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Almost everyone loves having a pet. Most people have dogs. People do about anything for their dog (s). From getting dog outfits to strollers and even having parties for their dogs. Some people buy dogs everything, even things dogs don’t really need. Dogs are known to make people happy and be compassionate. We care for dogs a lot and vise versa. Read the article here to find out why people love dogs as much as they love their kids.

Do you think the reason in the article is the only reason why we care for dogs and why they care for us? Why or why not? If not, what other reasons do you think cause this relationship between humans and dogs? Why do you think people feel the need to go to the extent to buy their dogs unnecessary items?


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  1. Oddly enough, I was thinking about something similar before even seeing this blog post. I was wondering about the emotional connection of a child and parent and what the base of that relationship was. Obviously it is love that connects a child to its parent but what creates that love? While some might say that a child must unconditionally love the parent because of circumstance, I believe that it is merely because the parent is capable of providing for the child. When the child understands it will receive something from being in the parent’s presence, whether it is food or comforting sounds, it will become attached and show “love”. This is not to say that basic human instinct is greed, for we have evolved much past that, and have even shown unconditional love once we reach an age where we can process and understand morals and ethics. This concept also applies to dogs because they also associate their owner’s presence with love. They know that their owner will provide them food and shelter, so they in return express their affection to us humans.
    From the side of the owner, similar to a parent, affection would be from the feeling of having someone to provide for, and being in charge of another life, whether or not that life is their own child or a pet. The love that is given in return from the pet would make the provider either feel as sense of pride or fulfilment, knowing that someone loves or appreciates them for what they do. I assume the chemical oxytocin plays a part in this by creating the feeling of happiness in the pet and provider, so that the bond can be maintained and one can continue providing for another. People buy accessories and other unnecessary objects for their pets because it creates that good feeling inside of them that they get from knowing that they are providing for someone else.
    Question: Can getting a pet replace the desire to have a child for person?

  2. Puppies, hounds, canines, a man’s best friend, these are some of the words to describe one of the most iconic sidekicks to the human being: the dog. I feel that dogs and human beings have grown a special type of bond, a bond that is different from any other animal. Both species have been shown to provide protection, companionship, hunting assistance, and many more since the start of human settlements. I feel that the article has done a fantastic job of explaining the scientific aspect of the relationship between humans and dogs, however, it misses out on the aspect of how it started and the personal level. Since humans and dogs (wolves back then) have been with each other for so long, they must have been evolved to better integrate themselves into the human lifestyle and better their chances of survival. To do this, they effectively evolved to make humans care and watch out for them. This is prevalent as in the article, it’s shown that pet dogs have the same oxytocin levels as even people’s family members. As humans and wolves began to work and live together, physical features on the wolf began to change: Its skeletal frame grew smaller, and its jaw shortened. Wolves that socialized well with humans began to travel with them and they were able to pass on their genes. From this, dogs have become less fierce and more mild for the human lifestyle and almost became another part of a human’s family.

    I feel the reason why people have the need to buy dogs unnecessary items is that people with dogs or pets see them as another extension of their family. As the article states, the oxytocin levels of dogs and family members are equally the same and means that they have the same feelings of what they feel to a family member than to a dog. When you have a dog, since their lives are significantly shorter than ours, you want to make sure they have the time of their lives as they provide so much support back. Dogs have shown to reduce stress, prevent depression, improve heart health, make you more fit, and much more. Giving gifts to them is in a way a thank you to dogs as they provide so much joy into people’s lives. It also brings up how whenever we see someone or something happy, we also get happy as we get to see how much they enjoy their new gift or surprise. So whenever a dog owner gives their dog a new bone to chew on, it’s how they show how much they care for their pet and how they mean a lot to them.

    To answer Suhas’ question, I would have to agree that getting a pet can indeed replace the need for having a child. This answer is very tentative as the feeling of having children vary from person to person, however, since dogs are shown to be an extension of a family, they can be a “child” to a family. To support this, dogs almost need as much care and attention as there is a human child. You have to feed them, take them on walks, pick up their poop, make sure they pee somewhere suitable, make sure they don’t cause a mess, play with them, and so much more. The responsibilities are very similar when compared side by side to a human child.

    My question to you is:
    Do you think dogs are truly a “man’s best friend”? Or do you think there are other animals that can claim this title?

