Monday January 8, 2018 😱


Happy Monday everyone! Welcome back from winter break 🙂

Today, we started off the first day back to school with some good ol’ silent sustained reading (SSR) for 20 minutes.

Edwards welcomed us all back and was kind enough to ease us back into the normal school routine by assigning an assignment that would help us gather evidence for our future essays! As shown in the picture above, we were assigned a reading from our textbook (pgs 198-210).  After we read the essay, On Seeing England for the First Time, and poem, “XXIII from Midsummer,” we do the Comprehension Check on page 211, numbers 1-3, for both readings. Finally, we flip to page 214 to do the Read It section of Conventions, numbers 1-3 (this is not specified in the picture above, because I didn’t catch an updated picture of the board. My bad.).

Whatever we did not finish in class was assigned for homework. We will discuss the assigned homework next rotation. Go forth and be brilliant! 🙂



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