Blog Assignment #5

THE END IS NIGH! …Or is it?

Overtime, numerous amounts of people have predicted for the world to end. For those who were uninformed, the world was supposed to have ended on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. However, as of making this blog assignment, everything seems somewhat fine, but mundane.  For some reason, anyone from about anywhere can create a bold prediction on the date of the world to end. But why?

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After reading this article from CNN 2012, why do you think people predict the world to end? Why do you think doomsday predictors think the way they do? Will the world “end” in our lifetime? Why or why not?


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  1. I tend to be a very objective person, or at least try to be. In addition to this I try to be a positive person as well. Therefore, I do not think the world will end in our lifetime. Many agree with me, and many do not agree. These “doomsday predictors” tend to be those who do not agree with me. Another trend I have noticed is that these predictors that have, to date, been wrong about the end of the world predictions (obviously since we are still alive) have more often than not been extremely religious individuals. I think that this heavily influences the way these predictors think about the world and its end. These religious ideas and teachings are often taken to the heart by those devoted and when signs are seen, they are misinterpreted.

    However, in the past, I think that many people have a very understandable reason to think the world would end. I am talking about the cold war specifically. By living on the brink of death every minute of every day, people are bound to expect the worst. A quote from the article that speaks on the matter of the Doomsday clock, the ‘how close to death are we’ clock, explains how close we were, “landing at an alarming three minutes to midnight in 1984 when US-Soviet relations reached a new low”. Everyone thought we would die, but we didn’t. Now it is happening again with North Korea. There is always something to throw everything else off balance and cause this hysteria.

    Back to the question of whether or not the world will end in our lifetime, I think the answer is no. I think this because I believe that whatever truly deadly threat there is, the world will be sensible enough to handle it in a timely manner, and ensure survival.

    With that being said, what would be the first thing that would need to be done, in your opinion, in order to greatly improve the world’s chances of survival? Why should it be the first thing done?

  2. I’ve been familiar with “the end of the world is near” since I was twelve when I first saw the movie, Doomsday (2008). When I hear people talk about the world ending, it amuses me but also worries me because we never know when the end is. After reading the CNN article and in response to Nathan (DJTECHNOSCRATCH)’s question, I think people predict the end of the world because they are afraid. They are afraid of the extinction of humanity. Why else would they care if the world is ending?

    I think doomsday predictors think the way they do because they know that humans are destroying the Earth. I think this is why they calculate the “end of the world” with all of the “diverse arsenal of weaponry that threatens to end the world.” Doomsday predictors move back the clock whenever something horrible is happening in the world. The more powerful bombs the Earth carries, the closer we are to the end of the world.

    Yes, I do think the world will end in our lifetime because of Donald Trump. Recently there have been rumors of the U.S. going to war with North Korea. And they have lots of powerful weaponry. So if the “end of the world” is calculated with how much horrible events are taking place, then, the end-of-the-world clock is closer to midnight. In response to Kobe’s question, I think the first step is to deal with the problems that the world faces with today such as world peace. I think this should be done first because all of the hydrogen and atomic bombs on Earth can simply destroy everything and everyone. And if two countries with powerful bombs go to war against each other, then the world will suffer and destroy hundreds of communities.

    Question: What is one thing you would do if you knew the world was going to end tomorrow?

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  3. There are many reasons why people claim to know when the world will end. From a religious perspective, some followers of any certain religion could take “the world ending” as an opportunity to convert people to their religion, claiming that they have to repent or start to do good before it is too late. Other extremists might fear the extinction of humanity, as Andrea stated. With this claim, extremists deeply research occurrences that could relate to the “end of the world.”

    At this time, a lot of people are convinced that the world is ending; if you look at the news, you are able to see an abundance of natural disasters that one can assume is caused by the “judgement day.” Others have linked verses and occurrences in the book of Revelations in the Bible to modern day occurrences (the book of Revelation is supposed to record what will happen when the world comes to an end).

