February 25, 2018 – Blog Assignment #24

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend.

I chose this recent article for my blog assignment because it really intrigued me since I’m fascinated with America’s current political climate. The current governor of Ohio, Rep. John Kasich, believes that the two-party system in American politics is ending because it has failed. The following article goes into detail about his views and thoughts on the downfall of the two-party system:

ABC News – US could be witnessing ‘end of a two-party system’: Republican governor

Do you think it’s good or bad that the two-party system is failing? Why or why not? What do you think will happen after the two-party system has ended?


Blog Post #17


Hi North House, Happy New Year! I hope that all of you had a restful and awesome break.

As I was scrolling on my Twitter feed the other day, something on the Trending list had caught my eye: a Youtuber named Logan Paul was under fire for uploading an inappropriate video on his Youtube channel, in which he mocked and exploited a corpse in Aokigahara, the Suicide Forest of Japan. The Youtuber’s general content has been aimed towards a younger audience. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people have shown disgust in Paul’s vulgarity and exploitation shown within the video. The article shown here discusses how Paul later apologizes and how the media has reacted to the situation, as well as his apology. Many people were outraged at Paul’s video due to the disrespect that he had shown towards the victim. Nevertheless, fans of Paul continue to support him and Youtube has yet to demonetize his channel. 

Prompt: What was your first reaction to this situation? How do you think Logan should be punished, if he should be punished at all? Do you believe his apology? Why or why not?


MONDAY – May 21

Hello North House!!!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend, especially those who attended prom! T’was very lit. This weeks blog assignment is based on my senior topic (the psychology of relationships). Please watch the video and answer the prompt.

Video: https://youtu.be/Tvne48F0Eqw

List of the questions: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/01/11/fashion/no-37-big-wedding-or-small.html

Prompt: Do you believe this process of asking each other these questions actually allows people to fall in love with not only people they know but also complete strangers?



October 16, 2015 – Janina G

Hey North House! Hope your having a fantastic Friday

Today we started off  our friday by singing along to some country music!! It was amazing ;D

After it was a short block due to 4 core rotation and it was mostly just a work block.


  • Blog assigment is due next Friday due to the length of  the articles
  • Work on project Build a Better School
  • Please donate to our Pamper Me basket for the silent action
  • Next week we will be attending the college fair ^-^


October 14, 2015 -Janina G

Happy Wednesday north house! ;D

Today was a simple day we started off with ASB
•”Please fill the basket.” – Chris
Go support the silent auction PTSA will be raffling off a flat screen TV and Go Pros which is pretty cool guys, however it’s a choice to go no one is obliged to go.
•Support dramas improve show this Friday
• class of 2017 sweater ideas are due tomorrow remember Edwards said you CAN NOT complain about the ideas if you, yourself, did not submit one.

Rest of our day was spent doing the PSAT hope everyone did well ^-^

October 12, 2015 – Janina G

Hello North House \(^-^)/ !! Today is Tuesday Oct. 13 2015 and class today was pretty chill.

~Our Schedule~

  1. We started with SSR
  2. Edwards gave us a talk about the Build A Better School Project

 – If you wish to compete you must do section 7 along with the 6 required sections for Edwards

– visit the handout section of the class blog for assistance and article references

Project due: Nov 9th

    3. Finished the rest of class with a work day ;D

October 12 2015 -Janina G

Hey North House! ^-^

Happy Monday everyone today is October 12 2015 and it was an eventful day.

~Our schedule~

-Today like always we started out with 20 mins of SSR
-Edwards gave a few reminders
1. PAMPER ME BASKET for the silent auction brought to you by PTSA. It would really help if people could bring items like: Candies, bath soaps, it could be dollar stuff or donating a dollar would help a lot ^-^ *Remember PTSA helps with donating money so we could go on more field trips !!*
2. Due to our schedule we are going to have to hold on Harkness, so if there was anything you wanted to remember from component #2 be sure to write it down and speak about it during Harkness.

– After announcements Ms. Edwards turned out the lights leaving us all confused on what was going on …. She then said she was going to show us 3 videos (no not Sharknado, Andre) all three videos were poking fun at our public school system and how they teach us “useless” facts.
– After watching these videos Edwards was proud to present the unit “BUILD A BETTER SCHOOL”
-To start this unit we all choose our own groups, 6 groups in total (some groups are choosing to partner up with other students in different houses however Edwards believes it is called for potential stress but still allowed). This project focuses on groups aiming to build a prefect school teaching system. An idea off “The Super School Project” by the widow of Steve Jobs. However if Edwards deems your groups super school to be worthy you can actually submit your proposal to the contest and win the school a generous donation!! As of now each group was given a packet with questions we aim to answer so good luck to everyone! Due: Nov. 9th  2015

Due NEXT Friday because it is 3 articles and Edwards wants us to actually think about what we read and use critical thinking. *However do not procrastinate *
•Work on Project “Build a Better School”

* Apologies for the late delay I just got home from ROP* 🙂 -Janina G