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Over the summer I took a business class where I was taught all aspects of business including finance,management,marketing etc. I learned that knowing how to manage a company is as important as treating the employees right. When a person, also known as a whistleblower says or exposes a person or company for doing unethical or illegal things they get fired. More then often whistleblowers are harassed at work. I came across a Ted Talk on how to end sexual harassment at work and it caught my attention since I had learned about this in my class. To learn more about this topic click on the link.

After viewing the video do you agree with the 3 solutions Gretchen Carlson has to ending harassment and getting power in their workplace? If people were to follow her three solutions do you think it would really stop sexual harassment in workplaces? why or why not?


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  1. Gretchen Carlson has done an amazing job recalling her own personal stories and the many women affected by sexual harassment in the workplace. The 3 solutions she states within her presentation can really go a long way and I agree what she has to say. Those who are bystanders should at the very least report or say something if there is an incident that causes a problem. Enablers, in this case women, have the power to do something and should not be afraid to say something, even though it is a harsh topic to talk about and is an extremely scary thing to discuss in the workplace. Working together as enablers and bystanders while turning us into allies can help so much in the long run to stamp out this looming problem. Laws need to be changed in order to help mitigate or eradicate sexual harassment in signed documents or jury processes with just the anonymity of the employee and the company. It can happen to anyone, and if it is not a public hearing, it will allow for people to be able to speak out on this issue and to have 100% transparency as a victim. “Be fierce.” Building confidence and being able to tell the world what is on our mind can in the end help us and spread to others who are in a similar situation who really need it. Ms. Carlson’s solutions really are great ways to help end harassment within the workplace.

    Like in anything, people will not care and still commit the crime because they have the opportunity to. Despite their being no tolerance for sexual harassment in working contracts, it still happens. The three solutions are great guidelines, but people will be abused everyday because some people are just inherently evil. However, to stop playing off of devil’s advocate, if people really decided to change and stop thinking that robbing a person’s body and their freedom out of pure lust, pride and power, then there will be a future to greatly reduce this problem and one day people will be able to look back on this as a thing of the past.

    Besides following the 3 solutions, how can we as high school students spread awareness and help out with ending sexual harassment in the workplace?

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  2. After viewing the TED Talk video, I believe Gretchen Carlson’s solutions were suitable on ending sexual harassment or harassment in general. However, I disagree that the 3 solutions would end harassment and will help gain power in the workplace because it is easier said than done. If the solutions were placed in concrete, not everyone would follow because rules are merely suggestions. For example, students must abide to respecting their teacher on school grounds for it is apart of school policy, yet there are a few students that don’t follow the code of conduct and disrespect their teacher. That doesn’t only happen on school grounds, but anywhere, as well as the workplace. The 3 solutions would only serve as suggestion and not of strict code. It could help improve the problem with harassment, but it won’t end harassment. One of the few ways sexual harassment can be stopped is through discipline, which should have been taught at a young age.

    Question: What are other ways we could improve on ending harassment in the workplace?

  3. This topic about sexual harassment isn’t a topic that I’m fond of or knowledgeable about but is a topic that definitely needs to start getting some attention. Equality and fairness should be instilled into the minds of every American and I would have to agree with most of the 3 solutions Gretchen Carlson talks about in the video. The 3 solutions Gretchen Carlson stated was to turn bystanders into allies, change the laws, and be fierce. The first solution is a great solution to enact change onto an issue or problem. Making this more public and more popular will bring about more awareness to this issue which can lead to success and transformation of morality in the work field. This “bystander effect” that occurs happens in a lot of the sexual harassment situations and people who see an act of any harassment should speak up, as with the case of what happened in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The second solution to changing the laws is again a great tactic on bringing about equality at work and is crucial in ensuring that no women can go through what other unfortunate ladies have been through. Changing the laws is almost necessary for this situation as there is a loophole in the system that allows sexual harassment to go unheard, as TIME Magazine states that it is “the teeny tiny fine print that can allow sexual harassment claims to go unheard.” How it works is that forced arbitration takes away your Seventh Amendment right to an open jury process., this result is not being able to obtain the same witnesses or depositions, the company picks the arbitrator for you, and there are no appeals. Being sexually harassed regardless of political views at work is not at all a morally right thing to do, especially when the person is just trying to make money, minding their own business, and no way to combat the act of evil. The last solution of being fierce however is an interesting point of view to take on how to behave on this topic. I believe that one should be very brave and mature in acting on this issue, but not to the point of being boisterous. Maturity and intelligence will be the key to enacting change not onto to the American government, but also to the society of America.

    If people were to start following the three solutions brought up by Gretchen Carlson, I personally believe that it would significantly decrease the rate of sexual harassment in workplaces, but not completely halt it. Sexual behavior is essential in human nature and isn’t a thing we can take out of men, it is in their hormones and is how humans evolved over the course of millions of years. Sexual harassment is inevitable and is always going to happen as men with different mindsets will not be influenced by this change in the working society. However, the 3 solutions are a great starting point in decreasing the number of sexual harassment cases and making sure more and more people are educated in the morality and rights of the female spectrum of the homo sapien.

