Thursday, January 11, 2018

IMG_6729.jpgIMG_6730.jpgHappy Thursday my dudes, aka Friday Eve. Let’s get down to business.

We started off class with the first SSW of 2018. Edwards went around and stamped the stamp sheet.


  • Check the list at the front of the room to see if you still need your yearbook pictures taken! Jack’s deadline for yearbook pictures is January 21! If you miss the deadline, you will not have your picture in the yearbook! No appointment required! You can click here to go to Jack’s website to look at his past work and studio location.
  • Edwards needs a new top for her podium! First person to create it and get it accepted by Edwards gets 5 tallies of extra credit! First come, first serve!


  • Edwards gave us an activity in which we had poster paper and put key words and phrases that reminded us of the different readings from the Middle Ages Unit listed above. Then, your group would rotate the papers and had other groups write down their own words and phrases in their own group’s marker color. We rotated these papers a few times, and then had to write an essential question on the back of the poster. We rotated the papers a last time and then had to present that essential question, key words, and phrases that were on the poster to the rest of the class.
  • Edwards introduced us to the Middle Ages Writing Unit, Writing Specs, that you can find here. The audience is for the masses for these informative essays, rather than just Edwards. She did not let us know what the informative essay will be about yet. As a group, we will commit to an essential question. Try not to use the ones in the book. Each person per group will answer the essential question within their essay, but use a different text type (i.e. The Orville, Pride and Prejudice, etc.). Then, with your group, you will combine your essays to form one big article.



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