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Hi North House! I am your scribe for this week. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and able to take a breather from school over the break. However, it is time to get back to work and get those college applications done!

I am currently interning at the Cal Poly Pomona Kellogg and Huntley Art Gallery located on campus! So far, I have learned how to pack/unpack artwork, handle artwork, inventory pieces, install/de-install exhibits, create and design posters and labels, and manage the administrative side of curating an art gallery. There are all these behind-the-scenes tasks that take place when preparing for a new exhibit. On the job, I have to greet and talk to visitors about the art pieces. Some visitors come in only to take aesthetically-pleasing pictures, without truly appreciating the art in front of them. This made me wonder: Is art appreciation important? Why is it important today?

Watch this video to hear a poem about a world without art. Then read this article to learn more about how art impacts our daily lives.

Question: Why is art important to you and how does it impact your life? 



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  1. When I was younger, I used to dread going to art museums or any museum in general. Because of this I never really enjoyed the art I was presented with, even thought a lot of it was incredibly valuable to history. Even as I got older, I was never really ecstatic about going to museums, but I did appreciate them more. I think that the reason for this was the way it was presented to me and the type of art it was. The art I always found less interesting was the art that was hanging on white walls behind security ropes that you weren’t allowed to touch. However, art of the same medium that I found on my own, through my own research struck me as fascinating and worthy of praise. I think that finding something through your own curiosity and methods provides you with a sense of satisfaction and appreciation once you find what you were looking for. Seeing art on walls always seemed boring to me, because of the way it was presented. It was as though we are detached from the art and it doesn’t come from our own experiences, as it did from the artist that created it.

    So, art is important to me because it engages me to research and find my own taste in art. It allows me to think in creative yet critical ways that other things don’t let me do. Plus, as cliche as it sounds, art allows me to express myself. In the article it was stated that art doesn’t always have to be hanging on a wall and something that is looked at. The article stated that art is functional too. For me, my form of art would be cars. With cars, I can create functional and practical pieces of machinery that express my feelings. I personally think that functional art is more worthy of appreciation because of the fact that it can be used by anyone. So anyone can interact and experience the art with more than just their eyes. This allows it to be open to more types of people and even engage those who don’t like art. Anyways, cars impact my life daily. Everyday I research the work of other car builders and examine their work in order to gain ideas for my own project. I think about my current projects on a daily basis and brainstorm with others like me. It engages me to be hands on and maintain a responsible and organized lifestyle.

    Question: Do you think that art should be used in school more often to teach ideas and core class material? Why or why not?

  2. For me art is a way of being. It is a from of media that is truly able to express someone’s emotions. Art is is better felt, like in the video he tells you to: close yours eyes, remember your favor , and experience the moment you where just in. The last isn’t told to you but it is expressed through out the video.
    The piece of art i remember was inspirational video. In times i would need just a voice telling me the work you did wasn’t your best, and you able to do better.
    What form of media inspires you the most?

  3. As the article provided by AndreaDNorth says, art is everywhere. Personally, art can be nothing and can also be everything; it can be important and unimportant. Arti can be anything because everyone sees it differently. Personally, art appreciation is not that important. Every single person on earth is so small and insignificant considering we live in an enormous universe possibly in an even bigger dimension. Because of this, I don’t feel like the perspectives, thoughts, and opinions of individual humans is important. Even more, what are the chances a piece of art is so good that everyone appreciates it enough to make a difference to the artist? Art appreciation is for the appreciator, not the artist. If you simply do not care about art, like me, it isn’t that important. (I don’t hate art, it just doesn’t interest me to continuously look at it.) In addition, time could be used doing something else, appreciation of art does nothing for the audience. For example, looking at starry night or a statue, won’t hold importance because it won’t save my life, and I don’t make money from it (in fact! I lose money from going to see art.) Life and money are important to me, and since appreciating art won’t help me with the things I deem “important,” art appreciation isn’t important to me.

    However, not looking at the “big” picture, I can see why people believe art appreciation is important. In order to answer the second question, I have to see from the perspective of those who believe art appreciation is important. They probably believe it is important to them because it holds significance to their lives. Being able to appreciate the art that another has made can possibly show that another person feels the same way as you. Basically, the appreciation of art can help different people see new things.

