Thursday- May 18


Game Plan

  • SSR
  • Work on responsibilities

Hw: Blog #34 & Capstone things


  • Phil gave us a simulation where we had to find out how much it would cost if we were to move out and live on our own after we graduate.


  • CNN 10
  • Watched The Men Who Built America 
  • Had time to work on marketing project/ stock market


  • Physics test tomorrow
  • Poster/ Blurb is due tomorrow at midnight
  • Janina asked if you can take a minute to fill out her survey here

Monday- May 15


Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • 1 minute topic speeches
  • Work on responsibilities
  • Inquiry Tree Due

Hw: Blog Assignment #34 & Capstone things


  • We watched the movie Hidden Figures


  • We watched two videos on different inventors.
  • Worked on stock market/ marketing project.


  • Blurb/ poster is due on Friday
  • Mr. Holt agreed to add 15 points to our final test grade if Lori’s tweet gets 500 retweets, so make sure to go on Twitter and retweet it.IMG_1537

Blog Assignment #34

Hello North House, I hope you are all having a good weekend. We have come down to the the last four weeks of school, so let’s finish strong. I will be the scribe the week, and for this blog assignment I chose a video that discusses the benefits of both free weights and body weight exercises. You can find that video here.

Prompt: What are your thought on the video? For those of you who have tried the two kinds of exercises, which do you prefer? If you haven’t, after watching the video which do you believe to be more beneficial?

Reminder: Path to 40 is due at Midnight, and the Inquiry Tree is due tomorrow.