    We can never be too sure when the world will actually end; Earth and a decent amount of creatures, not including the dinosaurs, were able to withstand an asteroid, so we do not truly know how much potential Earth has to maintain life. All we can say is that if human life ceased to exist on Earth due to natural disasters, disease, or extinction, Earth would be perfectly fine and would thrive without us. As of now, considering that Earth withstood a giant asteroid, I do not believe that the world will end any time soon.

    If the world were to end tomorrow, I might just say some sad farewells and make some sort of time capsule so when the remains of Earth get excavated, they can see my belongings and “artifacts.”

    How would you assume the world would end? A huge earthquake? Tsunami? Asteroid? Explain.

  4. I think certain scholars and scientists predict the world to end due to all the events in the world that seem to have negative effects on the environment and society as a whole. The video Nathaniel Pangan linked us to discussed those who have made predictions based their theories on climate change and potential conflicts between nations. Though I am not hopeful regarding this, I think there is a possibility that the world could “end” in our lifetime. Many people across the globe hold strong, differing opinions from each other, especially on the decisions and ideals of our current countries’ leaders. With constant protests and struggles to compromise, war is always bound to happen. Much of today’s technology also comes with harmful effects to the environment, like cars and water bottles.

    To answer Lucia Basilio’s question, I don’t think the world will end due to a natural disaster. I truly think human beings will bring the world to an end, unintentionally. Unfortunately, our abilities and gifts to handle situations through speaking, taking action, and creation possess the power to destroy. Throughout our existence, we have constantly been destroying.

  5. After reading the article, I still don’t think the world will end soon. I’ve been hearing this production over and over again for the past 7 years. It has gotten to the point where I just hear the news mention it and my reaction is usually “oh really? That’s cool.” When the movie 2010 came out, I was actually scared but when the “predicted date” passed by I really didn’t care too much. It’s been like that for the longest time now. I honesty do not know why people predict the world to end. I have a feeling that its probably that aren’t happy with their own lives so they go on and start talking a whole bunch of nonsense. They probably don’t have anything else better to do, so they go on rambling about how and when the world is gonna end. I don’t agree with all these doomsday predictors about what they say, or I actually don’t care too much for what they have to say. I don’t think that the world will end in my lifetime, but there is a slight chance that it could happen because of conflict going on with different nations that could lead to nuclear war. The world won’t end naturally, it will most likely be of human causes.

    How do you think that nuclear weapons can contribute to the end of mankind?

  6. Everyone just loves to troll. Asking why people enjoy predicting the end of the world will produce a similar response to asking a bully why they like to harass other kids. Everyone trolls, bullies, (whatever word you prefer) for the thrill and the joy that comes out of it. I have done my fair share of trolling before (pretending to be an annoying 5-year-old, purposely losing games). And I do it for fun and also because it establishes me as the center of attention. I think this why these doomsday announcers do what they do. They love seeing the world freak out over briefly over superstitions. We have to agree, it is pretty funny to see people cry on Twitter over this stuff. As for the real, uncontrollable situations, our world is facing, yes, I do slightly believe the world will end in our lifetime. Our population is growing at unpretending rates; the ice caps are melting; global warming is directly affecting us. And to top it off, we have that idiot in charge. This man, who shall not be named,” is acting like this entire situation with North Korea is a big joke. He throws immature remarks at North Korea and threatens them constantly. Ladies and gentlemen of IPoly, the world is going to Nuclear Warfare. This could have been avoided, but your parents decided to vote for the dude that was going to end Obama Care and build a wall. Two things he has failed to accomplish.

    To answer Andrea’s question, I would spend the remaining time I have with the people I love. I live a happy life and there is nothing more I seek than to be with the people who have provided me with my wonderful life. I would have a giant dinner with them and eat like a pig. I would continue to eat no matter how full I would become. Health would no longer pose as an issue because I would not be alive to see the negative effects of overeating.

    Do you believe that Trump will be the cause of a potential nuclear war?

  7. I think people predict that the world will end because they don’t think that humanity will rise through current or possible future conflicts. I think that doomsday predictors think this way mainly because of skepticism for the success of future generations, or because they don’t trust that people as a whole will change for the better in the future. I actually ponder the fact that humanity might meet its downfall a lot, but while discussing this with my parents, they thought the same things in the 80’s as I think now. I can infer from this that previous generations probably thought the world would end in their lifetime too. But in actuality, I only think there’s a very small chance that the world would end if current problems don’t become resolved and instead get worse.

