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As an everyday user of the internet, net neutrality has been protecting us from paying exceeding amount of money from using the many websites and programs that we use everyday. Recently, Chairman of the FCC (Federal Communication Commission), Ajit Pai, plans to repeal net neutrality and it has become a big problem for every internet user. If net neutrality is removed it can become a big problem and make everyone pay for everything they use on the internet. To read more about this problem click here.

After reading this article, do you think it is fair for Ajit Pai to do this action? If he is able to repeal it, will it affect your use of the internet?



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  1. If Ajit Pai repeals the the net neutrality because stopping the ability for people to go onto the internet and certain sites for free would ruin opportunities for lower-income families and only make the rich richer. If Pai is able to repeal the concept of net neutrality, he will force all students who NEED to find information to learn things and work on projects, they would not be able to. This is even worse for students with low income who can barely afford to pay for internet because they won’t be able to pay for the websites they need to look at like CNN, Youtube, Crash course, etc. This will make unequal opportunity for people and make richer students richer, giving them more money in the long run.

    I will be affected by this. My father, who like to save, will never let me go online again. Probably saying “if you can do it without the internet, do it without the internet.” I would never do online research again. I wouldn’t ever play online games again. Lastly, I would never be able to binge watch youtube again. The pleasures of my life would disappear, and I would become bored all of the time. Moreover, like the website said, we have no control over the FTC and the rules they decide. This would become very crazy.

    My question is: How can we let people know more about net neutrality? I for one didn’t hear about this until I needed to read this article. Once we let people know about net neutrality, how can we stop this repeal?

  2. From what this article is saying, it seems that repealing the Net Neutrality Act will transfer power over the internet from the government to broadband providers, if I understand correctly. This will allow broadband providers to regulate everything accessed through their service, which will cause an increase in internet service prices, and make it difficult for content creators to effectively spread their work on the internet. Now, it does seem to me that the article only provides one side of the argument. Why is Ajit Pai trying to repeal the act? He must have a reason for it. I did do some research, however, and it seems that opponents of net neutrality law do so under the argument that the act is unnecessary, and that internet service providers would not pose harmful limitations on the internet. However I cannot agree with this, as any corporation has a tendency to seek only what is better for the corporation, all consequences be damned. Aside from this, I do have a tendency to lean towards more socialist and occasionally communist economic ideals, and as a result I do not believe that any private corporation should have control over an industry, especially one as important as the internet.

    Question (research this):
    What some other possible reasons for repealing the Net Neutrality Act?

  3. After reading this article, do you think it is fair for Ajit Pai to do this action? If he is able to repeal it, will it affect your use of the internet?

    According to the article, if Ajit Pai repeals the Net Neutrality Act, there will be unacceptable consequences that will have a negative impact on modern society. It says, “The FTC won’t even be able to protect consumers against most net neutrality violations after the fact, and nor will it be able to protect consumers against greedy broadband providers.” This reveals that power is not only transferred to the government, but that when that happens, control would be lost and free access to the internet by consumers will be almost nonexistent. Charging money to get access to basic websites will inhibit individuals’ opportunity to do research and other academic assignments online. This is completely unfair to low income families who depend on the internet to complete tasks. This would put the higher class at an even higher advantage, thus widening the gap between social classes even more. Additionally, these restrictions placed on the internet prevents much of society from enjoying the luxury of going on social media, watching videos online, and taking part in seeing movies and TV series in online websites. Apart from taking away fun activities and academic support from a large portion of society, repealing this act would also take away access to the news, which keeps many up to date on current events.

    Taking this act away not only affects low income families, but also those who are simply not willing to spend extra money on the perks of the internet. I personally am an example of a case similar to this. If this act were to be repealed, my father would be willing to save money by completely cutting off access to the internet from my siblings and I. This would rid me of access to online research that I need to complete research papers as well as other assignments. This would make my job in school a lot harder because I would no longer be able to look something as simple as a definition on my phone in a matter of seconds. This makes me realize how appreciative we need to be of the access to technology that we currently hold. I would also no longer be able to watch videos on YouTube, Skype friends, go on social media, and play online games. Although I could survive without doing these things, it would rid me of many pleasures I partake in life.

    Overall, getting rid of this act would prevent a certain group of people from the advantages of technology and favor another group. This is unethical for those who not only use it for fun but also are in need of it for academic or work reasons. Higher ups need to take into account the millions who will negatively be affected rather than being ignorant about the entire situation.

    My question is: Because the Neutrality Act can widen the gap between the social classes due to access to technology, what negative impacts can this have on the country as a whole?

