Game Plan:

CAASPP Writing Test

Other Classes:


  • CAASPP Math Test


  • Chapter 28 Review

Reminders and Homework:

  • On Monday we are finishing up the writing essay in Edwards.


  • If you did you not finish the math test you are taking it nest week.


  • Chapter 28 Review due on Monday
  • Test on chapter 28
    • It will have Vocabulary, Half-Life, Nuclear Equations and Decay Function


  • Page 796- 801 #1-5

Hope you have a good rest of the day, and stay out of the rain :)

Game Plan:

CAASPP English Test

We just toke the CAASPP test for english.



  • Chapter 28 Test on Monday


  • Page 796 – 801 #1-5 Due Friday

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but here is what we did on Wednesday.

Game Plan:

CAASPP Activity

Today we just did the CAASPP activity, and that only toke about 20 minutes. I am not allow to put anything about the the activity because its a test activity. Then Edwards let us free to do what ever we wanted to do for the rest of the class block.

In other class:


  • We just went over the CAASPP Activity for math.


  • We turned in the half-life puzzle and then we had a free block.


  • Turned in the homework and we toke notes.

Homework and Reminders: 

  • Bring headphones for the CAASPP tomorrow.


  • Chapter 28 Test on Monday


  • Page 796-801 #1-5

Testing Schedule:

1st Testing Session:

North and East

  • Testing from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

South and West

  • Resting from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

2nd Testing Session

North and East

  • Resting from 10:30 AM – 12:38 AM

South and West

  • Testing from 10:30 AM- 12:38 AM

Then go to your 4th Block

I hope you have a good day :)


  • SSR
  • Work on BaBS

Important Notes:

(same as a Tuesday, but keep reading)


  • Last day for extra credit (i.e. Free Rice) is May 29, 2015
  • BRING HEADPHONES NEXT WEEK FOR TESTING. Unless, of course, you don’t mind swapping earwax with others.

Hello there, North House!

The Game Plan mainly consisted of our usual twenty minutes of SSR as well as some time to work on BaBS. Be sure to research each decision made for your school and document that information in a binder unless you’re okay with a low grade. The due date will be coming much faster than you think- so get on it! (tips and such can be found under the Important Notes section I have here, but for today, it was the same as Tuesday.)

Remember that this Friday, tomorrow, elections will be held in the MPR following a Q & A session in which candidates will be questioned by the audience following their speeches. Also, don’t forget to sign up for Senior Presentations. Please see Tuesdays post for details.

Mrs. Edwards also gave us another review of next week’s schedule, considering it will get a little bit confusing…


(I know I already posted this Tuesday, but this post has some other important information and is a lot more simplified. If you’d like details, please see Tuesday’s post.)

  • We will be following a testing schedule with an exception being Elective.
  • Testing will be divided into a total of four hours; the first session ( the first 2hrs.) will have North/East House testing, while South/West House relax. The next rotation (the last 2hrs.) will have South/West testing while North/East relax. I have each testing day elaborated below, so listen up!


(Upon request, this testing session will consist of the Mathematical Performance Test.)

  • 1st Testing Session (8-10 AM): North/East will be testing; South/West will be resting
  • 2nd Testing Session (10:30-12:38 AM): North/East will be resting in Navaroli’s Class; South/West will be testing
  • Proceed to 4th Block as usual


  • We’ll have a 4-core rotation until Elective. During this rotation, Mrs. Edwards will be reading us the required pamphlet (Environmental Lessons) so that we can have the full 86 minutes to write our essay the following test session.
  • Proceed to lunch and 4th Block as usual


(This schedule follows Monday’s. The only difference is the testing; here, we will be doing the English Performance Test. Details of the test include a portion of multiple choice, and a section using audio. BRING HEADPHONES.)


(We will be finishing our testing the English & Math Performance Tests, but also following regular rotation)

  • 1ST BLOCK: Edwards; we will be finishing the English Performance Test (Essay portion)
  • 2ND BLOCK: Hedman; we will be finishing the Math Performance Test
  • 3RD BLOCK: Pang/NAVAROLI; we will follow a regular class schedule with them
  • 4TH BLOCK: Follow regular 4th Block schedule as usual.


  • SSR
  • Work on BaBS

Important Notes:

  • A good mission statement answers the EQ.
  • Use a variety of sources
  • Be sure to annotate those sources thoroughly
  • **EDIT: Go international with your sources, not the location!!
  • What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous? Think types of learning: you and I are very familiar with synchronous learning as it is a more traditional form of education. An instructor walks through each step, guiding us through every lesson with visuals and examples. We learn everything together at once- in short, every educational activity is simultaneous and somewhat dependent upon a given guide. Asynchronous is more independent, and usually in relation to hands-on activities that involve critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Revisit the idea of cultural literacy
  • Think about your audience. Who are they? And what is the best way to present your school to them?
  • Think BIG. Go outside of the box, and don’t be afraid to use creativity.
  • Think in variety; don’t be afraid to use diversity.

Hello again, Everyone :)

We began our session as usual with twenty minutes of SSR. After taking roll, Mrs. Edwards spent quite a bit of time informing us of important tips regarding BaBS (as outlined above) as well as our schedules regarding Senior presentations and next week’s schedule concerning CAASP testing.