  3. The article brings a scientific point of view to why people love their dogs. The problem with that view is that when you try to measure something that isn’t a physical thing it hard to gasp or fully understand whats going on. Yeah, science proves that hormones cause that reaction in the brain but their truly no way to explain what happens inside the brain and emotions because the brain has not been fully discovered and each brain is different. The relation between humans and dogs can’t truly be explained. That is proven because people have the same type of emotions towards the cats as other people have towards dogs. Owners to any type of pet likes to have them to be well dressed like their children.
    Do you you prefer cats or a dog for a pet?

  4. I feel like the article simply gave a scientific perspective as to why we love our dogs and why our dogs love us; generally, it is the reason that we experience happy feelings with dogs and dogs experience happy feelings with us. However, I can assure you that all dog-owners can vouch that there is a more meaningful relationship with their furry friends. Dogs rely on humans more than they rely on other dogs for affection, protection, and everything else. Dogs are the only species that when frightened, worried, or anxious, run to their humans for comfort, just like children. They are also the only species that seek eye-contact with their humans. In addition, they filter out and prioritize their human’s smells above all other smells. There are hundreds of cases in which dogs sacrifice their lives or their safety for the sake of their owners. For instance, the famous dog Hachiko waited at the train station for his owner every day, even after the owner passed away. He had sacrificed his health and safety for the sake of being reunited with his owner.

    In addition, I feel like children feel a nice sense of responsibility when having a dog. They love to feel like they are in charge of their “younger sibling.” Dogs loved to be babied; not only do dogs seem to love us back, they actually see us as their family.

    People love to buy their dogs unnecessary items; they love to baby their pets! For me, I buy my dog costumes for Halloween and I like to make her little treats. I always try and make my dog happy, even though she hates me. My dog is my baby and I only want what is best for her, the same way that a loving parent would do it all for their children.

    To answer Suhas’s question, I can say that a pet can replace the desire for children. I, myself, have considered having multiple pets, rather than children, in the future. I feel like having a pet, especially a dog, can be as hardworking as having a child. However, other people may disagree and say that having a child is more intimate and more meaningful than having a pet, which is understandable.

    If you could have any dog in the world, what kind of dog would it be and why?

  5. Do you think the reason in the article is the only reason why we care for dogs and why they care for us? Why or why not? If not, what other reasons do you think cause this relationship between humans and dogs? Why do you think people feel the need to go to the extent to buy their dogs unnecessary items?

    According to the article, because pet dogs have the same levels of oxytocin as their human owners, they will feel the same love and compassion towards their dog as they would with any other family member in their household. After reading this passage, I believe that this article did an excellent job in providing a scientific perspective on why there is a close relationship between dogs and humans; however, I truly don’t believe that this is the only reason as to what causes this bond between man and man’s best friend. Looking at it from a psychological and historical standpoint, there has been a special chemistry between dogs and humans for tens of thousands of years. Domestic dogs are descended from wolves, and with that, they have received their social behavior, which has some intriguing parallels with human families: They are territorial, they hunt cooperatively, and pack members are emotionally bonded and greet each other enthusiastically after they have been separated. The social adaptations of dogs and humans are similar enough that dogs can live perfectly happy lives surrounded by humans and vice versa. Therefore, dogs are pampered with the best of food and medical care, frequently sleeping in their owners’ comfortable beds. Thus, although there is a crucial scientific component as to why dogs are especially close to their owners more than any other species, there is also other perspectives, such as that of a historical one to consider.

    It is because of this special connection between dogs and humans that the owners feel the need to buy their pets unnecessary items. This situation is in direct correlation to how the parents will buy their children unnecessary toys and games- they do it to make them happy. According to John Archer of the University of Central Lancashire, who has conducted a detailed study of dog-human relations from an evolutionary perspective, about 40% of owners identify their dog as a family member, which reflects the social compatibility between our two species. Therefore, owners will buy their dogs items such as costumes, clothes, toys, beds, and pillows because they treat them as if it was another one of their kids whom they wish to care for and make them happy.

    To respond to Suhas’s question, I do in fact believe that having a pet can replace the desire of having a child, because, as seen through this article, dogs are seen by their owners as an extension of their family, so it’s as if the dog is like a child to them. They require nearly the same amount of care that a human baby would need, because they need to be fed, given water, taken out for walks, played with, taken a bath, have its poop picked up, and given a lot of attention. It would then be a matter of how much the person likes a dogs in general, but if their is a connection, the bond could be as strong as that of a parent and child.

    In regards to the topic, my question is: Why haven’t humans had the opportunity to form such strong relationships, as they have with dogs, with other animals? If man hadn’t developed a strong bond with dogs/wolves, who do you think we would have ended up calling “man’s best friend?”