  4. People have acquired a dependency for the internet whether it is social media, forums, or information. They have the right to have this dependency, because technological growth is meant to make people’s lives easier. However, what Ajit Pai is trying to do, is take us one step back in technological growth. There is no reason why people should have unrestricted access to all websites, because in some way or another, everyone is making money. As far as I know, no one has an unequal opportunity to make money from being a internet provider or a website and content creator with net neutrality, so why would it be repealed? No one really benefits, because people will stop using internet services and the providers will lose money. This would affect me personally, because I am a frequent internet user, and being restricted from websites and domains that benefit me would harm anything that I may want to do. It is not fair what Ajit Pai is trying to do, because he is taking an acquired freedom from people, when it has been in place for so long. There is no way anyone could benefit from this so it is pointless.
    To answer Melissa’s question, it would impact the nation as a whole by restricting communication and limiting knowledge of non local situations.
    Question: How would this decision affect website and service creators on the internet?

  5. After reading this article, do you think it is fair for Ajit Pai to do this action? If he is able to repeal it, will it affect your use of the internet?

    After reading the article, I don’t think it’s fair for Ajit Pai to do this action, because it will not benefit us in any way shape or form. All it is going to is make it more difficult for people to use their favorite social media sites and browse the internet. He shouldn’t be implying new reforms to society unless it is going to benefit society or companies in some way, and this is going to do just the opposite. Companies will have less people visiting their websites instead, and there will be a huge setback in technology. Without giving people the access to certain cites may also draw back education because a lot of common sites and articles will no longer be available to use. If anything, we should be figuring out new ways to expand the internet and advance in internet use technologically instead of restricting it from everyone.
    To answer the second question, this will also affect my internet use because most social media sites that are often used will be blocked. Also, it will restrict articles for school research, which will make it harder to get work done. Overall, this reform should not be carried out because it is only going to cause setback in society.

    Question: How do you think people will react if this action was carried out? Will people be upset? What would they do?

  6. I think that it is not a t all fair for pai to repeal net neutrality, and most of the Internet feels the same way.If net neutrality is taken away EVERYONE will be affected. As someone one the Internet has said, if net neutrality was gone, it would be like EA was you’re Internet provider. I am completely for net neutrality and cannot see any reason for it to repealed other than for Internet providers to be a greedy as they want. like Irene said i think we should expand access to the Internet not restrict it.

  7. The internet is an essential part to almost all Americans worldwide and has countless benefits. With this, net neutrality prevents internet providers from controlling the type of content you can access online. Ajit Pai wanting to kill net neutrality is an incredibly unfair decision that is entirely shrouded in greed and ignorance. The Internet is made of its users and we are the ones that publish and post the websites that people take information from. The government does not have the authority to choose whether or not to slow down a service or to charge the user based on the internet provider. Doing so will affect nearly all aspects of American life and can significantly affect education and the economy. With the abolishment of net neutrality, us Americans won’t have the freedom of going to certain websites just because they have different internet providers. For example, Comcast would want to promote NBC’s content over ABC’s to its Internet subscribers because of their affiliation. What net neutrality does is that it prevents Comcast from being able to discriminate content and has to display both NBC’s and ABC’s content equally. Net neutrality is also what keeps content providers from charging us whenever we access a website. Without net neutrality, content providers are free to charge people money whenever they access a certain website such as Youtube, National Geographic, or even TedEd.

    Net neutrality being repealed would affect me greatly as I am a frequent user of the internet and would access many different websites to go about my day-to-day life. I use many different websites to research about a topic that I am interested in and access materials online to help me study for a test. However, if net neutrality was to become repealed, all of these actions will be either not available or very hard to access, as I wouldn’t want to pay just to view a short article on a website. However, there are more situations in with repealing net neutrality can severely impact not only our daily lives but also smaller companies. Getting rid of net neutrality would allow internet providers to charge content providers that want their content promoted. This would spell an end to small businesses who can’t afford to pay internet providers to support their content and would allow large companies to thrive and prosper. Without smaller companies, the spread of creative ideas will cease to exist and bigger companies will obtain great power. Eliminating net neutrality would not only bring about conflict but also will cause a decrease of people using the internet. Without the flow of information being presented by the internet, progress in advancing human technology will be halted and America will be set back from the rest of the world.

    To answer Irene’s question: How do you think people will react if this action was carried out? Will people be upset? What would they do?

    Since there is a huge following of people aware of net neutrality, conflict and riots are going to be very prevalent if the action was carried out. Since the abolishment of net neutrality will mostly affect the general public in a negative manner, mass amounts of people will be upset. To add fuel to the flame, people would also be deprived of the ability to share their opinion on the internet because of the massive changes that could charge people for accessing social media.

    My question to you is: Are there any other alternatives other than net neutrality that could fulfill the needs of the FCC but also protect the rights of the internet to the public?

  8. After reading this article, do you think it is fair for Ajit Pai to do this action? If he is able to repeal it, will it affect your use of the internet?

