(8/30)~ Romel Mora

Welcome to the second North House Blog.

Aug 30 2016

  • SSR
  • Collect HW
  • Read Historical Perspective (pg.12-14)
  • Discuss and Respond
  • Read Background(17-18 +notes)
  • HW: Evidence Log (Thursday) + Blog(Friday)

Today was fairly straight forward. We began the day of course, with twenty minutes of SSR, and had our pages counted. Afterwords, the Evidence Log for “World of Heroes” from the day before was collected.

Then, we read the historical context for “Beowulf”. The perspective included insights regarding Roman occupation in early Briton, to the rise of Anglo-Saxons, to the battle of Hastings to the present day United Kingdom. Further discussion ensued concerning these topics. [Note: Edward’s suggested we may have a test in the future regarding this topic and advised taking notes.]

Soon after, we began our first reading into “Beowulf” with the readings: “Wrath of Grendel”, “Coming of Beowulf” and  “Wrath of Grendel II: The Empire Strikes Back”. Be sure to complete the evidence log for both of these stories by Friday at 8:00pm, failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion


  • Civics essay Friday (Not tomorrow)
  • Readings
  • Holt HW
  • (Ancient Chinese Advice: The best time to do something was yesterday, the second best time is right now.)



Mon(8/29)~ Romel M.

Happy Monday. Here was the game plan for today:

August 29,2016

  • SSR- Welcome new scribes
  • Announcement
  • Textbook Handout
  • Introduction to unit
    • First thought(s)
    • Explore text
    • Do page four
  • HW: Evidence Log

We of course began introducing the first scribe of the school year: a handsome rouge with impeccable blogging talents. The first blog assignment has been posted already, so remember to send it in before Fri at 8:00 pm.

Shortly after, it was announced we will be completing all further homework assignments on Pearson Realize.Every student has already been registered. The username should be (first three letters of name + last name + 2017) and the password for all students should be (Berkeley12).

Additionally, the (MAPT) Mars Aptitude Placement Test and English Diagnostic have been evaluated already. However, they will not be available on Aries until Wednesday, due to technical difficulties. Good luck to all who failed, maybe we’ll find our true calling as vagabonds?

Brand new textbooks (one for home, one for school) were then distributed as we were introduced to the unit. It should be no surprise the unit is focused on the essential question “What makes a hero?” We will be answering this question by focusing on the time honored classic “Beowulf”, the Anglo-Saxon narrative.

Students were encouraged to give their thoughts regarding heroic qualities, and this concept was further explored in discussion. Although we ran out of time before page four was completed, Mrs. Edwards explained the assignment is on Pearson Realize . The assignment is an evidence log that must be filled using the details from page four in the textbooks.You must download the evidence log from the Pearson website, complete it, and bring it by next class.


  • Civics Test Sept. 14
  • Section one Civics Homework
  • Essay due Friday
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2016 BLOG ASSIGNMENT #1 ~ Romel M.

Welcome to the first North House Blog Post.

This week in English, we will be discussing the question philosophers have been asking for generations: “What makes a hero?”Part of the reason this question is so perplexing is perhaps based on the fact that heroes are constantly changing according to culture, geography and time. Think for a moment, who was the greatest american hero in the past fifty years? Neil Armstrong…Rosa Parks…Dr. Seuss? What ever it may be, chances are he or she are starkly different from the ancient kings of Russia, warriors-chiefs of the Zulu tribe or religious idols from the Inquisition. In other words, heroes are as diverse and malleable as the cultures who laud them.

Today, many experts are pointing toward a new idea of what it means to be a hero in American society. As the poor get poorer and others seem to make billions overnight, a real focus has been placed on material possession. In other words, Elon Musk, Bill gates, and Kanye West, are slowly becoming the new American concept of a hero. But, what happens when (inevitably) we are not billionaires by thirty, never become Oscar nominated actresses, or filthy rich rappers. Are we failures -less than heroic? Or in some way is our lack of success, make us more like the heroes, the world doesn’t want but deserves?

Below Alan De Botton from The School of Life (check it out and become a better person!) talks about this very idea of heroism. Do you disagree or agree with his view on the fundamentals of losing and heroism? And if so why? Should we view life this way?

Stay Hungry My Dudes.



I chose to begin our year together with this article because I felt it was apropos to your current situation as seniors. Perhaps you’re not at that final stage of graduation yet, but frequent introspection and reflection is always good for the soul. Also, I believe passion is a compelling incentive to do well in life, so the earlier you start to identify your passion, the closer you are to success.

Prompt: In the article, Duckworth links to another piece about “eulogy values”. What do you believe are your eulogy values?

5-19-2016 Andre Concepcion

Today we had a guest speaker! It was the mother of a senior in IPoly. She was Dr. Burney and today she talked to us about college admissions. The whole message of the presentation was that we should always keep our options open! One of the main points was that just because you have never heard of a college or though  about it, you should definitely check it out. If you want to know more, Edwards will post a link to their power point.