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Hello North House! I am your new scribe for this week.

Recently we have been hearing a lot about players in the NFL taking a knee during the National Anthem. To be more specific, Colin Kaepernick has been put in the spotlight for taking a knee during the anthem as a protest. Kaepernick has stated that he will not take stand for a flag that oppresses its people. As time passed, many other players in the NFL began to join in on the protest started by Colin Kaepernick. Read the article here to learn more about the protest going on in the NFL.

After reading the article, what are your opinions on this entire situation? Could there be any alternatives to this type of protest? Do you think Trump addressed this situation in the correct manner? Why or why not?



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  1. I believe there can be different point of views in this case. Our first amendment states that we have the freedom of speech, religion, and the press according to I think that the football player Colin was just addressing what he believed in in a very peaceful way. Colin caused no harm. I think that it was very wrong of our president to insult him and fire him especially in the public eye. It was very unprofessional and he was going against Colin’s right. As our president Trump should have respected Colin’s peaceful political statement because it was his right after all.

    Has this unfortunate circumstance affected the way you feel about our current president? Has it changed your mind about him? Explain.

  2. After reading this article I believe there is different perspectives to this issue. The action of the team member in the NFL to kneel during the National Anthem could have been disrespectful to some people mainly those who have relatives who served and fought for America yet, it could have been a good form to protest. Like Karen mentioned our first amendment states freedom of speech there for we should respect that just like we expect to respect any other amendment and right.

    In response to Karen the way Donald Trump the current president of the U.S. handled the situation was unacceptable. He as our president represents us and by cursing in the speech he gave regarding the issue was absolutely unprofessional especially coming from a president. It definitely changed my mind about him in a negative way because I feel very disrespected and embarrassed to know that this is my president who represents me and the U.S. and the way he handled this situation can only give me a deeper understanding on how he would handle many other situations that can possibly be even more important.

    Do you believe this was an effective way of protesting? explain.

  3. The article from CNN media discusses the comment that Trump made when an NFL player kneed during the national anthem. Although many people view his action as disrespecting the veterans who fought for our country, I feel like the NFL player did that form a protest to stand against Trump and his presidency. The football player’s form of protest simply showed everyone what he believed in in a non-violent way. I do not think there can be any alternatives because his protest did no harm and he was simply exercising his rights as an American. According to our first amendment, people have the right to express our thoughts and religion freely. The current President of the United States failed to respect everyone’s freedom of speech, religion, and press. He did not need to insult or call him out with a negative connotation. Trump did not address the situation in a correct manner. This shows the country how immature Trump is by saying the NFL player is fired. He is fired because he exercised the first amendment?? Trump reacted more aggressively than he needed too. The President of the United States usually is a role model for all of America. Trump does not show maturity and president-like characteristics. He is not a good role model. Trump could have approached this situation very differently. In response to Karen’s question, this circumstance did not affect the way I feel about our current president because my feelings about him have been strong, and not in a positive way. I am not surprised by his reaction to the NFL player’s protest. His past actions have already determined my thoughts about him and this just adds onto the list of why I dislike him. Also, according to ESPN, other teams such as the Tennessee Titans also protested by staying in the locker rooms during the National Anthem.

    Question: What do you think the NFL player was protesting when he kneeled during the National Anthem?

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  4. I believe Kaepernick is using his resources well to protest the unfair situation in America. Although there are alternatives to his protest, I still believe he is doing nothing wrong. Alternatives like using twitter or Instagram to speak out or holding press conferences to address an issue would works as well, but Kaepernick does not need to change his approach. Donald Trump however addressed this situation poorly. Using foul language and focusing his anger on one group of people is not something the president should do. Aside from being a role model for the next generation, Trump needs to speak out about his opinions in the same ways Kaepernick does. He could hold appropriate press conferences and try to use convincing arguments to draw people to agree with him, but expressing anger is not a effective thing to do.

    To answer Elva’s question of whether or not this was an effective protest method, I say that it was. Kaepernick’s kneeling got many in America to become aware of what Kaepernick stood for. Because of his act, many people talk about the injustice that African Americans face everyday. The fact that everyone knows about this situation shows that this protest worked.

    Do you think that Kaepernick will continue to kneel and eventually do more than kneel to protest?

  5. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

    I agree with everything Kaepernick is protesting, however I cannot agree with how he is doing it. Thousands of people have died defending our flag while he sits behind friendly lines and practically spits on it. He’s making a point, but it’s not the point he’s trying to make. Instead, he’s only disrespecting our veterans.

    A better approach may be to join a movement, or, better yet, start one. Take advantage of the millions of dollars he’s making and make a stand through his own resources.