    To answer Raquel’s question, I believe that spreading awareness of this issue more to the public by doing demonstrations or more presentations can really influence America’s public and even the youth. As more young adults start to be politically aware of their surroundings, they start to explore what they think is right and wrong. With this, spreading awareness can influence the morality of the population and can bring new and great changes on how people think about sexual harassment charges in the work field.

    My question to you is:
    Why do you think Gretchen Carlson states that sexual harassment isn’t about sex but is about power?

  4. After watching this powerful TED talk, it opened my eyes to realize the amount of sexual harassment women receive on a daily basis. We all have people in our lives who have been a victim of sexual harassment, but most of us do not realize the impact it has on a person’s life. After Gretchen Carlson talked about her own experience, she gave the audience three solutions that can help end sexual harassment.

    First, she said to turn bystanders into allies, which means “if you see something, say something.” I agree with this solution because the first thing to do to fix something is to acknowledge it. Don’t let it go. If you see someone getting sexually harassed, you have to opportunity to make a difference. You have the chance to help someone. Number two, Gretchen said that we should change the laws. She said that in contracts, there are tiny print that keeps sexual harassment claims unheard. Companies can control which lawyer the victim gets to have in court, so that the company does not get sued or destroyed because of sexual harassment. I agree with Gretchen that we should change the laws because sexual harassment is a crime.Lastly, she said to be fierce and speak up. I totally agree with this solution because if you show the sexual offender that you have the power to speak up for yourselves and others, it can really make an impact. This is the chance for victims to say “enough is enough.”

    Sexual harassment is a sensitive topic, but it should not be ignored. People should follow these three solutions to prevent sexual harassment. In response to Elva’s question, I do think these solutions can stop sexual harassment in workplaces because if you are not afraid to acknowledge it and stand up for yourself and others, then there is a chance that the offender will stop. Maybe the offender has not had a victim stand up for themselves before, so telling him “enough is enough” might stop him/her from doing it again.

    In response to Nathan, I think high school students can spread awareness and help out with ending sexual harassment in the workplace by having a sexual harassment awareness day. This will acknowledge the problem and educate high school students about the topic. The more people who know about it, the less it will happen.

    Question: What are some ways to help victims of sexual harassment in the workplace?

    Citation: Carlson, Gretchen. “How We Can End Sexual Harassment at Work.” TED, TED Conferences, LLC,

  5. Gretchen Carlson makes excellent points in her speech about preventing and ending sexual harassment in the workplace. The stories she shared opened my eyes more to how serious the situation is and how far it has gotten. The first point she brings up to help stop this situation is to turn bystanders into allies. I agree with this point because if people see something and report it, there is a better chance that the wrong doing that they saw will be stopped.
    Also, it will make the victim more confident in speaking up, because someone is helping them by also coming forward. The second point she brings up is to change the law. I agree with this, because although there are some laws preventing harassment, based on the stories Gretchen shares, they are not enforced or regulated enough. If we change the law, people will take these offenses more seriously, and it will help prevent them from happening. The third point that is brought up is to be fierce. This is also helpful advice because it will help the victims to have more confidence and stand up for themselves. If more people are standing up for themselves, it will also motivate others to do the same. Overall, I think that Gretchen’s three points are really helpful in stopping harassment in the workplace for women. I feel that if more people follow the three points she shared, then it will help stop and prevent harassment.

    Question: What are some other points or regulations that are not stated int eh video that can be made to stop sexual harassment int he workplace?

  6. After viewing the video do you agree with the 3 solutions Gretchen Carlson has to ending harassment and getting power in their workplace? If people were to follow her three solutions do you think it would really stop sexual harassment in workplaces? why or why not?

    This powerful TED Talk gave me a surprising and what should be a horrific reaction because of the shocking information that the speaker Gretchen Carson conveyed to the audience. Although the topic of sexual harassment is a delicate one, it should be more widely talked about than it is today to truly help resolve the issue.

    The three solutions that the speaker gave was to turn bystanders into allies, change current laws, and to have a fierce attitude so that with these three aspects, society will speak up rather than remain silent when an injustice occurs. The first solution has the potential to be very effective because it would encourage people to speak up when a bystander is being harassed. This is important because many fail to realize that it isn’t necessary to be close to someone to help or protect them. To truly be a kind-hearted person, help should be provided to anyone who needs it, regardless if they are a stranger or not. The second solution of changing laws would most likely provide the most drastic change to prevent future harassment because it would assure those in the workplace that companies would not have the luxury or advantage to be sheltered from the consequences of sexual harassment. It is horrific to learn that companies actually place a fine print in employees’ contracts that makes it almost impossible for harassment complaints to be heard. It is then no wonder that the victims or witnesses of an injustice don’t speak up, because they are left with no hope of receiving help if it would be difficult to even sue the company and get a good lawyer in the first place. Changing and improving the laws would not only prevent higher-ups from taking advantage of their workers, but it would provide employees a sense of security to defend themselves from harassment or to punish those who have already committed this crime. The third and final solution Carson mentions would also have a great effect in helping end this solution because instilling society with a fierce attitude will eliminate the fear that inhibits the act of standing up to an injustice that clearly should not be happening. It will be a lot more difficult for someone to feel they can get away with harassing someone who has a powerful and strong attitude, and thus, this should decrease the degree of this problem.