  6. The New York Times piece discusses the research conducted by scientists and the hormone found in humans and dogs. Oxytocin, a hormone associated with love, is found to spike in both human and canine brains when a dog gazes at its owner. Humans feel an attraction to the dog; may it be their cuteness, their automatic attraction to any human, or their similarity to children, humans love dogs. Dr. MacLean, one of the researchers, mentioned how dogs look to humans during hardship, similar to what children do. As Lucia commented, “Dogs rely on humans more than they rely on other dogs for affection, protection, and everything else. Dogs are the only species that when frightened, worried, or anxious, run to their humans for comfort.” Dogs display the best attributes of a child and not the crying and whining parents dread.

    The article indeed explains why we care for dogs and why they care for us but fails to thoroughly discuss how the relationship began. David researched this and answered my question in his post. I, however, believe certain wolves observed the kindness humans exhibited towards other creatures and realized that they could depend on humans for food and other necessities. The wolves over time built relationships with humans and this ability was passed down genetically. This explaining their ability to be tamed. We can see this dependence with other animals, such as pigeons. Once you feed a pigeon, the pigeon returns to be fed more.

    I believe that people feel the need to go to the extent to buy their dogs unnecessary items because they see their canines as a part of the family. This love and affection are sent both ways in the relationship. An example of this love is the story of Hachiko, a dog who waited at the train station for his owner to return back from work. If humans feel that their love is being returned, they will display more love through gifts.

    To answer Lucia’s question, I would have Shih Tzu. I love small dogs because they remind me of my deceased Pomeranian, Foxy. I could get another Pomeranian, but nothing in the world will replace Foxy. Another dog can help ease the loss of her, but would not fill the void in my heart caused by Foxy’s death.

    Should there be restrictions on how many dogs an owner can take care of and further guidelines on which dogs one can own? Why or why not?

  7. As explained in the article Diana shared from “The Telegraph”, there is a mutual love between pet dog owners and their dogs, similar to the love between parents and their children. The spikes in the hormone, oxytocin, that occur in the brains of humans and their dogs when looking at each other serve as the reason for this love, according to researchers. I think this reason is the only reason why we care for dogs and vice versa because of the relative connection between an owner and a dog’s relationship, and a parent and their offspring’s. I also think this reason is the only reason for this mutual human/canine love because of the evidence having a neuroscientific basis.

    Again, because the human beings’ love for dogs is similar to that of them and their children’s, dog owners may feel the urge to purchase materialistic and unnecessary items for their dogs because they perceive their close-knit relationship with their dogs as having somewhat similar significance or equal significance to their relationship with their children.

    To answer Adrian’s question, I don’t think there should be restrictions on how many dogs an owner can take care of because every household is different. A middle-class family of four with two parents and two children may only be able to take care of one or two dogs because the parents could be occupied with work and the children, with school assignments, but a large, wealthy family may have enough members or even workers at home to feed and shelter more dogs. It really depends on the lifestyles of the family. I think there should possibly be more guidelines on which dogs one can own because certain breeds may be more susceptible to acquiring certain behaviors that could potentially be dangerous to families with young children.

    Do you think human beings have the ability to develop this special, “mutual love” for dogs with other animals, or just with dogs and other human beings? Explain.

  8. The article from The Telegraph explained how researchers found that oxytocin levels relate to the strong bonds between humans and dogs. From personal experience, I believe that oxytocin does play a part of why we care for dogs and why they care for us because it is a chemical in our body that triggers a maternal and affectionate reaction to those around us. According to, Oxytocin is also known as the “love hormone” because it is related to empathy, trust, sexual activity, and relationship-building. It’s a never-ending oxytocin-loop of love with dogs. I think another reason why people have strong relationships with their dogs is that people are made to love. People were made to love, by love, for love. It’s a natural instinct, to most humans, to care for others. People have dogs to relieve their stress and anxiety. The oxytocin between the owner and the dog benefits them both.

    I believe that people feel the need to go to the extent to buy their dog’s unnecessary items because of the oxytocin reaction between them and their dogs. Again, oxytocin triggers empathy and relationship-building. It also is found during childbirth and breastfeeding. When the owner and the dog have that oxytocin loop, the owner feels the need to take care of their dog as if it was their own child. Also, I feel people buy their dog’s unnecessary things because giving gifts is a way humans show their love to others.

    In response to Lucia’s question, I would want a pug because pugs are so ugly, that it’s cute. I’ve always wanted a pug since I was younger and this dream will come true in the future. I just know it.
    In response to Adrian’s question, yes I think that there should be restrictions because sometimes people do not know how to take care of their furry pet. It is sad to see how many abandoned dogs there are in animals shelters. Unfortunately, some people abuse their dogs or lack the basic necessities to care for them.