    To answer Kobe’s Question of whether or not schools should implement art into their curriculum, I would say no. As I said before, art is seen by everyone differently. If someone was to interpret art differently than how the teacher wanted it, they would receive a bad grade or if the teacher was lenient, everyone would get good grades.

    To ask those North House homies a question:
    How has art affected how we see the world today? Has it made us see things more symbolically or more literally?

  4. Art is something that we see every day and everywhere in our daily lives. Art exists all around us. Every person is unique and different so this means that they see art in different ways compared to the other people. Many people do not realize how big of a role art plays in our daily lives. They also do not see how much reliance we put in art, in all of its different forms that exist. Art is a very important way in which people can express who they are and what they like. Art exists in many forms such as at home, as music, and as inspirational art. These different types of art are used in many cases to create joy.

    I have never really paid attention to art. However, I do like the way that some paintings look like as I hang them up on a wall. So in a sense, I technically do appreciate art but not to the extreme forms where it has to be certain painting or artist. If i were to have a bunch of random paintings, I would hang them up around my house. I wouldn’t really mind if it is just a random picture, as long as I like how it looks once I hang it up. But in the future I do see myself as someone who will have a bunch of art around their home.

    How has the evolution of art changed as time continues to pass by?

  5. Question: Why is art important to you and how does it impact your life?

    I agree with the article provided in its statement that art is important and it surrounds our everyday lives. It supports how important I feel that the impact of art has on every individual. Although many do not notice art even within their own homes because of a narrow view on the meaning of an artistic expression, it does not mean that it does not have some type of effect on mood, emotion, or motivation.

    I personally experience a direct impact of art when I draw because it helps soothe me when I am stressed; however, a painting or drawing isn’t the only form of art. As the article mentions, art can be found in the simplest of items in a household, such as a pattern on a quilt or the music coming from the radio. Without realizing it, it is found that promoting artistic expression can spark curiosity, creativity, and calmness within those exposed to it, so one should be wary when underestimating the power of art.

    Art is important to me because I often practice specialized forms of it on a daily basis. My room is filled with art pieces I have drawn, painted, or photoshopped, and I often listen to music when I am relaxing in my room. Listening to music encourages me to do my schoolwork assignments and get all my work done, and being surrounded by nice patterns and designs within items in my household really brightens my mood. Art has had a positive impact on my life because it has encouraged me to express my creativity to really think outside the box, and if I were to imagine a world in which everything was bland and uninteresting, society would no longer be the same. It would no longer enjoy the complexity art has to offer.

    To answer Kobe’s question, art should definitely be used more often to teach core class material because it gives all students the opportunity to learn in a multi-disciplinal approach. Rather than educators teaching a lesson in front of a class, teachers could engage students and encourage them to be creative by giving them the chance to create their own artistic expression. This would encourage an atmosphere of free will and opportunity, which will motivate students to ask questions and genuinely care about learning.

    The question I have developed is: What transformations would society experience if no artistic expression was incorporated into everyday life? How would the lack of art have an impact on the lives of individuals?

  6. Why is art important to you and how does it impact your life?

    To answer Andrea’s question, art is important to me because it is all around me and I see it everywhere on a daily basis. Buildings, neighborhoods, and even food can be considered a form of art. It all depends how one interprets it. In order for a house to be built, one and to design it and plan everything out. In order for nice family dinner meal to be made, one has to plan all the ingredients and put them together in a certain way to make the finished results. There is art in everything I do on a daily basis, and without having creativity, I would not be able to accomplish all those daily tasks as well, and that is why art is important to me. I also wouldn’t get good grades on school projects if I didn’t interpret the projects in a creative way. Art is very important in our world, but it is often overlooked and not thought of. In reality, art impacts our lives greatly because we incorporate it in everything we do without really realizing it, which is why it is so important.

    Question: Do you think creative people who appreciate art are more successful then those who aren’t?