    Although these three solutions provide much insight into the solution of sexual harassment, these key aspects are not sufficient to rid society of this problem. It will take more action from members of society to completely end harassment in the workplace. Harsher punishments and more security need to be placed to demonstrate the seriousness of this problem to those who are ignorant of the damage they cause when taking part in the hurting of others. Furthermore, more awareness to get everyone to understand the roots of the problem so that they can be encouraged to actually make a difference rather than only doing what they are told to do will truly provide a positive change. The key to solve this problem is to promote kindness among individuals and mutual understanding so that a more sound society is established.

    To answer Nathaniel’s question, we as high school students can help spread awareness by repeating the Rachel’s challenge event that the entire school took part in in the MPR. If this was repeated, a speaker could come in and talk to the school about the seriousness of sexual harassment and how to be a part of the solution. If specific real-life examples are used, students can relate it to real life and develop an emotional attachment that happened in a similar manner in the Rachel’s challenge event.

    The question I have formulated after interpreting this TED Talk is: How does the topic have an impact on you and your personal experiences? Is there more important problems in society that we should be focused on rather than this topic? Why or why not.

  7. The three solutions Gretchen Carlson described in the video, isn’t an effective solution. Those three solutions aren’t giving any type of impact on the business/ company. The first solution is all about the bystander coming forth and protesting or telling the person in charge what has happened. The first problem is the bystander has to willingly come forth and explain the problem. If that person doesn’t like you or just doesn’t care, then they would not try to help you. After, that is determined the next problem is the supervisor. In the video, she explained that some supervisors were the cause of the sexual harassment. With that being said you can’t always be supported by the people in charge. Thier is also the possibility that the manager wouldn’t do anything and leave the situation alone. The second solution focus on the contract of each employee. Gretchen Carlson started to explain what arbitration clause in contracts. The arbitration clause is very important but has a lot of loopholes in it. According to NOLO ( a company that helps spread information about business law ), unlike a court ruling, an arbitration ruling can be set aside only if a party can prove that the arbitrator was biased or that the arbitrator’s decision violated public policy, and unlike a court case, there is no automatic right to discovery. The final solution is the mindset and emotion state of everyone. The final one doesn’t have any problems. Caring yourself with a positive and more power attitude will decrease the number of people being harassed.
    Do you have any more solutions that might work?

  8. The traumatic hardship and fear of sexual harassment is something that definitely deserves to be exposed to the world, to the workplace, and to family and friends. It was completely upsetting to hear that one in three women get sexually harassed in the workplace. I knew that it was common, yet I did not realize how common it was. The TED Talk made me realize how objectified women are in society. Although we have made progress over the past 100 years or so, we still have a long ways to go. Women throughout history have gone through so many trials and tribulations to get the respect that they deserve, and it is sad to see that even our president has belittled women throughout his life.

    The three solutions that Carlson gave were to turn bystanders into allies, change the laws, and be fierce. I agree with all three of these solutions and I believe that maybe, over a long course of time, people could follow along. Women barely received the right to vote in the 1920s, so the ceasing of workplace sexual harassment might take a while. The ultimate goal would be to completely stop the act of sexual harassment, but the solutions would prove to be effective if there is a distinct decrease in sexual harassment cases in the workplace. Although I believe that these solutions would be effective, it is doubtful that people will change soon in accordance to them. For instance, even if a woman was fierce and confident in standing up for herself, who is to say that she wouldn’t be silenced, like the other women who were fired from their jobs? Congress hasn’t even changed or revised any important laws at the moment, like gun laws, so I doubt that it would pull through. A bystander could feel like they shouldn’t bud into another person’s business, or even feel like it wouldn’t be their place to tell authorities.

    These sex offenders need to realize that women are not just objects for pleasure. Women are not obliged to perform sexual tasks in exchange for simple work related requests, nor are they obliged to perform anything sexual for a man. This does not only apply for sexual harassment in the workplace, but in general. Just because you are nice to a woman, it shouldn’t give you the idea and mindset that they owe you something back for being kind. You cannot blackmail a woman, or anyone for that matter, into doing something that she wouldn’t feel comfortable doing. It is unjust and cruel to objectify women as your own personal sex toy.

    In response to David’s question, Carlson said that sexual harassment wasn’t about sex, but power because it seems to be true in most cases. It does not matter what any woman wears, says, or does- it does not prevent her from being sexually harassed. Regardless if she is wearing a bikini, or sweats, they are still in danger of being harassed. It is sad to see it that way, but nowadays, it feels true. You can’t just say it is the woman’s fault for dressing a certain way or being a certain way that caused you to “act upon instinct.” Thus, they do not care about a sexual relationship. Sex offenders want to feel superior towards their victims; they belittle them and force their self confidence down to the ground. Sure, it might be for their own sexual pleasure, but they take pleasure in knowing that they have control over someone and can take advantage of them.

    Carlson said that sexual harassment does not discriminate. Anyone can be a victim of sexual harassment. Why do you think that there are rarely any cases of sexual harassment towards men in the workplace?