    Question: Do you think dog owners have the same emotional response/reaction to when their dog and loved one pass away?

    Knapton, Sarah. “Humans Love Pet Dogs as Much as Their Children and the Feeling Is Mutual.” The
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    MacGill, Markus. “Oxytocin: The Love Hormone?” Medical News Today, MediLexicon International, 4
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  9. I don’t believe that this is the only reason why we care for dogs and why they care for us. It is one of the reasons. As stated in the article, the hormone, Oxycontin, is responsible for triggering the feelings of unconditional love and protection, which could be seen in parents and children. This hormone has been stated to evolve over years because the wolves showed no spike in hormone, however, it can come into effect because the dog would see it’s owner as it’s parent. The bond is created because the owner would take care of the dog — feeding, bathing, and playing — which would then make the dog rely heavily on the owner. From the owner’s perspective, the dog is a companion and is treated as family, in most cases. This is one of the other reasons besides the hormone which is the raising of the dog which makes the dog rely on the owner.

    As mentioned before, owner’s buy items for their dogs because they are treated as children. A strong bond like family which makes them want to treat them like a child whether its buying expensive clothes or toys.

    Reply to Adrian’s: I don’t believe restrictions should be placed on how many dogs an owner can take care of and which dogs can be owned because every owner is different. Most owners take care of their dogs regardless of their financial status. There’s homeless people on the street who take very good care of their pets — they’re feed and loved. However, there are issues like the use of pitbulls in illegal fights and abusive owners. If any of these actions are seen, they should be reported and the dogs should go to better owners because it is never the dog’s fault, but the owner’s fault.

    Do cats experience the same hormone as the dogs mentioned in the article? Or does the hormone only play in the dogs and humans?

  10. After reading the article that was posted above, I can say that there are many reasons why we care for dogs and vice versa. Sure, the certain levels that a dog has of oxycontin is a reason but I’m pretty sure that there is more than one reason besides this one. Oxycontin is responsible for activating the feelings of love and affection. The hormone is shown to be present in humans as well as dogs. When you have a dog, there is a bond that is formed between you and your pet. I believe that this bond also plays a role in how we view our pets and how they view us. Over time, this bond grows between the human and the dog and it continues to get stronger as time passes. Your pet becomes your companion and it eventually becomes a part of your family.

    People go the extent to buy stuff for their pets because of the simple fact that they love their pet. They view their pet as a part of the family. This similar to how parents treat their children by buying them costly clothes, toys, and accessories. I would say that the main reason that people buy excess gifts for their pets would be that they do it out of love.

    Reply to Lucia’s question :
    If I could have any dog, I would most likely choose between a Dutch Shepard. I have never really owned any large dogs but I think that this would be the option that I would consider the most. I would also like to have a large dog since I have never owned one.

    Do you think that misunderstood dog breeds such as pitbulls should be taken more care of?
    (Ps I don’t see why people say pitbulls are dangerous, they are some of the most loyal and loving dogs.)

  11. Reading this article really made me think about the reasons I love my dog and I can say there’s many. Dogs are very loving and fun to be with. Now a days we care so much for our dogs that we even take them to “school” and we buy them unnecessary things, but I think that we do this in exchange of their company and loyalty.

    In response to Alan I personally have owned big dogs such as a boxer and from experience many people would get scared of them because they were so big. As the owner of the dogs I can say they were one of the most loving dogs I have owned and even more kind than my current dog a pug which is very tiny. I think the reason as to why people are afraid of pitbulls and misunderstand their breed is because we see cases of dogs who bite people and more than often they are big breeds such as pitbulls. People although don’t consider side factors as to why the dog might have bit the person. I believe that if we were to take more consideration of these big breed dogs and train them to be good dogs and treat them just as we would of other breeds we wouldn’t have the issue of misunderstanding them and judging them by how big and what breed they are.

    Question: We often see videos and cases of dogs that are treated poorly and are cruelly hurt. What can we as students do or suggest to get people to stop hurting animals since nowadays we treat pets and dogs as our own kids.

  12. As a dog owner for the past 8-9 years I’ve treated my wonderful chihuahua with so much love and care since she was 4 months old. I have firsthand experience with treating my dog as the chil I’ve never had. I personally raised my dog with the help with my dad, walking her, feeding her, and washing her. I 100% agree with the article saying how we treat our dogs such as child, and the fact that the oxytocin, spikes in both human and canine brains when a dog is gazing at its owner. On a chemical level we for now say we are linked with feelings of unconditional love and expression like we’re family At the very least we know that we have some kind of chemical response when we see one another.

