September 28, 2017

Happy Friday Eve!


We did our usual routine of 20 minutes and 2 pages of complete silent, yet sustained writing.

The 13th Warrior Film

We contemplated whether or not we wanted to finish the last 5-7 minutes of the film with the truly epic and glorious final battle between the Vendels against the Vikings and Antonio Bandera defending “Heroet”.

Ms.Edwards asked the class from a show of hands who wanted to view the last portion of the film. An overwhelming 90% majority of our class raised their hands to watch the film and we enjoyed the last few minutes of the guilty pleasure-filled film.

The next topic of discussion, we talked about our Beowulf papers and some possible EQs to add/change to help our essay. If you’re going to use the film in your paper, make sure to refer to it as the film, The 13th Warrior and have the correct names. In the picture below you’ll see the EQs and the correct character conversions from poem to the 13th Warrior.


For our next assignment we had two options to whether to read and notetake the poems, “The Song Of The Mud” and/or “The Charge of The Light Brigade.”

Or we had the option to read both of the poems and answer the following textbook questions.

The picture below here has the homework information.


We took the remainder of our class doing the options and got our papers stamped. We then move onto Thinnes’ class and head off into second block of our third rotation for math.

Extra Fun Stuff

This is my last scribe post of the week, and had way too much fun messing around with this. I hope you all have an amazing Friday’s Eve.
Make sure to wear Blue tomorrow, and bring on your school spirit as I will dress up as Moana tomorrow apparently.

Much love! ❤




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