    Carlson, Gretchen. “How We Can End Sexual Harassment at Work.” TED, TED Conferences, LLC,

  9. While watching the TED Talk, I became aware of the sexual harassment issue in the workplace. I feel like sexual harassment should be a topic that people should be aware of and talk about because if people acknowledge this issue, then it can help prevent it. The three solutions that Gretchen states are turn bystanders into allies, change the laws, and be fierce. I think these three solutions are effective, especially turning bystanders into allies. If you see something wrong, you should speak up because if someone doesn’t stand up to the offender, then he/she will keep doing it because no one told them it was wrong. Speaking up and standing up can make a difference. It is also an opportunity for someone to do something right. If people were to follow these three solutions, there would be a big difference in the workplace. By changing the laws, this will help victims stop their co-workers from keep harassing them on a daily basis. The last solution is also effective because victims should stand up to their offenders and tell them, “enough is enough.” You have the power to put an end to harassment. If you don’t stick up for yourself, then the offender will know that you are weak. So stick up for yourself and be fierce.

    In response to David, I think Gretchen said that sexual harassment is more about power because it gives the offenders the power to trample their victims. Sexually harassing someone makes someone feel powerful because they know that the victims will feel uncomfortable and if the victim doesn’t speak up, then the offender will continue to have the power to sexual harass others.

    Question: Do you need evidence that you have been sexually harassed to report it? Why or why not?

  10. Sexual harassment in the work place, or in any location, is a terrible act that deserves no excuse. I understand the high levels of sexual harassment occurring in the American workplace and Gretchen Carlson explains the rate effectively. However, I feel that she underestimates the solutions and the impact they can have on ending this horrendous act.

    The first proposed solution is to implement the “if you see something, say something” technique that is highly promoted in large public gatherings. Carlson specifically targets this proposition towards men to enact and promote. But what is a male’s promoted caution to have on a superior? Surely, a man at equal or higher job level can interrupt and disrupt sexual harassment, but can someone with a lower rank be able to do this? Researchers have referred this to as “pseudo voice.” It is the illusion that employees can report issues, but the superior has no intention on following through with the complaints (Terwel It is not certain that Carlson’s first first may work.

    The second proposed solution is to change the laws. I feel that this resolution is the best course of action, but Carlson fails to mention the long and difficult process it takes to promote or change legislator. It can takes months to construct a bill and many more months to pass a bill through the Assembly. Not only this, but according to Carter Moore, a former assistant at our U.S Congress, “96.7% of bills introduced in the previous Congress do not become law.”

    The third resolution is building self-confidence. There is no fallacy I can find with this solution. Building a sense of belief and strength is the only way the first two solutions can work. Without strength, nothing can ever be done. The Civil Rights movement is a prime example of strength. Despite all odds, despite the tragedies their fellow brothers and sisters faced, they continued to strive for equality.

    To answer Andrea’s question, I feel that the best way to help victims of sexual harassment in the workplace is to end sexual harassment in the workplace. Ending this terrible act will prevent any others from suffering what the victims have. Carlson does not seek revenge on those who harassed her, she strives to end this unforgiving act.

    Do you think sexual harassment will end in the foreseeable future?


  11. After watching the TED talk, I realized how big of a problem sexual harassment is modern society. The high levels of sexual harassment occurring in the American workplace is explained well by Gretchen Carlson, who also happens to be a victim of this terrible act. She creates excellent points to prevent and end sexual harassment. Carlson also touches base with how many other women have been through the same thing that she has. Gretchen Carlson provides us with three solutions that have a great chance of potentially ending sexual harassment in the workplace. These solutions include to turn bystanders into allies, to change the law, and to build self confidence. However, these solutions also have their flaws that come with them.

    The first solution is the turn bystanders into allies. This solution has great potential but it also has its setbacks. Not everyone is going to be willing to say something if it is also risking their job. I believe that no one is going to risk their job by saying that someone did something. In most cases, no one is known to say anything because they will get the same fate as the one of the worker who is being sexually harassed. The second solution is to change the law. This solution is probably the most difficult one to use because it takes a very long to actually change a certain law. It can take a long time to create a new law and several more months for it to be passed. Not only this, but there will most likely some legislators that would not want to change a law since they could be criticized for it. I feel like the best solution provided by Gretchen Carlson would be the third one. Building up self confidence is probably the best tool. It can help you build up the strength necessary to go against what is wrong. These workers continue to stand up for this terrible act and hopefully it will end in the near future.

    As of now, do you think that there can be anything done to get more victims of sexual harassment to speak up against what they have gone through or what they are going through?

  12. Racism, sexism, and classism are some types of oppression that happen everyday. These things happen around us and sometimes right in front of us. However, we don’t realize them until it gets out of hand. I took a Gender Studies class last year and we talked about all these types of oppression in society. It made me notice all these things that were right in front of us. Whether or not people do something about the problem is a whole different issue. This goes for sexual harassment as well. There is a lot of fear and trauma in workplaces mostly due to sexual harassment. The three solutions Gretchen Carlson has presented in the video are turn bystanders into allies, change the current laws, and have a fierce attitude. I agree with 2 of these solutions. It is necessary to get society informed and get people to look out for one another. The goal here is to stop sexual harassment. That is a difficult task because not everyone agrees with the issue. However, I think that if people follow Carlson’s three solutions they will stop sexual harassment. The third solution isn’t really helping this situation. Being brave is good but people need to be mature about it too. Sexual harassment is no joke. If people are more educated about sexual harassment, the more we can prevent it from happening.

    Answer to Andrea’s question: Some ways to help victims of sexual harassment are letting them share their story and making the workplace feel safe.

