October 23, 2017


Good Evening North House!

Today in class we started off class with 20 minutes of SSR. This current rotation of SSR ends this week as stated by Mrs. Edwards. This means that you only have one more rotation of SSR left.  Click here to view your progress on SSR for this rotation.

We also did housekeeping. POR’s are due on October 31. Three questions are equal to four points. POR’s can be done for extra points.

We were introduced to a new concept called Harkness Hot Potato. A random question is chosen and then there is a discussion circle that goes on for ten minutes. You can choose to stay in the circle or abandon it and give someone else a chance to speak. We also have to the option to tap out which means that we simply move onto another question.

This harkness discussion is also worth 10 points. All you have to do is participate and you will be fine.





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