    The internet, when first created, was seen as something interesting and a great way to communicate with others. It was not considered as a necessity, but know in 2017, it is one. Millions of Americans access the internet every day to check emails, see the news, or update their status on Facebook. Despite everyone’s use of the internet, it can be agreed that it is a wonderful tool that heavily impacts our life. Our right to use the internet as a tool, free from capitalist vultures, is defended by Net-Neutrality. And Ajit Pai wishes to remove that protection with no other alternative. Currently, American homeowners only have to pay one fee every month to use the internet. That ability to do so is protected and sponsored by Net-Neutrality. Without it, broadband providers can charge us packages to use certain websites (A similar method to how we pay for tv. In order to get the sports channels, the sports package must be bought). Portugal is a nation that does not have Net-Neutrality. In Portugal, internet users must pay for a social media package to use Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat and also pay a media package in order to use Netflix, YouTube, HBO. There are many more packages that include messaging and checking emails. In the United States, we only have to pay a single fee each month to use all the applications listed above and many more. Ajit Pai is not fair to do this action. He strongly believes that broadband providers will not commit the actions occurring in Portugal or any other action that takes advantage of internet users, but he is most certainly wrong. Capitalism is a dog eat dog system that provides to those who strike when there is an opportunity.

    If Ajit Pai repeals it without involvement from Congress, not only will it affect my internet use, but everyone in America’s. We will be subject to paying for internet plans. Not only that, we will all be victims to slowed down internet speeds and so much more. Websites on the internet will no longer be free to everyone, it will only be available to the rich.

    To answer Kylie’s question, I think the best way to inform others of defending Net-Neutrality is through awareness in schools and workplaces. Schools, of all levels, should inform students of Ajit Pai’s goal and the ways to stop him from achieving it, and same as for workplaces. These two entities use the internet every day and blockages on certain websites will heavily effect students learning and workplace productivity. Certain websites and applications are doing their best to inform more people about Net-Neutrality through exposure. For example, Reddit has a sticker on the website stating, “Monthly Bandwidth Exceeded, Click to Upgrade.” This sticker pokes fun and raises awareness of what is to come if we do not defend Net-Neutrality. After being aware of this issue, internet users should call their state senators and demand that Net-Neutrality not be repealed.

  9. I don’t believe that it is fair for Ajit Pai to repeal the Net Neutrality Act because of the possible outcomes that could occur. The internet has now become a necessity of every U.S. citizen’s life due to our high-tech culture. Consumers won’t be protected as before by the FTC, but could be capable of coming across net neutrality violations and greedy broadband providers. Internet users won’t be able to have free access and full-control as before if Ajit Pai succeeds. A fee would be charged to gain access to the various websites, which is harshly unfair when some users may be using the internet to gain knowledge on a certain subject or reading an article. Ajit Pai does not have the right to consider and make the judgement on Net Neutrality for all citizens. Net Neutrality should be voted on by the public domain or should be kept neutral.

    If Ajit Pai repeals Net Neutrality, it would affect me vastly as many of my peers. I would probably never use the internet again, it happens to be costly if I searched up “how to cook chicken.” I am, hopefully, going to college as the rest, but how would I be able to do my online assignments if college is already costly enough. My parents would most likely cut-off the internet from our daily lives since we can live without internet and the internet is very dominant today. Cutting off from the internet means saying goodbye to all my entertainment: video games, social media, music, TV shows, YouTube, and films. My life would vastly change and I would have a much more difficult time with school and a personal life without Net Neutrality. I strongly believe that Ajit Pai does not have the responsibility of deciding whether or not to repeal Net Neutrality. It should be held on by the public and not by a wealthy politician, since he would have enough money where, if repealed, it wouldn’t be an issue.

    Response to Melissa: A negative impact that can have on the country as a whole is the large gap between all social classes and businesses may fail, which can cause the economy to fall. Businesses may be turned away by consumers because consumers would not have access to view products online before buying; Businesses won’t get enough attention by consumers, which can cause them to lose interest. If businesses fail, then the economy would start falling down.

    Question: If given both options, should Net Neutrality be repealed or restricted? If repealed, why? If restricted, why and what are a few restrictions?

  10. After reading the article, I think that it is unfair for Ajit Pai to repeal the net neutrality because it would take away the opportunities people nowadays have because of the internet. For example, many users use the internet to their advantage whether it is for school, work, or leisure time. The internet allows people to stay connected with the world and each other. It also allows students to use websites for their homework, tests, and other school assignments. Getting rid of net neutrality would affect low-income people because they would not be able to afford the internet.

    In response to Oscar’s blog assignment, if Ajit Pai is able to repeal it, it would affect my use of the internet because it would put me at a disadvantage as a student. If my parents could not afford it, I would have to go to the library to research things for homework or projects. It would also take away my time on Youtube and social media. To be completely honest, I spend a lot of time on my phone because of social media. I use it for inspiration, and funny and cute animal videos, which boosts my happiness. If net neutrality was gone, then my happiness levels would drastically plummet down.

    In response to Irene’s question, I think people would be angry if this action was carried out. I think people would go on protests and carry out petitions to bring back net neutrality. In today’s society, social media and technology are important and relevant.

    Question: Who or what do you think would net neutrality affect the most? And Why?