    My question: What makes the claim of sexual harassment true?

  13. Watching this video was very moving and inspiring for me. But do I think that Carlson’s solutions would completely stop future cases of sexual harassment in the workplace? Sadly, some people will always hold evil thoughts in their heads, and will attempt to do these evil deeds for their own personal gain, therefore sexual harassment will never be fully stopped in the workplace. However, I do believe that if everyone followed these three solutions that Carlson has suggested, then sexual harassment in the workplace will significantly decrease over a short amount of time, and eventually it would almost be completely eradicated. I believe that it will decrease exponentially because these three solutions that Carlson has proposed work in very powerful ways. The first solution, to turn bystanders and enablers into allies, helps to always expose cases of sexual harassment, teach others to be vigilant in spotting cases of harassment, and prevent future situations in the workplace. The second solution, to change the laws by getting rid of the “forced arbitration clause” among other clauses in workplace contracts that strip victims of their rights, will allow many cases of sexual harassment to be made known to authorities that previously wouldn’t have been known. The third solution, to be fierce and confident, will influence others to do the same, and help everyone stand up to sexual harassment in the workplace. I think that since all of these solutions are highly effective, then cases of sexual harassment in the workplace will be severely limited in the near future.

    To answer Diana’s question, I believe that in order to prove a claim of sexual harassment, the victim should reach out to all the authorities they can, and also reach out to the public in order to seek help in backing up their claims. By speaking up about an incident or situation, the victims will get help and their claim of harassment would be proven much easier than staying silent about it.

    Question: Which one of the three solutions do you feel would be the most effective in stopping sexual harassment in the workplace?

  14. The three solutions Carlson introduces to stop workplace sexual harassment all revolve around being proactive. Instead of being a passive observer, and therefore complicit, witnesses have the obligation to speak up about inappropriate behavior. Laws that allow the stories of victims to go unheard need to be changed, and victims need to be adamant in letting their voices be heard. The steps Carlson provides are a good foundation to the reduction of sexual harassment incidents.

    One important step that could also be added to her plan is education. Teach people what sexual harassment is and how to speak up in instances of its occurrence. She mentioned that many companies provide training on the topic, but that training might not work if victims are not given the proper outlets to voice concerns and bring about claims.

    To answer Lucia’s question, the reason that there are less reports of men being sexually harassed in the work place is due to the differences in the way our society views men and women. At the most fundamental level, our society views the interactions between men and women in vastly different ways. Think about the situation of an inappropriate relationship between a male teacher and a female student; now reverse the genders. Both situations are equally inappropriate, but more likely than not, the one between the male teacher and female student just seems creepier and more predatory. As far as the reasoning for this, I do not have an answer. All I can say is that female/male might not be as common as the reversal, but that does not mean that it does not, or can not happen.

    Why does it seem that in today’s court of public opinion, those accused of sexual assault are guilty until proven innocent?

  15. Ok so throughout the entire video i became more and more skeptical of a it being 100% correct. even so i think that she is doing a good thing trying to prevent sexual harassment. however she failed to mention that men can be harassed while not necessarily sexually in the workplace to. As for her 3 point the only thing that an individual can do is the third, which in most cases works. if you dont give the person harassing you the satisfaction they will stop. As for her myths of woman making it up. I know that there are a multitude of people who cry sexually harassment to get what they want. Still, helping to end harassment in the workplace is something everyone should do.

    Q. Why do more people cry out about and stand up for women being harassed then they do for men?

  16. After watching this TED talk Gretchen Carlson makes an excellent amount of point throughout her speech on how preventing and ending sexual harassment in the workplace should be done. Many of the stories that she shared opened my eyes more to how serious these types of situations really are some go really far and it is not far to the women who get called liars, troublemakers or to the ones who get fired. The first point she brings up is if people see something and report it there is a higher and better chance that they’ll believe the individual rather than one person speaking on it. I totally agree with that because it does need to be done weather it is happening or you saw it happen for the safety of the other person. If more people to help the victim and make the individual feel more confident and they may just speak up from that person helping them with the situation they will be in. Another point she also brings up is to change the laws. There are laws that prevent sexual harassment in the TED talk that Gretchen shares but also like she said they aren’t enforced enough and that doesn’t help in any situation it’s possible if we do enforce these laws there will be lower chances in this happening. Lastly, she brought up a third point and it’s to be fierce, this will help people stand up for themselves and have confidence in what is happening to their situation. In all I do agree with Gretchen’s Three main points because everyone should stand up for themselves it will also help others do the same and come forward to similar and other situations for women.

    Question: How can people with not just sexual harassment or other inappropriate things happen that should speak up and not be called liars, troublemakers or get fired for speaking up?

  17. After watching the TED talk by Gretchen Carson on the topic of sexual harassment and gaining power I do believe she goes have good advice on how to help stop harassment. However, I also believe that things are easier in theory than in practice.
    which is a topic I wish didn’t exist but sadly it does. I also believe that she does have very strong points on how to help end sexual harassment.