  7. Art is everywhere I go. Art has never really been my thing but I do know and understand how important it can be to others. Art can hold beauty in so many different kinds of ways and I admire how some people are talented enough to capture a feeling or expression in a blank canvas. One of my favorite artist was Lil Peep and if you’re reading this can you please give a moment of silence for our great loss.

    To answer Stephan’s question the form of media I prefer would have to be magazine. Ex. Vogue

    Question: How do you express yourself through art? What forms of media do you utilize to express yourself?

  8. Art is very important to me because my dad loved art and it was all around me growing up. along with that i was always doodling and sketching, making my own comics, stuff like that. even now when im bored in class i will stop and doodle on the paper. Along with sketching i appreciate all the math and engineering that goes being art in everyday life. like what karen said “art is everywhere i go.”

    Q.Should student be required to take and art class. why or why not?

  9. I have an artistic side.
    It’s not exactly hidden, but people manage to miss seeing it nonetheless.
    I am a photographer. I take pictures of the world how I see it and share them with others.

    Art gives me purpose. It provides me with a reason to be alive, and something to enjoy doing. It also provides me relief by allowing me to express emotions that otherwise would have nowhere to go. It provides me with a way to show people how I see the world, and a way to find others who view it similarly.

    To answer Caleb’s question:
    Yes, but not quite in the way I think you mean. What many people define as “art” is merely drawing or painting pictures. Yes, it is art, but it is certainly not the only art. Music, writing, swordplay, and many more skills are also arts. While the vast majority of people have the potential to be artistically expressive, everyone naturally expresses themselves in different ways. Take myself, for example. For most of my life I was not what one would call “artistic.” I had taken a number of drawing classes and even some music classes in an attempt to become a good “artist” like my brother, who draws. However, my natural artistic inclination is not toward drawing (although as I am introducing myself to more music I am discovering a previously hidden musical inclination in myself) and as a result drawing classes did not help me to find a form of expression. It wasn’t until I was introduced to photography that I become profoundly artistic. Later I was also introduced to swordplay which became another form of artistic expression for myself.
    Because everyone is artistic in differing ways, if an art class becomes required by the school district then the school district must provide classes in ALL forms of art, not just drawing or painting. This way, everyone’s differing artistic inclinations can be cultivated in a meaningful way that helps them to become artistically expressive.

  10. Throughout my early life, I rarely found an appreciation of art even to the musical aspect. I thought art was a pointless subject, a relic of the past, a hobby that’ll bring about little money. However, my opinion has changed over the years as I’ve matured. I began to branch out and started listening to actual music from many spectrums including classical, hip-hop, video game soundtracks, and even rap. I started to see why people liked music so much and now is a core aspect of how I get through my day. Paintings and sculptures were also a very weird topic to comprehend for me as a kid, as I just saw it as a glorified drawing. But I came to realize that paintings and sculptures can tell a story and can resemble many different things happening in that timeline. I respect the platform of art museums however to this day, I see no interest in paintings and sculptures. I have a very logical way of thinking and seeing art for me is difficult to understand as I lack the interest to further explore the meaning of a painting or a carving. However, this doesn’t mean that I absolutely hate art; art is a wonderful platform in this world and plays an important part in making our lives more exuberant, as according to the article, it states: “You may be wondering why all of these things are so important to our daily lives and that you could probably survive just fine with essential items that were non-artistic. That is just the reason why art is so valuable! While art may not be vital to fulfilling our basic needs, it does make life joyful.”

    Music is an important part of a lifestyle and can transcend language barriers to touch the hearts of millions across the world. Art impacts me greatly throughout the day as music is an important component of my daily life that I highly value and appreciate. I listen to music in the car, at times of stress, and even in class as it really gives me a sense of invigorating hope and lust for success to continue my day onward to accomplish my goals. Improving myself and accomplishing greatness is what I strive for in life and is not feasible if it weren’t for music. Music has the power to influence how I act and behave. This is primarily the reason why I love listening to upbeat music so that I can get energized to go through my day and progress through tough series of challenges occurring naturally in life.

    In response to Kyle’s question: How has art affected how we see the world today? Has it made us see things more symbolically or more literally?

