Hello everyone, it’s Liah again! Sorry I didn’t update sooner, I’ve had an awful migraine for the past couple of days and haven’t been able to do much of anything. Anyways, here’s the Game Plan.

Game Plan:


*Watch “She’s the Man”


We began SSR as we normally would, which ended with Mrs Edwards taking attendance.

Watch She’s the Man:

We began the movie “She’s the Man” starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum.

Remember to add this movie to out “What Worked, What Didn’t Work” worksheet!

Hi everyone ! I, Liah Martinez, am your scribe for the week. Please read for information regarding today’s English lesson.

We had a guest in class today.


Game Plan: *SSR + Scribes *Stamp HW *March Writing Workshop Piece *Begin “She’s the Man”

SSR + Scribes: We had SSR as we normally do and I was introduced as this week’s scribe.

Stamp HW: Mrs Edwards stamped our weekend homework (the “what worked, what didn’t work” Shakespeare worksheet). If you didn’t do it on time, you could use a HW pass to get credit. However, Mrs Edwards want us to hang onto the worksheet to use when we begin group work.

March Writing Workshop Piece: Mrs Edwards introduced our writing workshop piece for March today in class. She posted more information on it in the Handouts section of the class blog. Here’s the link again if you have trouble finding it.

For this project, we must write 3 reviews: one for a place, one for a book, one for a movie, all of our choice, as long as they are mostly school appropriate. In essence, She doesn’t want us to review brothels and porn movies.

She provided us with an example of an AE review, which can be found here. The review which Mrs Edwards so loves is the one at the very top by Moonlightgirl.

For North house, this writing workshop piece is due by March 23 on turnitin.com.

Begin “She’s the Man”: Unfortunately, we spent the majority of class going over the March writing workshop piece and did not get to start the movie.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer them.

Game Plan:
*Finish watching Shakespeare in Love
HW: Read 12 Nights by Charles Lamb, do Shakespeare Chart

Good afternoon North House, today we did the usual 20 minutes of SSR. After that we finished watching Shakespeare in Love and we told to read 12 nights by Charles Lamb by Monday. Along with filling a chart of the different types of Shakespeare’s work.

Game Plan:
*Continue watching Shakespeare in Love

Hello North House, today we did the usual 20 minutes of SSR and after that we continued watching Shakespeare in Love.

Game Plan:
*SSR or Finish Shakespeare Packet
*Begin Watching Shakespeare in Love

So, today we could do either SSR or the Shakespeare Packet, for those who didn’t finish. After that, Mrs. Edwards talks a bit of the premise of Shakespeare in Love before we began watching the film which took up the rest of the period.

Game Plan:

  • unpack the EQ
    • define terms
  • Shakespeare in Love
    • letters
    • packet


Good afternoon North House! Today in we had four-core, so our period for English was a lot shorter causing an elimination of SSR. :(

Next, Ms. Edwards began to explain how the phrase “unpack the EQ” meant establishing definitions for terms in the essential question. It is important to unpack an essential question because it is what we will be doing in senior year. Remeber that junior year is not just “junior year,” it is essentially “pre-senior year.”

EQ : How Do we make Shakespeare relevant and/or accessible for today’s audience?

As a class we identified the terms “Shakespeare,” “relevant,” “accessible,” and “today’s audience” as words needing deeper interpretation.

  • Possible meanings:
    • Shakespeare
      • is he  man?
      • Romeo and Juliet?
      • Macbeth
      • works
        • plays
        • poetry
    • Relevant
      • useful to current life; related to an important topic
      • relatable
      • important; necessary; prominent; helpful
    • Accessible
      •  approachable
      • understandable
      • available
      • different perspectives
      • immediate (2 hour movie vs. reading a play)
    • Today’s audience
      • scholars
      • H.S. students
      • grade school students
      • Average american
    • How
      • Why? (Why do we make Shakespeare relevant and/or accessible for today’s audience?)

Once we finished unpacking the EQ, Ms. Edwards handed out negative permission slip in case your parents don’t want you to see BOOBS in our next viewing of Shakespeare in Love.

After discussing the topic of BOOBS as a  natural function, we were given our a packet which would give us an insight on the film Shakespeare in Love before we actually watch it. The instructions  and the packet are in the pictures attached to this post.

We worked for the last 13 minutes on this packet, and then had to leave to elective. That was all for today, enjoy your weekend and remember to work on Life Stage 2! Thank you for providing me with your time! :)


-Jocie S. xoxo

IMG_6138 IMG_6139 IMG_6141 IMG_6142 IMG_6144 IMG_6137

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Please have your EQ to check
  • Harkness


Hello North House!

Today once again we began with 20 minutes of SSR which ended with Ms. Edwards checking our essential questions,  the homework assigned since our initial viewing of the film Romeo and Juliet.

To start off our first Harkness discussion, the class was split in two. This was done by making the person with the longest hair from vertical pairs, be the first tributes to begin the discussion. Ms. Edwards also did not hesitate to remind us that our peers who remained on the outskirts of the inner circle were to jot down notes on things that we found intriguing, to help them keep track of what the inner spoke of in order to prevent repetition, and more importantly because these notes were going to be collected at the end of class. Along with this, we were reminded that if anyone was to miss any Harkness discussion, then we are going to keep the grade we receive in the next discussion.

With this, we began our Harkness discussions. The “long haired discussion” primarily focused upon the foreshadowing and deeper symbolism of different aspects of the film including the constant reappearance of religious icons (e.g. Jesus Chris, Virgin Mary), and then moved onto speaking about their reactions to the film and how it was affected by the seriousness of the film.

Once the first discussion ended, Ms. Edwards told us the story of the “defective ruler” (aka the “straight edge”). It began when Cancino stormed in angry because a large portion of the freshman class purchased rulers from Target which had additional tick marks on the ruler side. Cancino demanded, or suggested, that we write angry letters, which led to Ms. Edwards to mention the importance of learning to put together strongly worded letters as a consumer. By writing angry letters, we can potentially receive many free items! :)

Once this story concluded, the second circle of “shorter haired people” began to discuss the relevance of the film Romeo and Juliet in today’s society. Several crucial points were tossed around including:

  • the enjoyment of the contemporary audiences depends highly upon the generation and social norms of the era
  • the duel scenes of Romeo and Juliet were shifted to fit modernization
    • in Shakespeare’s time era sword duels were meant to be more close and personal and an art meant to defend honor; meanwhile, guns in modern society are close but are not as close and personal
  • film is not focused upon dialogue, but primarily on body language
  • it is important to teach new generations of old texts like Shakespeare because ideals of old stories are often still relevant in today’s society

With the ending of this Harkness circle, we ended class after turning in our notes. That is all for today, enjoy the rest of your evening! :)

-Jocie S. xoxo



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