  11. After reading the article, I do not believe it is fair for Ajit Pai to repeal the Net Neutrality Act. People should be allowed to access the internet without paying for it. There are already some sites that require payment to use them, such as Netflix and Hulu. The internet is open to everyone and is a way of finding information, entertainment, storing work and memories, or increase creativity. The internet is very convenient for people to access information or communicate with one another. The internet is also a way people share news. The internet is the main source of communication for everyone. If the Net Neutrality Act gets repealed, that would cause a lot of trouble for everyone and everyone would be so upset. This would affect students, teachers, and companies. Not everyone has enough money to be paying for these things. Especially when people are paying for Wi-Fi and Data already. If this does repeal, it will affect my use of the internet. I use the internet a lot for school, entertainment, talking to my friends, looking up information, and so on. I would not be able to afford the use of the internet because I use it frequently.

    Response to Suhas: This decision would affect companies badly. Companies rely on the internet dearly. Companies use the internet for inventory, advertisement, news, communication, and more. If companies had to pay for everything they use on the internet, they would need to spend a lot of money and wouldn’t profit much.

    My question: What do you think will be the results of the repeal if it passes? How will people react?

  12. First of all, what is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers must treat all data on the internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently based on the user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication. In other words, they cannot overcharge people who use their internet service to access or look for anything that they want on the internet. This principle protects the consumers from being charged ridiculous prices for what they choose to see on the internet. Without Net Neutrality, every internet user will be forced to pay for everything they see or use on the internet.

    I do not believe that it is fair for Ajit Pai to repeal the Net Neutrality act because it can have very drastic effects in the future. I don’t think that people will be willing to pay so much for something that free in the past. Having had bad experiences with internet providers, I can tell for a fact that they will be extremely greedy when it comes to them charging people for using their internet service.The internets extremely popular in modern society. This will give a chance for many internet providers to be extremely greedy since they are always willing to do what is best for their company. Everyone will be affected by this change unless there is an elite hacker group who builds a backdoor to using internet without having to pay, but I doubt that there is a chance of that happening. There no possibility that someone will benefit from this pointless change.

    I will most likely be affected by this change if it doesn’t occur. I am a daily user of the internet. Without Net Neutrality, life will become a lot more boring since you won’t be able to use the internet. The internet is a great way to bring people together and look up topics of their interest. I can most definitely live without the internet but some aspects of my life would be drastically changed. Everyone will be affected by this pointless change. The only that will somewhat benefit from this situation would be the internet providers, but then again, they won’t be benefiting much since a lot of people would cut the internet out of their lives. This idea that Ajit Pai proposes just makes us look at the type of ignorant people we have running or working in some way with our government.

    Response to Irene’s question : I believe that everyone will be upset. They have a reason to since they are paying for what was once free. Not only that, but this will eventually lead to a many people cutting themselves off from the internet. However, I do think that there will be an elite hacker group that will build a backdoor to accessing internet without having to pay all those ridiculous charges.

    What would be a good way to spread awareness to this topic? Why should awareness be spread?

  13. The internet is a vital source of information, entertainment, and most of all one of the greatest inventions in all of humankind. The fact that people can communicate and relay information to one another from opposite hemispheres and time zones at a moments notice, learn how to cook a steak, or even listen to music from anywhere on the planet at a moment’s notice is quite amazing. Nowadays, the internet has become such a necessity to survive in today’s current job climate and will pretty much set us back if Net Neutrality is repealed. People would now have to pay for the sites they normally use such as Youtube, Instagram, Apple Music, Netflix, etc. Some of those websites or applications already have a subscription based way to gain the access to use the service, but having to pay a service plan with your internet bill and subscription seems ridiculous. Entertainment-wise it seems awful, but it gets even worse to access completely free to use websites that have the intent of being non-profit. To access their website you now have to pay to access it. This is limiting freedom, free speech, and puts people at a disadvantage if the internet is gone. This is extremely greedy, irresponsible, and simply unneeded. Ajit Pai and the FCC should not have the right to repeal Net Neutrality.

    I would be completely limited in what I would view on a daily basis since I am transitioning into college to work. I won’t be able to view the internet at a decent speed and it will be be cumbersome to be able to do anything on the internet because unfortunately I won’t be able to afford it without my parents.

    In response to Kyle’s question, not only do we spread it like wildfire on social media but make our local people aware. Chances if that people are simply unaware of what the repealing of net neutrality means for everyone. People that we know, need to protest and spread the word. People need to create fundings and organizations to stop the Ajit and the FCC for taking away our internet usage. The fate of the internet, knowledge, and freedom of speech is at stake because hardly anyone is doing anything about it.