Though these are events of the up and coming weeks, we were informed of our schedule ahead of time:

Senior Presentations:

  • There will be a total of three presentations a day, though we still have our regular fourth block. We can decide which to see by signing up here and seeing the schedule here. Openings for presentations began at exactly 2:00 P.M. this afternoon. Be sure to sign in as quickly as you can as spots can be filled. Be sure to make one (1) choice each day, and do not skip days as this could result in the server forcing you to start over, and thus, possibly losing your spot in whatever you had signed up for. If you do not vote, then you will be randomly placed. It is highly recommended you choose a presentation of your interests, as this could help you in the very near future regarding your presentation.
  • Please keep in mind that sign ups are divided by sections.
  • We were also informed that these presentations are very interactive. This means that audience participation is considered very much of a given, and spectators should expect to participate in some kind of activity during the presentation. DO NOT BE RUDE. Come prepared to participate, and choose WISELY. It would only do you nothing but good to watch a presentation that peaks your interest so you could take some helpful notes that could possibly aid you in the future.

***THOSE WHO HAVE SIGNED UP FOR SARAH BAGGIAS’ PRESENTATION: Her presentation will involve the presence of flowers, so those of you who are allergic to such things, please do not sign up for this presentation.

  • Tuesdays and Fridays will not be dedicated to Senior Presentations because of elective. As a result, on these days, we will follow regular schedule.

CAASP Testing:

We will be testing next week using the laptops. This test will determine IPoly’s new API scores as well as serve as our last standardized test in high school. There is an unknown portion of the multiple choice section of the CAASP that is required to pass in order to prove validation of our EAP scores. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND DON’T GIVE UP.

  • Our testing sessions will be conducted in rotations in which North/East test with one another, and South/West test with each other. While one group tests, the other relaxes. Luckily for us, Mrs. Edwards pushed for our testing session to be first, meaning that come Monday morning, we’ll be testing away.


This will be the Math part of the test.

  • 1st Testing Session (North/East) from 8-10 AM; South/West will be on break at this time.
  • Break Period from 10-10:20 AM
  • 2nd Testing Session (South/West) from 10:30-12:30; North/East will be on break at this time.


This will be the English part of the test.

  • This follows the same schedule as Monday.


We follow regular rotation until House in which we will use this time to complete the third session of testing. This portion of the test is also regarding English and Math, and both are called “Performance Test [s]”.

Math Performance Test:

  • We haven’t been informed the details yet.

English Performance Test:

  • This test requires that we write an essay about Environmental Lessons, as we were told. Thirty minutes before the actual testing session, Mrs. Edwards will be reading to us an article that we will use in our prompt. We will also be doing an activity for better understandment but… yeah no, we might not. (I assume this depends on our preferences at that time.)


  • SSR
  • Work on Build a Better School

Important Notes:

  • Create a good mission statement that thoroughly answers the EQ clearly and concisely.
  • Use a variety of sources
  • Remember to annotate those sources thoroughly
  • Open your mind and go international-don’t be afraid to look at another country’s education system!

Hello there, everyone!

We opened our class session on a sleepy Monday morning doing the usual and spending the first twenty minutes of class reading (SSR.) After that, Mrs. Edwards took roll and proceeded to inform us of important announcements that were very helpful to us in this project.

We were told that this week (from Monday[May 4th]-Friday[May8th]) would be the last week in which we would be following a normal routine. Next week, we’re scheduled to be testing so in-class project time will be cut to a minimum if not completely. As a result, we were advised to take advantage of the time given to us as well as treasure the communication between us. Consulting our groups for decisions is key- especially when you may not have time to talk about it in a classroom setting. Remember to keep in touch, guys!

Mrs. Edwards also revealed to us a new “system”of sorts to help us with our work. Below the GAME PLAN recordings on the board, she’ll begin giving us tips on how to improve our progress in our project. I have those tips listed above under the Important Notes section and will be recording them here from now on. Remember that these tips are constantly updating so be sure to snap a picture, write them down, or do whatever it is you need to to make sure those tips remain firmly implanted in your memory.

As a final note, Mrs. Edwards reminded us today that we will be having ASB Elections on Friday. Those of you running for these elections should have a speech prepared, and the rest of us will be listening (with enthusiasm, I promise) to your oaths. The Senior Rep. will also be there, and from what I understand, the election will involve some Q & A stuff between us-the audience- and you, the candidates. As a result of this event, we won’t be having a House block, so groups- be sure to prepare for that also!

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Work on Build a Better School (BaBS)

BaBS Project Reminders:

  • Mission Statement
    • Try to come up with your school’s mission statement early to help establish what your institution’s purpose is, which can be helpful in figuring out the other decisions your team has to make.
    • Click here for a link to sample mission statements, which can also be found in the I-Poly English 11 blog under the ‘Handouts’ section.
  • Presentation
    • Keep in mind that your presentation is that of a recruitment session. Your group is trying to elicit enthusiasm and excitement for your school. You are essentially marketing your school to parents and prospective students.
    • Think of current IPoly recruitment practices and consider what works and what does not. One example given in class today was to make parents in attendance complete a project, since IPoly is project-based, in order to let them experience what the students will go through.


  • Career Day/Faire is tomorrow, click here for a list of the guest speakers and their locations.
    • Refer to yesterday’s post for how tomorrow is going to work as well as other information concerning the events in the following weeks.

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