    Art has affected almost every aspect of the world today. Everything from modern architecture to new cars is all a form of art that is created. Art in everyday life is not just appealing to the eye, sometimes it can bring about better performance. An example would be a car, cars have many factors that can affect its performance. One factor is called wind resistance and can significantly decrease efficiency in a car due to the amount of drag that wind resistance creates, ultimately slowing the car down. Designing a car in a specific way can minimize wind resistance so that it could have minimum effects on the speed and efficiency mileage of a car.

    I believe that art has made our generation think more symbolically as more different ideas and designs are created to reflect the artist’s way of thinking. Art will continue to expand and get more intricate as time goes on and as it gets older with more people with different ideas are born, it continues to be more diverse. As president of Americans for the Arts, Robert L. Lynch states: “The arts empower. The arts give a voice to the voiceless. The arts help transform American communities and, as I often say, the result can be a better child, a better town, a better nation and certainly a better world. Let’s champion our arts action heroes, emulate them and make our communities everything we want them to be..”

    My question to you is:
    Do you think art can bring about world peace? If you agree, in what way can it do so?

  11. Art is an outstanding factor that is constantly involved with our society and culture daily even without our knowledge. Art is also constantly adapting, changing, and evolving to our society to reflect our western culture. Many daily-used items have some art to it. Many of today’s society may think of paintings, drawings, or sculptures when the word “art” is mentioned. Not only are paintings art, but there are quite several of other things: Music, poems, novels, the design on bed-sheets, coffee mug, smartphone case or housing, and as well as memes. Art comes in many forms as mentioned. The question that may be pondered upon by several could be “What is art?” According to the online dictionary, art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” Memes can be considered as art due to the creativity and emotion poured into one picture, which then communicates a certain emotion between both the creator and audience. Art is important to me because art helps me express myself emotional through music, drawings, memes, or through poems. It isn’t only important to me, but is important to many others who listen to music on a deeper level by resonating with the lyrical statements.

    Art has impacted my life in many ways. It helps me express thoughts when I can’t form my thoughts into words. I can resonate with music and poems on a deeper level, which makes me feel not alone in the world. Music is a gateway for feelings to be expressed. It is also an important contribution in my lifestyle. I always thought for music to be how feelings sounded like. Like music, drawings were another way to express emotional power. Drawings can seem just as pencil led on a piece of paper, but pictures mean a thousand words, which can serve as powerful. Drawings are used to motivated and empower those, just as used for propaganda in wars against foreign countries. Drawings can motivate others to turn against each other. Another way art has impacted my life is by stories, whether in poems or in novels. Poems serve to be powerful by stating short statements that can have an effective amount of meaning. Novels can serve just as powerful by implanting stories in my head, which can help me with reasoning and can serve as future advice.

    Response to David: Do you think art can bring about world peace? If you agree, in what way can it do so?
    I don’t believe art can bring about world peace because art could be misinterpreted. Art is complex and you can only know the true meaning of the work by asking the artist. Asking if art can help bring world peace, is the equivalent of asking if world hunger can be saved. The answer is no because it isn’t impossible, but most of the world doesn’t get along with each other, but there could be one way if all of humanity has banded together and attempted to understand one another without being ethnocentric.

    Question: How has art developed over the course of the last few decades?

  12. Art is a very powerful way to express one’s feelings or message. Art has impacted our culture and society majorly over the years. Art can come in many forms such as, music, painting, drawing, dancing, poems, and more. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of art are paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Art is very important to society. Art appreciation is important because art has made a strong impact on a lot of things in our everyday lives. Art influenced branding, advertising, fashion, education, and entertainment. We express our feelings through art. People write songs on what they are feeling or to tell a story. Other people dance or draw. Art has impacted me a lot. There is art in everything I have and see. From listening to music to the clothes I wear. Art makes life more creative and interesting. These forms of art get people through their toughest times and create the happiest moments.

    Response to Raquel’s Question: Art has developed over the last few decades majorly. The more knowledge people gain and the more discoveries people find, the more art evolves. Also the creativity of people also effects the development of art. We went from no color films to color films, low quality to high definition, and from the basics like, Beethoven to more vocalistic music like, Ariana Grande.

