October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween and happy Tuesday North House!

SSR: As usual, second rotation started with 20 minutes of Sustained Silent Reading(SSR).

Seven Deadly Sins?: After Mrs. Edwards took note of the pages read for SSR, she gave the opportunity for a group to present their powerpoint for the Seven Deadly Sins assignment.  The group with Lucia and Kyle presented. Talk to them for more information if needed from their presentation.

Tone, Characterization, and Irony Powerpoint: When Lucia and Kyle finished presenting, Mrs. Edwards gave her own 12 slide presentation of the literary devices: Tone, Characterization, and Irony to help prepare the class for the reading Chaucer. For those of you who need the notes, here are mine- 🙂

Remember to keep careful consideration of the section in blue labeled “Characterized Defined.” Mrs. Edwards mentioned that this information would be needed later on in the course of the class.

Descriptive Characterization Worksheets(Homework): Because class ran out of time, the next task on the to-do list has become homework to “pad your grade.” Mrs. Edwards has assigned a small packet that needs to be completed by third rotation this week to give students practice on Literary Devices before going into the reading Chaucer. To access this assignment, click here. From there simply click on the four bullet points under the section labeled Descriptive Characterization Worksheets to access pictures of the assignment. Make sure to complete this assignment by the time it is due!

Other than that have a Happy Halloween everyone :))) !!!!!!


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