October 16, 2017


Good evening North House! I hope you all had a good day (:

Today we started off with the usual 20 minutes of SSR. Then Mrs. Edwards recorded our pages and introduced the routine of a writing workshop day.

We then continued the rubric presentations. This was considered the mini-lesson for the day. We finished with all groups presenting, however we still need to talk about and change a few slides.

We were running out of time so we paused the discussion about the rubric and moved on the the independent work. When we have independent work time, it is an individual activity. The time we get for individual work needs to be reflected on our edited essay for the day. For example, we got 20 minutes of independent work today. That means our revision needs to reflect 20 minutes of work. Mrs. Edwards said she sometimes will grade the progress of the essay rather than the end product.

  1. Rename the Doc to “Writing Wkshp”
  2. Copy the previous draft
  3. Paste the copied draft on the same document
  4. Label the top copy with “Day x” where “x” is the number of the Writing Workshop day
  5. Begin writing/editing on the top draft
  6. Email as PDF attachment to submission email using the established protocol. (SUBJECT: Name/House/Assignment)

We submitted our Day 1 Writing Workshop by the end of class. Don’t forget to do Blog Assignment #8 and work on your research paper for BaBs!

That is all!

-Diana (:


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