    My question: Do you think ancient/classic art will be forgotten in the future? Why or why not?

  13. Why is art important to you and how does it impact your life?
    Art means more to me than my family. I am able to express words and emotions just by seeing a picture or listening to a song. One of the hardest things for me to do as a person is get my point across through words. I am simply paralyzed if I have to explain why I’m sad or angry. Without art and especially for music, I don’t know how I would be around my group of friends. My friends mean the world to me and if it were not for theatre and drama, life would be rather boring.

    Visual arts are personally the most inspirational form of media for me. Watching an emotional plotline in a movie like the Green Hill, really ties together cinematography and my personal emotions painting a wonderful story for myself. Feeling tied to the characters and being simply immersed in a storyline and seeing how the actors portray the actors in all situations really moves me to be like that one day. To be able to paint a story that people enjoy.

    Art has affected popular culture creating things like fashion trends, memes, and they way we speak. When we see things like a Van Gogh painting, we resonate with the brush strokes and wonder how he made it. When we see an Apple logo for example, we think about the products they made and how overpriced they are. Seeing logos give you the impression of what the company is trying to sell you. Art has affected the world in more ways than we think and inspires us each and everyday.

    Answered Questioned For: Andrea, Stephen, and Kyle

    Monteadim. “The Importance of Art in Daily Life.” Fine Art Photography, Smart Link Solution , 19 Oct. 2017,


    Question: Why is art important to you and how does it impact your life?
    Art means more to me than my family. I am able to express words and emotions just by seeing a picture or listening to a song. One of the hardest things for me to do as a person is get my point across through words. I am simply paralyzed if I have to explain why I’m sad or angry. Without art and especially for music, I don’t know how I would be around my group of friends. My friends mean the world to me and if it were not for theatre and drama, life would be rather boring.

    What form of media inspires you the most?

    Visual arts are personally the most inspirational form of media for me. Watching an emotional plotline in a movie like the Green Hill, really ties together cinematography and my personal emotions painting a wonderful story for myself. Feeling tied to the characters and being simply immersed in a storyline and seeing how the actors portray the actors in all situations really moves me to be like that one day. To be able to paint a story that people enjoy.

    How has art affected how we see the world today? Has it made us see things more symbolically or more literally?
    Art has affected popular culture creating things like fashion trends, memes, and they way we speak. When we see things like a Van Gogh painting, we resonate with the brush strokes and wonder how he made it. When we see an Apple logo for example, we think about the products they made and how overpriced they are. Seeing logos give you the impression of what the company is trying to sell you. Art has affected the world in more ways than we think and inspires us each and everyday.

    Answered Questioned For: Andrea, Stephen, and Kyle

    Monteadim. “The Importance of Art in Daily Life.” Fine Art Photography, Smart Link Solution , 19 Oct. 2017,

  15. Art is certainly something that affects everyone. As the man in the video emphasises the fact that a world without art would be very bad, it became clear that art is a necessity and is truly important. Everyone is affected by art. Songs, photos, and movies can help us through harder, longer days. Art transforms the normal into the extraordinary.
    The article shows how art is everywhere and always impacting things around us; art inspires us, motivates us, and fills us with emotion.
    Without art, life would be simple and routine; everything would seem the same and people would lose their sense of individuality.
    A person’s love for their individuality should be reciprocated through their appreciation for the arts. Art states the controversial, taboo things that a regular person might not be willing to say. Art forms like political cartoons and dystopias of Earth provide wake up calls for us and aim to make us feel like we need to do something about our political and environmental situations.
    The touching songs, symbolic movies, and inspirational posters and pictures help us move on to be better; they help us get through things and improve, which is important in the society today.
    Moreover, appreciating art is important because it gives us a chance to applaud those who have made a difference in our lives and possibly help them be able to make another difference or encourage them to continue to help people through their art.
    In response to Kyle’s question, art is seen to have a major affect on people and how they see the world. Movies, for example, give people new perspective and help them see ways they can solve problems. If someone watched the 13th, a movie on Netflix, they would begin to agree and see how unjust laws are not allowing the previously incarcerated to start new. This art form, movies, has given people a new view through definition and examples, a more literal way. Other art forms can also give new perspective symbolically, like the paintings and statues. Paintings like the seven deadly sins collection by Paul Cadmus, symbolize for the audience what people have done and grown to be as sinners, showing in a nonliteral sense what they are on the inside. To answer the question, I would say that since art is basically anything you perceive it to be, it can be as symbolic as it is literal.