    Gretchen brings up a very good point about seeing something and saying something, if people keep ignoring the issues that are happening then nothing will get solved. Furthermore, the more issues that are ignored the more problems are created. If more people speak out and bring their stories forward then those guilty of harassment will be brought forward.
    If all that Carson says about helping stop sexual harassment happens then I do believe change will happen for the better and hopefully one day in the future sexual harassment will be put to an end. In the end, people should know that sexual harassment is not a laughing matter and whoever commits it.

    To answer Adrian’s question I one day believe that it will if more people learn about the importance and seriousness of sexual harassment in the workplace and how to stop it.

    How do you think people can help those who have been assaulted against to feel safe to step forward about their incidents?

  18. I believe that what she is advocating is very right and just, but honestly, you can’t stop sexual harassment. The solutions she gave out could potentially work, however it doesn’t mean it is effective. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that these solutions should be implemented but I am skeptical of how effective it could be.
    Question: Why do people assume sexual harassment only apply to females?

  19. Personally i feel like no one can truly understand the impact sexual harassment has on a person unless they have experienced it themselves. I’ve never been a victim of sexual harassment nor have I ever seen it genuinely happen in person so maybe my opinion in this post will be irrelevant. Gretchen Carlson did a great job at explaining just how big of an issue sexual harassment can be. She provided some pretty emotional examples and stories of other women and her own experiences. She ended her speech by stating her three ways to end sexual harassment in the workplace turn bystanders into allies, change the laws, and be fierce. I agree with these solutions to changing the sexual harassment issues in the workplace. The only thing is i don’t think that it will stop sexual harassment. The only solution she had that could spark genuine change was her second point change the laws. If new laws are implemented in the workplace restricting men from verbally and physically harassing women then it will see real change. As for her be fierce solution i feel as though she didn’t think about fighting back when she was attacked in the back of the car. If a guy attacks a woman she has every right to fight back in any way possible but feeling helpless and not acting is no excuse. Nevertheless i agree with her first statement and if people witness harassment in general it is your right and duty as a bystander to step in and say something. All in all I somewhat agree with her points and i feel as though more attention should be brought to this dilemma because it’s still an issue in this day in age.

    In response to Caleb’s question – It’s more common in women because there’s hardly any appeal in men for them to be sexually harassed. The only cases of male sexual harassment I’ve ever heard of is the current Kevin Spacey allegations.

    My question- How would you react to sexual harassment if it was from your boss, how would you get your boss in trouble without you losing your job and reputation as an employee?

  20. After viewing the video do you agree with the 3 solutions Gretchen Carlson has to ending harassment and getting power in their workplace? I personally only can see ‘the law’ solution working in the long run. People will always continue to be bystanders and with the exception of some people being ‘fierce’ will only work if the law for publicly displaying/claiming sexual harassment charges within companies was to eventually change throughout time. If people were to follow her three solutions do you think it would really stop sexual harassment in workplaces? Why or why not? Again, the only reason that this woman gave a chance for sexual harassment to stop in workforces is to allow people to pay attention to the laws they are bound to within their companies. The idea of befriending bystanders will only work in a absolute world but the world is nor perfect and there will always be people who refuse to stand up for the people around them. Continuing on, the third idea of being fierce will probably work for a small percentage of people who are sexually harassed because people who are often sexually harassed are silenced by the problems they face with the company, such as lawsuits. A majority of people who are sexually harassed will have no diligence to stand up for their rights because they cannot risk their job for a conviction that has been labeled as ‘minor’ within the law field. The ideas presented within this speech were insightful but they were broad goals that a large sum of the world will be unwilling to do, only in a perfect world. The fact that this woman has been speaking up about this problem is truly inspiring and it helps bring a strong attention to a problem that is often ignored. To answer Alan’s question, “As of now, do you think that there can be anything done to get more victims of sexual harassment to speak up against what they have gone through or what they are going through?” Yes, everyone can bring insight to this problem with education and teaching on this topic. Many people do not know the minor signs of sexual harassment, such as exaggerated mocking or sexual jokes etc. People tend to stray away from the small incidents and wait for larger issues to occur but when the minor issues of sexual harassment are put aside then the issues start to pile up and the time of the law interfering has passed because the victim has waited too long to bring up the issue. If more people were taught about the minor and major signs of sexual harassment then the world could be more open minded to see the strong impact of sexual harassment within the workforce today.

    Carlson, Gretchen. “How We Can End Sexual Harassment at Work.” TED, TED Conferences, LLC,

    Question: Where is the line drawn between sexual harassment accusations and flirting?

  21. I believe the whole topic of “sexual harassment” is a tough one to talk about. One truly does not know how another feels unless until they are the ones going through the same thing. While the lady in the video has good points and set a good foundational piece, the problem lies way deeper than the 3 main points she listed.

    To answer Ryan’s question: While it is not true, most cases of sexual harassments are filed by women. People also assume that because men are more open to express their sexual feelings, it makes them more likely to be the ones being accused.

    Question: if you guys were sexually harassed, how would you handle the situation?

