October 2, 2017

Hello North House,


Today we started off with our regular SSR. Today was the first day of SSR for October. Remember to read a challenge book to get those extra points!

We went over expectations for the weekly blog responses. Responses are expected to be well-written, because they are how Mrs. Edwards understands your writing abilities. It is very important to remember to write a discussion question at the end of your response about the topic.

Thursday- hotdog day so we have early release @12:15PM!

Friday- We will be going over the “Build a Better School” project in the MPR.

Rubric Assignment: As a class, we are creating a rubric for the essay. This is so that we can follow our own expectations for what a good essay should be. We broke into groups of 4 and each group got a computer and a rubric. Each group was assigned a section of the rubric to write out the expectations, then record it in the class google slide. Today we wrote out the expectations for a score of 4 and 3. Tomorrow we will write out the expectations for a grade of 2 and 1, and then we will present our group’s section to the class in our groups.


The class slide and the rubric are both in the ipoly English 12 handouts page: here




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