    To answer Kyle’s question:
    Unfortunately, I believe he will continue to kneel. And as much as I’d like him to do something more, I highly doubt that he will.

  6. After reading the article, what are your opinions on this entire situation? Could there be any alternatives to this type of protest? Do you think Trump addressed this situation in the correct manner? Why or why not?

    Although there are many viewpoints towards this form of protest, the way I perceive it, this player has done nothing wrong to receive such negative commentary by the president and the rest of society. The first amendment guarantees every individual the freedom of speech and expression, and this football player was simply exercising these rights that the flag is supposed to represent. This idea that black people have to be grateful is a sneaky form of racism, because when a white billionaire, such as Donald Trump, spends a year screaming that America is a disaster, he is in touch with his country, but when a black man kneels quietly, he is considered to be ungrateful for the successes America has allowed him to have. This is a clear form of oppression, and this is clearly demonstrated because they are never given the chance to protest without being looked at as extremists. Much of society sees it as wrong when they do it on the streets, on twitter, on the field, when they kneel, and they cannot do it if their rich, so then when is it a good time for them to protest? By the NFL player protesting by kneeling down during the anthem, it is an excellent form of protest because it gets the message across without harming anyone around them. Instead of focusing on how disrespectful it is considered to be, society should focus on resolving what it is they are protesting rather than saying they are fortunate for not getting shot at for this act. This is what these players are protesting in the first place, so it is best to respond in a civil manner rather than get angry. Many don’t consider that although many died in wars to keep America alive, this doesn’t mean that African Americans didn’t also have ancestors who also fought for the flag and were treated with oppression during certain decades.

    There are, however, alternatives to this form of protest, such as spreading the message through twitter or other social media, and since these football players have such a large fan base, many would listen to what they have to say. Simply putting on a commercial on the television will expose individuals to the prejudice that continuously goes on in modern society. Nevertheless, kneeling during the anthem is still a great form of protest because it worked very effectively, seeing how it got the attention of millions across the country. Furthermore, Donald trump addressed this situation in a very disrespectful and immature manner. Responding to his anger and saying that they are B****** and that they are “fired” shows little to no understanding as to why the players did what they did.

    To answer Andrea’s question, the football player was protesting the prejudices and oppression that African Americans experience in this country. By kneeling down during the anthem, he was taking a stand against racism and spreading his message to much of society.

    After reviewing this article, the question I have formulated is: How has this present situation affected your view on racism/prejudices that occur in America as well as the meaning within the flag? Explain.


  7. I stand on the agreement that Colin Kaepernick is exercising his First Amendment rights of freedom, he should be able to protest however he wants in a peaceful manner. As the First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” I don’t believe that he is hurting anyone at all so I don’t feel the need for him to be getting all of this negative attention put onto himself by the media and president Donald Trump. I feel that what Kaepernick is doing should be appropriate in this situation as kneeling during the National Anthem is a very tiny detail to even spot and still evokes a message.

    I also feel that there could be alternatives, but not to this much of an impact. Other alternatives that come to mind would be a walk around the stadium of where the game was played or a demonstration at the main entrance would’ve sturred enough controversy. However, to much of my surprise I never thought a person kneeling would have this much of an effect to the public eye.

    The kneeling during the National Anthem could be seen to many as disrespectful, but this is what protest is supposed to do, to stir up a conversation about a topic. I feel that the behavior Donald Trump exhibited towards Kaepernick’s situation was very inappropriate as the form of protest is extremely minor. Calling someone out by kneeling publicly and saying openly that they should be fired is not an appropriate way to handle this situation as the President of the United States.

    In response to Melissa’s question: This present situation so far has not affected my view on racism that occurs in America as I value the person based on personality. A great example of this would be a famous Twitter meme I’ve discovered last week. The meme was if you crack a white and a brown egg, you’d still end up with the same egg white and yolk. The meaning of the flag also hasn’t changed for me either as I still see it as a beacon of hope, freedom, and courage. I don’t let absurd situations presented in the media affect my thinking or my political viewpoints. I focus on the logical and compassionate side of politics and emphasize doing what is right in the most appropriate and effective way possible.

    My question to you is: Do you think if President Donald Trump would’ve taken a different approach to assessing the situation about Kaepernick and not calling him out for kneeling would’ve changed anything? Would it finally give a positive light on who he is as a person and what his ideas are?

  8. After reading the article about Trump’s comments toward the topic of athlete, Colin Kaepernick, taking a knee during the national anthem as a symbol of protest, I agree with the many other people who say that the President of the United States is contradicting the First Amendment rights of Americans. Colin Kaepernick’s reason for doing this was to promote the Black Lives Matter movement and protest against racial injustice in our country. Rather than focusing on the reason for Kaepernick’s actions, a large amount of the public is talking more about what he specifically did possibly due to Trump’s comments regarding the situation. I think there certainly are alternatives to this type of protest, which could serve as more effective to promote the Black Lives Matter Movement. Although Kaepernick’s actions did receive a lot of attention, the controversy between whether his doings were disrespectful or not overpowers his initial cause. I don’t think President Trump addressed this situation in the correct manner because he indirectly targeted certain groups of people while harshly criticizing their decisions.