    The article may not only be the sole reason why we care for dogs and we care for us but it’s a big reason why we care for one another. It’s the time we spend with one another that matters. It’s sad but there are awful dog owners who abuse their dogs everyday and really have no reason to keep them. There are a plethora of stories were abused and stray dogs find an amazing home building a healthy relationship with their owner. When you put enough time into loving something, chances are that “something” will reciprocate the same.

    ^Huge example.

    The phenomenon where people buy clothes for their pets is really unneeded. People do it because they treat their dogs as an accessory or they just love them and express it differently than most people.

    In response to Elva’s question we as students should be active in our animal shelters and be willing to find homes for those who are homeless or abused. We obviously cannot be there for every dog or cat on the street, but we can make a difference locally by helping in our communities and at least giving showers, food, water and a temporary home to those animals.

  13. Emotions are nothing but a series of chemical misfirings within the central nervous system with the uncanny ability to cloud all levels of higher judgement. Somehow, they were meant to help us survive in a natural environment but we no longer live in a natural environment so now they’re just annoying.

    I would agree with the reason given in the article, which is a spike in oxytocin levels when we’re around dogs. Of course, this is not limited to only dogs, but anything we find enjoyable. As to why people find the need to buy items such as clothing for their pets I have not the slightest idea. People are strange. You can sum up all of human action to a series of chemicals within the nervous system and still not understand why they choose to do anything at all.

    I know I’m being overly cynical but I just don’t understand people in the slightest.

    Anyway here’s a question:
    Does the same oxytocin spike occur for anything we find enjoyable? Is it the enjoyment of something that causes the spike or something else entirely?

  14. I don’t think that the spike in oxytocin is the sole reason for our mutual affection towards dogs. The article brings up a good reason for our slightly peculiar behavior towards dogs, but I believe that our love for canines goes much deeper than a simple chemical release in the brain. I think that some other reasons for our strong relationship with “man’s best friend” would be that we can easily form a strong bond with them and they have the ability to become your companion. Having a friend in general can help you out in many situations, and the loyalty that dogs give towards a relationship can really leave a positive impact on ourselves. I think that some people go the extra mile in their friendship with dogs by getting them unnecessary things is because we as humans constantly feel the need to use materialistic symbols to show off how much we love someone. It’s like a wedding ring: a married couple in most situations doesn’t need this expensive little piece of jewelry, but it carries a symbol of the strong bond between them. Dogs do not understand our fascination with possessions, but we use them to strengthen relationships of all kinds.

    In response to Seth’s question, I think that spikes in oxytocin can occur for many situations that people find enjoyable, but the definition of “enjoyable” activities may differ for many people. It may come from intimacy with a loved one, or a simple hug with a best friend. Oxytocin releases could also come from eating good food or taking a relaxing walk outside. All of these things have the ability to cause enjoyment, so I think that’s the biggest possible reason why these activities result in the spike of oxytocin.

    My question: If you could keep any animal as a pet BESIDES a dog or a cat, which animal would you choose and why?

  15. Having a bond with animals is the best thing. I don’t think that the spike in oxytocin is a great reason for our mutual affection towards dogs. To me my dogs are my babies I would do anything for both of them and just when they hear me talk the both seemed to get really happy. Recently I lost one of my dogs and I broke down and was very sad he was my dog since I was a baby he we both grew up together and had that strong bond. It’s true when people say a dog is a “man’s best friend” because having the strong bond is unbreakable. Having friends is nice because they can easily help you in any situation but having a dog to be with is different. And I sure did go the extra mile and by my dogs sweaters,toys and blankets for them they always got more Christmas gifts than i did because they are that special to me. Family with 2 or 4 legs doesn’t matter.

    To answer @Sarah”s question: If you could keep any animal as a pet BESIDES a dog or a cat, which animal would you choose and why, I would have birds like a Cockatoo the little white and grey with pink cheeks and a yellow head or a parrot .The reason I would want to have either one of these birds is because i had some as a little kid and they would wake up singing and when we would let them fly around they would follow us around and it was really cute. But those are the only two birds I would ever get.

    Question: What type of dog (s) do you have or if you don’t what kind of do do you wish to have?

  16. While a dog is not a human family member it is still a companion and creature that spikes our caring and nurturing in stinks because of how cute they are. it is an adaption dogs have developed, along with humans to help the survival of both species. some people feel the need to buy things that their dogs don’t need cause they have put their feelings that would be for a child into that dog making them feel then need to spoil them.

