Thursday 10/20/16

Hello North House!

We’ve practically made it through the whole week. One more day and it’s the weekend!

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Here’s a recap of today:


Today we began with 20 minutes of SSW. After Mrs. Edwards stamped our papers, we went over some admin things.

  • ASB:
    • Scare fair is on October 28. Don’t forget to wear your costumes for a chance to win a gift card.
    • Door Decoration contest: if we win, we will get a pizza party!! Need I say more? pizza.gif
    • Free Food: Since we won the first spirit week, we will be able to get a bag of hot Cheetos/nachos with cheese tomorrow!
  • House:
    • Our house basket will be turned in to Mrs. Sarrategui tomorrow.
    • A special thanks to Rocky and Samara for purchasing Japanese items for our basket! thank you.gif
    • Also, a special thanks to all of you for your contributions. Y’all made a difference! rain.gif


  • Assignments:
    • PBA is due tomorrow at 7. If you have an IOU from last year, you may use it for this assignment. Keep in mind that we are only halfway through the first semester so chose wisely.
    • Blog Assignment #8 due tonight at 9.
  • Other:
    • We welcome Rachel Walker into our house. She is a student at Cal Poly and will be with us for 15 hours.


Math test today.  Hope you all did well.


EARTHQUAKE! Mr. Daly had us look at the aftermath of some strong earthquakes due to California’s Earthquake Shakeout drill today. Some pictures were definitely eyeopening. At least we don’t have to deal with tornadoes or flooding.

toby opening eyes.gif

Next, we saw CNN student news and moved on to a presentation by Mr. Daly. The main focus: Gerrymandering. Stay woke people! It’s still happening today!


Well that’s all for today folks. This might be my last post so before I bid you farewell, I’ll leave you with a little insight from Cher and Scott Dissick. I know we’ve all been stressed about college apps and projects but like Cher we have to come to the realization that it’ll pass. Relax. Scott Dissick did so why not you?

what am i stressing about.gif

time to relax.gif

Tuesday 10/18/16

Hello North House! Hope you had a great Tuesday! Only three more days to go!

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For our absentees: here’s what you missed on the I Poly train wreck extravaganza:


Mr. Holt passed back our science notebooks. Then he gave us the “Practice Problems before the Projectile Quiz” worksheet. img_4569

To check your answers look below:


For those feeling a bit more confident, try the challenging problem. If you are still struggling but trying, here’s Mr. Holt’s guide to solve the problem: IMG_4571.JPG

Remember: Tomorrow is Quiz #2. Brush up on some material by reading pages 28-32 and 33-39. Though there isn’t much vocabulary, go over it. Mr. Holt may or may not use some vocab words. Don’t get caught off guard.

wrecking ball.gif

Now, if you do get caught off guard- DON’T WORRY! You will have a chance to retake the quiz and improve your scores. To improve however, you’ll probably need to get some tutoring. Luckily for you, a student from Cal Poly Pomona is offering their services and can help you with your physics needs. physics.gif

Tutoring services are offered in the computer lab:

  • Monday: 3:15
  • Tuesday: 4th
  • Wednesday: 3:15
  • Thursday: 4th

So go on in and take a seat. Git Gud.



Instead of doing SSR, Mrs. Edwards had us do SSW to make up for last week’s. After 20 minutes of writing, she released us to work on our 7 Deadly Sins mini-unit.

Note: The due date has been pushed back to next Tuesday, October 25. 


Moreover, the next rotations will be work blocks. You may work on any of the following:

  • English component
  • Hab component
  • PBA
  • 7 Deadly Sins mini-unit


Good luck north house. Don’t die. giphy.gif

Monday 10/17/16

Hello North House!

Hopefully you’ve all had a great Monday and if not- well congrats on making it through the day!


Here’s a rundown of what happened today:


Today was a Mr. West Day. If you blanked out on his speech about college, here are the highlights:

  1. Take advantage of him! As college application deadlines get closer, Mr. West will have less and less time to meet with ya’ll individually. So get on it! counseler.gif
  2. USE NAVIANCE. Connect your common app with Naviance. Make a college list on Naviance.  It will make your life easier. It will make Mr. West’s life easier. It will make all the teachers’ lives easier. Don’t second guess it. JUST DO IT!1.gif                2.gif
  3. Have faith in your capabilities! Some people out there believe it is their birthright to get into these amazing schools so why don’t you? It is time to change the attitude and start believing that it is our birthright too!faith in capabilities.gif
  4. HAVE A PLAN! It doesn’t matter if community college is the route you’re taking. Start thinking about the future (even if it’s a little scary). Make goals. Dream. Have your eyes set on something.  no-backup

