October 24, 2017


Happy Tuesday North House!

Today we kicked off the day with the usual 20 minutes of SSR.

Today we were introduced to a new chapter. Our day consisted of being introduced to the Middle Ages. We briefly went over what we might potentially learn over the course of this new chapter.

We had a relatively simple day. We were given packet on the Middle Ages along with a page full of questions that we have to answer. There was time to work on this assignment during class but if you didn’t finish its homework. Since we couldn’t take the packet or the page of questions, click here to find out what you are looking for.

We are also having a quiz on this packet so remember to study the packet. Study and be ready for the quiz which will be on Thursday.

By the way, here is the log in information for turnitin if you have not signed up yet.

ID : 15581722   PW: Berkeley



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