  17. I believe the article explains why our love for dogs in a chemical way like the article states “Oxytocin is known to play a strong role in triggering feelings of unconditional love and protection …” Oxytocin gives us the feeling of unconditional love. However our love for dogs goes so much deeper; a dogs cuteness and unconditional loyalty also plays a huge role in our mutual love for dogs. The thought of always having your best friend by your side is heart warming. I believe dog owners go to unnecessary extremes and buy their dogs stuff is because not only one is it super cute but also dogs are family members and for family members you want to buy things for them even if other people think it is unnecessary.

    Question: What is the most outrageous thing you bought for your pet/family member?

  18. I believe the reasons the article has mentioned covers all in the scientific, and psychological level, however, if one would view in a different perspective than you would realize that dogs are useful in tracking. Since dog’s sense of smell are 40 times greater than our own, they are able to track many objects or human beings that would be impossible for us to discover. This fact alone is why we have around 50,000 police dogs in lines of duty with most common breeds being the German Shepherd, thus the care for them are viewed more as a tool for police officers. But it’s not only the police force, other factions uses dogs for many various reasons. “These dogs have long been used by militaries all over the world as sentries and were used by the United States and Germany in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In the 1950s, law enforcement began using German Shepherds for crowd control.” written in an article by Summerville Police Department. The real reasons why we use dogs in the military in today’s time is their sense of smell are so accurate in detecting mines, gas, bomb, drugs, and enemies than any other military equipment. “It’s really only in the last couple of thousand years that we have kept dogs as pets, and dogs began to be able to relate to humans in meaningful social ways.” said by Dr. Evan MacLean in the provided article describes dogs feel fully associated with us in many different reasons. The primarily reason why dogs care for us is because we provide a home, protection, and food and water that no dog needs to worry. Since we are seen as their home, and food, they risk anything to protect it, and thus, caring for our health and safety. Also, the article mentions that dogs are similar as children that they would ask assistance if provided with a difficult challenge. This in turn provides another reason why dog cares for us is because we are seen as their parent who are taught many skills, and ensure their safety in survival. Another reason, in the more scientific level, this in turn dogs receive many different forms of chemicals when looking towards us, primarily the Oxytocin which triggers unconventional love, and, yet again, protection. This would demonstrate that dogs have true feelings towards us, thus wanting to care for us.
    First of all, you may want to think of why we buy ourselves unnecessary items than why we buy dogs unnecessary items. The reasons to this may be explained in either the scientific level of receiving certain chemicals that would make us happy for a short burst, or more of a psychological level where we feel entitled to give dogs possessions since they are part of one’s family. No matter the explanation, either one works in many different level with their own facts to support it, thus the true answer cannot be solved.

    Answering AdrianadNorth’s Question: I sadly never owned a dog before, and in the near future, I will own a dog to which that would be a German Shepherd. German Shepherds attract my interest in so many different levels such as the dog, in my perspective, being badass or the fact that the dog can protect you from invaders. Finally, I would pick a German Shepherd out of any type of dog for that they are very athletic, and fun to play outside with.

    Question: How are dogs being used in both the police and military force identify as being ethical?

  19. This article explains how love between dogs and humans is mutual, people love them as much as children. This is because there are chemical releases in your brain that trigger these happy feelings. I do not think that the only reason we love dogs is chemical, we as humans like to be able to have a companion and over time we care for this companion and love them as our own. This attachment we get to our pets is only natural, though I am not an advocate for treating your dog like a child. For example, people who sit their dogs at the table with them, or put them in clothing. I feel that this is too far and unnecessary. I have two cats myself and love them, but by no means do I feed them human food and treat them like a human.

    To answer Seth’s question this spike of chemicals that we feel can occur when we are doing anything we find enjoyable. To give personal example: when I find something I’ve been looking for I really happy and it becomes the highlight of my day. We can feel a rush of endorphins when we get happy and do something we enjoy.

    My question is, why do you think that people treat their dogs as equals? Is it right, or is it wrong?

  20. In response to Diana’s blog assignment, no I do not think the oxytocin-loop between dogs and humans is the only reason why we care for dogs and why they care for us. I think it also has something to do with how naturally humans are. Humans need interaction with others, even animals. For example, humans live to reproduce just like any other living creature. But humans have a more nurturing and caring characteristic. The relationship between humans and dogs are beneficial to both. Humans can get the affection they need, have company, and care for someone other than themselves. Dogs can also get the same affection, food, water, shelter, and a loving home. I think people feel the need to go to the extent to buy their dogs’ unnecessary items because it’s a similar way of giving gifts. For example, during Christmas, people exchange gifts because they care for one another. So it’s people’s way of showing compassion towards their dogs.