    How do you think art might change in the future? What new kind of art could appear in the future?

  16. Art to me has always been a way I express myself and because art lets you express your feeling I believe that it is important to appreciate. One piece of art can help you through tough times and bring light to your eyes and if that piece of art had not been there for you to appreciate then the world would be completely different. I believe that not all art needs to be appreciated by everyone but everyone should find at least one piece of art to appreciate that has a real impact on their life. For me I love to appreciate photos from friends and professionals as well as listen to pianos which to me is a form of art that can be recreated and played by anyone willing to learn it.

    Answering Lucia’s question I think art is constantly changing every day and so I cannot really say what art will look like in the future. I can say that I believe music won’t change as much as photos and paintings because music is comprised of the same notes in different orders. This means that eventually (and I believe it already has started) to sound the same with different words. Music is a great form of art when it is one hundred percent original but today so much music is written by the same songwriters so I believe it is not the best form of art today.

    My question for you is:
    What type of art inspires or interests you the most? (music, photography, painting, sculpting etc…) Why did you choose that specific type of art and is there a specific art piece that made you pick this?

  17. To me art is inspiring and all art has a meaning or story behind it, when i was younger i use to think going to the museum was boring all the walking around and just pictures in frames but i never actually paid attention. All art has meaning and once you find the meaning of what’s behind the colorful painting you will go on and reflect on what is happening or put one and two together and it will make sense of why it was done. Art is everywhere it’s in buildings, neighborhoods, stores and in food products all can also be considered a type of art in their unique way. Art is very important in our world but people often don’t realize it that it’s their art has an impact in your way if you like it or not because it’s all around you.

    QUESTION: In what ways will art change how art will be used in the future?

    To answer Stephen’s question: What form of media inspires you the most?
    The form of media that inspires me is music. Although I don’t sing or know how to play an instrument it’s my way of getting away from everything. I like most types of music and i would be open to listen to different types of varieties of genres but there are some genres that speak to me more than others and that I prefer.

  18. Art is important to me because it has impacted me throughout my life when I do or don’t notice it. Even when I was little my dad was talented in drawing and it amazed me when I look at the art now because before I wasn’t able to comprehend how beautiful it look and now I’m able to. Even the music I listen to is a form of art and it has to be one of the biggest thing to impact my life. I’ve always listened to music and there are special songs to me that mean a lot and remind me of special events. All forms of art is important to me because it gives a special meaning that cannot be let go of and it continues to impact my life and forever will until the end.

    Do you think art is main thing that affects people’s lives?

  19. I have never related to a painting. I can stare and look for a deeper meaning, but I just cannot discover it. I do not understand the wave of finding emotions in paintings because it can easily be interpreted in different ways. I, however, can understand the message of a painting. Examples of artists that I enjoy are Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. I recently went to Mexico City and enjoyed looking at both artists’ paintings. Both of their paintings are direct and display a common a characteristic: the benefit of communism in a society. It is easy to interpret because both artists are direct and there is no need for a search of deeper meaning. All the viewer has to do is have knowledge of modern history and of the painters, and the painting is easy to understand. This was just a little vent and a way to brag I saw Rivera and Kahlo paintings.

    As I stated above, paintings really have no effect on me. Only one form of art does and will for the rest of life: music. Music requires no interpretation because it plays to our emotions. Our brain associates slow music with sadness. We do not have to think about an association, it happens naturally. Music has always been there for me. I have issues displaying my emotions and feelings because I feel that my problems are meaningless; they hold no sympathy compared to real-world problems. Therefore, when I am unable to display my emotions, I listen to music. Music allows me to release all of the negative emotions held within me. The most important song in my life is Memory, the Barry Manilow version. The song is about remembering the old fun times a person went through as they go through a depressing moment. The song does not at all relate to my emotional problems, but the tempo and initial soft lyrics of Barry Manilow engage me into an emotional rollercoaster, where I end up crying. Underpressure, by David Bowie and Queen, is another song I hold dear to my heart. It reminds me of relationship I had in middle school and it allows me to remember the great times I had with that girl.

