Gameplan: September 26, 2017


The very last SSR of the month! We did the usual 20 minute routine and whole shebang.

Ms. Edwards reassured us today that the 2 most recent SSR will be inputed by today. As of doing this blog assignment, she was 100% true.

The Great SSR Doc for reference.

Also the grading scale for reference.

  • 45-50 points = A
  • 40-44 points = B
  • 35-39 points = C
  • 30-34 points = D
  • 29 points or lower = F

Don’t like your grade? Rest assured! There’s a few options you can do to secure your desired grade.

  • “Spicy” Challenge Books
  • Completing 3 Depth and Complexity Questions will give you a humble 4 points.
  • Writing and uploading a review Goodreads will give you a hearty 3 points.
  • Make sure to turn in your POR to as either a google doc, attached file, or shared file that Ms. Edwards can access without asking for permission
  • Also with the usual format (Name/House/September POR or September SSR for Goodreads
  • Any questions can be asked to Ms. Edwards for clarification, I am simply a scribe.
  • (Sorry I copy pasted it was a lot of work)

13th Warrior

We discussed the similarities of poem, Beowulf and the film, 13th Warrior with the battles with Grendel, the dragon, and Grendel’s mom. For the rest of the block, we spent watching the film, enjoying the plot and action, and took notes for our EQ.

Finally, we paused the movie at the very last battle that was very Hollywoodesque and got our papers stamped and headed off to elective.


Keep up the good behavior and thank you for being kind ❤ 




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