November 06, 2017

Happy Monday North House! and congratulations to the team that created Sonia Sotomayor H.S. for winning the vote. 

SSR-   We started our day with the usual 20 minutes of SSR. If absent, talk to Mrs. Edwards so you can get your stamp for the day.

What we turned in-   After SSR Mrs. Edwards collected our Canterbury tales character log as well as margin questions #1 – 5. Please note that the nun and the three priests count as a group and not individual characters so they only need 1 log entry.

CLASSWORK-   We continued working on the prologue with Mrs. Edwards mentioning that there were 3 positive characters in total. The first positive character was the knight and none of the characters in tonight’s homework are positive.

HOMEWORK-   Tonight’s homework is Margin questions #6 – 10 as well as the completed log entries for the Sergeant through the Woman (Wife) of both. Also don’t forget to do blog assignment #11.






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