October 19, 2017

Good evening North House! It is almost the weekend!

Today we skipped SSW to have more time for writing workshop. Mrs. Edwards went over a few things first. She talked about how we need to synthesize everything we learn and not just take in the knowledge for the day and forget about it.

Many people are not using the correct point of view. REMEMBER TO USE THIRD PERSON for your Beowulf essay, since it is a formal essay.

  • Third Person: He, She, It, One, They, Them.   ✅
  • First Person: I, Me, We, Us ❌
  • Second Person: You ❌

We are getting our groups for the next BaBs component, Mission/Vision Statement, tomorrow. DO NOT BE ABSENT!!!! It is a one day component, so you will only have this group for a day. The groups were selected at random.

If you did not donate for the harvest basket yet, please bring $3 to Mrs. Edwards as soon as possible. Thank You!

We finished going over the last part of the rubric presentations. Then we had around 40 minutes to do writing workshop Day 3. We could either work on our Beowulf essay or BaBs essay.


  • Beowulf Essay is DUE on Monday, Oct. 23, 2017 at 8 AM on turnitin.com
  • BaBs Research Paper is DUE on turnitin.com Friday at MIDNIGHT.

October 17, 2017

Happy Tuesday everybody! Today we started off with 20 minutes of SSR. Then Mrs. Edwards went over the Beowulf paper. It is due on Monday at 8 A.M. on turnitin. Don’t forget BaBs research paper is due Thursday!!

Grading for writing workshop starts from 0, check minus, check, to check plus. Possible points to be received for a writing workshop day is 10 points.

We also went over some tips for the Beowulf argumentative paper. Remember to write in a formal voice, which means in third person: he, she, it, they, we. Writing workshop works like SSR, so you can work on the Beowulf paper at home and it will count for the next writing workshop. If you feel that you are finished with your essay, you can turn it in on turnitin.com.

With revisions, to show that you were using your time wisely during writing workshop, you should do these marks: highlight the things you added, strikethrough the sentence or word you are removing (select the text, press alt + shift + 5) on HP laptops, put a blurb on the bottom of the workshop day explaining what you did if you were doing peer editing or rereading your essay. Lastly, always put the most recent draft on top.

After Mrs. Edwards went over all of that, we did 15 minutes of mini lesson which was the rubric presentation. Then we had our work time until the end of class and submitted our essays as an attachment to the submission email.

October 16, 2017


Good evening North House! I hope you all had a good day (:

Today we started off with the usual 20 minutes of SSR. Then Mrs. Edwards recorded our pages and introduced the routine of a writing workshop day.

We then continued the rubric presentations. This was considered the mini-lesson for the day. We finished with all groups presenting, however we still need to talk about and change a few slides.

We were running out of time so we paused the discussion about the rubric and moved on the the independent work. When we have independent work time, it is an individual activity. The time we get for individual work needs to be reflected on our edited essay for the day. For example, we got 20 minutes of independent work today. That means our revision needs to reflect 20 minutes of work. Mrs. Edwards said she sometimes will grade the progress of the essay rather than the end product.

  1. Rename the Doc to “Writing Wkshp”
  2. Copy the previous draft
  3. Paste the copied draft on the same document
  4. Label the top copy with “Day x” where “x” is the number of the Writing Workshop day
  5. Begin writing/editing on the top draft
  6. Email as PDF attachment to submission email using the established protocol. (SUBJECT: Name/House/Assignment)

We submitted our Day 1 Writing Workshop by the end of class. Don’t forget to do Blog Assignment #8 and work on your research paper for BaBs!

That is all!

-Diana (:

Blog Assignment #8

Another week, another scribe. Hi North House! I am your new scribe this week.

Almost everyone loves having a pet. Most people have dogs. People do about anything for their dog (s). From getting dog outfits to strollers and even having parties for their dogs. Some people buy dogs everything, even things dogs don’t really need. Dogs are known to make people happy and be compassionate. We care for dogs a lot and vise versa. Read the article here to find out why people love dogs as much as they love their kids.