    To answer David’s question, I think that if President Donald Trump would have taken a different approach to assessing the situation about Kaepernick and not calling him out for kneeling during the national anthem, there would be a lot less backlash amongst people with conflicting views. I’m not entirely sure about whether it would give him a positive light on who he is as a person and what his ideas are because while he has many supporters, he has many people who despise him.

    What do you think Colin Kaepernick could have done differently to protest so that his promotion of the Black Lives Matter Movement would have more light shone upon it?

  9. After reading this article, I feel like the NFL players had the right to protest the way they did, because they have the freedom to do so. People fight and die for our freedom and when they kneeled, they proved they didn’t fight and die for nothing. They ensured those rights won’t be wasted on hallow nationalism. Every knee puts more meaning into that flag than a hundred hands on hearts. What good is the right to freedom if we don’t use it? This protest has nothing to do with those who serve except to make sure the rights they serve to protect aren’t wasted away on the shelf and never used. The conversation has started and that right to have it free of fear is what America is all about.

    I feel that a good option of protest would have been through social media, since all the players have a large following, and can influence many through social media, but I also don’t disagree with their type of protest, because it sparked attention throughout the country.

    I think that Trump addressed this situation in an unprofessional way, because Americans have the freedom to protest, and speak up and protect their rights however they want, and by handling it in such a way, Trump is not promoting what America is all about, which is fighting for our rights, and having the freedom of speech and opinion to fight for and say what we believe.

    Question: NFL players have a big influence on people all around the country… do you think they will continue to protest and speak up about their beliefs and ignore the negative reactions they are getting from people? Also, do you think their type of protest was effective and influenced many people?

  10. My personal opinion on this whole matter is that under the constitution Colin Kaepernick has the right to choose what he best believes is a silent protest. He’s using his freedom as an American to display a protest without hurting anybody. The only ones who really care if he kneels or not is are conservatives who cannot take the heat and realize they are hypocritical in the sense where they can say whatever they want but when someone kneels they go ballistic.

    ^Link above has a political cartoon.

    As a person who is growing in his political views I’m moderately left but would love to meet with compromise that allows prosperity for both parties so everyone would be happy so I do hear the rights side in this situation. However, in my eyes he is not hurting anyone. An alternative besides being active with your beliefs would be him being active in social media, organizations and groups that promote the Black Lives Matter movement in a positive light (which he is already doing).

    As a president, I do not agree that Trump had the proper rhetoric calling out Kaepernick as a “SOaB”. There should be some form of professionalism or etiquette when speaking to seem articulate and at least charismatic. I personally watched the speech and felt rather disgusted (probably because I’m biased) and felt if I were to call someone out I’d call them out and just say “If a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL, or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect… [flag]”
    Instead of ““Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, he’s fired’?”
    (Both quoted by Trump.)

    What do you think Colin Kaepernick could have done differently to protest so that his promotion of the Black Lives Matter Movement would have more light shone upon it?
    In response to @janelle I would say he could just take it to social media and be an advocate in activism or in his community to speak out in places to talk about the political climate and BLM.
    He certainly has donated to a few organizations and is at the very least RT’s KnowYourRightsCamp his organization.

    My question is do you think Colin Kaepernick’s case for grievances against the NFL is valid?
    Buenos naenae. ~

  11. I forgot to add a question so Mrs. Edwards said I could do it today.

    How might the current US political climate affecting the mental health of the US population?

  12. There are many different views about this topic. I believe the NFL players can protest that way if they want to. They are not harming anyone and it is their right to protest the way they want to. Colin Kaepernick is using his First Amendment to protest freely. To some people, this might be disrespectful. It depends on what the person believes or their perspective on the situation. Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players are protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement. They are protesting at a time and place where everyone notices, which is the point – to have people get the message. People are focusing on the players disrespecting the flag and America rather than the message the players are trying to display. There are other ways to protest, however, those ways get shot down as well. Protesting in the streets, on social media, or in shops or restaurants all get called out on. Now protesting on the field is bad too. The point of protesting is to get other people’s attention and send a message. If the protesters are protesting somewhere that not many people are present or notice, what is the point? I think Trump did not address this in the correct manner and should have stayed neutral and not acted in that manner. He could’ve been against it without being so rude.

