December 10, 2017

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Hey North house! I am your scribe for this week. Hope you had a restful weekend and I wish you all a great week.

Recently their have been a lot of fires in Los Angeles. Scientist have reported that these fires have occurred because of global warming and the recent heavy winds Southern California has been experiencing . After reading this article I was curious to see my peers thoughts on the matter. I know many people believe that global warming is happening others do not. My questions for you are: do you believe these fires are occurring because of global warning? If not what else is causing these fires? And what steps can we take to prevent these fires from happening in the future? Lastly, do you guys know anybody that are affected by these fires?


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  1. I think that these fires have definitely been strengthened by global warming, making them more probable and more powerful, but it is probably the general dryness of California that causes these fires. The dry grass, constant heat, and low moisture in the air make a combination in order for fires to grow and spread quickly. Another unlikely cause of these fires could be human mistake or arson. People could be careless and drop a cigarette or something else that could light a fire in dry grass immediately causing a massive wildfire. Usually, most are careful enough not to do this, but there is always the chance. We can prevent these fires from starting by cutting dry grass or anything that is flammable, or we can contain them to places that will not spread to residential areas. To be honest there is nothing we can really do to prevent these fires, because most buildings and structures have already been built, and they are very vulnerable to fire. So the best we can do is contain the fires and put them out as soon as they start. I do know someone who was affected by the fires; my friend’s school burnt down, so he was trying to raise funds to restore it.
    My question: How quickly can people recover from fires, and how much more devastating are fires compared to other natural disasters?

  2. My questions for you are: do you believe these fires are occurring because of global warming? If not, what else is causing these fires? What steps can we take to prevent these fires from happening in the future? Lastly, do you guys know anybody that are affected by these fires?

    The article Aniessa provided did an excellent job in supporting my belief that global warming in fact has increased the occurrences of fires across Southern California. It states that the gradual warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases makes fires more likely across the planet because warmer air dries the soil and vegetation more, allowing it to ignite more readily. And because the annual temperature of California has increased by 1.5 degrees fahrenheit since 1895, Southern California is even more prone to fall victim to these natural disasters. Human activities such as cooking and using electricity all contribute to the emission of these greenhouse gases that ultimately propel global warming. Additionally, due to the vast expansion of urban areas that has taken place in the state over decades, the heat island effect has increased immensely. With the increase of global warming, people living in urban areas are unfortunately at a higher risk of experiencing a fire because the land is more susceptible to igniting one due to the increase in temperature that ultimately leads back to the causes of global warming.

    Therefore, to prevent these fires from continuously occurring, it is necessary to utilize clean forms of energy that will not promote the emissions of carbon dioxide to prevent global warming from increasing its negative impact on the environment. Society should thus turn to generating electricity from renewable sources of energy because it would allow us to replace carbon-intensive energy sources and significantly reduce U.S. global warming emissions. They are also a lot cleaner for the planet; in fact, wind, solar, and hydroelectric systems generate electricity with no associated air pollution emissions. While geothermal and biomass energy systems emit some air pollutants, total air emissions are generally much lower than those of coal and natural gas fired power plants.

    Fortunately, I know no one who has been affected by these fires; however, these natural disasters have had a scarring effect on numerous people, and so society must do all in its power to improve this given situation. My condolences to anyone who is acquainted with anyone negatively impacted by this predicament.

    After completing this assignment, I have formulated the following question: How can we do our part to not only spread awareness of this current predicament but help eliminate the problem to potentially save the lives of those in danger of falling victim to these fires?

  3. After reading the article, I do believe that the fires have been caused by climate change. They have also been caused primarily by a combination of dry weather and strong winds. Arson could also play a role in the start of these fires, but that is highly improbable to be the main cause. Most of these current fires were started by natural causes; strong winds were a huge factor in starting them. However, in order to prevent devastating fires like these in the future, we should do our part to slow down the rate of climate change by reducing our own waste and pollution. We should also take preventative measures to fireproof areas that are at a high risk of experiencing wildfires. Thankfully none of my loved ones have been affected by the fires, but I have seen stories on the news about how some well-known people (Ellen DeGeneres for example) have had to evacuate their homes because of the fires.