Do you think the reason in the article is the only reason why we care for dogs and why they care for us? Why or why not? If not, what other reasons do you think cause this relationship between humans and dogs? Why do you think people feel the need to go to the extent to buy their dogs unnecessary items?

10 October 2017

Good evening everyone! I hope you all had a terrific Tuesday!

Today we started off with SSW because we only have two rotations this week for core classes.

Next, we had a few housekeeping topics to cover.

  • The first was permission slips for the college fair. These need to be turned in by Wednesday (tomorrow) because college fair is on Thursday. There were a handful of people who have not turned those in so if you are one of those people, and plan to go to college fair, then turn those in.
  • Mr West gave us a wonderful pink handout which must be filled out at college fair. We must choose three different colleges and answer the three questions on the sheet. Now, many questions were asked about this and it is not necessary to complete this worksheet for a grade in any core classes but if you want to please Mr. West then you should fill it out. It’s a quick three questions which are easy to answer if you talk to the people representing the colleges. If you did not get one of these pink forms then I believe Mrs. Edwards has extra copies.
  • BaBS forms are due this Friday. All you need to do is sign the first page o the Build a Better School project packet and get your mom/dad/guardian to sign it and viola, you are done. Just give it to Mrs. Edwards and you have completed that assignment.

We then had an editing activity where we were given two paragraphs to edit/revise. After reading the first paragraph you totaled all the mistakes you caught and repeated the same process for the second paragraph. This was a timed assignment so when time was up we turned it in to either Mrs. Edwards or Miss. Hernandez.

We then went over the process of Writing Workshop. Mrs. Edwards told us Writing Workshop days begin with a mini lesson no longer than 15 minutes. Today we covered two mini topics via Powerpoint. If you would like to revisit this powerpoint, or need to see it for the first time you can find it Here (as soon as I get the link from Mrs. Edwards)

  • Two main points from these mini lessons
    • “Editing is making your writing correct, revising is making your writing better” This was said to us by Mrs. Edwards today during the second mini lesson. When we write we should edit, making grammar and spelling corrections, and revise, rewriting and adding to our essay, to eliminate all errors and make our essays flow.
    • Also, before you go straight to Mrs. Edwards or Miss. Hernandez to correct your essays, make sure you proof read your own work and have at least two editors read your work before asking for the teachers to correct it. You want to impress them with your writing skills.

Finally, we began our rubric presentations again. Today we started with Group F because we only had ten minutes left in class. We did not finish these presentations yet so next class block we will start back up with Group F and continue on from there.


Sorry for such a long post today, we covered a lot in class.




09 October 2017

Happy Monday everyone!

We had a wonderful sub today because Mrs. Edwards wasn’t here but we still started off today with some SSR like always. After the 20 minutes was up Miss. Hernandez took our book pages and then told us what we were going to work on next.

Next up we had a surprise timed essay regarding out essential question we came up with for the Beowulf unit we just finished. Even though we haven’t finished our rubric presentations we wrote out first draft of the essay. We had 45 minutes to write it out and submit it to the email.

Your essay should have distinct paragraphs ( Intro, body, conclusion), Use at least 2 sources from this unit as evidence, and should have your essential question written at the top of your document.

Here are the steps to submit the essay through Google Docs:

  1. Choose “file”
  2. Choose “email as attachment”
  3. attach as PDF
  4. To: english12ipoly@gmail.com
  5. Subject: Name/ House/ Timed Argument Piece
  6. Hit “send”

And that’s all we did today!





Blog Assignment #7

Hello North House! I am your new scribe for the week! So let’s get started.

(Oh yeah, happy Columbus day for those of you doing this assignment on Monday)

So, when you were all little children in grade school you were probably told that in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Am I correct? Many grade schools put on little plays or watch fun little movies and learn that Christopher Columbus was the first person to find America. But this is not true. Watch the video here to find out who discovered America first. There are also some facts in the article below the video but it is not necessary to read them, but feel free to if you wish.

Why do you think teachers decided to start teaching about Columbus’s journey to America instead of all the people before him? Why do you think history textbooks hardly mention all the others before Columbus? Do you think if you were taught the true story of Columbus anything would be different with how you viewed the world? Explain your answer.