    In response to Alan’s question: I think that nuclear weapons can definitely be a major contribution to the end of mankind because of the vast destructive capabilities that they hold. According to statistics posted on, the estimated casualties in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when they were the target of 2 atomic bombs in 1945 were over 150,000. If you apply the proportion of these casualties to the scenario of if a major world population center was attacked, such as New York or Paris, the death toll would be enormous. Along with the logic of Mutually Assured Destruction, most of the world’s human population (along with most other life forms) would die out as a result of total nuclear war, ultimately contributing to the end of mankind.

    Do you think it’s possible that a small percentage of mankind would survive a global nuclear war, and then in time repopulate the planet / rebuild society?

  8. Sorry Adrian, I posted this without refreshing the page so I didn’t get to answer your question, I’ll go ahead and answer it anyways. I think that it’s possible that Trump could be one of the front-runners of a nuclear war, although with other countries’ leaders at their wits end like Trump is, I don’t think that Trump could be the solo cause of a nuclear war. Ignore this second post 🙂

  9. Human beings have been thriving ever since we have been on this Earth. We have evolved as humans to what we are today and we progress our technology and society forward as we continue to become more advanced. However, throughout our time on Earth, people have been giving up on society overall and plan to predict the end of the world, Armageddon. I think the reason why people are predicting the end of the world is that they are really influenced by recent negative events that have happened. For example, even in the video in the article that Nathaniel posted, they take into effect the causes of climate change and global warming which leads them to conclude that the end of the world is a possibility.

    As Woody Allen said, “I’m not afraid of dying. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” People think the way they do because they are scared of dying themselves, but they are also concerned about the loss of their loved ones and the future of their heritage and creations.

    I personally believe that the world will end when the sun eventually exhausts all of its hydrogen and consumes the Earth in 4 billion years from now because of SCIENCE. But to be more serious, I highly doubt that anything would cause rapid population decrease as we would been informed of this way before any disaster hits. I highly trust our technology today to keep us informed on any disasters and also to keep us safe for many years to come.

    To answer Lucia’s question, I personally believe that the world won’t end in our lifetime. I ultimately believe that the world will end once the Sun is at the end of its lifetime and destroys the Earth. The reason why is because this theory has more evidence than any of the claims brought up today.

    What is the purpose of life and death?

  10. I think people predict the world to end because of many reasons such as scientific reasons, religious reasons, or some might just make inferences based on nothing just to have a set date. I think all these factors have had a role in end of the world predictions. People can make scientific inferences based on what is going on in space, geographical features, or based on the earth’s health. For example, some might think global warming might cause the world to end.

    I think that doomsday predictions think the way they do because everything has an end, and people always like knowing and setting dates for everything, and always justify their statements with reasons, even if those reasons don’t or can’t prove anything. There is no set proof that the world is going to end, but people still make a lot of claims and predictions.

    I hope that the world will never end in our lifetime, but I think that no one really knows the answer to this question because there can never be proof. I don’t think it is going to end, but if it does, no one is going to be able to really predict it, or see it happen in the future. I think that the end of the world is unpredictable.

  11. People like to know things. That’s why science exists. So we can know things we otherwise wouldn’t know. It is impossible to predict the future, or the exact date something will happen outside of mathematics, but people try anyway. The world may very well end in our lifetime. It may end 3 trillion years from now. I personally don’t think it really matters that much.

    I guess I “have” to answer David’s question, except for one problem: I can’t. Humanity can’t. The universe can’t. At least not scientifically. so, yeah. Idk.

    Also I feel like this is somewhat relevant, my profile pic is actually an aerial view of the Trinity Atomic Bomb test crater from 1945.

    Happy Tuesday everybody, good luck sleeping tonight!

  12. After reading this article from CNN 2012, why do you think people predict the world to end? Why do you think doomsday predictors think the way they do? Will the world “end” in our lifetime? Why or why not?