    To answer Irene’s question: I think that NFL players do have a big influence on people all around the country because they are taking action in a non-violent way and standing up for their beliefs. I think they will continue to stand up for themselves and their beliefs and ignore the negative reactions. They did a silent protest and I think it was effective because it didn’t hurt anyone, got the message to people, and we are all making a big deal and arguing about it, so it did something.

    My Question: How do you think this situation will turn out, like what do you think the end result will be? Will there be more conflict? or will people help the players out and do something about it? Explain.

  13. Trump has definitely shown lack of consideration for others if not complete disregard for the rights of individuals and the greater population. In the Charlottesvile incident, he did not protect the people who were supporting equality for all, but instead said that both the white supremacists and the protesters were at fault. Pardon my informal tone, but that is already looking red-flagish for Trump in terms of his views on what the United States is about. The United States is a place where people are not supposed to be discriminated by the color of the skin, where they came from, or even what language they speak. The fact that our leader is biased against the purpose of our nation, indicates that he is unsuitable for the job. By not talking action against the white supremacists, he is continuing the darkest part of US history, which is unacceptable. He constantly discriminates against people that he deems non-american, and that shows how little he knows about people in general. When Colin Kaepernick took a knee, he was fully within his rights to protest, because he was not attacking or harming anyone. Donald Trump, having a thick block of cheese between his forehead and his brain, interpreted this small protest as an attack on the country. Colin was fully justified to not stand for oppression, and Trump, being the potential white supremacist and further hurting his image, threw a temper tantrum on twitter. Because Trump grew up with a different background than most, he does not understand the situations that people have to endure in their everyday lives. The form of protest that Colin performed was very effective and noticeable in my opinion, and that is how people should protest when they truly want to make a difference. Trump did not address this situation well in my opinion; it was detrimental to his image.

  14. In response to Diana’s question, I think that the incident will not be further publicized, in the sense that there will be no direct argument about it, but this event can and will be used in future debates as evidence against the current president.

  15. To be able to have freedom of speech, religion and the press this is our first amendment in the U.S. constitution. What NFL player Colin Kaepernick did to me seems to be a very peaceful he meant no harm in any way, he did what he himself thought was right what he believed in. I do believe that President Trump could’ve gone a different route in calling him out because it wasn’t right for him to do it in public where there all the fans of Kaepernick or the 49ners team itself. He also does not need to change his approach because he did it in a peaceful matter and other of his fellow NFL collogues or any other player that joined, in taking a knee or locking arms because they to believe in what’s right.
    QUESTION: Was it right for Colin Kaepernick to be fired no new agency has took him in was that right?

    @ Diana Au: In response to Diana’s question it can go both ways so there might be a 50- 50 percent chance in how this situation goes but I don’t believe that this will go further in or won’t be an argument that will continue. But I’m pretty sure an event like this will be use to still judge certain amount but as I stated above this is Colin Kaepernick’s freedom of speech and he did nothing wrong.

  16. The situation with the NFL is getting to the point where it is just stupid. I don’t think that the NFL will change anything about the situation. The number of viewers did down to but the company still make a lot of money anyways. Colin Kaepernick is protesting to change the actions of American people, but people are getting with he is doing for their own reasons or not getting it at all. so, I don’t like what kind of effects people are thinking to get the form that movement. Kaepernick is doing the best thing he can do because people are talking about his movement.
    The last question is hard to answer because America does allow free speech and will, so no matter you are going to say or do unless you are harming someone it is considered a good way.
    What would you protest?

  17. I believe that those in the NFL who are protesting the national anthem have every right as a citizen of the United States to freely protest. I think that many of the negative reactions towards their boycott have not been given much thought, and I also believe that it is very immature and mindless for the president to address the situation by speaking out against the protestors in such a rude fashion. He could have addressed the situation from a politically neutral standpoint in order to properly inform the nation. There are many other ways of protesting the national anthem, but at the moment this method seems the most effective and influential on public opinion. The purpose of protesting is to make others aware of a situation, so what the NFL players are doing is an impactful form of protest.

    In response to Stephen’s question, I would protest quite a few current events. I’d likely go out and protest the current state that the United States is in, protest the oppression of minorities, and protest the rampant sexism in many work industries. These are just some of the biggest issues that I would want to protest against.

    Question: What other highly influential public figures and/or celebrities do you think should practice this type of protesting currently?

  18. After reading the article, what are your opinions on this entire situation? Could there be any alternatives to this type of protest? Do you think Trump addressed this situation in the correct manner? Why or why not?

