November 30, 2017

Hi North House!

Today in class we did SSR for 20 minutes and watched the Pride and Prejudice Screening Chapters 1-12.

For homework, read Chapters 13-21 due on Monday!

We will also have a quiz relating to these chapters on Monday!

Don’t forget our back to school night is during 3rd block on Monday! Be prepared to talk to hungry classmates!

Have a great night!


November 29, 2017

Hi North House!

Today we discussed BaBs and found out that we are presenting our school on Monday, so be prepared! Also, there were changes to the rubric! So you can find the updated rubric here. 

We also got clarification how Pride and Prejudice does not relate to the Middle Ages, but it relates to the overall essential question: How do people develop different perspectives of society?

After housekeeping, we took our Pride and Prejudice Quiz Chapters 1-12.

Mrs. Edwards talked about how watching The Orville: “The Majority” will help us when we start writing our essay for this unit. If you watched the episode, the yellow graphic organizer will serve as an aid.

For homework, don’t forget to do Blog Assignment #13! 

Have a great night everyone!

November 27, 2017

Hi North House, I hope you all had a great Monday to start off the week! If you didn’t have such a good Monday, take a breather and do something you enjoy doing. Then get back on the grind, because we have a busy week ahead of us (AKA DEADLINE FOR COLLEGE APPLICATIONS).


Today, we missed you, Ms. Edwards! We read SSR for the first 20 minutes of class! Then, we were given the Medieval Assignment, where we had to choose a Pilgrim and decorate a coat of arms and create a motto that represented our chosen Pilgrim. Here is the link to the handouts section where all the documents needed to complete the assignment are.

For homework, we have to read chapters 1-12 for Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen due Wednesday! You can get the book on iBooks for free or you can buy/borrow one from the library.


Here is this week’s schedule:


Wednesday: 4-CORE, MPR (Presentations)

Thursday: REGULAR



Don’t forget to turn in college applications before November 30th, THIS THURSDAY! Good luck to everyone! We have a crazy week, but we can get through this!

Also, don’t forget to turn in Prom Payoffs or GradNight Payoffs if you want an easier way to pay for your Prom and GradNight ticket!



Blog Assignment #13

Hi North House! I am your scribe for this week. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and able to take a breather from school over the break. However, it is time to get back to work and get those college applications done!

I am currently interning at the Cal Poly Pomona Kellogg and Huntley Art Gallery located on campus! So far, I have learned how to pack/unpack artwork, handle artwork, inventory pieces, install/de-install exhibits, create and design posters and labels, and manage the administrative side of curating an art gallery. There are all these behind-the-scenes tasks that take place when preparing for a new exhibit. On the job, I have to greet and talk to visitors about the art pieces. Some visitors come in only to take aesthetically-pleasing pictures, without truly appreciating the art in front of them. This made me wonder: Is art appreciation important? Why is it important today?

Watch this video to hear a poem about a world without art. Then read this article to learn more about how art impacts our daily lives.

Question: Why is art important to you and how does it impact your life? 


November 16, 2017

Happy Thursday!!!

Today we started the day like usual with SSW. We took a short quiz on Unity and Coherence from the previous class work. We were originally suppose to do more practice on characterization although, there was technical difficulty. Instead we had the rest of the block to work on anything such as BaBS.

November 14, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

Today we started off with SSR for 20 minutes. We then had the rest of the block to work from the Reader for College Writers book that she had in class. We had to read “unity & conference” on page 89 and we had to complete the practice that came along on page 101 questions 1-4. We also had to read “writing & it’s rewards” on page 105 and do the questions for discussion on page 107 questions 1-5. The questions were due by the end of the block.

November 13

Happy Monday!!!

Today in class…

  •  SSR for 20 minutes
  • Kindness week anouncement

-We got to write kind notes to someone in our class.

For the rest of the class…

  • Mr. West and Mr. Anapole came in and asked us to add colleges to our naviance so that they could send our transcripts to the colleges we are applying to. They stayed for the rest of class to help us with adding colleges and any other questions we had.
  • ASB announcement

-It was on karaoke night which will be held in Mr.Estradas room from 3-5pm.