    Singel, Ryan. “The FCC Wants to Kill Net Neutrality and End the Open Internet. If It Does, Congress Will Pay the Price.” Wired, Conde Nast, 4 Dec. 2017,

  14. What Ajit Pai is in the wrong for trying to restrict the internet. What Ajit is trying to do is limit the internet which causes a lot of problem for everyday net users like me and most of the world alike. Net Neutrality limits our ability to use the internet and could possible impose a pay of some sort in order to access certain websites in the first place. If net neutrality were to pass, most of the websites that I frequent might be limited so thus that is why i am in support for net neutrality.
    My questoin- Do you think net neutrality will impact your life by any chance?

  15. I think that Ajit Pai is in the wrong for trying to restrict our internet use. I believe that everyone should have access to decent internet without having to pay a fortune. I think that restricting our internet would decrease the number of internet sales. Only the people who make a great living would be able to afford the internet they want. The rest of us would have to use really slow internet because we would not be able to afford the overpriced fast internet. It also could get in the way of educational purpose like if a school cant afford the new prices, that would limit the students learning resources.

    In response to Alan’s question I think that phone and TV companies should send out some sort of notification letting their customer know that prices might be drastically changing within the next month.

    Question: What kind of impact would removing net neutrality cause in the educational field?

  16. After reading this article, do you think it is fair for Ajit Pai to do this action? If he is able to repeal it, will it affect your use of the internet?
    After reading the article I do not agree nor believe his action to repeal net nuetrality is fair. Large companies will be able to manipulate multiple people on the internet through slowing down their competitors websites thus forcing consumers to utilize larger companies websites. Furthermore, repealing net neutrality will hurt our economy due to various companies going out of business because they can not afford to speed up the internet. However repealing net neutrality will affect me because prices will sky rocket to use a website at an efficient internet speed. Without net neutrality, the internet will be similar to cable television because the content you see will be what your provider puts in front of you.
    what would be a good way to spread awareness to this topic? Why should awareness be spread?
    There is a national net nuetrality on June 12th. By staying off of websites who want to repeal net neutrality on June 12th, the website host will be able to see the numbers who visited their website significantly reduced. Furthermore, there are websites where you can sign up to show your support of net neutrality.
    What are your concerns about net neutrality? will it cause a monopoly of internet providers?

  17. I think it’s incredibly unfair for Pai to repeal net neutrality. Not only is it unfair, but it will allow ISP’s to find loopholes in this repeal in order to make some highly unconstitutional decisions that will affect many aspects of society that depend on the internet. If the repeal is successful, then my internet usage will indeed be greatly affected in a negative way. I will likely have to give up on frequenting many websites that I had grown fond of, and might be forced to abandon the sites I have known so well that they were like a virtual home to me.

    In response to Charlene’s question, I do believe it will indeed create a monopoly of internet providers if net neutrality is repealed. Being strongly opposed to capitalism myself, repealing net neutrality will allow the ISP’s to strengthen their hold on the market at a frightening rate, and likely won’t be stopped unless internet users take action to prevent net neutrality from being repealed.

    My question: Would you still pay for the “bundle packages” that ISP’s might create if net neutrality is repealed? (An example of what these packages look like can be found here)

  18. After reading this article, do you think it is fair for Ajit Pai to do this action? If he is able to repeal it, will it affect your use of the internet?
    I do not think it is at all fair for Ajit Pai to repeal Title II regulations, if Pai does this the internet that we know would be gone. Internet service providers will change the way that people can search the internet and a free and open internet will be a thing of the past. This is of course awful, and will threaten small businesses who operate on the internet, consumers will have to pay extra to access certain sites or to have fast speeds. This is extremely unfair and awful to all Americans. People use the internet every single day and it is an important part of most people’s lives. ISPs will try and make the most profit and ultimately have ulterior motives that will effect what they et consumers view on the internet. If people are forced to not use certain sites, companies and businesses will suffer. Internet providers would turn the internet into a monopoly. Everyone should have the right to access a free and open internet in the United States, and there is still time to fight the FCC.

    Here are some links:
    (this site will allow you to contact congress, and will give you a script of what to say)
    (this site will allow you to directly send Ajit Pai a message)
    (here is a petition)
    (here is a petition)
    We only have until December 14th! It only takes a few seconds, and you are fighting to keep Net Neutrality in place!

    In response to Sarah’s question: If certain sites were offered as bundle people would have to pay extra to use them. This is because the internet is a completely essential part of everyone’s lives. ISPs realize that consumers need and depend on sites, and they will charge them more money because of this.

    How successful do you think people will be in trying to stop the Ajit Pai from repealing net neutrality?

  19. After reading the article I definitely think it is unfair and wrong to repeal net neutrality. Everyone should be allowed access to the internet because it’s a way of obtaining knowledge and it would extremely affect society. Not only will this hurt consumers but it will also hurt the economy because little businesses will no longer have the same chance as big companies to make money and essentially this would be monopolizing.

    I believe stopping Ajit Pai from repealing net neutrality will be easy and succesful because this is a very important issue to many people and they know it is unethical and injustice. I am sure many people will do as much as they can to not repeal net neutrality since its very important to everyone.