    After reading the article from CNN, It gave me a whole new perspective on the situation. President Trump implies “us versus them,” dividing out country unconsciously by using social media to address Stephan Curry, Colin Kaepernick and more. If we take the situation and ignore the titles, this would be considering cyberbullying. Our President is unintentionally advocating ‘cyberbullying.’ However Kaepernick was well within his rights to disregard the national anthem as a form of protest. The national anthem is a form of patriotism and is one way to show pride in a country. Although, Kaepernick stated in a press conference after first sitting out during the anthem, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people, and people of color.” He was protesting for all those people who do not have a voice. This form of protest was necessary in the situation considering that we are suppose to be a country of ‘equality and freedom.’ 

    What would you protest?(Stephan’s question)

    Personally, I would protest for the cause because as nation we are suppose to unite and become one although there are many people out there who are still discriminated for their color, race, and more. But what are we really accomplishing? There will always be discrimination in the world we live in because discrimination is not new considering we have segregation of the blacks and even Japanese in WW2.

  19. In the United States we have free speech, and we are all for fee speech until we disagree with someone’s statements. Colin Kaepernick had the right to take a knee, and had every right to make a statement. However, many American people saw it as a disrespect to the flag. This is ironic considering that many Americans wear American flag print shirts and hats, which is against the flag code. Some have even said that they have freedom of speech to disagree with someone’s freedom of speech. I fin. d it over the top that people react like his and blow the situation out of proportion, making Colin’s reason for doing it seem “unAmerican” which is not the case. Donald Trump’s response was too extreme and he should not have been so hateful and rude. Donald Trump definitely did not approach this situation correctly, he was very unprofessional (which is normal now…)

    To answer Adriana’s question, it was not right for Colin Kaepernick to be fired. All he did was have the intent of sending a message and using his right of free speech. The only backlash was not caused by Kaepernick, but by the people watching the game who decided that he shouldn’t have been able to exercise his free speech

    My question is: How will the reaction Colin Kaepernick received for taking a knee shape society?

  20. After reading the article, what are your opinions on this entire situation? Could there be any alternatives to this type of protest? Do you think Trump addressed this situation in the correct manner? Why or why not?

    To state an opinion on the issue, the writer must understand the situation from the beginning. Colin Kaepernick started this form of protest to raise awareness on the mistreatment of African Americans in the United States. The kneeling during the national anthem became very controversial and indeed fulfilled Colin’s goal of awareness. The controversy, however, is a double edged sword. Opponents of this form of protest declare that the kneeling disrespects the troops and those who do kneel do not hate respect the sacrifices the troops make. This argument has nothing to do with Colin’s kneeling. Colin only seeks to raise public awareness about mistreatment in the United States and is not attempting to disrespect the troops. Overtime, players began to kneel as a way to disrespect Trump’s presidency. Now, supporters and opponents, are bringing in new issues into the meaning of the kneeling and it has spiraled out of control. I believe that this form of protest has become a joke internet. And most of all, the meaning has been altered and will continue to be altered by uniformed supporters and opponents. I believe and support in Colin’s form of protest and its true purpose, but it has been obliterated.

    Colin and many supporters can raise awareness through other means. They have the money and power to do so. However, I feel that if Colin had originally attempted another mean of protest, it would have not brought the awareness it has. Millions of Americans watch sports, arguably more than the amount of people who watch the news. With the large amount of viewers, raising awareness through sports is extremely easy and somewhat hassle free. This fact is the reason why Colin’s form of protest is the best possible mean of raising awareness.

    I believe that Trump did not handle the situation correctly at all. The President of the United States is too address every serious issues with maturity and respect. Trump has failed to do these two things with this issue. He used the phrase “son of the bitch” in his speech. This phrase completely disregards all formality of the speech and makes him look like a joke.

    What did you originally think Colin’s kneeling represented?

  21. After reading the article, what are your opinions on this entire situation? Could there be any alternatives to this type of protest? Do you think Trump addressed this situation in the correct manner? Why or why not?

    There is no denying the fact that minorities, and African-Americans in particular, are systematically mistreated by police. The protest undertaken by Kaepernick is an effort to raise awareness of mistreatment and systematic oppression by police brutality and profiling among the football watching demographic. I fully support not only how Kaepernick and other players are protesting, but also what they are protesting for. The alternatives to this kind of protest could be the standard march or public statement, but in the age of social media activism where issues are more easlily talked about online but real life action never seems to come, this form of protest has been effective. The constant news coverage and social media visablilty makes it easy for the average citizen to become informed on the issue.

    As far as the presidents response goes, it’s just another clear example of his inability to do anything productive, empathize with people, and control his raging twitter fingers and incoherent, rambling rants. His entire stance on the issue is compleatly misguided as well. It has never been about the military, the flag, or the national anthem, only police brutality and racism. By claiming it is disrespectful to a piece of fabric, a poem set over the British National Anthem, and an imperialistic institution he has done nothing but fire up his base of supporters with his latest round of lies and confusion. His inappropriate response is an embarrassment to himself and our image on the world stage.

