Monday-April 24

Today’s Overview


  • SSR
  • Review of the upcoming Inquiry Tree(Due this Friday)
    • Presentation skills
  • Commencement
    • Graduation speeches
    • Examples


  • Introduction to Graph Theory lesson


  • CNN-10
  • Supply and Demand Quiz
  • Finished informal presentations
  • Finished “The Men Who Built America”

Graduation Speeches

See Mrs. Edwards for more information. Auditions on May 10, Wednesday at 4th block. Limitations for speech must be:

  • 3-5 minutes
  • No naming of teachers or specific people(students)


Blog #31

Hello there,

Bearing in mind of the human enlightenment concept covered last week, I would like to carry on that idea but it in a different sense for this week’s blog assignment. Hence, consider the practice of enlightenment by the Sokushinbutsu Monks who had hoped their mummified bodies would serve as a bridge between the mortal and spirit world. More information about them here. However, the subject of this week is not focused on the monks, rather the interpretation of one’s enlightenment and if it even exists or not. Read this article and answer the prompt.

Prompt: What are your thoughts after viewing the article? Do you suppose to still believe in this practice? If not, what is your goal to be the best you can possibly be in life?

Thursday, April 20

Hello North House

Here is today’s overview


  • Inquiry Tree Component Info: Minimum 10 Questions due next week Friday ( 70% must be essential questions) The complete tree is due at a later date.
  • Friday’s Plan: Anapol-Naviance Check, Personal Expression Check, Inquiry Tree Check (3 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS DUE BY TOMORROW)
  • Writing Work Shop Day 3
  • Ms. Hernandez Miscellany

Refer to authors accordingly –

  • Film Jane Eyre: Directed by Susana White
  • Text Jane Eyre: Written by Charlotte Bronte
  • Film Gulliver’s Travels: Directed by Georges Melies
  • Text Gulliver’s Travels: Written by Jonathan Swift
  • Went over polar coordinates quiz (retakes start Monday next week)


  • Finish up informal presentations
  • Stock Market Game (Reminder, 3 sells and buys a week)

Reminders for tomorrow

  • 3 sources due for Anaya
  • Unit 4 Argument Essay due tomorrow on by 9:00
  • 3 essential questions for inquiry tree due tomorrow, house block


Tuesday- April 18

Hello North House

Here is today’s overview:


  • SSR 20 minutes
  • Writing Workshop for the rest of the block (Reminder: Unit 4 Argumentative Essay due this Friday on 


  • Today in Holts we went over the machine lab that was done last week, we then were given a follow up worksheet that is due next rotation. (Reminder: Quiz on machines and mechanical energy tomorrow, 2nd rotation)


  • Reminder- Quiz on Polar Coordinates tomorrow, 2nd rotation

Monday – April 17

Hello North House

Here is today’s overview:


  • SSR for 20 minutes
  • 15 minute peer review activity
  • Writing Workshop for the rest of the block


  • We went over the Polar Coordinates Worksheet that was assigned as homework over the weekend (Reminder: Quiz on Polar Coordinates 2nd rotation Wednesday this week) 


  • CNN 10
  • We then did informal presentations in class (Trade Show Presentations)
  • Worked on the Stock Market Game  (Reminder: 3 purchases and 3 sells a week)

Senior Project

  • Reminder: 3 sources due by this Friday for Mr. Anaya

Blog Assignment 30

Hello North House,

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend, I’m your scribe for the week. In this weeks blog post I’ve provided you guys with yet again, another TED talk. The speaker, Bel Pesce, gives 5 tips on how not to achieve your dreams. Click here for the video

Prompt : What were your thoughts and opinions after viewing the TED talk? Have you ever found yourself making these mistakes mentioned in the video?


  • 3 sources for Anaya by this Friday