    So why is art important to me? Music, a mean of art, always me to express my emotions and think of happy times. No other object or medium has ever allowed me to go through something like that. And nothing ever will.

    To answer Diana’s question, no, I do not believe classic art will be forgotten in the future. Composers like Bach and Mozart have been remembered for centuries because their music is amazing. Artists like these two are able to display and communicate feelings through paintings or music sheets. Anyone who can do this will never be forgotten. Museums and people will continue to spread and pass down classic art no matter what year it is because it is special and unique.

    What specific form of art relates to you? Why?

  20. Throughout the world, art influences many people in different ways. Art is a form of the imagination that helps humans express themselves freely. One art form that appeals to me the most is abstract art. It uses vibrant colors, shapes and techniques to express the mood intended. However, everyone can interpret different art pieces in different ways, it is dependent on mood and thoughts of the viewer.

    What form of media inspires you the most?
    I am particularly fond of magazines. They include fashionable pictures and insights on certain topics. Overall, I enjoy vogues magazines, especially the September issue because it has an abundance of art styles incorporated in the fashion pieces.

    What form of art is most important to society?

  21. Art has never been a strong suit of mine, I don’t have a talent for drawing or painting but I believe it helps me admire great works of art more because i understand its complexity. Art can be found and used with several different meanings but what i think of when i hear art is creativity and imagination. Both of these are used everyday in our lives and can be what differentiates the way people think. Creativity and imagination are how we see and understand our world. Both of these factors of art have contributed to both my growth and success as a person. Although art isn’t as important and popular as it used to be it still plays a significant role in everyone’s lives and that is something I believe the population should be more educated on.

    In response to charlene’s question- i believe that paintings are the most important form of art because they capture and depict history very well and they still sell for ridiculous amounts of money today.

    My question- is music classified as a form of art?

  22. Is art appreciation important? Why is it important today?

    Art is an important part of culture. Art is a form of expression that serves as a vessel for the feelings of a culture. Everything from music to sculpting carries little pieces of whatever culture it originated from. Art is able to express emotion and tell vivd stories without words. Art appreciation is important as a tool of cultural expression and cultural interpretation. Looking at a piece are art allows the observer to observe a tiny slice of culture, in the process learning more about it.

    Appreciating art is a useful tool in today’s world. In our fast paced culture, observantly viewing and directing art has a calming effect. By slowing down and truly looking at something, people can relax and participate in cultural interpretation. Wether native or foreign, people can learn about culture. This helps people better understand their own culture and learn about others.

    To answer Adrian’s question, photography is the form of art that relates to me most. The medium has the power to express abstract emotions in a raw, visual way that connects to me.

    Why is appreciating art often associated with pretentiousness?

  23. For me art is important because it relates to anime, although when you think of anime you wouldn’t think of art. But the definition of art is: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.. So in other words art is a way to show creativity and imagination through visual works. With that i believe anime is consider a form of art. So to me anime is important and has made a small impact on my life.
    Question- Do you believe anime is a form of art?

  24. Why is art important to you and how does it impact your life? 
    Whenever I see a piece of art I always try and find the deeper meaning. But I can never figure it out that is until I can get someone else’s opinion and that is when I start to find the deeper meaning. Being able to collaborate and bounce off ideas because of a piece art I think is amazing. Not only is that an impact to my life but also the way art sparks creativity in my brain which is always a good thing especially if you need motivation.
    After I see a piece of art

  25. Sorry my post accidentally got posted without me finishing it.

    After I see a piece of art whether it be music, painting, or a drawing it always motivates me to make my own art and it gets me out of slump that I may have been in at the time. This happens especially when I listen to music or view a painting it inspires me to do my own art. Does art motivate you? If so how does it motivate you?

