2015/16 SSR PoR

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  1. Luke Skywalker
  2. D/C entries – https://docs.google.com/document/d/110P_wdCNosULh4sMRbbM3kGafMfxaJnFYBdCQkTU2UM/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Cinder by Marissa Meyer


  1. Nick Caro
  2. Goodreads review – https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1430611366
  3. Everything I Never Told You by Celest Ng






5-19-2016 Andre Concepcion

Today we had a guest speaker! It was the mother of a senior in IPoly. She was Dr. Burney and today she talked to us about college admissions. The whole message of the presentation was that we should always keep our options open! One of the main points was that just because you have never heard of a college or though  about it, you should definitely check it out. If you want to know more, Edwards will post a link to their power point.

May 6, 2016

Today we began our day in Mr.Navaroli’s class by watching CNN student news. Later on we began discussing his components of the Museum Walk taking place on May 20th. For Mr. Navaroli’s requirements  we must create a visual display of our American dream. Students are required to arrange all their museum pieces(Edwards, Hedman, Navaroli) within the space on your assigned desk (For requirements on each visual see the bottom of this blog). We concluded the class with finishing the movie being watched.


Later on we had House with Ms. Edwards! Today we got an overview on how the committees will work. Students were encouraged to sign up for their jobs if they haven”t done so already or if one of their group members missed out on having a job. Make sure your group has someone for the science display! Requirements for the science representative, in Pangs room, include setting up your board, and answering questions for viewers who may have them. We later clarified questions and concerns on the committees. It is highly encouraged that student do a well job on your committees, because it is being assessed individually, if your 3 visual displays are good on their own it can be affected by fail to participate in your committee job assigned to you. If you have concerns with what will be your assigned desk see Rocky and Samara for more information. After this announcement students were instructed to go “forth and be brilliant” and work with our committees.

May 20th Museum Visual Requirements:

Requirements for Mr. Navaroli: Include 6 photographs or visual pieces of art that represent your personal definition of your American Dream. 2 of these must be of your creation that you either created or took on your own. These pictures can be arranged in any way they would like but must be aesthetically pleasing.This visual project must be on a page of 8.5 “x 14.5”. Our material can be of any kind but cannot fail to meet the size requirement. This piece must also be able to stand on it’s own, as it cannot lie flat on the table. This does not mean that your visual must be 2-dimensional and can be made creatively by you. The last and final requirement is that the art piece should not have any captions, the visual must be able to speak for itself.

Requirement for Edwards: From inspiration from Dead Poets Society, rip any page from the English textbook and use this page to create a visual known as “Found Poetry”. This art piece is used by creating  poetry by marking letters that will form a poem. This can be any representation which you please, but must be school appropriate. One requirement includes printing out a QR code, leading to our individual blogs, and pasting it somewhere in your art piece. This can also be done creatively as suggested, by incorporating the QR code as part of your art piece. Anything goes when deciding what to make your art piece on. In order to receive an AE you must show effort was being made to complete the visual.

Requirement for Hedman: For Hedman’s piece students are required to create a 3 panel pamphlet that explains what our career of choice does. This includes writing on your interest in this job, on the requirements of your career, and the income. Requirements for an AE include making it look pretty! And at all costs avoid making it look “ghetto”. This visual does not have to be in color if you choose to print several copies, but if at most you print 3 pamphlets, it would be beneficial if they are seen in color.

I hope North house has a spectacular weekend and Happy Mothers Day!

Hey North House look at this!!

Hello North house!! Please look at the link below and fill out the table with information about what you are going to do for the Museum. Please fill it in before the Museum and not the day before. This is for the Scavenger Hunt committee so we can complete our job, so even if you haven’t started it yet, if you have an idea of what you are going to do please fill it out. If you change what you are doing then please update the doc.

Thank you for your time and for hopefully putting in your information,

Samara and Rocky


May 5, 2016

Hey North house, here’s what we did today:


We finished Dead Poets Society the listened to one final recitation. Then, to our surprise, we got to rip our literature textbooks! Edwards explained that with our page we ripped out, we would create a “found poem”. She al so told us that our last day to turn in extra credit is on May 23rd. Also, if you didn’t have your notebook today, bring it ASAP to get SSW credit.


Hedman told us that for his museum piece we would be making an informational pamphlet on our future job we chose for his component. After that, we went over our math packets.


Mr.Pang went over the museum component again and we chose our committees. After that hectic event, Pang gave us a worksheet about solar cells and told us to find all the answers on howstuffworks.com.

May 5, 2016

Hello, North House! Hope you day is well and Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today was a pretty hefty day filled with important information so you’re in for a long blog post. I apologize in advance.

We started off the day with our last and final SSW. Ms.Edwards proceeded to collect our stamp sheets, after stamping for our last writing entry. (You should have 8 stamps) Since it was such short notice, she is allowing us to turn it in from now to the end of the school year, but sooner is always better! After SSW Ms. Edwards gave us some announcements:

  • Extra credit is due before May 23rd. If you turn in your textbook before May 23rd you can receive extra credit! Ms.Edwards asked if someone can bring tissues before senior presentations because they are highly needed.
  • Next week is CAASPP testing. It will be multiple choice and taken digitally on laptops. The difference is there is a performance task requirement for reading and writing we must take. This performance test will be typed using laptops. The schedule will be North and East taking the test for the first testing blocks, while South and West rest and will rotate after 2 hours to accommodate with the students. *During our CAASPP Performance Task Test it is recommended, on the day of, you bring headphones if you do not wish to use headphones provided that have been previously used*
  • The schedule provided for next week is
    • Monday: Math online( 2 hours) and followed by rest. (2 hours)
    • Tuesday: 4 core
    • Wednesday: Multiple choice English online (2 hours of testing and 2 hours of rest)
    • Thursday: Both performance test (English, Math)
    • Friday: Regularly scheduled
  • Chris Q. gave us forms to pick our Senior ASB representatives for the year 2017! If you didn’t get the chance to vote already please see one of our current ASB representatives for the chance to vote.

After announcements we continued watching the film, Dead Poets Society, to continue where we left off and to finish the movie with a heartfelt goodbye! After finishing the film we reflected on how the movie truly moved us.After we concluded, Brian C. got the chance to recite his moving poem.

In the end once we settled to finish our wonderful poetry component, Ms. Edwards asked us to grab our textbooks and rip pages out of them! It was an enticing introduction to our museum piece we would have to do for her display in our final museum project! We were instructed to rip out a page and work on making that page into a “Form Poetry”. This is an art style in which students must write a unique poem with the words found in the page, followed by drawing on the page to represent this. Feel free to google this to get a better feel. Along with this final project we must attach a QR code to our blog so viewers can see the rest of our projects. To receive an AE we must simply show that some effort was put into this and that thought was given as well. This project is due no later than May 20th! So don’t delay.

For the rest of the teacher they went over our projects for the museum! For Hedman instructed us to make a pamphlet discussing our career choice and other instances of importance, such as income and overall duties, for our museum piece. Pang gave us a sign up sheet we must assign ourselves into for jobs to be done during the museum event. One of your group members must be at your science display to talk about you topic. Again we have till May 20th to complete these projects in preparation for our museum exhibit.

Pang’s Homework: Finish worksheet on Solar Cell’s and study for test next Thursday!

Don’t forget Mr.Pang’s suggestion to do a model of a battery instead of the test if you chose to do so. If you missed today’s class please meet with pang

Hedman’s homework: No homework was given other than study for the CAASPP test! Try to get above potential so Hedman can dye his hair and get a fohawk. And so we can receive donuts like he promised!!

Hope you day is going well, North house!:)