Wednesday 9/21/16

Today was a happy HUB Wednesday!:)

Math: In Math we had to take a test and so therefor there is no homework.

Government: In Government we had to share out all the different forms of governments between certain countries.

Physics: In Physics, Mr Holt went over the homework worksheet and went into further depth with the acceleration formulas. He also gave us 4 extra formulas for us to learn and practice with.

Tuesday 9/20/16

Happy Tuesday, at least its not Monday! Today for classes we had Physics and English.

Physics: In Class, Holt went over the formula for Acceleration and he also allowed us to continue on doing the different stations for the previous motion activity plus the 3 new problems he gave us.


  • Acceleration Practice Problems Work Sheet

English: In Class, Mrs. Edwards gave us our 20 minutes of SSR and went over the SSR points that are possible to be earned. She is also including the weeks of August in this month’s SSR grade. We also continued to watch The 13th Warrior, we will finish the movie next rotation.


  • Read Heart of Darkness Sec 1 by 3rd Rotation and the the entire reading by NEXT WEEK.

Also don’t forget that tomorrow we have HUB c:

  • Block 1: 8:00-9:05
  • Block 2: 9:10-10:15
  • Block 3: 10:20-11:25
  • HUB: 11:30-12:38



Hello North House, and Happy Monday! Monday was a fairly easy day and in class we were relaxing a little. Today we had English, Math, and Government.

English- Game Plan:

  • SSR for 20 minutes
  • Turned in our Writing Workshop Packets.(if you have any pictures to sen to Mrs. Edwards her email is
  • Then we Began to watch The 13th Warrior.

HW: DONT forget to do your blog assignment, due on Thursday @ 9PM. And Also Read Heart of Darkness Sec. 1 before 3rd rotation and read the entire thing by next week.

Heart of Darkness link: (I think its valid)

Math: In Piggots we reviewed our Summary worksheet(which he checked for completion). We also were given the rest of class to work on another practice sheet that IS NOT hw. Don’t forget to study for Piggot’s test on Wednesday.

Government: In government we had Mrs.Larusa and we went over the material that we needed to research.

HW: Research the government’s of your assigned countries.

Blog Assignment #4

Hello North House! For this week’s blog assignment I wanted to talk about villains. In the Beowulf Epic there is a section that talks about the villain of the epic, Grendel. Now any great hero is only as good as the villain. By that I mean a villain has to have certain characteristics and also do horrible things to make himself seem so evil. When the villain does that and he is brought to justice by man, then that man becomes a hero. But what characteristics makes a great villain? Does the appearance of a villain play any role in it? Does the way the villain talk make him evil, too? Now lets find the perfect villain. We will the use the famous Joker from the Batman Cinematic Movies . Which actor played the better role of the Joker? And why?

Here is a link that talks about the Jokers through out cinematic history:

Prompt: Who played the best Joker? What characteristics of the Joker’s role make him the best villain?

If you would like in depth comparison of SOME of the Joker’s then watch these videos as well: [WARNING:SOME SPOILERS]


Thursday ~ September 15, 2016

  1. Game Plan
    • SSW
      • SSW Prompt:
        • Narrative: Write about a time when you needed “just five more minutes”.
        • Argumentative: Argue for or against the idea that youth is wasted on the young.
        • Informative: What are the criteria for judging a great athlete?
    • Writing Workshop

HW: Blog Assignment due TODAY by 9pm

Piggot’s Class a.k.a. Our Rival: We did the packet that he gave us on Wednesday. Remember to do #1-29. Also defeat his house in spirit week!

Daly’s Class: Since we need our dosage of Carl Azuz, we watched CNN Student News. We also had to sit in our Mars’ group and did a small activity in class. Which was to creat a question for the whole class. Our Problem Statement is… How can we as members of the special UN Task Force aid and inform the population of Xlandia in reaching a consensus on a constitutional democratic government that is fair and effective?


For this spirit week, we sure did awesome, but it is still too early to lay back! Tomorrow wear our class color!! Remember it’s black!!


Tuesday ~ September 13, 2016

  1. Game Plan
    • SSR
    • Harkness
      • In harkness, everyone had a chance to speak. It was a great discussion and everyone had a chance to talk. Some of our classmates came up with very interesting questions or comments.
  2. Mrs. Edwards introduced us to a new vocabulary: Petrichor. Which means a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

HW: Blog Assignment due Thursday @ 9pm

  1. Mrs Edwards’ Class:
    • We started with the usual, 20 minutes of SSR. After we finished reading for 20 minutes, Mrs. Edwards gave each person a card from a deck. Next, Mrs. Edwards asked Mrs. Hernandez to choose red or black. Mrs. Hernandez chose red, the people with a red card had to go first in the harkness discussion. There was still time left, so the other group that did not go at first were going next.
  2. Mr. Holt’s Class:
    • We talked more about Astronomy and had more definitions given to us. We also had a practice quiz. Team Belexis won.

Okay North House, we are doing good so far with spirit week. Of course, even without asking Mr. Piggot our class won. Its a given. Lets try our best tomorrow. Wear red, white and gold! Or at least two of these three colors.

Monday ~ September 12, 2016

  1. Game Plan:
    • SSR
    • Writing Workshop
      • Mini Lesson: The Epic
      • Status
      • Work
      • Author’s Chair ( To model the author’s chair and model the feedback that the author might want to hear.)
  2. Harkness on 2nd Rotation
    • We are going to have a harkness about Beowulf. The class will be cut in half for this discussion. Only one half of the class is going. The groups that will be joining on the discussion will be decided in random.
  3. You can also get your evidence log from Beowulf reading in the white bin at the back of the classroom. Take the evidence log from the Take Home folder. Do not take anything from the Turn In folder.

HW: Blog Assignment due Thursday @ 9pm

Piggot’s Class: We did the poll question with our Mars’ group. We will be presenting our results on Wednesday.

Daly’s Class: We watched CCN Student News. We reviewed chapter one section four. We also talked about Hillary Clinton fainting, Donald Trump believing in conspiracy.