    In response to Melissa’s question, I believe that we can spread awareness of the current situation by contacting others through social media and making posts asking everyone in the areas affected by the fires to stay safe and be alert in case they have to evacuate.

    Do you think that widespread news of these fires will affect Southern California’s tourism industry at all?

  4. I do believe that these fires are occurring because of global warming. As the article states with concrete evidence and with information gained from our ninth grade teacher Mrs. Cancino, the hot airs caused by greenhouse gases make soil and vegetation drier and easier to be ignited upon. The constant rising temperatures make fire a constant threat to the well being of Californians. In order to stop these fires, we need to do two things. First, stop global warming. We need to, as a collective group of Americans, stop adding to the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Second, we need to stop fire hazards. Cigarettes, lighters, and anything that can spark a fire needs to be more cautiouned. I personally know no one who is affected by this situation and am sorry for anyone who does know anyone affected.

    To answer Suhas’s question, I think we just need a faster response time, to help people, bring supplies, and gain new techniques to put out fires. Fires, I believe are more dangerous than other natural disasters because they won’t stop until someone put them out. Unlike earthquakes and tornados that stop when they want, fires can continue.

    My question is: How has fire evolved our ways of thinking, to make us more cautious and successful in life?

  5. I believe the fires are occurring because of global warming. The reason so being because the lands, especially in California, are drying up due to the recent drought. The drought left us with dry vegetation with the combination of hot winds from greenhouse gases. With all these factors, the vegetation can easily be ignited by a simple flame. Summers have been rising in temperature to the point where winter doesn’t feel like winter and its summer all year long. Although we can not prevent fires in its entirety, we can stop developing factors that cause them. For example, we can stop greenhouse gas emissions from getting released into the atmosphere, prevent simple every day fire hazards, and develop a safer fire protocol or procedure that civilians can follow. Personally, no one comes to mind that is affected, but I hope everyone is safe and relocated far from the fire. Also, all the students are lucky that they don’t have to go to school, but I am sorry that they may or may not have lost everything.

    Response to Sarah: The widespread news of these fires will not affect Southern California’s tourism industry at all. Did people stop wanting to move or visit New York City after 9/11? No, not at all. No one is going to stop visiting Southern California unless it is under water (R.I.P. If the rumored earthquake hits).

    Question: In these fires, we need to take action and help our community and stop posting “#besafe” because that seems to be what our society keeps doing during an event. “Oh, another shooting?
    #IPrayForYou.” Sorry, this angers me tremendously. Please take action instead of posting. What are your thoughts on this?

  6. The fires happening in Southern California and the chaotic weather all across the United States have to been caused from climate change from at least my perspective. Some may argue that California’s weather pattern has been the same sporadic and odd since forever, however, a fire along with the drought we’ve had for the past few years simply is too much proof that at the very least something is wrong with our environment. The article even states that the increasing year variability in temperature and precipitation that will create greater contrast between drought and wet years which can result in even more disastrous fires in the future. On the topic of climate change, the Guardian an online news outlet, has found information that there is a linkage with human caused climate change to bulk the evidence that climate change/global warming is happening and is causing our fires. . A 2015 special report in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society found that “An increase in fire risk in California is attributable to human-induced climate change.” A 2016 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that human-caused global warming doubled the area burned by wildfires in the western USA over just the past 30 years.
    It’s really difficult to determine and pinpoint what we can do to prevent fires at this large scale. Preventive measures such as stop making buildings that are extremely close to one another in the middle of a grassy, nature, or agricultural area that is prone to fires. It causes a domino effect which in turn can cause a fire to go out of hand despite it being a process that Mother Nature mostly has control over. Humans need to also stay environmentally work and reduce their carbon footprint. If everyone magically started to ride their bikes or are able to carpool in cars that fit hundreds of people, then our carbon footprint will surely go down and will help the issues with climate change.

    Do you think that widespread news of these fires will affect Southern California’s tourism industry at all?
    To answer Sarah’s question, I personally believe it will definitely hurt places like in Napa, Griffith Park, and places that have a lot of vegetation will cause a lot of profit to be taken away if during fire season. I think when the fire scare goes down, the season stops, and the wind calms down, then tourism won’t be affected. However, as of now, yes it will affect Southern California’s tourism industry.