    In response to Janelle’s question, I do not think that humans have the ability to develop this special, “mutual love” for dogs with other animals because dogs give a different affection than other animals. For example, you can hug your pet bird or walk your pet fish. You can establish a relationship with other animals, but not the same relationship you can have with dogs. In response to Adriana’s question, I have five dogs, but I do not know their breed because they are all mutts. My family and I rescued them from the streets. I love them so much even though they look homeless.

    Question: How do you think dogs develop their own personalities? Do you think it’s the same as humans with nature vs nurture?

    Works Cited: Knapton, Sarah. “Humans Love Pet Dogs as Much as Their Children and the Feeling Is Mutual.” The
    Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 16 Apr. 2015,

  21. The article Diana provided explains the reason that humans have such a high regard and love for dogs as a result of the chemical releases in your brain, triggering these feelings. Although the reason, scientifically, sounds like it may be true, I believe that there might be a deeper reason we love dogs so much. The fact that humans have love for their family is undoubtedly true, and aside from the reasons of chemical releases or evolution effects, we love them because they are close to us. Our dogs are like our family, they’re the ones we feel connected to. As for why people feel a need to buy their dogs unnecessary items, we can look to the modern world and all its technology. No child needs the I-phone 8, it is unessential to his or her life, but often parents still buy the overpriced product for their children. This is because they love them. Dog owners and parents alike are willing to go the distance to get what is unneeded to show their immense love for their family.

    Moreover, to answer Madison’s question of why we treat dogs as equals and if this equality is justified, I answer with the fact that humans do not treat dogs as equals. Humankind does not treat any other species as equal to its own greatness. Dogs, while they are loved, are seen as a lesser species, incapable of taking care of themselves and needing the support of humans. They treat dogs, unintentionally, unfairly through putting them through dog houses and even talking to the dogs with “baby talk,” demeaning dogs no matter their age. The only answer to this question is the fact that dogs are not treated equally by humans.

    How do you think the continuous human obsession with dogs affects the dog species? from an evolutionary standpoint and psychological standpoint.

  22. I feel like other than just having a loving family, humans and canine have been together for a long time as companions. It was more of a mutual respect for the other, they offered each other protection and food. In regards to the unnecessary items, I would feel as if they treat their dog as if it was a part of their own personality.
    Reply- How did dogs get the title of “A man’s best friend?”
    Response- In response to Suhas’s question, i feel like it could be possible that by having an animal could replace the desire to have a child as it could be less expensive to have a pet than a baby.

  23. I don’t think that the article explains the only reason why we care for dogs and vice versa, but it does explain it from a scientific point of view. There’s also a deeper connection between humans and dogs that have been dated for hundreds of years that proves our loyalty and understanding of each other. As a dog owner sometimes you can get the feeling that they understand you and feel the love your dog can have for you. Between some owners and their pets there is an especially strong bond as if the dog was their child, and that’s because they are. Dogs show the same unconditional love to their humans as children do to their parents, and this can deeply resonate in a family that is unable to have children. Dogs in a way are like children, when they’re scared from fireworks from example they run to their owner to feel safe and when they’re happy they want to play with their owners. Dogs need humans and humans need dogs, when a person is feeling down their dog will always be there to cheer them up and love them.
    As for buying dogs item, for example clothes, I don’t think it’s unnecessary but sometimes it can be a little excessive for some people. I personally think it’s cute and fun to dress up my dogs for Halloween because everyone loves it, including my dogs, and often times the more ridiculous the outfit the funnier it is. In other cases when a person’s dog has as much clothes as the person I do think that can be a little unnecessary and also really expensive. Overall though I feel like the items aren’t really unnecessary because dogs do love us and we love them so it’s nice to give them something that shows them some of our love for them.
    To answer Lucia’s question, I’m torn between two breeds of dogs I would really want, but one I would want is a Northern Inuit dog because it is a beautiful breed of dog that was bred to closely resemble a wolf and are really friendly dogs.
    Have you heard of the phase, “adopt don’t shop”? Do you agree with the message?

  24. In this article, although it gave us a scientific reason as to why we love our pets, it did not really say much more than that. While never being a dog owner, I see from other people and how their relationship is with their dogs. These two species seem to understand each other very well for varies reasons. In terms of why dog owners buy their dog extra accessories is simple. Many dog owners love their dogs like it is their actually kids so to me that concept is not very odd. People tend to buy unreasonable items for the ones they love.
    To answer Seth’s question: Dogs are by far better because of all the activities you can do with a dog
    Question: What animal would you guys want to be?

