October 17, 2017

Happy Tuesday everybody! Today we started off with 20 minutes of SSR. Then Mrs. Edwards went over the Beowulf paper. It is due on Monday at 8 A.M. on turnitin. Don’t forget BaBs research paper is due Thursday!!

Grading for writing workshop starts from 0, check minus, check, to check plus. Possible points to be received for a writing workshop day is 10 points.

We also went over some tips for the Beowulf argumentative paper. Remember to write in a formal voice, which means in third person: he, she, it, they, we. Writing workshop works like SSR, so you can work on the Beowulf paper at home and it will count for the next writing workshop. If you feel that you are finished with your essay, you can turn it in on turnitin.com.

With revisions, to show that you were using your time wisely during writing workshop, you should do these marks: highlight the things you added, strikethrough the sentence or word you are removing (select the text, press alt + shift + 5) on HP laptops, put a blurb on the bottom of the workshop day explaining what you did if you were doing peer editing or rereading your essay. Lastly, always put the most recent draft on top.

After Mrs. Edwards went over all of that, we did 15 minutes of mini lesson which was the rubric presentation. Then we had our work time until the end of class and submitted our essays as an attachment to the submission email.


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