    My question is: What are valid arguments that fires in California weren’t caused by climate change?

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  7. After reading the New York Times article, In a Warming California, a Future of More fire, I have learned that the recent wildfires in California can be caused by a variety of factors. In response to Aniessa’s question, I believe these fires are occurring because of global warming because of the dry conditions, high temperatures, and roaring winds that we are experiencing today. According to the article, it mentions how the years of the California drought and the previous year’s wet winter played a role in these fires. I support this reason because it makes sense. The wet winter last year resulted in a growth of vegetation and this year’s dry weather led to the recent wildfires. In response to Aniessa’s second question, people can prevent wildfires by making sure to extinguish their cigarettes before disposing of them, avoid backyard burning in windy conditions, and remove all flammables from their yard. According to the U.S. National Park Service, 90% of wildland fires in the United States are caused by humans. So humans should be careful when they are handling fire or other flammable things. Lastly, I do not know anyone who was affected by these fires.

    In response to Suhas’s question, it depends on the severity of the fire. If the fire is close to their home, it can take as long as it takes to control and completely get rid of the fire in order for people to recover from fires. People whose houses are burned by the fire can take months to recover.

    My question: What are some things people can do when they see a wildfire? Are people able to maintain/control/ or stop the wildfires?

    Citation: “In a Warming California, a Future of More Fire.” The New York Times, The New York Times,

  8. Recently, We have been hearing about the wildfires that are happening in some parts of California. Many of these fires have been popping up in areas that are relatively dry with a combination of the strong Diablo winds that come from the high desert of Utah and Nevada. Fire season usually ends in October, when the Autumn rains help get rid of the threat of fire. However, these rains have not arrived yet which is leading to spread of wildfires in different parts of California. I personally do believe that the cause for all of these fires is global warming. The rise in temperatures makes it so that there is less chances of rain. Less rain equals dryer soil. With more dryer soil, the vegetation around it drys up. The Diablo winds and dry areas of land make a deadly wildfire combination. Climate change does in fact play an important role in the cause of these wildfires. Some steps that we can take to try and prevent these fires would be by reducing climate change. We should try to be as green with energy as possible meaning that we should try to use alternative energy sources instead of the traditional oil and coal. I do not know of anyone who has been affected by these fires, but I hope that everyone made it out safe and my prayers go out to those who lost everything.

    How can we try to implement alternative energy sources to cut off the use of oil and coal which contribute to climate change?

  9. Global warming has been an issue with us humans ever since the 1950s and has been increasing the global temperature by a few degrees. A few degrees might not seem like a huge difference but can lead to many factors affecting the climate, geography, and wildlife of planet Earth. One of these factors that have been prevalent in our area is the recent Southern California wildfires. I would have to agree with the statement of global warming causing wildfires because of the factors and evidence shown in the article shown from the NY Times, many of these factors include dry environment, warm winds, lack of rain, Diablo winds, and much more. The steps we could take to prevent these such fires are to completely extinguish the fire, not discarding cigarettes, and avoid backyard burning in windy conditions. Steps we can take to prevent fires in the future is to improve our habits to prevent global warming, enforce stricter fire-safety laws, and educating the public about the importance of preventing fires. Every year wildfires destroy thousands of homes and businesses all over the United States. With global warming becoming more of a threat to society each day, this is why it is so important to be aware of the potential for wildfires and to always take steps to prevent a fire from spreading. Currently, I do not know anyone in my family that have been affected by any fires but I always see people affected in the news or on social media. I am extremely fortunate to have a roof over my head and that those who have been affected will recover very soon.

    In response to Andrea’s question:
    When people see a fire, they should immediately call local firefighters or law enforcement to notify them about a fire. After, evacuate the area quickly and assist anyone in need that is too close to the fire. If caught in heavy smoke, take short breaths, crouch down or crawl. However, once you are outside, get a safe distance away from the building and return to the building only when instructed to
    do so by emergency personnel.

    My question: Do you think teaching the topic of global warming should be included when learning about fire safety? Why or why not?