    To answer Suhas’s question, no I do not think Trump will change. He has proven time and time again that he will not change, even going so far as to double down on statements that have been proven to be false.

    Should NFL players be reprimanded for political statements made both on and off the field?

  22. Ooppps. I forgot to answer a question! To answer Diego’s question, I believe that the NFL players should not be reprimanded for their political statements, no matter where it is stated. We live in a nation of free speech and that amendment should apply to all locations, even school (off topic). No American should have to fear the repercussions of their political statements.

  23. First off i very much dislike politics these days because of how it is almost all talk about how the other side is a group of terrible people. its almost impossible for anyone to take no biases look at something. I had trouble reading this article because of how biases it was, but saying this i dont believe the way trump addressed the situation was the best way. while many people have made out trump to be a white supremacist and racist and evil person this is most likely untrue, however trump ain’t no angel. hes is rude and sometimes insulting,(like almost every politician in existence) and how he handled the situation was not perfect. He could have taken a less aggressive and insulting path, however the points he made had some logic to them. There are much better ways to protest something, and generally most protesters have done little to no research on what they are protesting . and are going on what they have heard and seen on the media and by other people.NFL player are quite popular and if they wanted to get their message out can easy use the many people on social media to their advantage. They and the average person could go to their state government and discuss things that could solve the “issue”.

    Q. Why do people find the need to protest something instead of working for solutions to the problem? And why are politics so crappy and negative these days?

  24. From the article, I could not really formulate an unbiased opinion since the article failed to fully discuss the reasons behind athletes kneeling during the National Anthem, and only discusses trump’s reaction rather than the rest of the population. This article only discusses on trump’s reaction which still does not explain in details of the many situation such as Stephen Curry declining the NBA Champion celebration at the white house. I have no current opinions upon the since the article only describes trump’s reaction rather than detail the reason behind these controversies. Other types of protest can consist of the athletes donating funds to organizations or movements that are trying to further their cause. They could also use their platform to speak out against problems they see in everyday life. I don’t believe Donald Trump responded appropriately. Him telling the NFL what to do oversteps his bounds, and his language and insults were inappropriate and uncalled for. The athletes were exercising their right to free speech, which the president seemed to infringe upon. It is also important to note that as the president Trump should try to maintain an image of maturity, which these comments did not display.

    To answer Adrian’s question, I believe that NFL players have the right to voice their opinions off the field. If they did not have this right, we as a country would be punishing them for the platform they have. While on the field, NFL players should follow NFL policies about political statements, if such a thing exists.

    In today’s political climate, is it possible to be moderate without affecting both sides?

  25. After reading the article, I believe that Colin has the right to kneel during the anthem because Colin is expressing his own way of protesting and he is doing it because he doesn’t want to take a stand for a flag that oppresses people and he has the right to express his definition of freedom. There are alternate ways to protest but I think this way of protesting is good because he is harming know along with the other players and Donald Trump is over reacting a bit on a issue that is not severe. I think Trump didn’t address the situation in a correct manner because he was over reacting and he was disrespecting the players in a rudely fashion which isn’t necessary and he could have taken it in a different manner that was less rude in the way he did it.

    Was it right for Donald Trump to act rude towards the players kneeling even though they are not hurting anyone?

  26. what are your opinions on this entire situation? Could there be any alternatives to this type of protest? Do you think Trump addressed this situation in the correct manner? Why or why not?

    My opinions is that everyone has right of freedom of speech and kneeling during the national anthem is one way of expressing this right, it is not the best option to protest against something or to take a stand against a belief. There are in my opinion different ways they can draw attention to these matters, because kneeling during the anthem is very disrespectful to a lot of people. They could perhaps talk about it through their social media accounts since the players have a huge following, or have a press conference and talk about it. I believe both sides went about it the wrong way, Trump could have addressed the problem in a different way, saying that “should be fired.” He made a bigger problem than it should have been. Both sides could have addressed the problem in a more appropriate matter.

    What is another way Trump could have gone about this situation? What should he have done instead of saying they should be fired?