Some Reminders:

  • Blog #8 due Thursday @ 9 p.m.
  • PBA due Friday @ 7 p.m.
  • Seven Deadly Sins Presentation 3rd rotation (Thursday)
  • Bring money for Silent Auction house basket



Mr. Piggot went over the 3.7 worksheet and review packet.

math lady.jpg

More Reminders: 

  • Math Test 3rd Rotation



As per usual, Mr. Daly began the class with a dose of Carl Azuz. On today’s news: the war in Yemen (and how it can be a problem for the U.S.), the heroin epidemic & underground tunnels, and coral bleaching.

He then gave a presentation on the National Government v.s. the States. To further our understanding, we saw a crash course video on Federalism.

Some More Reminders:

  • Do chapter 4 section 1 notes

Blog Assignment #8

Hello North House!

I hope you’ve all had a pleasant weekend. Hopefully none of you have spent it sinning and thus condemning yourself to hell.


For this week’s blog assignment, rather than reflecting on society as a whole, I want you guys to reflect on yourselves as individuals of a society. I’m sure most of us have at one point pondered about the significance of our lives. There are roughly 7.4 billion people on this planet and each one lives out their lives until one day they die. So, how does the life of one individual change another’s? How does a woman taking care of her kids affect the world? How do we change the world when we wake up every morning and go to school?  Does speaking out about something matter when no one seems to be hearing? Do any of our actions actually matter in the grand scheme of things?

To help you guys in trying to determine your significance in society and this planet we call home, I leave you with an excerpt from “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.”

When Dad was tucking me in that night and we were talking about the book, I asked if he could think of a solution to that problem.

“Which problem?”  

“The problem of how relatively insignificant we are.”  

He said,  “Well, what would happen if a plane dropped you in the middle of the Sahara Desert and you picked up a single grain of sand with tweezers and moved it one millimeter?”  

I said, “I’d probably die of dehydration.”  

He said, “I just mean right then, when you moved that single grain of sand.  What would that mean?”

I said, “I dunno, what?”  

He said, “think about it.”

I thought about it.  “I guess I would have moved a grain of sand.”  

“Which would mean?”

“Which would mean I moved a grain of sand?”  

“Which would mean you changed the Sahara.”  


So? So the Sahara is a vast desert.  And it has existed for million of years.  And you changed it!”

“That’s true!”  I said, sitting up.  “I changed the Sahara!”

“Which means?”  he said.  

“What?  Tell me.”

“Well, I’m not talking about moving that one grain of sand one millimeter.”


“If you hadn’t done it, human history would have been one way…”


“but you did do it, so…?”

I stood on the bed, pointed my fingers at the fake stars, and screamed:  “I changed the course of human history!”

“That’s right.”

“I changed the universe!



Do you think that the actions of a single individual matter when trying to create change within a society? If not, do you think that for change to happen,  more than one person has to be involved?  If so, do you think that a person should even bother with trying to create change because they are only 1 in 7.4 billion?


Friday – 10/14/16


Today we had 4 core rotation!


We worked on researching and putting together a presentation on our assigned sin for the 7 Deadly Sins Mini Unit. Mrs. Edwards will give us more time to prepare during second rotation next week (Tuesday) and we are presenting our sin during third rotation (Thursday).


  • PBA Early Deadline tonight at 7pm on turnitin
  • Keep working on your English component independently/with your group
  • Bring $3-4 by MONDAY for our Silent Auction basket


We had a sub and Mr. Piggott left us a review packet to work on.


  • 3.7 Worksheet
  • Review Packet



In government Mr. Daly went over Chapter 3 Section 3. We will be moving onto Chapter 4 next week.


  • Finish reading and taking notes on all of Chapter 3



Mr. Holt went over the worksheet we were assigned. He also collected our notebooks and gave us a breakdown of what next week in Physics will look like:

1st Rotation (Tuesday): Kahoot Review on Projectile Motion

2nd Rotation (Wednesday): Quiz #2 on Projectile Motion

3rd Rotation (Friday): “Hab Day”

  • Things he’s expecting for informal Habitat presentation:
  1. Research done/explained about what should go in our Hab and why
  2. People Calculation (how much ______ do we need for 35+ people)
  3. Design (blueprints, sketch, poster, powerpoint, etc. something depicting what our Hab will look like)

*Each Habitat is a hexagon with a diameter of 55 cm. (Scale: 1 cm = 1 ft)

Mr. Holt also gave us a short explanation of what we should be testing in order for our rockets to hit certain targets. He will post it on his blog.

