October 19, 2017

Good evening North House! It is almost the weekend!

Today we skipped SSW to have more time for writing workshop. Mrs. Edwards went over a few things first. She talked about how we need to synthesize everything we learn and not just take in the knowledge for the day and forget about it.

Many people are not using the correct point of view. REMEMBER TO USE THIRD PERSON for your Beowulf essay, since it is a formal essay.

  • Third Person: He, She, It, One, They, Them.   ✅
  • First Person: I, Me, We, Us ❌
  • Second Person: You ❌

We are getting our groups for the next BaBs component, Mission/Vision Statement, tomorrow. DO NOT BE ABSENT!!!! It is a one day component, so you will only have this group for a day. The groups were selected at random.

If you did not donate for the harvest basket yet, please bring $3 to Mrs. Edwards as soon as possible. Thank You!

We finished going over the last part of the rubric presentations. Then we had around 40 minutes to do writing workshop Day 3. We could either work on our Beowulf essay or BaBs essay.


  • Beowulf Essay is DUE on Monday, Oct. 23, 2017 at 8 AM on turnitin.com
  • BaBs Research Paper is DUE on turnitin.com Friday at MIDNIGHT.

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