    I believe that people predict the world to end because of all the current events that are ongoing at this present moment. It is reasonable to suggest that humanity could possibly face extinction because of all the natural disasters occurring, such as the two major earthquakes that killed over 100 people combined, and the two hurricanes that had a large impact on parts of the United States and Mexico. Many also say that the end of the world will occur during this generation because of the threats of a potential nuclear world war between the United States, North Korea, and each of their allies. Furthermore, there are other issues that have impacted people’s opinions of whether or not the apocalypse will occur, such as global warming, the ice caps melting, overpopulation, and of course our president who has helped cause tensions increase between foreign nations.

    There is also the possibility that these doomsday predictors give specific dates about the world ending to scare the public population and thus gain attention. Many people would love to appear on television to trick society into believing certain superstitions about why the world will end on a specific day. I have been hearing that the world was coming to its end for several years now, and initially, I believed it was true because I was only nine years old, but now my attitude is: “If it happens, oh well, and if doesn’t, then great, because it is not worth worrying about if these predictors don’t have enough evidence to back up their claims.” Now that I am older, I am smart enough to realize that many of these doomsday predictors don’t really prove to the audience that they know what they are talking about, so you shouldn’t devote so much time obsessing and worrying about it.

    My personal opinion is that the world will definitely end in the future, but not in my lifetime, because there isn’t sufficient evidence right now that would support otherwise. Although there are many current events and disasters that have not improved the stability of mankind, I trust that we have the technology and will to pursue forward so that future generations will exist in the future.

    My question is: If you do believe that the world will end in our lifetime, then what would be the cause of it? If so, is there anything that humanity can do before we face potential extinction?

    Citation: Splatter. “Top Ten Possible Causes to the End of the World.” The Top Tens, 2017,

  13. I believe the reason people predicted that the world would end because of the constant wars and talks about the hydrogen bombs. It scared them because it was relatively new in the Cold War. They had underground shelters and also drills for it because it was a reality where they could have been bombed any day. Doomsday predictors make predictions based off of the situation and several other factors. I don’t think the world will “end” in our lifetime. However, it is a possibility. Due to several astronomical events like solar flares. I have heard that the world may not end but our galaxy will pass through another and intertwine which will cause our spiral Milky Way to change shape. Billions of years late, from our time, the sun could erupt as it continues to grow. Or it could now with many unpredictable events.

    Why are we so eager to know when the “end” is?

  14. After reading this article in CNN I think doomsday predictors either want to cause panic among people or they either just want attention. An example of this would be how they predicted the world to end in 2012 which was not true but they did make a movie out of this prediction which I’m pretty sure was watched by many people. I do although believe the world will end one day due to how we are taking care of the planet but I certainly don’t believe it’ll end in my lifetime.
    In response to Raquel, I honestly believe the reason as to why we are so eager to know when the “end” will come is because people want to be prepared for what might come. The ending of the world can be very scary for many people and what better way than to be mentally and physically prepared.

    Question: Why might people believe in these doomsday predictions without having accurate evidence?

  15. I think people predict that the world to end because of all the things that have been happening. The natural disasters and wars. There are geological reasons, religious reasons, scientific reasons. I think doomsday predictors think the way they do because they base it off of what is happening in the world today. Another possible reason they think the way they do is just to get publicity. They announce that the world is ending and people believe them. Which ends in everyone talking about it and that is what they want. For years they have been saying the world in going to end on this day, but it never happens. Maybe there is a scientific reason behind these predictions, however it could be they want attention as well. I do think the world will end some day. The earth is constantly changing, especially with all the human activity. The earth changes geographically are some big effects. Also, human activity effects the earth a lot as well. All the pollution, deforestation, animals going extinct, coral reef dying, and more. These factors will be effects of the world ending. The world could end if the sun dies and that effects earth. Maybe a huge asteroid hits our planet.

    Answering Lucia’s question: I assume the world would end because of us humans. We want too much and don’t think about the consequences and how it affects other life forms. Many people die and get injured during a natural disaster partially because of all the tall buildings and manmade items.

    Question: If the doomsday predictors say the world is going to end year after year and it doesn’t happen, why do you think so many people believe them? What makes them believe in the doomsday predictors?

