September 25, 2017


SSR: The usual and normal 20 minutes.
Here’s “The Great SSR Doc”

For those who have forgotten (including me), we are coming to a close of our first month of SSR. To check your progress click the link above!

Here’s the grading scale for reference.

  • 45-50 points = A
  • 40-44 points = B
  • 35-39 points = C
  • 30-34 points = D
  • 29 points or lower = F

If you don’t quite make the mark for the grade you want, there are a few ways to get extra points either through Proof of Reading or Challenge Books!

  • “Spicy” Challenge Books
  • Completing 3 Depth and Complexity Questions will give you a humble 4 points.
  • Writing and uploading a review Goodreads will give you a hearty 3 points.
  • Make sure to turn in your POR to as either a google doc, attached file, or shared file that Ms. Edwards can access without asking for permission
  • Also with the usual format (Name/House/Assignment)
  • Any questions can be asked to Ms. Edwards for clarification, I am simply a scribe.


13th Warrior:

We watched the film, The 13th Warrior and took notes that were related to our previous essential question from our Independent Reading.

We had the following layout for our assignment: “Beowulf Unit Evidence Log” at the very top, had our EQ,  our claim that answered our EQ, and our notes that correlated with our EQ and claim.

We have not completed the film, but have got to the point where Ahmad and the Vikings were attacking the monsters that ambushed “Heorot”. We will continue the rest of the film tomorrow in second block.

We all lined up and got our papers stamped and headed out for our second block.



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