    Do you believe repealing net neutrality is just like monopolizing?

  20. After reading this article, I don’t think it’s fair for Ajit Pai to do this action it wants to do. I don’t think it’s fair for Ajit Pai to do this action, because it will not benefit anyone in anyway. All its going to make it more difficult for everyone to use their social media sites and browse the things they want on the internet. He shouldn’t be implying new reforms to society unless it is going to benefit society or companies. The companies that would be affected by this happening will have less people visiting their websites. Possibly having some sort of set back on our modern technology. Having the internet be messed with might affect things that certain people look up or watch because not every provider will have the same thing. In my opinion there should be a new way to figure out how to expand and open up to ideas for technology. This will also affect the social media sites that are often used on the daily because they will be blocked. This will have a big problem with schools on research and would be harder for everyone. This reform should not continue to be carried on because it’s not sue full.

    QUESTION: If the repeal is passed what will happen and how will people take it?

  21. After reading this article, do you think it is fair for Ajit Pai to do this action? If he is able to repeal it, will it affect your use of the internet? If Pai were to got Congress, the majority of Republicans to be more specific, to follow his trend of disapproving net neutrality then is it completely fair for America to follow in the footsteps of non-net neutrality. On the other hand, the majority of the United States refuses to allow this action to happen. Net neutrality is needed for a wide variety of internet access. The internet manages to send a large amount of information to everyone and if citizens have to access certain criteria through the internet based on multiple payment plans, then it feels as if the internet’s way of proving countless media of information would default to people becoming less aware of issues around the world. America needs net neutrality because the access to the internet has become a crucial source of information for many people. In my personal opinion, taking away net neutrality gives into the idea that companies, already making large sums of money, start to take advantage of the opportunities presented ahead of them. Not that net neutrality is bad for the large brand names but it will deplete companies with a lower urgency to give into non-net neutrality regulations. This idea will put America on a one way street for promoting certain brands and help them become richer in the process and deferring the smaller companies in return.

    First I want to thank Madison for providing multiple ways, or links, for us to use our voice to help protect net neutrality. Secondly, to answer Madison’s question, “How successful do you think people will be in trying to stop the Ajit Pai from repealing net neutrality?” After reading through the comments, I came to a consensus believing that America will be able to keep net neutrality. The way Pai is promoting his opposable views to net neutrality has helped a lot of Americans realize,
    1. What net neutrality is
    2. Realize the purpose of net neutrality
    3. Forming and voicing an opinion based on net neutrality while often favoring the acceptance of net neutrality
    Pai’s opposable views have shed a light on this topic for many. Through the links provided by Madison, we can use our voice to help keep net neutrality.

    I thought this comment was funny on a Washington Post article provided by cb928, “In the future there is a good chance I’ll be talking to kids saying “When I was younger, we had full access to the whole internet. Everyone could be seen because the internet was equally shared. Those were the days…”

    Do you think there will be a time where the comment above is true? Why or why not?

  22. For Federal Communication Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to repeal net neutrality would be unfair to many who already use the internet and wifi services. Our society has evolved into one that depends on internet use in everyday life: school, work, and even leisure activities require people to use wifi. Today, the school work of children requires you to work google docs, take tests online, and study with guides on the internet, while workplaces use require employees to research online and study material on the internet. If Ajit Pai’s plan to stop the net neutrality that our country has been using for the past two years, a lot will be affected. Students will not be able to access their material, and workers will not be able to work as efficiently.
    Personally, as a student, I work with the internet a lot, and it would be a lot hard to do work with net neutrality. After reading more articles on the issue, I understand that having certain sites be slower than others and even having to pay for going to certain sites would make my life a lot harder and force me to find other material to study. Pai’s actions will affect other students and families like mine and might result in people having to pay more than they do now. Some families might not even be able to afford certain internet packages and this will result in the low-income student not being able to do as much work.
    In response to Kyle’s question, I believe that Net-Neutrality awareness could grow through education. Schools see the internet as a detrimental resource for their students; as a result, schools should educate their students about Net-Neutrality, how the repeal would affect education, and what they can do to prevent the repeal.
    People can also be educated through social media itself. Access to the internet is a huge part of today’s youth; they should be able to take advantage of this access to learn more about the issue and how it can be solved. Once they become aware of the issue, the people that choose to veto the repeal should use their resources to speak out and express their beliefs about Net-Neutrality.

    Do you believe that Net-Neutrality was something that needed to be discussed as soon as possible? Did it need to be acknowledged at all? Why or why not?

  23. I believe net neutrality should stay as is because the internet has always been a free public platform for all people and putting restrictions on it would force people to have to pay for certain websites that are otherwise free. Several businesses and companies operate only through the internet and forcing restrictions on these website would hurt these companies profits rather than “assist the business owners” as Ajit Pai says. Any company that has sales or business through the internet will be impacted, this includes youtube, amazon, video games, etc. The restrictions act almost as a monopoly for verizon considering Ajit Pai the face of FCC is a former verizon lawyer so you could piece together the issue there. People are already opposing the FCC because no one wants to pay additional money to do things online that they’ve always done for free. The internet was created free and should remain free for all users, i only hope we can keep net neutrality and control of the internet out of the hands of big corporations.