  27. Personally my opinion on the situation is that Colin Kaepernick should definitely protest and speak out for what he believes in, its his right to do so. Where i think he’s going wrong is the fact that he’s protesting during our national anthem, a song to symbolize our country and its people. Colin is a multi-millionaire with a large following on social media, he could speak his mind there or even do an interview and air it on TV if he wants his message to get across. I’m honestly very surprised that he wasn’t fired from the NFL for protesting on their platform knowing that their are several other very talented rookie quarterbacks that could replace him and wouldn’t attempt to protest or interfere with the game’s tradition in any way. With the amount of support and following kaepernick is getting from his contributions to the black lives matter movement he should take his protest to a place that will get results. By protesting during an NFL game he is only getting hate from NFL fans because people want to watch football and not a political debate. Another thing that bothered me was that Donald Trump had to speak out about kaepernick’s actions. Trump should have at least acknowledged the fact that inequality is an issue in this nation and kaepernick is trying to show people that, but instead he tries to shut kaepernick up and that just wasn’t the right way to go about the kaepernick protest. My final thought on kaepernick is that he should use his publicity to his advantage and try to get a moment on a talk show to express his opinions. Don’t bring politics into a football game and don’t disrespect the flag and country that takes such good care of you.

    In response to Aniessas question- I believe that trump should have tweeted about how he would work to fix inequality in this nation or told him to keep politics out of football, either one would’ve been better than disregarding his effort and trying to remove him from the picture.

    My question- Why was the NFL so lenient with the early protesters? And why didn’t the coaches/ players follow kaepernick’s lead until a few months after he started protesting?

  28. In my opinion, I believe that the NFL players are allowed to take a knee during the national anthem because it is a peaceful protest and non-violent. They are in protection of the 1st amendment, which promotes freedom of speech. Due to the 1st amendment, I believe it was okay for Trump to discuss it publicly. However, just because I believe it is allowed, doesn’t mean I agree. On another note, I believe that people shouldn’t be kneeling just because some people are or their favorite NFL player is, but they should kneel for the cause. These kinds of protests have been done in the past where there’s a group of people fighting for a cause, but receiving tons of backlash from the public. One instance being LGBTQ+ marriage. Life was harsh for any LGBTQ+ member in the 1950s and throughout time since people opposed it. Another protest, which was led by Ghandi, led India to it’s independence. Ghandi also inspired civil rights and freedom movements across the world. There are plenty of other protests that were looked down on, but they were led for a great cause, like the Haiti revolution.

    Yes, there are many alternatives besides kneeling. Due to their social media dominance, professional athletes can reach millions by tweeting a few words that could get anyone’s attention. Many already started or are helping out in charities. However, those simple text messages and dollars won’t get the right or enough attention. So I believe they chose the right way to get their message out into the public instead of being a random tweet.

    Trump had other things more important than addressing a few prominent athletes. His announcement sounded childish and stupid. Many agree that citizens must stand and salute the flag or those who do not are disrespectful, but I don’t believe there is any amendment that makes people stand up for the flag. I do see where Trump is coming from. For instance, some people see the flag as a icon for soldiers who are fighting in wars across the sea for our country. Trump should not have focused on this issue and should be more focused on the right to bear arms.

    Answer to Aniessa: Trump could have tried to understand the opposing side’s argument and purpose. He should have recollected his thoughts and not target anyone specifically like Stephen Curry or any NFL player. Instead of stating that people should be fired if they continue with their protest, he should have stated that the player should have a word with the team captain or coach where they could then discuss if their actions were appropriate and if there should be any consequences.

    Question: If people keep “disrespecting” the flag to the point where it becomes a major issue, should congress discuss on added a new amendment or would that conflict with freedom of speech?

  29. I believe the whole situation was taken out of hand. I understand that as American citizens, it is appreciated to stand during the national anthem; nevertheless, I would not consider it disrespectful to be kneeling down during the national anthem either. The people that have kneeled are not causing a scene, nor are they distracting. People are making a big deal out of something minor. I would understand if people were disturbed by someone actually disrespecting the national anthem by, for instance, mocking it or making disrespectful remarks about the anthem.

    I feel like Colin Kaepernick is protesting in the best way that he can without making anything violent. By simply taking a knee while pledging allegiance, he has made nationwide news and has caused chaos in the world of sports and somewhat politics. Although it has started up some controversy, it is not something to make a big deal out of. I believe that the United States has bigger fish to fry and we need to get our priorities straight.

    President Trump is going about this situation exactly how anyone would imagine him trying to find a solution for an issue, knowing how he is. He is quite immature about the situation, informally tweeting about the events and presenting himself as a joke to us and other world powers. His response to the events are swayed by his own beliefs and misguided opinions, which only fuel his extremist supporters.

    In response to Suhas’s question, I genuinely think that he will never realize the extent of his prejudice and change. If he ever does, it will be too late and he would never admit to it. Trump is completely headstrong and does not appreciate being told that he is wrong, so I believe that he will never truly learn his mistakes.

    If you were the coach of the player, how would you respond with the player kneeling, understanding that although there is a strong amount of support, there seems to be and even more strong support against kneeling?

  30. After reading the article, what are your opinions on this entire situation? Could there be any alternatives to this type of protest? Do you think Trump addressed this situation in the correct manner? Why or why not?

