November 27, 2017

Hi North House, I hope you all had a great Monday to start off the week! If you didn’t have such a good Monday, take a breather and do something you enjoy doing. Then get back on the grind, because we have a busy week ahead of us (AKA DEADLINE FOR COLLEGE APPLICATIONS).


Today, we missed you, Ms. Edwards! We read SSR for the first 20 minutes of class! Then, we were given the Medieval Assignment, where we had to choose a Pilgrim and decorate a coat of arms and create a motto that represented our chosen Pilgrim. Here is the link to the handouts section where all the documents needed to complete the assignment are.

For homework, we have to read chapters 1-12 for Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen due Wednesday! You can get the book on iBooks for free or you can buy/borrow one from the library.


Here is this week’s schedule:


Wednesday: 4-CORE, MPR (Presentations)

Thursday: REGULAR



Don’t forget to turn in college applications before November 30th, THIS THURSDAY! Good luck to everyone! We have a crazy week, but we can get through this!

Also, don’t forget to turn in Prom Payoffs or GradNight Payoffs if you want an easier way to pay for your Prom and GradNight ticket!




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