  10. I am a true believer in global warming. I strongly believe that these fires are caused by how hot the climate has been lately. I believe that global warming is caused by us. We treat this earth like there will never be any consequences to our actions. I think that we can prevent these fires from happening by actually taking care of this earth. I think that all these natural disasters are just cry for help. I personally do not know anyone who has been so unfortunate as to experience a fire disaster near their home.

    Question: What are some ways we can start taking care of this earth?

    In response to Andreas question: When people see a wildfire I think the obvious thing to do is to calL the fire department. THEY SHOULD NOT TRY TO STOP IT. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ALL WILDFIRES.

  11. Our problem in California is that due to climate change, we see very short wet seasons some years followed immediately after by lengthy dry periods. This is due to climate change and results in larger amounts of brush which springs up during the wet period and is dried and rotted during the dry. This dry brush has always acted as fuel for wildfires, however the increase in dry brush as a result of climate change has allowed for more frequent, larger fires.
    Aside from this, long term fire prevention has allowed even more brush to build up. small, natural fires burn away any underbrush that may have collected in forested areas, as well as facilitate the spread of seeds from certain species of trees (which take advantage of the sudden lack of competition for their seedlings). Due to rigorous fire prevention by humans over the course of decades, underbrush has been allowed to build up to extremely unsafe levels, resulting in massive, devastating fires that burn away everything, even the fire-resistant conifers.
    That being said, while we must take steps to prevent these massive fires we’ve been experiencing as of late, we must still allow smaller fires to run their natural course in a controlled manner so as that the ecosystem may function as it should.
    Large wildfires can be prevented in a number of ways. First, clearing away excess dry brush will reduce available fuel for wildfires and prevent them from spreading into massive conflagrations. Second, reporting any fires or smoke to the fire department will allow first responders to arrive in a timely manner to monitor and control the fire, and prevent it becoming a much larger problem. Third, in the event that a large fire does occur, we must be prepared to deal with it in an effective manner and have measures, such as a barrier around one’s home devoid of vegetation, to lessen it’s impact.

    To answer Karen’s question:
    By designing and adopting less impactful technologies, as well as significantly lessening our reliance on technology, we can take steps to better care for our world. Of course, that is only one small piece of a much larger problem. we must seek to better understand how ecosystems function in order that we may function within them, instead of against them. We must make our natural environment a part of our lifestyle by not only living more in it, but by living from it and using it in the way it was intended.

  12. First off no. Fires are not caused by climate change. They are caused by the massive amount of dry brush and little rain that is apart of California. Steps that the gov. should take to prevent future fires is to get ride or close off the dry brush that is all over California. While anyone can just be carful when using fires and not to just through a cigarette out the window of a car.
    in response to andrea’s question: depending on how big the fire is there are many things someone can do. if it is rather small and just starting you can throw sand or dirt to try and control or weaken it until the fire department shows up.but if it is too big you should leave the area and call the F.D.
    Q: Should fire fighters be paid more or less for the work they do and why?

  13. Global warming is an issue that has sparked major debate and, for many people, fires. According to the New York Times article, Global warming has a devastating toll on the state of California. Global warming prolongs the fire season and greatly pushes the rainy season to December and January. During the rain season, crops and plants flourish, but in the dry season, the recently grown crops dry and rot becoming dry bush. The dry bush serves as a source of fuel for potential fires. Global climate change warms the air past its routine point, drying the soil and vegetation more, allowing our earth to ignite more periodically. The article hints that the average uptick of 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit every year in the state of California may be causing the larger and more frequent wildfires. And I could not agree more. The facts are clear and presentable. Global warming is prolonging the periods of the dry season, thus increasing the possibility and results of wildfires.

    The best course of action that we can take to prevent these fires from happening in the future is to reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This can be done by reducing our use of gas-powered automobiles and turning to other means of energy. Our already placed carbon footprints can be repented by reducing shrublands (areas of dry, dead, and highly flammable bushes) in California.

    I personally do not know anyone affected by the fires, but I hope that those who have been affected return to an undamaged home.

    To answer David’s question, I believe that in this day and age, global warming should be included in the instruction of fire safety. We currently have the knowledge of what contributes to wildfires and that should be taught in order to prevent future fires.