Reminder: There is a physics student from Cal Poly who can help with physics homework and problems in the computer lab. Her schedule is as follows:

M: 3:15 | T: 4th block | W: 3:15 | Th: 4th block

The week of October 24th is when we will be launching our rockets. Our rocket needs to be able to hit 3 different targets in 4 shots.


  • Study for projectile motion quiz
  • Work on Hab presentation with your Mars group

ASB Announcements/Other Reminders:

  • Senior Activity Night aka Movie Night is Wednesday, October 19 from 3-5 PM in the MPR. They will be showing “The Grudge” and selling pizza and soda for $1 each.
  • Scare Fair is October 28. Wear your costume for a chance to win a $25 gift card!
  • Halloween Dance is on October 28, 7-10 PM, $10 w/ ASB, $12 w/o, $15 @ the door, $13 @ door w/ costume
    • Pumpkin carving contest (BYOP) or purchase at school, candy bar, carnival games, pizza, soda, cotton candy, caramel apples, snow cones, popcorn
  • All clubs participating in Scare Fair must fill out the Scare Fair Survey and have a shift list visible at all their booths at Scare Fair. Forms can be picked up in the ASB room.
  • Brainstorm ideas for our door decorating/window display contest
  • Open House is Thursday, October 20

This Chanel signing off as your scribe. Have a great weekend!


Thursday – 10/13/16

Hello North House!

Although I was absent myself, I am still going to update you on what happened at school today (thank you Chris for keeping me in the loop).

Today was our college fair field trip so we had a weird schedule.

First we spent two hours in House and watched a teen movie called “Orange County.” Although I wasn’t there to eat them, a special thank you to Mrs. Edwards for bringing the class donuts and letting us bring other food and drinks to snack on while we watched the movie.

After the movie we left to the college fair. The college fair had schools that were all out of state and some even out of the country.

When we came back to school we had free time and a debrief of the college fair.

Tomorrow we will have a four core schedule so be prepared for that!

Just a couple of reminders…

  • Read Chapter 3 Section 3 for Daly
  • Finish the 3.7 worksheet for Piggott
  • Finish the Riverboat Problems worksheet for Holt
  • Bring $3-4 for our Silent Auction basket
  • Work on your PBA, first due date is tomorrow by 7 PM!



Tuesday – 10/11/16


This morning in physics, Mr. Holt went over the Further Projectile Problems Worksheet. Then he assigned us another worksheet. After core talk, he explained our Martian Habitat Component and we each got assigned a different area of the colony to build, varying from life support to barracks. Finally, we got to work on our rockets and practiced launching them some more. During our practice launch time, we also had the opportunity to vote for the President and the seven propositions in our school-wide mock election.


  1. More Projectile Motion Practice


English class started off with SSR. Mrs. Edwards collected our Intro to Middle Ages packet and began to talk about our core focus on the “Latter Middle Ages.” For core, we will be reading the Canterbury Tales and discussing that further. The next item on the game plan was “Preliminary intro of English component.” Mrs. Edwards gave us an intro to her English component, which consisted of 2 parts: one individual and one group. Here is a breakdown of what the component is:


Resume & cover letter
– Research 3 people in depth, or 5 sufficiently of your assigned role on Mars
Rubric (same as PBA)

Due date: November 3

– Promo of why our group should be chosen to go to Mars
– PPT/YouTube Video/Twitter feed (some type of multimedia presentation)
– Each person must speak for 2 minutes
– Market your specific role
– Panel of Judges: Edwards, Hernandez, West
– Presentations: week of November 7

– Week of October 17: West, Naviance talk
– Week of October 24: Individual work on resume/cover letter, HUB Wednesday
– Week of November 1: Group Work Week

When we finished deciding on dates and roles in our groups, Mrs. Edwards explained her upcoming mini unit entitled, “The 7 Deadly Sins.” This mini unit will give us some background knowledge before we read The Canterbury Tales. In the past, the seven deadly sins were: greed, sloth, wrath, envy, gluttony, lust, and pride. If you committed any one or a combination of the sins you were damned for all eternity to Hell. Mrs. Edwards put each of the sins in a bowl and we all chose one of the sins. Our job is to research and become an expert on our sin in order to present and teach it to the rest of the class. We will pick this up on the next rotation.


  1. College Fair permission slips



Other Homework:

  1. 3.6 Worksheet (Piggott)
  2. Read and take notes on Chapter 3 Section 1 (Daly)


Remember to work on your PBA and do the blog!