  22. Sexual harassment is definitely a very serious problem in our society. Many men were raised to think that this behavior is acceptable due to an aggressive parent or social influence. This has caused such a large issue in almost any workspace and must be stopped. The three points that Gretchen Carlson made seemed very effective in this problem as she said it, but after thinking it over, it seems that these methods have been tried before and still haven’t shown much effect. This is purely from my perspective and not from hard research, but harassment has been a problem for a while and even when it is illegal in almost any way, people still do it. By changing the law, it wont stop men from being craving beasts. Just as what happened during prohibition, they will still do it illegally regardless of the consequences. Her point of being fierce about harassment seems to be a repeated comment for all women’s rights activists and even in any cause. It seems to be a hollow statement that does not really make a difference to what is happening now. I truly believe that sexual harassment should end, and that people should fight for it, but I believe that people are going the wrong way about fixing it. If they want something as severe as this to end, then they need to take more drastic and violent measures to end it. As I mentioned before, men get ideas that harassment is acceptable from their parents or peers, so what I suggest is that people who have a history of harassment or violence should not be the ones to raise their children. If they pass down their idiotic ideals to their children, then the idea would continue to spread in society. This is not a possible action mainly because of legal issues and basic moral issues, but I think only something this severe can actually make a significant change.
    To answer Jocelyn’s question: As soon as there is unwanted physical contact, it changes from flirting to harassment.
    Question: Do you think people like Trump should be president, based on their past record of sexual harassment comments?

  23. After viewing the video do you agree with the 3 solutions Gretchen Carlson has to ending harassment and getting power in their workplace? If people were to follow her three solutions do you think it would really stop sexual harassment in workplaces? why or why not?

    After I watched this video I agreed with Gretchen Carlson. She gave a very good talk and gave examples of sexual harassment that really showed just how bad sexual harassment is. It is a real conference for me personally, as a woman I know that one day in the workplace I will witness or experience sexual harassment, and if nothing is done to prevent sexual harassment the problem will never stop. While these three solutions will never completely end sexual harassment, it can definitely help to end this awful problem.

    To respond to Juliana’s question, “How do you think people can help those who have been assaulted against to feel safe to step forward about their incidents?” I believe that people who have been assaulted against or harassed need to feel comfortable to speak out, and know that it is okay to speak out. Often times people who have been assaulted think that they will be shamed if they speak out. The workplace needs to be a safe space where people can just work and not have to worry about harassment, and the there needs to be laws that make it illegal for people to be fired if they speak up about harassment.

    My question is: what can be done to make women (or anyone who has been sexually harassed in the workplace) not fear speaking up?

  24. Sexual harassment is a demeaning act that negatively impacts the perpetrator and more specifically the victim. The violator does not have a valid excuse or reason to why he/she would commit such a terrible act, and should not be forgiven. With that being said, sexual harassment needs to end in the workplace and in every location. The national abolishment of this act will take determination and hard act, and it cannot be more easily explained than Gretchen Carlson’s three proposed solutions: turn bystanders into allies, change the laws, and be fierce.

    Carlson’s first solution that mostly directs towards men is a proposition that should be iterated. As she stated in her presentation, “Ninety-eight percent of United States corporations right now have sexual harassment policies.” With this training, bystanders should already have the courage to report such aggressive acts. I find it sad that Carlson must actually state this point. I believe with her history of sexual harassment, bystanders will now be more inclined to report acts in order to stop the actions Carlson went through and recited.

    Her second proposed solution is by far the best solution to be taken. Nothing can enforce those to not sexually harass than the law of the land. Despite what Adrian referenced about the process of the time to pass a law, the act will prove to have more pros than cons. And it will end sexual harassment in the workplace.

    Carlson’s last proposal is to be fierce, be strong and understand that what may seem to be scary at first will result in the best possible action. We must instruct that confidence is key to ending the harassment of men and women in the workplace. Victims must publicize their stories, and that, in turn, will motivate others to come forward. The presentation of tales will ignite a chain reaction, a great and positive one.

    To answer Diego’s thought-provoking question, we live in a western society that routinely finds men as the sexual harassers and the majority of the time they are found guilty. The history of sexual harassment plays a key role in the belief that those accused of sexual assault are guilty until proven innocent. Another contributing factor is the terribleness of the act. The more terrible the act, the more likely people will find the accused guilty. No one immediately believes an accused murder to not guilty.

    Should those convicted of sexual harassment be put on the death penalty?

  25. I believe after watching the TED talks video Carlson’s solutions are suitable to help end sexual harassments in the workplace, but I do not think that it will stop sexual harassments all together. Unfortunately, there is someone that just doesn’t know when to stop. There is so much harassment people receive on a daily basis and while it would be amazing if we could get sexual harassment to go away completely, there is a very low chance that will ever happen. Carlson’s three solutions can lower the amount of sexual harassment cases, but I don’t think it will completely get rid of it.

    In response to Kobe’s question, I personally don’t think that people convicted of sexual harassment should be put on the death penalty because it is a long process, but they instead should be in jail for life.

    Question: What other solutions are there to decrease the amount of sexual harassment in the workplace?