    I agree with what Kaepernick is protesting for. Police brutality and the mistreatment of minorities should not still be an issue in the United States of America in 2017. I believe that the form of protest that many NFL players have taken to is effective and reaches a large audience. With such visibility, it is easy to see why so many people are informed about the topic after recent controversies. I think some possible alternatives to kneeling could be holding rallies and giving speeches.

    The president’s response to the protests has been very inappropriate considering his position of power and authority. Using profanity and aggressive language against players exercising one of their most fundamental American rights does not send a positive message to the American people and casts a shadow on the country which prides itself on freedom.

    To answer Jesus’s question, I think the NFL did not care about Kapernicks protest because it was a harmless act of free speech. I also think Trump’s personal attacks on Kaepernick and the NFL prompted other players to join the protests in solidarity with their fellow player.

    What do you think prompts Trump to constantly make such explosive remarks?

  31. After reading this article, I believe what Collin Kaepernick has done nothing wrong. Our first amendment states that we have the freedom of speech and the right to peacefully protest. While other people might find it disrespectful to the flag for not standing, it will always confuse me how just because of this one incident, Collin does not have a job in the NFL anymore. He was just trying to speak his own mind and start a movement which he did. I do not believe Trump has handled this the right way. Again we has citizens have the right to protest and speak our minds. Trump in my eyes have done things that are more morally wrong than what Collin is doing. So from my point of view I do not think Trump has the right to say anything.

    To answer Sarah’s question: I believe any type of influential figure should protest, only if they actually believe in what they are protesting.

    Question: If you guys were influential figures, how would you guys protest?

  32. After reading the article, what are your opinions on this entire situation? I believe that Kaepernick is using his personal rights as an American citizen to stand up for his beliefs. This whole situation has gone out of hand due to the relentless acts of social media. On the other hand, Donald Trump took a rant to Twitter to profess his personal views too. The president took the time to give a speech with incriminating words toward NFL players. This protest has turned into a publicity stunt. If the problem was such a big deal then the news would be casting new found ideas on this topic every day. Could there be any alternatives to this type of protest? There are an astound amount of ways that Kaepernick could have gone about this situation. Kaepernick did his protest in a meaningful way that brought a large amount of views towards his acts. They may have not all been positive views but a majority of them positive. Although, if I were to critique the way he protested, I would tell him to do more with his fame and take action to his social media standpoint. Kaepernick could have given a miraculous speech that could awh America’s views on this situation. Do you think Trump addressed this situation in the correct manner? Why or why not?Trump addresses this issue in a disturbing way. Yes, he was speaking his personal views but there were so many ways he could have addressed it in a more empathetic way. Let Donald Trump speak his views like Kaepernick is speaking his. Understanding the way Donald Trump reacted, is critical to how this situation is going to be addressed in the NFL. Personally, I do not think Donald Trump’s views matter in this situation. This issue has more to deal with the NFL boards decisions and many of the members of that board announced their disassociation with the president’s views. To answer Suhas’s question, “Will Trump ever realize the extent of his prejudice and change or will he be headstrong through the rest of his presidency?” No, I do not think he will ever notice his prejudice towards other people within this nation. One, because he was raised this way and this is the way he won his presidency. He would not change his political views to fit a small fraction of the nation’s differentiating views. Donald Trump knows what he stands for. I predict that he will stay headstrong in his appeal to his campaign promises. Donald Trump knows what his goal as the president and his time in office is reflecting what America voted for.

    Question: Would you vote for Donald Trump if he ran for re-election? Why or why not?

  33. In my opinion I believe that Colin Kaepernick has the Constitutional right to peacefully protest in any way that he wants. To me, the American flag stands for those who have fought for our country, what has been sacrificed, and all of the hardships America has been through to get here. Although Kaepernick might I do believe that there are other ways to protest that will not offend veterans, those currently serving in the armed forces, and family members of servicemen and women. I think that with so much social media and television, those could have been other ways to express his thoughts. With football players having such a large fanbase, so many people would have listened in if Kaepernick had given a press conference, a live recording, or even a commercial, many people would have truly listened to the issue instead of focusing on him being disrespectful to the flag, in their eyes. I do not believe that Trump addressed the situation in a correct manner, I believe he acted very rash and let his own emotions cloud his thinking. I also believe that Trump was not acting in a way a President should react and was not even thinking about the message Kaepernick was trying to get across.
    To answer Irene’s question, I do believe that football players will continue to protest for what they believe in no matter what kind of comments they receive. I do think their protest was effective because everyone is talking about it and the story is on every social media platform with people seeing it.
    Do you think that if Kaepernick had done another form of protest would it have gained more attention?

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