    What steps do you think our current administration should take to reduce global warming?

  14. After reading the New York Times article, I believe this is an important topic and our society should be aware of what’s going on in order to help prevent wildfires. The article mentions that these wildfires are caused by the climate change in America but, the author also mentions that it can possibly be that “human-induced global warming” can be a contributor to the fires yet it is too early to know exactly what is causing these fires. Measures should be further taken in this situation to prevent wildfires in the future.
    In response to Caleb, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average firefighter makes about $47,720 per year. That being said, I firmly believe firefighters should be paid the same or more for the work they do. This is due to the fact that their job is to protect life and property by putting out fires and responding to emergencies which most of the time results in them saving lives.

    Question: How can we raise awareness on wildfires to prevent them from ocuring in the future?

  15. I do believe these fires are occurring due to global warming. Drier and hotter conditions of areas affect soil in a way that produces a place that is prone to wildfires. A step we can take to prevent numerous fires from happening in the future is to establish homes for people in a safe distance from forests that are susceptible to catching fire during hot and dry weather. I personally do not know anybody that is affected by these fires.

    Answer to David’s Question: Although the topic of global warming has come with a large debate for quite a while, I do think teaching and spreading awareness about it should be included when learning about fire safety. Global warming is something that increases the likelihood of fire incidents. If the planet’s temperature has been gradually rising, wildfires are definitely prone to occur.

    Do you believe that human beings are contributing to the effects of global warming, or do you think the Earth is just naturally getting warmer? Why?

  16. After reading the article I do definitely believe that these fires are being caused by global warming. What also cause these fires to get real big and out of control are all the dry areas around us in California. Basically, everything is dry there is nothing there that’s watered the dry grass, gets the heat and practically has no moisture due to the lack of rain and with heavy winds the fire would spread more and very quickly. Also, there can be fires started by humans but there have been no report of the fires going on throughout California at the moment. But if the fire was an arson fire it would be someone dropping something as small as a cigarette or anything else they had that was in flame, but a majority of people are careful not to do something so irresponsible like that. The ways to prevent fires from happening are to keep any flammables out of the area, perhaps keep your lawn maintained and water your yard to keep the dirt moist these are somethings you can think of but you can’t prevent a fire from happen because no one can prevent it, you can be alert of what you do and can stop yourself from dropping something on the floor. I did know someone who was affected by the fire and were evacuated, but luckily nothing happened to their home and are back there safely.
    QUESTION: Are you or your families prepared if it comes down for you to evacuate or if a natural disaster happens? What are some things you’ll take with you?

  17. I believe that there are so many fires because of global warming. Every year the weather is hotter and hotter with less rain as well. With these hot and dry conditions, fires are more likely to be made. Also, there are strong winds from the high deserts of Utah and Nevada that contribute to the fires. As stated in the article: “The gradual warming caused by emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases makes fires more likely across the planet, as warmer air dries the soil and vegetation more, allowing it to ignite more readily.” The more and more pollution, the more it adds on to the gases that contribute to the fires. We all should do more to help reduce global warming. We should remove any dry plants because dry plants are fueling the fires. Also, we should be prepared for the massive fires. People should build fire homes for people to evacuate to and stay for awhile if their house gets destroyed. No I do not know anyone affected by these fires.

    Response to Andrea’s question: People can call the fire department and report it. Then they could try to help people evacuate the area. People should not try to stop the fire because they will hurt themselves, since they don’t have the right equipment.

    My question: Do you think people will try to do what they can to prevent wildfires? If they do, do you think it will be much of a difference?

  18. I definitely do not believe that this is because of global warming, mainly because global warming is real. You know what is real? CLIMATE CHANGE!!! Although it is true that Climate Change may have had an affect on the situation, you should also think of the fact that we live in Southern California which is hot and dry. With the lack of rain, it is no surprise that a fire started, and that the fire spread really quickly. As to preventing the fires, I think that there is no good way. The only thing we can do is not start a fire, but even then, that isn’t good enough. Thankfully, I don’t know anyone that was affected.
    In response to Janelle, Earth is just naturally getting warmer, there are tons of statistics that prove that. BUT Humans are making the Earth’s temperature go crazy as well. With all of the things that humans do, it is obvious that we are making it worse. It is like if we were to add fire to the fires in Southern California, we only make it worse.
    Question: When do you think that humans will be able to learn to control weather? Should it be controlled? In what situations would it be acceptable?

