Class Schedule before Thanksgiving Break!

imageOkay north house today is the last day for before thanksgiving break and just wanted to remind everyone what we did today. We first started are day off with the final SSW that we will be doing for this month. If you want to know how Ms.Edwards will grade these SSW go to yesterday post on the blog. After that we finish the last of the TED talk videos. Just a reminder for everyone don’t forget to bring what you signed up to bring for the thanksgiving dinner we will be having tomorrow. Hope everyone has a nice thanksgiving break.

SSW grading & TED talks

We start off with SSW in the beginning of class. After we finish today’s SSW Ms.Edward explains how she is going to grade all of if the SSW. She continues with that we are going to have a total of eight SSW and a total of eighty points in total or ten points per SSW. She also mentioned that we will have to pick one of the SSW for her to grade and she will pick one to grade. Finally we finished the day off with two TED videos.

TED talk videos links:

Scribe 11/10/15

We started class with SSW as usual. The prompt this time was a little different: William Carlos Williams’ The Red Wheelbarrow. It was an…interesting poem.

After that we had a conversation about Build a Better School; the things that worked and the things that didn’t work. She tried to introduce the learning targets, but we wouldn’t quiet down so she gave us two minutes to get it out of our systems and she took a lap around the school. When she came back we were significantly quieter and she handed out the learning targets.

We read page 155 in the Reading for College Writing and we took notes on how to make introductions and conclusions.

Then we watched parts 1 and 2 of Pop Danthology 2015 and were dismissed.

Scribe 11/9/15

We started with our SSW as usual… But don’t forget about SSR! You need to have two bookmarks turned in soon. There’s a deadline, but I don’t know it.

Then we went over our Build a Better School rubric and she allowed us to assess them ourselves.

A couple groups shared their ideas to the class, then we did a Metacognition Entry in our notebook.

Metacognition: Build a Better School

  1. Describe in one sentence what the assignment required you to do.
  2. What skills did you use in order to be successful with this unit?
    1. How were these skills the same and/or different from those you may have needed in the past for a similar assignment?
    2. Explain how this unit made you grow as (A) a group member, (B) a writer, and (C) a researcher.
  3. How did being able to choose your won groups help or hinder your success?
    1. Would you have chosen the same group knowing then what you know now? Explain.
    2. How did you like the opportunity to “cross pollinate” with other Houses?
  4. What value did you find from this unit, either academically or personally?

You should also give yourself a group self-assessment and Ms. Edwards will give her grade.

We discussed within our groups what worked and what didn’t work, and then we were dismissed.


In math, we went over the homework previously assigned. Mr. Hedman chose volunteers (that still doesn’t make sense to me) to do some problems. He gave a brief lecture on the applications of logarithms in a problem involving the Richter Scale and earthquakes. We then received a mock test packet.


In science, we turned in our homework. Pang then gave a flowchart on chemical bonds. I was going to put the notes into this scribe entry, but I lack the time, energy, and motivation to do so. After the notes, he handed out a worksheet.

Don’t forget to prepare for your mock debate topics for Nav first thing in the morning. What I meant was Nav’s class is first thing in the morning. Don’t actually prepare it in the morning. Or you could prepare it in the morning. This IS iPoly, right?

-James McPherson

Scribe 11-5-15

Scribe [McKenna M]
– Started with SSW (silent sustained writing) for 20 minutes.
– The rest of the block was spent finishing BaBS. Today was the last day to work in class because it is due Monday!
– Don’t forget about the class thanksgiving party.
• It will be held Friday Nov. 20th in house.
• If you would like to bring food (we still need people to sign up) please email Mrs. Ewards (

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