October 30, 2017

Happy Monday North House!

SSR: Today class began with the usual 20 minutes of Sustained Silent Reading (SSR).

Housekeeping: After, Mrs. Edwards showed the class how the basket for the house competition turned out. She gave a special thanks to Charlene and Elva who put it together!

Survey: She then continued by explaining the survey that needed to be completed by the end of the block. Because two essays- the BABS research paper and the Beowulf essay- are due this week, she is giving the class the option to either have your Beowulf essay not be graded and receive an automatic 75%, or to have it graded and possibly receive as high as an A or as low as an F on your paper. Click here to access the link to complete the survey and gather further information on this task. Remember to choose wisely!

Finish Seven Deadly Sins: Mrs. Edwards gave the class 30 minutes of work time to complete the Powerpoint for the Renaissance assignment that was assigned third block last week.

Volunteers?: Once the 30 minutes were up, the class was asked to share their powerpoint to Mrs. Edwards at her email ipoly12english@gmail.com. She asked for volunteers that would like to present their powerpoint to the class. The group with Diego, Santiago, and Adrian presented their assignment, and if you and your group would like to present, you will have many opportunities throughout the unit to do so.


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