  19. “Do you believe these fires are occurring because of global warning? If not what else is causing these fires? And what steps can we take to prevent these fires from happening in the future? Lastly, do you guys know anybody that are affected by these fires?”

    The huge amount of fires here in California is definitely due climate change. There is a lack of rain and this makes the plants die and become dry brush. This is very hazardous and can cause wildfires. Greenhouse emissions also contribute to fire, which was states in the article. As fire as being prepared for fires people can make sure to have emergency supplies in case their home needs to be vacated, or to have proper equipment to put out fires in their home. People must also be cautious about putting out cigarettes or starting fires. These little moves toward fire safety can ultimately help limit fires that will spiral out of control.

    To answer Elva’s question, “How can we raise awareness on wildfires to prevent them from occurring in the future?” We can raise awareness to prevent wildfires by speaking to children and educating them on safety protocol, how to prevent fires, and what to do if a fire ends up happening. There is no telling when a wildfire will start, so we need to be prepared in the event of one to protect lives.

    My question is: what can the government do to help eliminate the number of wildfires in the US?

  20. California is a state that’s prone to wildfires because its naturally a dry state and the fires occur in areas that are expected to catch fire because of dry dead brush and extreme heat. I believe global warming has a role in these fires because its winter and the weather should be colder and rain should be very common around autumn and this time but it hasn’t shown up in quite a while. The california fires should happen around spring and summer where the hottest seasons take place but instead the worse fires are happening in mid december. Today a firefighter died in the thomas fire and the fire still isn’t fully contained. Climate change doesn’t have very prominent or very visible effect on us now but by the time we can see the effects of global warming it might be too late. Personally i don’t know anyone affected by the fires but i hope there insurance pays for all that they have lost.

    In response to kevin’s question- I think the weather should be left alone because its been unchanged for billions of years and messing with the natural order of things seems wrong.

    My question- wildfires occured on this planet way before humans arrived so my question is how much worse do you think wildfires were without the help of humans to stop them? How far do you think they spread?

  21. After reading the article, believe that these fires are strengthened by global warming. I also think that this combined with California’s dry nature, the land and drought, strong winds, and high temperatures all contributed to the spread of these fires. There’s no way to stop things one hundred percent but we can lower the risks of fires happening by informing people. People should always be prepared in case of emergency and have safety measures ready to go at any second. We can help prevent more fires by informing people more of the devastating impact fires can have on people. I do not know someone who was affected by the fires.

    To answer Suhas’s question, I think it depends on how much damage has occurred, the severity of it, and how quickly we can get help out to those people. I think fires can be equally and even more devastating than other natural disasters. For example, tornados eventually come to a stop but other natural disasters such as fires and flooding from hurricanes can have a lasting effect for a long time

    How effective do you think our fire prevention and safety is today? What are some ways you think it could improve?

  22. The fires in California that are occurring now, are because the amount of heat from global warming are changing the type of climate in California. The seasons like summer, spring and winter have gotten hotter and the drought warning has increased during those seasons. With that effect, Californai only has two seasons autumn and the dry one. The amount of moisture and rain that this state gets now is very minimal.
    There is no way to prevent the effects of globing warning, however, the effects can be slowed. The only thing that is able to stunt this increase, would be to stop all of the water leading to the ocean and put it back into the ground. Every time it rains all of that water is put into the ocean. We should try to put any water we get and put it into the ground in order to decrease the number of fires we get and the number of drought warnings. If the water is placed into the ground then the plants would be able to stay hydrated and be more resisted to be lit.
    Is it possible to retrieve the water we place into the ocean back into the ground?

  23. With the fires happening in California, I think global warming plays a part in the fires. This is because California is a very dry state and thus is more prone to wild fire than anything. Wildfires are usually started due to warm climate and dry/flammable materials. So with that I believe global warming places a part in these fires and due to the lack of rain for quite awhile, this only makes it worse.
    Question: How much do you think wild fires cost in damage?