  16. People believe the world is going to end because of nuclear warfare and bio weaponry. I can honestly tell you that this theory is crap. Our world leaders, even though they have shown odd behavior over the past year, do understand a little bit that war isn’t pretty, and nuclear warfare isn’t the answer to tension between countries. Theorist groups, that have sophisticated titles and old men wearing glasses and suits as their frontal appearance, can say anything and be believed because they appear scientific. However, this is just so that useless news distributors such as CNN have something to attract attention to their channel. CNN will publicize anything at this point as long as it is shocking enough to bring in viewers. People, being the mindless sheep they are, will drink this information like water and will freak out over something that hasn’t even happened yet. This will make them trust CNN and make them want to continue watching. We will definitely not see the end of the world in our lifetime and neither will hundreds of generations.
    Why do people believe the crap that they put on CNN? Does it benefit them in any way to scare themselves over theories?

  17. I think that people are constantly predicting the world to end because it is something to do and they like causing a stir in the public. And like suhass said that people and cnn will post stuff about the end of the world because it gets them views and clicks. and honestly it is imposible to tell weather the world will end in my life time i am quite sure it wont.

  18. I believe that people will believe what they want to believe. People will make predictions based of a lot of things. There is religion, science, theories, etc. Then you have those people who refuse to believe anything at all. Why does doomsday predict it? Well i think that they predict it for simple views. The more views they get the more money they make. I personally do not think that the world will end I believe the the person ends.

    To answer Alan Mora’s question- I think that they can contribute by killing everyone.

    Does the thought of the world ending scare you? Does the thought of surviving the end of the world scare you even more?

  19. People freak out over a dumb opinion that the world is going to end, but there is nuclear warfare that could cause devastation but otherwise it is dumb we humans fight each other and we can’t have world peace because of our dumb philosophies. Most people freak out because of the world is ending even though it is not going to actually happen and they are most likely going to die before any of that happens. People that think in that “doomsday” way are dumb and probably closer to death by some health problem or of their age and prepare for the end of the world by buying pointless bunkers or other apocalyptic necessities. At the end it doesn’t matter if the world ends or not because at the end of the road we are all going to die and we can’t change that it is inevitable. Also to add on, I don’t think the world is going to end in our lifetime because most things that world leaders say like kim jong un say a lot of crap and think war will make them think they’ll actually gain something. Eventually nature will take it’s way and wipe us out like some virus or something in our solar system will wipe us out but in the mean time I don’t really care about that “the world is ending” bs because I probably won’t be alive when the whole world goes downhill.

    What is the purpose of Doomsday predictors if all the time their predictions are always bs?

  20. To answer Oscar’s question the true purpose is to have people over react and spend all of their money to stop or feel conformable before they die.
    The world is one living organism, so it is capable of perish before mankind is through with the planet. With that being said people are trying every possible way to survive until they can’t. People can survive in many different ways like; being a human parasite, destroying everything in there way until they get what they want no matter the risks, being the best type of person you’ll able to be, or deceiving everyone you meet and know. The last trait I said is the reason why I think people predict the world to end, because the more gullible a person is the easier it is to convince them to do what ever you say. The world we created depends on money. A predictor could be paid a lot of money of get founding because that person gave proof that the world we live on is about to die. I believe that the has a possible to end in my life because the way that people get rid of the trash is an unsafe way but is effective in the present.
    TO END ON A POSITIVE NOTE : Do you believe that humanity will settle down on other planets before this one ends and Why?

  21. I believe the doomsday people know that many people fear the end of the world. They use this basically as a marketing tool to bring out their brand and to make money. People in this world always want the answer to everything and I strongly believe that is the reason why people want to find the answer as to when the world will end.

    To answer Karen’s question- I do fear the end of the world because of the simple fact that we are not exactly sure how or when it will happen. As for surviving the end of the world I think that would be awesome knowing that you survived something so catastrophic.

    Would you guys rather know how the world is going to end or when the world is going to end?