  26. Art has been a very important and impactful part of my life since birth. I was exposed to types of art as an infant, and discovered drawing to be my passion at the age of 3. Since then, rarely has a day gone by where I didn’t draw something. I have also tried many other forms of art, including painting, graphic design, and have even played a few instruments. Art is important to me because I feel like it’s my purpose and one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Art impacts my life because it is my chosen career and true passion that I would like to pursue for the rest of my days.

    To answer Aniessa’s question, art is extremely motivating for me in a variety of ways. Art can serve as my source of inspiration to create more art, and can even inspire me to keep a positive attitude. Art can also motivate me through the form of music and filmmaking or photography.

  27. Art is very important in everyday life. We see it in different forms whether it’s through music, paintings, dance etc. Art is a way of manifesting beauty, expressing oneself and it can cause a big impact on society. Ancient and classic art will never be forgotten in the future because it teaches history which is and will always be important. For example, Ancient Greek art shows the accomplishments of human beings. Most importantly it teaches morals and values.

    In response to Sarah, I appreciate all types of art because they all have a great value to them although, I would have to say that it would be ceramics since I don’t think they have as much of a meaning behind it as other forms of art.

    Question: What other forms of art do you think should be more recognized for example, body art or makeup.

  28. In a world we live in today there are a lot of reasons as to why art is important. Although I myself is not too big into art, the rest of the world is. Everywhere we drive or usually our main attraction is something artistic. Art is a way to get everyone to together and truly understand the beauty of a certain piece.
    To answer Elva’s question, I do believe art like makeup should definitely earn more recognition. Although people may seem it is just something ladies do everyday, it actually takes a lot more time and precision then I thought.
    Question: What type of art form is the most underrated?

  29. Art is important to me because it presents the emotions and thoughts I have when I find it difficult to explain how I feel. Some pieces of art have the ability to display my feelings accurately, and some in a more subtle form.

    Music has always had a huge impact on my life, particularly during my time in sixth through eighth grade and my freshmen through sophomore years in high school. These years were a portion of my life in which I was struggling a lot with depression, bullying, and self-acceptance. Listening to different artists and bands like My Chemical Romance, Coldplay, Beyonce, Mayday Parade, Onerepublic, and Taylor Swift would make me feel a lot better when I had really bad days because I can relate to them. Songs by artists have made me realize that there are lots of other people who have had difficult experiences in their lives and that I am not alone in my battles against those challenges. Music still plays an amazing role in my life now. Almost every single line of Sam Smith’s “Say It First” provides an accurate representation of my thoughts about love.

    As human beings, we all go through similar moods and face challenges in life. Art is important because it tells stories. Different forms of art allow us to see what the artist is expressing. Pieces of art may serve as a more accessible alternative to self-expression to some if they find difficulty in sharing their stories verbally.

    To answer Elva’s question, forms of art that I think should be more recognized are architecture, poetry, and landscape art.

  30. Art is completely essential for everything, so it does deserve all the appreciation it can get. Art is the design of anything that we can experience, because art itself is creation. Anything that is designed is art in some way because it was made to be as it is. We have generalized art to paintings, sculptures and music, but art is much more than that; its all about perspective. Even the words on a page are art, because of the arrangement of the words, symbols and phrases. A pencil can be art, because someone created it to look the way it does. In terms of paintings and other generic types of art, they do deserve appreciation, but I find it strange how they receive more praise than other creations made by people. Some people do have a talent for making images on a canvas, that is their form of art. Others could build a car engine that doesn’t make a sound when driving, that is the other person’s form of art. The main point I am trying to say is that everything is art when looked at from different perspectives, and no creation should receive more appreciation than the other. In terms of paintings, and sculptures, art is important and has impacted my life by exposing me to other people’s experiences and thoughts, which has allowed me to understand and connect with the creators.

    Question: Does people’s appreciation for art translate into other aspects of life?
    To answer Elva’s question, I believe that all forms of art are appreciated, just by different people. There are not any forms of art that do not get recognition.

    Sorry that I turned this in late, I know this isn’t much of an excuse, but I was finishing up college apps and I ran out of time.

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