    In response to elva’s question- The point of the FCC repealing net neutrality is to give the rights and control of the internet to big corporations that will decide how to make money off of the control of certain websites. It is soon to become a monopoly.

    My question- who currently controls the internet ?

  24. After reading this article, do you think it is fair for Ajit Pai to do this action? If he is able to repeal it, will it affect your use of the internet?

    Ajit Pai is a corrupt bureaucrat deep in the pockets of telecommunications companies. The United States already has some of the slowest internet in the developed world, and a repeal of net neutrality regulations could make the problem even worst. A lack of competition in the American telecom market has led to our present situation of slow internet, and few options of ISPs. In countries like South Korean and Sweden, the government actively forces competition by regulating prices and bandwidth speed, leading to multiple providers offering cheap, ultra-fast connection. Without such regulation many free-market countries end up in noncompetitive, borderline monopoly ISP situations.

    Pai’s commitment to corporate entities does not have the best interests of consumers at heart. What is best for business is often times not best for consumers. Having the ability to control the bandwidth based on a pay scale opens to doors for ISPs to become massively powerful corporations, operating on bribes from richer companies who can afford to pay more for easier access to consumers.

    A repeal would almost undoubtably affect my personal daily internet usage. My most used websites and online activities are all susceptible to being lumped into “bundle” packages. I do not want to have to pay additional monthly fees just to watch youtube or play video games.

    To answer Sarah’s question, yes I would pay for bundle packages. Against my will, Ajit Pai would forcible suck the money from my twitter addicted fingers. Unhappily I would be forced into paying more for the services that I enjoy.

    Is Ajit Pai really as horrible as the entire internet is making him out to be? Is he truly deserving of his meme status and infamy?

  25. After reading this article, I don’t think it is fair for Ajit Pai to do this action of repealing net neutrality. If he is able to repeal it, it will definitely affect my use of the internet. The internet serves as a tool to fulfill many tasks I strive to complete whether it is a school assignment for homework, for a group project, leisure time to watch videos, answering something I am curious about, and communicating with people I do not see often in person. Net neutrality currently treats all Internet content I access as equal, with the same or constant speed, with no website restrictions, and with my personal data secure. If net neutrality is repealed, I will not be able to complete all these tasks and more within the time frame I would like to get them done in because certain sites or search engines may be slower or faster than others, or potentially inaccessible for me.

    To answer Diego Pando’s question, I don’t think Ajit Pai is really as horrible as the entire internet is making him out to be. I don’t really think he is truly deserving of his meme status and infamy. I also don’t think he really wants to repeal net neutrality. Majority of people with an opinion on net neutrality, do not agree with it being repealed. I think Ajit Pai is possibly just getting paid to propose this action.

    Why do you think Ajit Pai wants to repeal net neutrality?

  26. In my knowledge, I believe Aijit Pai’s action is unfair, unjustify, and reckless to an extreme level. His actions are to remove Net Neutrality, and allow businesses to work freely with little to no regulation. He has said, ““Under my proposal, the federal government will stop micromanaging the internet. Instead, the F.C.C. would simply require internet service providers to be transparent about their practices so that consumers can buy the service plan that’s best for them.” Aijit Pai’s actions are solely to remove all micromanagement of the internet from Congress and only allow businesses to be transparent of their own actions. This, at first may sound decent, but in reality, it’s a colossal failure from the FCC because this will completely stripped off the agency’s power from preventing unethical practices of the internet providers. From the FFC main website, it mentions “The FCC’s key responsibilities range from issuing operating licenses for radio and TV stations to maintaining decency standards designed to protect the public good.” The FFC is suppose to be responsible in dealing with potential issues of media in order to protect the public good, however, Pai’s action is the complete opposite from which internet providers will be allowed to harm the public in many ways. If Pai’s action does indeed repeal Net Neutrality, all hell will break loose. “They’d prefer, for example, to create tiers of internet service that’s more about paying for priority access than for bandwidth speeds. As such, in theory, they could charge high-bandwidth services—like Netflix, for example—extra money, since their service costs more for Comcast to provide to its customers—or they could charge users, like you and me, extra to access Netflix.” Written by Gordon, Whitson in a LifeHacker article, explains one core issue from which internet providers will be allowed to slow, and close certain sites from which you must pay in plans in order to receive fully those websites. For example, if one wants to watch youtube from their computer or tablet or phone, they would either have full access or only have slow data or be entirely blocked since, either your internet provider does indeed allow access or be completely place in a different plan from which you must pay more. The internet would be forever change, from being the sole representation of freedom of speech to a monopoly of charges upon charges of access to certain websites. Lastly, this can as well limit the access of unlimited information from which people would only have limited websites rather than the unlimited information we currently have in placed.

