully it can help you connect which characters are committing which sins from The Canterbury Tales. I chose this video ultimately to bring a different twist on the way we have been learning about the seven deadly sins. Personally I believe this theory is true. I do not think the creators of Spongebob intentionally made the show about the seven deadly sins, however I think they used the sins as a foundation for creating their characters. On the other hand I believe that maybe this could have been a way for the writers of Spongebob to introduce the seven deadly sins in a subtle way to a younger audience. Those are my thoughts, but feel free to explain yours through the prompt.

After viewing this video please answer the following prompt.

Prompt: Do you agree with this theory that Spongebob and the other main characters are based of of the seven deadly sins? If so why? If you do not agree, then why not. Do you think the creators of Spongebob did this intentionally? How does this information apply to what we have read about the Canterbury Tales?

Thursday 12/1/17

Tis the season North house! It is finally December which means it is Christmas time! For those of you who celebrate a different holiday, or nothing at all, happy December. But let’s move onto the assignments.

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Today in class, we did SSW and received new stamp sheets. Do not discard your old one because you are still going to turn it in at the end of the semester. After SSW, Edwards informed us of what we were doing tomorrow for house. For those of you not here today, she explained that for the first portion of house, we would come together as a house and decide what the North house preamble or constitution will be. Then for the second half, she will introduce the Senior Capstone Project and answer all of our burning questions. After the announcements, she set us free to continue the Canterbury Tales Prologue notes. Remember, we can do the notes with a partner and turn in one sheet as a pair.

HW: Finish Canterbury Tales questions (due first rotation)

Related image


In Piggott’s today, we reviewed the homework. Then afterwards, we took some more notes on factoring polynomials. Then he assigned the homework and allowed us sometime in class to start on it.

HW: pg. 385 #1-10 all, 11-115 every other odd (due first rotation)

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U.S. Gov.

Unfortunately today, we did not get our daily fill of Carl Azuz. But if you missed his punny humor, or just like to look at his face, the link for today’s news is right here. Then, we continued to work on our worksheet from Wednesday. Afterwards, each group put the finishing touches and presented their ideas for our government on Mars. Do not forget that we have a test for  Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 second rotation next week.

HW: Review and study Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

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Tuesday 11/29/16

Happy Tuesday North House! I hope you all had a wonderful day. If not, here’s a Weiner dog pulling a Chihuahua on a chariot.

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Now onto the homework:


Today in Holt’s, he told us the story of the making of the book The Martian  for the first part of class. Then, we watched the movie for the rest of the block. I would link the movie, but that would be pirating, which is frowned upon in our society. At the end of the block, he handed out a worksheet for us to complete and turn in on Wednesday.

HW: Worksheet

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In Edwards’ today, we started off with SSR as per usual. Then Edwards went over a Satire PowerPoint, if you would like to see the notes I put mine in a doc that you can find right here. If the writing is difficult for you to read, ask a friend and copy their notes because they will be useful while reading the Canterbury Tales, because they are very heavy on satire. After the PowerPoint, we started reading and annotating the Canterbury Tales prologue. Our assignment was to begin reading the prologue, and as we read to complete all twenty-four of the questions and concludes in margins of the textbook. For this portion of the assignment, we are allowed to work in pairs. If you complete just that, you get a B. In order to get the A, you must identify the three perfect characters in the prologue. Then, with the remaining characters you must assign them the sin they most closely relate to with a short explanation defending your choice of sin for the character. Bring you book again for next rotation, because we will be continuing taking notes for the duration of that block.

HW: Read Canterbury Tales prologue (starting on pg. 129) and complete the 24 questions and concludes in the margins, due next week Monday.

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Monday 11/28/16

Greetings North House! I hope we all are rejuvenated or at least somewhat rested after our week break. Only 18 more days until winter break, we can do this!


But onto what we did today in class


Today in class, we did our usual SSR routine followed by a quick intro into what the plan was for today. In class, we watched a video on the Canterbury Tales and took notes. If you would like to re-watch the video click here. Remember, we were only required to remember the the first ten minutes, but it is also very useful to watch the rest since they are about the actuals tales, which we will not go over in class. But, they will be good references for our upcoming PBA. Edwards wrote some notes for us on the board that had quick summaries about a few of the tales. If you forgot to write them down, copy the following:

Knight’s Tale- Arcite, Palamon, and Emily (pure and courtly)

Miller’s Tale- Allison, Nicholas, Abalone, and flood

Reeve’s Tale- miller, mule, daughter, and two students

Nlan (sergeant) at Law- constance

Priest’s Tale- Chanticleer (rooster)

HW: Blog #13 & bring textbook for next rotation




In Pigott’s, we corrected South’s tests, were assigned math textbooks, and recieved our graded tests. That is all.

HW: none


U.S. Gov:

In Daly’s, we started off our day with CNN Student News. If you want an extra fill of your Azuz, click here. Then, Daly introduced his component and had us work with our Mars group analyzing the preambles of five different countries. We were assigned different jobs based on our Mars group job. All of the preambles are available on Pearson Realize.

HW: Review Chapter 3 and do Chapter 3 notes