November 02, 2017

Happy Friday Eve North House!

SSW: Class started with the usual 20 minutes of Silent Sustained Writing. If absent, make sure to talk to Mrs. Edwards to get a stamp for the day!

Homework: After SSW, Mrs. Edwards went over the assignment due today by going through the first two passages of the packet. Make sure to understand connotations well to better understand the readings assigned for the rest of the period!

Intro Character Log: After turning in the homework, the assignment given this block was to complete a Character Log for the Prologue Reading in the my Perspective textbook (pages 129-138). To access the paper to read the Guidelines of how to complete the character log, click here. A total of eight characters will need to be done, starting from the Knight to Oxford Cleric. To get extra credit, do the fifth question labeled EXTRA for ALL characters or otherwise no extra credit will be rewarded. It is an all or nothing situation; you can get seven tally marks upon completion of the extra credit, but if only partial amounts of it is done, zero tally marks will be given.

Read Chaucer Bio: After explaining the first assignment, Mrs, Edwards mentioned the second assignment, which was to complete the five margin questions within the pages 129-138. Then she gave the rest of the block to work on both assignments. First, Chaucer’s bio needs to be read on page 127.

Prologue: After reading page 128 to learn about the Intro to Canterbury Tales, pages 129-138 need to be read to complete the two assignments. They are due on Monday of next week. If you wish to use a homework pass to be excused from this assignment, two will be needed (one for each assignment). Mrs. Edwards recommends that if you only have one homework pass, to use it on the character log rather than the Margin Questions because she wants to make sure that the reading is done and proof is shown through the margin questions.


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