  25. I believe we care for dogs or some animals because we create a special bond that is similar to a human bond but in realization it is just an animal that has strong senses for the humans around them. I believe some people feel the need to go beyond the limits of buying necessities and accessories for their animals because people want to feel a stronger connection with their pets. When in modest reality, it is just plain weird. Maybe these people need to feel connections to animals because they do not have strong connections with the people around them or their pet is a comforting habit that they go to when they are feeling down. In my opinion, pets are for comfort but they can be used for other reasons too. To answer Danny’s question, I think I would want to be a sloth because time moves in a slow pace all of the time whereas time right now is going by faster and faster everyday. Sloths only care about eating and sleeping. Those sound like two pretty good deals to me.

    Question: What is the coolest or worst experience you have had with a dog?

  26. Dogs and humans have worked together for 100s of years but yet we aren’t supposed to be allies by nature. Over time dogs and humans became friends because of mutual respect for eachother. Dogs being pack animals by nature have instincts to protect their pack and even though we domesticated them they still have that instinct to protect their pack (us). Dogs have a incorruptible loyalty to their owners similar to the love between humans and their children. Dogs serve several purposes to help humans these can vary from protectors to best friends. People go the extra mile to buy their pets things because they love their pets like they are members of the family.

    In response to kyle’s question – yes, in fact we genetically modify and cross breed dogs to make them look more friendly and goofy. This unnatural breeding has caused several problems in dogs, an example is the pug. Because we bred them to have the crushed in facial structure they have difficulties breathing in through their noses.

    My question- why do different breeds of dogs have different character/ personality traits?

  27. The connection some people feel to their dogs can be just as strong as the connection between parents and their children. As the article explains, when dogs and humans interact with each other levels of oxytocin rise in both species’ brains. This chemical reaction is the cause of such a strong bond. This chemical increase is the cause of happiness that leads to the reciprocated love between dogs and their owners. The oxytocin causes people to want to be around their dogs more and consequently develop an even stronger bond. This relationship is probably what prompts dog owners to buy accessories that are unnecessary for the survival of the dog. The deep love makes the owner see the dog as more than just a canine, it becomes a member of their family. In the same way parents try to provide as much as possible for their children, extremely loving dog owners attempt to provide as much as they can for their dogs.

    In response to Andrea’s question, I do believe that people feel the same sense of loss to both dog and family member deaths. Like I said earlier, dogs become family members. While not human, dogs elicit the same emotional response as humans upon their passing because of their strong bonds with owners.

    Why do you think people first domesticated dogs?

  28. In the article provided above it gives an explanation as to why we have a scientific reason to love our dogs. Even though it does talk about the chemical oxytocin, responsible for why we have “unconditional love” for certain things. I do not think that this the only reason we love our animals. It can be said that I can feel an unconditional love for clothes to any other material possession. I think that we as humans just need affection in our lives and so dogs. There are many cases of a dog’s needing the same attention that humans do and thats why the feeling is seen as mutual.

    My questions is can this feeling of unconditional lobe apply not other things besides pets and our children?

  29. I think this article does a great job of explaining the special bond dogs have with their owners, but I don’t think it fully lists all the reasons. I think oxytosin is only one of the many reasons dogs love their owners. I think that dogs are naturally made to love and care for their owners, and have abilities that prove so. For instance, a dog can tell the emotions their owner is feeling and can detect facial expressions. Also, dogs can detect if someone is hurting their owner, and will often not like that person.

    Mothers all around the world love their children, and want whats best for them. They buy them things they want, and often spoil them without realizing. Owners will do the same to their dog, because like stated in the article, “A mother and child has the same bond as an owner and there dog.” I believe that the reason people buy their dogs unnecessary items is purely because they love their dog, and want whats best for them, even if i means pushing their pet in a stroller through the mall.

    Question: Why do you think some dogs are more compassionate and sweeter than others? Does it have to do with the way they are being treated by their owners?

  30. I think the oxytosin is the scientific reason why we, humans, feel an attachment towards dogs. Every owner has their own reason why they decided to get a dog. Whether it would be for protection to having it as friend, their will be a bond formed no matter what. It is part of our nature to care for others who can not. Dogs can not go to the store to buy their own food nor give themselves a deep-cleaning bath; they need humans.
    To answer Irene, I believe it has to do with how the dog was raised. If the dog is neglected, it will grow up having an instinct to trust no one thus causing aggression. However if the dog was nurtured, the dog will trust everyone and have a kind compassionate heart.
    Do you think dogs are man’s best friend?

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