  24. GOD IS COMING SOON. Just kidding, but maybe 🤔. I truly believe that these fires could not have occurred without global warming; the article states that the increase in greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide causes fires to be more likely around the globe. I, personally, do not know anyone that has been affected by the fires, but I am praying for whoever has been. Henry Fountain, the author of the article, stated:
    “The reason is an expected impact of climate change in California: increasing year-to-year variability in temperature and precipitation that will create greater contrast between drought years and wet years. And that can lead to much greater fire risk.”
    Global warming, and more specifically, the Diablo and Santa Ana winds, seems to be the main cause of these forest fires. Nevertheless, some meteorologists blame the ridge of air over the Pacific Northwest, which is also related to the cooling of the Pacific waters under La Niña conditions. Some state that urbanization is the cause of these fires, and others even claim that the lack of sea ice at the poles of Earth prevents winter weather from reaching the fire-prone regions.
    I think that fires are inevitable; natural disasters are inescapable. I don’t think we, as humans, can completely prevent them from happening, but we can improve our lifestyles to lessen the chance of a future fire. For instance, we can start actually caring about our planet; everyone can start off small by performing small tasks that would be more environmentally sound than what they would usually do. Gradually, in order for us to live in an environmentally sound habitat, we should start committing to more impactful tasks and lifestyles that would benefit us and the environment. We have to lessen the greenhouse gases emissions by looking towards a different resource for our transportation and general source of energy. If all of us come together, we can make a safer and healthier living space for everyone.
    In response to Madison’s question, I believe that the government can reinforce a stronger and faster fire fighting dispatch system. There should be as many qualified people as possible helping families and others in the area evacuate as safely as possible. Especially now, I believe that the government should fund more fire fighter departments that are in areas that are prone to forest fires, that way they are provided with even more effective extinguishers than previously.
    Q: How do you think people that were around the area felt at that moment, seeing the fire raging?

  25. My questions for you are: do you believe these fires are occurring because of global warning? If not what else is causing these fires? And what steps can we take to prevent these fires from happening in the future? Lastly, do you guys know anybody that are affected by these fires?

    As stated in the article, the cause of these fires is not global warming. The weather of our region is to blame for these fires. Our dry shrubs offer perfect fuel for fires, and high winds allow them to spread quickly. Southern California is currently experiencing both of these weather conditions. Although these are not caused by global warming, it is still a factor in the extension to fire season. The article explained how global warming is leading to changes in seasonal weather, therefore increasing the length of California’s dry season.

    Being apart of our region’s natural climate, there is not much we can do to prevent fires beyond practicing fire safety and prevention. Being cautious of how ones own actions can cause a fire is a good place to start. Lastly, I do not know anyone that is personally affected by these fires. I have family friends who live close to some of them, but no one has had any property damage or evacuation orders.

    To answer Janelle’s question, I do believe that humans are contributing to global warming. The rise of industrialization coincides with rises in CO2 levels in the air. The measurable difference is evident in ice core samples, rises in sea level, and increased global templates. While the earth does go through natural cycles of warming and cooling, the sharp rise in levels is most certainly due to human actions.

    Why do you think some people choose to deny that climate change is influenced caused by human actions?

  26. After reading the article, I can safely say that global warming is definitely playing a role in the reason as to why fires are spreading rapidly at this time of year in Southern California. Generally, there has not been any significant rain in a very long time, and as I can recall from living in this area all my life, winter is usually when the rain starts to kick in in a major way. Especially these last couple weeks, the temperature is strange; in the mornings, it is cold but sunny, but as it gets later into the day, the temperature goes up and it almost feels like summer, despite it being mid December. This lack of rain has contributed to very dry grasses and vegetation all over the west coast, so it was only a matter of time before they were set aflame. There is really nothing we can do to prevent these fires since they occur annually, but they usually will have died out by this time of year. Due to the current weather conditions, Southern California’s fire season has expanded later into December, which is definitely odd, but can’t be entirely blamed on global warming. El Nino has played a role in this, as Pacific waters are experiencing a cool down and causing very strong winds coming in from the coast, as well as warm winds coming from Nevada and Utah. It is essentially the perfect storm, and us Californians are caught in the middle of it. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet any fire victims from these recent wildfires, but my neighbor Ron is a firefighter and has been doing his part in trying to maintain the flames.

