As has been mentioned before, English class is comprised of more than just practicing your reading and writing abilities. It is supposed to hone (fancy word for ‘improve’) your listening and speaking skills as well.

Keeping these four domains in mind, at which do you think you are most proficient? Please expand, then share a strategy that has helped you become so successful at it.

Example: My strength in English has to be in writing, specifically fantasy fiction. I like to create characters and throw them in scenarios that could never happen in real life then figure out ways to get them out of trouble. I believe reading an obscene amount of fantasy growing up has helped me with my writing because being exposed to so many books allowed me to pick up on the different techniques authors use to make a story come to life.

Since today was half day, we just did 2 activities:


After choosing 6 facilitators and 6 helpers per group, the selected few left the room with Mrs. Edwards while we started an activity that we didn’t have time for last time.


We had to start our SUSD, which was our 16 by 16 square page which we had to fill out each box with a specific thing, and this is what is our homework for the weekend

Just a reminder on Monday, we start presenting our sonnet’s for Edwards, so make sure you guys have it memorized!

Once again we had a simple, but very fun day in Edwards class, and here is what we did:

-Time for Catch up:

We first had to talk about the heading of the blog, which is extra credit for people who want to photo shop one. (Check her board for parameters).

We got our I-Poly hand books and went over a few things, and we also talked about the possible hub house.

Finally we have the stickers for parking, which people who are now driving can purchase the Cal Poly sticker, but have to go to Ray in the office to get a I-Poly sticker to add on to the original one so we can park in the front of the school.


We need our SSR books by Monday and there is a list to purchase or borrow challenge books (Look below for links), which we need to read 3 in 1 semester (Check below for links).

-SUSD (To be continued).

Homework: Don’t worry about it.


Whole Doc

1st Book List

2nd Book List

3rd Book List

4th Book List

Today being the first day of the school year, the game plan was simple:

-Index Card Activity

A simple card activity with our name on the front, and we answered 2 questions on the back.

-Admin Stuff: Collect summer homework and check library card

This took a lot of the block due to bigger class sizes, but Edwards was quick and got everyone’s work collected/checked.

-Room Acclimation

Throughout the class Mrs. Edwards brought up things about the room like the north house flag only being taken down once, and her anime wall scrolls going to be eventually replaced by our class work.

-Intro to English 11 (Course Description)

This presentation was given towards the end of the class, with Edwards timing herself. The link is below so you can read the same presentation that was given to us.

-Decision Making Time

I believe this is when we were given the great news of the Sonnet being postponed until next week due to Edwards going to a concert.

HW: Materials Check – Everything on the list except SSR Book ( < List and Course Description

Also remember to print out and sign your slip under the text and sign here (


Game Plan:

CAASPP Writing Test

Other Classes:


  • CAASPP Math Test


  • Chapter 28 Review

Reminders and Homework:

  • On Monday we are finishing up the writing essay in Edwards.


  • If you did you not finish the math test you are taking it nest week.


  • Chapter 28 Review due on Monday
  • Test on chapter 28
    • It will have Vocabulary, Half-Life, Nuclear Equations and Decay Function


  • Page 796- 801 #1-5

Hope you have a good rest of the day, and stay out of the rain :)

Game Plan:

CAASPP English Test

We just toke the CAASPP test for english.



  • Chapter 28 Test on Monday


  • Page 796 – 801 #1-5 Due Friday

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but here is what we did on Wednesday.

Game Plan:

CAASPP Activity

Today we just did the CAASPP activity, and that only toke about 20 minutes. I am not allow to put anything about the the activity because its a test activity. Then Edwards let us free to do what ever we wanted to do for the rest of the class block.

In other class:


  • We just went over the CAASPP Activity for math.


  • We turned in the half-life puzzle and then we had a free block.


  • Turned in the homework and we toke notes.

Homework and Reminders: 

  • Bring headphones for the CAASPP tomorrow.


  • Chapter 28 Test on Monday


  • Page 796-801 #1-5

Testing Schedule:

1st Testing Session:

North and East

  • Testing from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

South and West

  • Resting from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

2nd Testing Session

North and East

  • Resting from 10:30 AM – 12:38 AM

South and West

  • Testing from 10:30 AM- 12:38 AM

Then go to your 4th Block

I hope you have a good day :)


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