  26. The three solutions proposed by Gretchen Carlson does indeed sound interesting with only one or two I do agree upon may solve harassment, but not entirely. The reasons behind this is because it’s not really much average workers who allow sexual harassment pass through the workplace, but rather the corporations. This in reality leans towards corruption rather than specifically Sexual harassment. “It’s secret. You don’t get the same witnesses or depositions. In many cases, the company picks the arbitrator for you. There are no appeals, and only 20 percent of the time does the employee win.” said by Gretchen Carlson in the provided video around 11:05- 11:32. This line specifically describes how the corporations are the ones who created and implement the arbitrator where only 20% of employees wins the cases. These actions are not done by average people, but rather the corrupted corporations who wishes to silence the people, and only gain power. The third solution Gretchen Carlson explains is fierce, and how everyone should take action, specifically woman as she was mentioning, to fight for your respect. The issue with that is where she already mentions the woman, and men must rally up and fight for the cause as allies. “If you see something, say something.” Imagine how impactful that would be if we carried that through to bystanders in the workplace regarding sexual harassment — to recognize and interrupt these incidences; to confront the perpetrators to their face; to help and protect the victims.” spoken by Gretchen Carlson in 9:35-10:44 mins of the video describes how bystanders must identify, assist, and take action in protecting those who are receiving sexual harassment. Even though the first proposal is specifically mentions the bystanders, the explanation however is lenient towards the “be fierce” which simply repeats itself. The third and first proposal should be combined as one to simply describes that everyone should speak out, and let their voices be heard about sexual harassment regardless if your are the victim or a bystander. If people do indeed follow these 3 proposals, sexual harassment would significantly be reduced as nonexistent, but not entirely because there are still some out there who wishes to not follow those rules. Similar to how racism is still presented in the modern day world or even slavery, human beings will never truly agree upon on the same ideals since we are all so different, and unique. Also, corruption would be significantly reduced as well since the section proposal explains how everyone should read carefully. By simply reading carefully laws, and contracts, people would soon discover that there are many loopholes, and bills specific design only to benefit the corporation.

    Andreadnorth’s Question: What are some ways to help victims of sexual harassment in the workplace?

    I would recommend the victims to fully speak out through all forms of media from both television, and the internet because by simply speaking out, and describing the experience, the information about these incidents will allow support of all sides to the victims from both lawsuits, and compassion. Also people who see those who are being sexual harrsoe should assit them, and put a stop to it similar to how we are told that we should help classmates who are being bullied. This can allow the victim to be supported emotionally, and create confidence within them to stop these actions from happening anymore.

    Question: Why are 1,000’s and 1,000’s of people, who are convicted of major felons for corruption, are not prosecuted, but only a few are?

  27. After viewing the video of the TED Talk by Gretchen Carlson, I definitely do agree with the three solutions she pushed forth about stopping sexual harassment and taking back power in the workplace. I think that these solutions can put an end to these serious issues because of their effectiveness.

    The three solutions she presented were: to “turn bystanders and enablers into allies”, to “change the law”, and to “be fierce.” Those who witness a case of sexual harassment have the chance to save a person’s career and life. They can also allow these wrongdoings to keep occurring if they do not speak up. Many employers require those they hire to sign contracts that omit action and consequences to be done against cases of sexual harassment. She mentioned that those who do speak up about the fact that they had been sexually harassed are, most of the time, ignored, mocked, fired from their job, and even further harassed.Women in the workplace should be given as much support from others as possible so that justice is more likely to be done.

    To answer Madison’s question, in order to encourage women, especially those who have been sexually harassed, to not fear speaking up for themselves, I think that just more awareness should be widely spread throughout all sorts of media. Awareness and education about this topic have the potential to make many people feel much more comfortable and less hesitant about saying something. It can also decrease the amount of sexual harassment cases because people will then be fearful of getting caught sexually harassing someone when everyone is knowledgeable of its impact.

    What should the consequences for sexually harassing someone in the workplace be?

  28. Gretchen Carlson, in her Ted Talk, has convicted me into agreeing within her Ted Talk has convicted me into agreeing with her 3 much-needed solutions to end on just harassment in the workplace. Using the solutions of turning bystanders into allies, changing the law affecting harassment, and being fierce can help companies can stop sexual harassment in the workplace I believe this can stop it turning bystanders into a lines can help you stopped harassment right when it’s changing the law in stop it before it happens and being fierce can do anything. This not only could stop the harassment, but needs to.

    To answer Janelle’s question, I believe the consequences of sexual harassment should be jail time. Without consequence, people will not realize that the harassment is wrong and will continue to do it. The amount of jail time would depend on the actions he did.

    How do you think that people can become allies in stopping sexual harassment? What could they do?

  29. After viewing the video do you agree with the 3 solutions Gretchen Carlson has to ending harassment and getting power in their workplace? If people were to follow her three solutions do you think it would really stop sexual harassment in workplaces? why or why not?

    I definitely believe that these three solutions can help sexual harassment in the workplace. I most definitely agree with her solutions but I would like to add on to them. I believe that if a women says she has been sexual harassed she should not be able to get fired after such claims. There needs to be some type of rule that protects women to be labeled or blacklisted in the workplace because it is not fair to punish women when they have done nothing. All women are trying to do is go to work to either support themselves or their families and it is horrifying to see women getting punished for something did not do. I also believe that it is very wrong that men say it is women fault because of the clothes they wear. Just because a women wears a certain item of clothing or makeup does nt mean men get a free pass to sexually assault a women. Men should be able to control what is in their pants because women shouldn’t have to feel insecure about their bodies and have to walk around in turtles necks because they cannot handle themselves. Women should be able to work freely and feel comfortable in the workplace.

    What else should Carlson add to her three solutions? Also why do you believe men put the blame on women by saying things like “its women fault for wearing certain types of clothing or makeup” ?

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