    Answering andreadnorth Question: I believe Net Neutrality affect mostly the entire population of United States with only the rich being excluded. Net Neutrality, at its core, protect the freedom of the consumers from the greedy corporation who thrive on towards profits and only profits within their minds. Net Neutrality prevents companies to play favoritism from which they cannot block, decrease, or increase the internet access to any websites. This protection allows small business owners, and other corporations to thrive and survive while supporting the economy.

    Question: Currently, Video Game Publishers are pushing out more and more controversial microtransactions in video games from which a person would be able to pay money for in game items, and levels, thus making it unfair for those who do wish to pay. Why are Video Game Publishers pushing out more and more microtransactions in video games? Do you agree with their actions? Why or Why not?

  27. After reading the article, I don’t think that it’s fair to net neutrality. By getting rid of net neutrality people will have to start paying for the use different websites instead of being able to access any website as long as you have internet. This will affect lower income households, schools, and small businesses. If Ajit Pai repeals net neutrality, then low income households might not be able to afford the services they need. An example that could happen if net neutrality were taken away, is that if someone has Frontier and they have an agreement with Bing but that person wants to use Google then it would take longer to use Google, since Frontier has an agreement with Bing.

    In response to Madison’s question. I think if people take a stand for what they believe in then they will be able to stop Ajit Pai from repealing net neutrality, since most people don’t want to pay extra or have a slower service to use certain websites.

    Question: Why do you think people want to repeal net neutrality?

  28. After reading the article I do not think it is fair of FCC Ahriman, Ajit Pai, and the other four members to decide the outcome of this. The FCC is designed to be in favor of the consumers and not the other way around. The internet itself is huge tool that was designed to be free and should remain that way. if net neutrality takes place we aren’t moving forward, but backwards. We use the internet everyday and should not b charged to use. This means that businesses will pay more to advertise their products and smaller business will crumple.

    How can we make sure the internet is well regulated, but free and accessible to all.

  29. Net neutrality is evidently a complicated subject, and deserves to be debated upon. It takes a great deal of research to understand how net neutrality, and the lack thereof, affects us as active and frequent users of the internet. With my understanding of the subject, I think that Ajit Pai is wrong for proposing the repeal of net neutrality. There are a multitude of reasons that support the necessity of neutrality in the internet. One of which includes how it affects small business. Without net neutrality, smaller businesses would find it almost impossible to grow because it would take a large amount of money to make a start. Contrarily, the equality in networking allows for companies of big and small to create a strong presence on the internet. In addition to, net neutrality allows for consumers to browse freely and equally, without the burden of paying additional fees for certain medias. It is likely that companies with big names will have the power to pick and choose what they want to keep running efficiently, which is expected to be dependent on how much money each choice will reel in. Another reason why net neutrality is essential is because a great range of jobs are directly associated with the internet, as well as e-commerce and trade. Limits on the internet would cut off many individuals who work with companies like YouTube or other branches of social media.

    Response to Nathaniel P.:
    Net neutrality is important to me, as it should be to all those who are active users of the internet. Net neutrality affects all of us, especially in the way that it allows us to access whatever we want on the internet, free from additional charges. A company could decide to make Twitter slower and accessible with additional fees simply because they do not agree with the liberal trends that are frequently present on Twitter. This is unfair and should not be something that internet users should have to worry about.

    What is most beneficial about repealing net neutrality? Is it worth sacrificing our freedoms we would otherwise have with net neutrality?

  30. As a frequent internet user, I believe that Ajit Pai is being unfair about his net neutrality policy. This policy is in place to protect all of the internet users and by weakening it Pai is not effecting everyone who uses the internet. Pai believes that the current policy is to strong and by cutting it down we, as students, will greatly be effected. When you have to pay for packages, each company pairs with a certain browser and that browser will be allowed to edit what is seen when you search for information. When I am doing a research report and gathering evidence the last thing I want is biased information being provided to me! If this policy gets passed students all around the US will be creating potentially biased reports an not being given the full amount of information that we can see now.

    My question is: Have you gone and commented against this policy of the campaign to support that Title II should remain the same?

  31. Net neutrality should stay the same because it wouldn’t be fair to many people and impact people in a negative way. Cable companies are known for overpricing for their services and poor service. Now, they want the FCC and Congress to end net neutrality, if they do end up succeeding then they have the power to slow down whichever sites they want and bully sites and people into paying to escape the slow lane. It isn’t fair for Ajit Pai to do this because it would kill the internet as we know it and turn it into another way for him to make money. Not only will it affect my internet use but it will affect people everywhere. The internet should be a free place where everyone can be equal and everyone should have the same opportunities.

    To answer Selena’s question, I believe that people want to repeal net neutrality because they want to make money off of it and off of people who want faster service.

    Did you ever think that people would one day make you pay for going on the internet?

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