09 October 2017

Happy Monday everyone!

We had a wonderful sub today because Mrs. Edwards wasn’t here but we still started off today with some SSR like always. After the 20 minutes was up Miss. Hernandez took our book pages and then told us what we were going to work on next.

Next up we had a surprise timed essay regarding out essential question we came up with for the Beowulf unit we just finished. Even though we haven’t finished our rubric presentations we wrote out first draft of the essay. We had 45 minutes to write it out and submit it to the email.

Your essay should have distinct paragraphs ( Intro, body, conclusion), Use at least 2 sources from this unit as evidence, and should have your essential question written at the top of your document.

Here are the steps to submit the essay through Google Docs:

  1. Choose “file”
  2. Choose “email as attachment”
  3. attach as PDF
  4. To: english12ipoly@gmail.com
  5. Subject: Name/ House/ Timed Argument Piece
  6. Hit “send”

And that’s all we did today!






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