  22. The concept may be more of a psychological aspect in our human minds where our higher level of thinking may have produce the idea of the world ending. Every human knows that everyone will die off eventually, and the concept of the world ending might have been produced from this. World ending concepts has been around for centuries from the bible predicting its own world ending disaster to the nuclear fallout during the Cold War. This may have been produce due to the bible emphasizing human beings must act a certain way, and if they don’t, the doomsday event will occur if the world is overfilled of sinners. Other world ending concepts were created out of fear such as the fear of a nuclear fallout that was hugely presented during the cold war. Most of these world ending concept were created out of fear from certain threats during each era. I believe the world will not end during our lifetime, however, our planet Earth will indeed eventually be destroyed either by the our dying sun or by human causation. Since our sun is a star, it will eventually undergo supernova that which will eventually destroy the planets within the our solar system, but at the same time, human’s actions upon the earth can potentially create a disaster that will cause a massive extinction that will potentially wipe us all out.

    Answering ElvaNorth question: Well the issue in understanding why people believe in the doomsday predictions with little evidence is the same as people believing in the concept of god or gods. The human brain thinks differently in a way where it tries to justify everything that occurs. We all had that one moment when we are introduced to a new concept or revolutionized product that we try to figure it out. Similar to how many supernatural event occurs, people believe in the doomsday events because they are trying to figure if a total destruction of the world can occur.

    Question: How did the concept of a doomsday event shape each culture in different eras.

  23. In response to Danny’s question i would like to know how the world is going to end so i could be prepared for it.

    People now days have a good understanding that all things come to an end. This is possibly why people are formulating the prediction that the end of the world could come at any given time. In my opinion i believe that the end of the world will come, but anytime soon. the end of the world probably wont come for several millions of years. How or why the world will end i do not know but if it does only very few people will be prepared for it.

    If it were announced that the world was going to really end on the news do you think that people would believe it or would they keep on living without a care?

  24. I believe that people try to predict the day of the world to end because they want to experience an uplifting ‘last days’ feeling. Some people like to predict the end of the world because one day they might be correct. The end of the world is a topic that someone has to spend a lot of time reminiscing about. Scientists try to explain the end of the world but not in specific dates but rather in vast amount of times. But we do not go around calling them doomsday predictors. Continuing on, these hoaxes could all be for publicity. I do not know much about doomsday predictors, nor have I ever met one. Their way of thinking is probably caused by some phenomenon that happened when they were younger. They want to be known as ‘the man who predicted the end of the world.’ It could also be that they have nothing better to do with their lives so these doomsday predictors put all their time and effort in an unpredictable matter. But on the other hand we have scientists who are trying to discover the end of the world so humanity has enough of time to venture off into further space exploration. If I were to assume if the world will end in out lifetime I would say no. In the book A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking he explains that the Doppler effect, the thought that the universe is expanding and galaxies are moving away from us, and how it can help us predict the amount of time in the future. A small portion of the book brings up Friedmann’s model to explain the universe. The result of the studies showed that the universe was infinitely expanding but if it were to relapse it would not do so until another ten thousand million years because the universe has already been expanding for that long so it would take the same amount of time to relapse. Much of this is debatable because this explanation is based upon the thought of the Big Bang theory. In terms of the article and nuclear warfare, I do not think the world will end in our lifetime because of nuclear warfare. This is an overdramatic thought pushed upon by the news that our president is going to end the world. I believe that the actions that Trump and his administration are making in terms of nuclear warfare is the correct way of diplomatic reasoning. Trump has offered various ways for other radical leaders to resign their state in nuclear warfare and let America do their job. But time and time again these radical leaders across the world refuse American deals and this is where we have problems. To answer Stephen’s question, yes I believe humanity will travel to other planets before this one ends because our technology is revolutionizing in extraordinary ways. In a matter of years we will be exploring Mars and that is where our journey as humanity into other planets lifestyles will begin.

    Question: Have you ever had a near death experience? And if so, what happened?

    Hawking, Stephen. A Brief History of Time. 10th Anniversary ed. New York: Bantam Dell Publishing Group, 1996. 224. 1 Sep. 1998. 28 Sep. 2017 .

