Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Happy Tuesday North House! We had a LOT of housekeeping to do today so brace yourselves.

Before housekeeping, we did 20 minutes of SSR. 👌


  • Grad Nite ticket money is due Wednesday, January 31!
  • Prom ticket money is due on Friday, February 23!



  • Extra credit closes this Friday! The average right amount of extra credit tallies is 5 at the moment. You can turn in homework passes, do FREE RICE (5000 grains is one tally mark), donate Puffs Tissues with Lotion (one tally per box), and/or a four-pack of Expo Markers (one tally per pack).
  • The semester ends next week, January 19, 2018, the teachers’ grades are due on the 26th. Edwards’s class is a year-long class, so anything that isn’t in the grade book right now isn’t irrelevant, but rather applicable to next semester’s grades.
  • The grade you have in Edwards’s class right now is your final grade for the first semester, barring any mistakes that she has made. Be sure to let her know if you think she inputted a grade incorrectly.
  • We will all start second semester with A+s! The essay will be the first major grade we receive for second semester.
  • We are doing more core projects next semester, so make sure the groups that you choose have a common goal; do not pick your friends just because they’re your friends.
  • Look at your grades on Aeries to make sure there aren’t any mistakes; Edwards stated that this week is the last week that she will be changing grades that are incorrect, so let her know!
    • Try your best to collect your work from the North House bin! It is your only proof that you have completed your work; she will give you a zero if you do not give her proof!
  • Be sure to let Edwards know what grade you would like dropped by next Friday or ASAP! Remember you are allowed to drop any grade except components!
  • Extra credit is aimed for borderline students!
  • NO HOUSE THIS FRIDAY! We are going up to Ursa Major to watch the juniors do their fashion component.
  • Target 100 has become a component only for Thinnes! WOOOOOO! January 25, 2018 is the deadline for 20 more points for Target 100. Go to Thinnes to submit your hours!
  • Scribe duties for second semester are up! Sign up ASAP! Or you can let her know that you’re just not going to do it, and she will open up those extra weeks to people that have been scribe before for extra credit.

ENGLISH (finally 😅)

Edwards went around and stamped the homework and later on collected it. She, then, started off by discussing Francis Bacon and his quote that is posted above on the Smart Board. The quote described reading in terms of different forms of eating. She, then, gave a motivational speech explaining the importance of absorbing content independently and content resonance. We should take the readings that she provides us seriously, in order to fully absorb the content.

Afterwards, we discussed and analyzed the texts from the homework last night. We went to page 212 and discussed the Analyze the Text questions with our groups, then went into a large discussion with the class. Here, we discussed topics such as society and the different perspectives of each of the authors.


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