    Response to Nathaniel P.:
    A valid argument that the fires aren’t caused by global warming is located in the article. Meteorologists have concluded that El Nino water conditions and a combination of strong, warm winds coming from the South and the Midwest are to blame for these current wildfires.

    How have some fire victims dealt with the loss of personal items and possibly even homes due to the current wildfires?

  27. Do you believe these fires are occurring because of global warning? No, I do not think these fires are being cause by global warming because over 90% of forest fires are caused by humans. Not global warming or the overpopulation of humans but the irresponsibility and forgetfulness of humans causes acts of arson to occur. If not what else is causing these fires? And what steps can we take to prevent these fires from happening in the future? Like I stated before, the obliviousness of humans start a majority of these forest fires. People tend to forget that a single spark of a cigarette, a match, or an electrical appliance can result in a fire. Some steps we can take in order to prevent forest fires are to remember an insightful quote, “Only YOU can prevent wildfires,” strongly stated from famous Smokey the Bear. Instead of the news outlets blaming global warming, the news should review to the world on HOW TO prevent wildfires. Humans need to take responsibility for their actions. Global warming is not causing these fires to start but it could play a strong role in firemen not being able to stabilize a majority of these fires in a more rapid rate. Lastly, do you guys know anybody that are affected by these fires? No, I do not know anyone affected by these forest fires but I do know several people who lost a majority of their belongings to a fire in their lifetime. People are not able to replace the memories they lost in a fire. Insurance companies cannot replace the home a family built their whole life in. I do hope that the people affected by the fires are able to continue their lives steadily.

    Would you want to be a firefighter? Why or why not?

    Source: “In a Warming California, a Future of More Fire.” The New York Times, The New York Times,

  28. After reading the article, I agree that global warming is the cause of all the fires. This is because California has very hot weather mostly all year long. Fires are mainly started due to warm, dry climates. There is also a lack of rain, which can also contribute to the cause of large fires. All these factors play a role in all the fires that are happening. I believe that we are not really able to do much about the fires that are happening. We don’t have much control on the climate and it is difficult to put out miles and miles of fire. The only thing that can make the fires less likely to occur is if California’s weather patterns ever change to a cooler climate, or if we get more rain. Otherwise, there is no way to stop the fires.

    Question: Do you think that people should be aloud to live in areas around forests or should there not be any homes located there because of fires that could potentially happen?

  29. I believe that the fires are being caused by global warming as well as the severe dryness that is occurring right now in California. I do not think that global warming is solely responsible for the fires but we have also been experiencing excessive heat and no rain to help wet the trees, brush, and soil. I think that there is nothing we can really do to prevent these fires because it is fire season right now for us and this happens every year. It is something we just live with like other states live with tornadoes. The best things we can really do is make sure there are lots of space between houses and brush so that fires cannot easily get to the house and just hope the wind does not pick up. We already have extremely technologically advanced ways of preventing fires and that is really all we can rely on at this time to prevent fires from spreading.

    To answer Irene’s question I believe that it is really up to the person who is choosing where they live because if they choose to live in foresty areas they are responsible to know that they are in fire danger. I think that we should allow people the freedom to choose where they live and that is it their duty to do everything they possibly can to make their house as fireproof as possible so that if there is a fire then it can spread a little slower.

    My question is:
    Have you ever personally been affected by a fire? If so, then how did you feel?

  30. I do believe that these fires are occurring because of global warming. The fires are happening because more of the grass in California is becoming more dry by the season as the article said and since California has already hot weather it furthers the chance of all these fires happening. Another thing that causes these fires is people not putting their fires that they create and it ends up creating these devastating forest fires that take people’s houses and take days to put out. Steps that we can take to prevent these fires from happening is we could put out fires that we make like from BBQs or some other occasion that includes fire. Another way we can prevent fires is replacing our plants that are susceptible to fires with others that aren’t susceptible. As far as I know, I do not know anyone who has been affected by the fires.

    How can we teach people to prevent wildfires and will this help prevent most wildfires?

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