  25. In my opinion I believe people predict the end of the world because of the idea of fame. When people have such a strong following of people they can say something such as the world with end on blah blah blah and give somewhat of a good reason and their following just listens to them. I think people, in a weird way, believe that if they correctly predict the end of the world they will somehow be remembered. It is an irrational thought almost like an irrational fear in the way that if the world ends no one will remember you because we would all be dead but they believe that maybe there will be a solo survivor.

    Now, I do not think that in our lifetime the world will end. Scientifically, the world will end t=when the sun dies and for everyone that doesn’t know, the sun will not end for another 4.5 billion years (give or take a year). So the physical world will not die in our lifetime.

    Also, in many previous comments there has been talk of nuclear war. Now its a fact that as humans we can not predict the future with 100% certainty so that means that I do not know if the world will end in our lifetime. Some people said that it would because of President Trump and that is just preposterous in my opinion. it is so absurd to me to believe that one man can completely end the world as some people have said. Why? well, its simple. One man can, in no possible way, speed up the suns death or throw earth off axis and kill every living thing on the planet. Can one man start a nuclear war? In my opinion no. Why? It takes two to start a war so maybe two men (men as in women or men) could start a nuclear war but I do no think that this will completely end the world.

    So, with my opinions being laid out on the table, if you believe that President Trump will end the world (like many do apparently) Why? How can one man, 71 years of age, end the world?

  26. I have been hearing allegations that the world is going to end for a long time now and every time I hear one my concern becomes less and less. I honestly do not know why people make “expiration dates” on the world, in my opinion I think they are over analyzing situations that yes they can definitely do damage to the earth but I think they are too quick to alert the media and get people worried, because none of these predictions have happened and I do not believe the end of the world will happen within my life time.

    If the world was going to end what is the last thing you would want to do? Why?

  27. Personally i think that people try to predict the world end in order to gain popularity when it does happen (in which case it never does). In doing so the predictors get a rush of adrenaline or some sort of “hype” for the day to come and have a goal/will to live until that day happen. I feel like the world may not end in our life time but rather in the next few generation, with how the world is right now, the world resources will most likely deplete at a fast pace due to our advances in technology and science. Due to these depletion of resources the world will go to war against each other thus it won’t be a doomsday type world end but rather a war type end.
    Reply- In response to Aniessa’s question the last thing i would do is just enjoy life to the fullest, well pretty straightforward nothing more.
    Question- Assuming you had knowledge of the world ending (through some sort of mystic powers and whatnot) what would you do in the days to come?

  28. After reading this article from CNN 2012, why do you think people predict the world to end? Why do you think doomsday predictors think the way they do? Will the world “end” in our lifetime? Why or why not?

    I think people try to predict the end of the world simply out of boredom. After researching different come and gone armageddon dates and the people who predicted them, most of them are just single, old guys who live in the middle of no where. These retirees with crazy ideas are probably just bored to the point of senility. After beating every single cross word, word search, suduko, and puzzle book in their local Barne’s and Nobel, the only thing left to do is over analyze every religious text ever written, and look for clues to when the world might end. Doomsday predictors like to think up these ideas simply because it gives them something to do. But rest assured, these old guys will surely see their world end much sooner than the rest of us.

    It’s quite possible that the world could end in our lifetime and inversely, entirely not. The threats of war, climate change, and overpopulation are all very real, but there hasn’t been a challenge that humanity hasn’t been able to overcome. Personally, I welcome the apocalypse. It quite honestly seems like a nice change of pace from my bleak suburban life.

    Are there any other nihilists out there who also welcome the apocalypse? If so, why?

  29. The reason why I think that these predictors think that the world is going to end is mostly because of how the environment is at the moment. And sometimes it even has to do with people thinking their psychics and start telling people things, it all just depends on the person and what they think. To be honest I really don’t know if the world will end in our lifetime. There’s times i think it is because of how bad the environment is getting and with all the earthquakes happening around the world maybe the world ends tomorrow. But it can also end the day after I die or you die. It’s just really hard to say when I think the world will end because yes it might be something we think about and joke around about but when it comes to the day that it happens and we slowly start dying, it won’t be a funny joke anymore.

  30. In response to nathaniel’s question I do not think that the world is going to end, however I can understand why some people might believe it. This past year there has been terrorist attacks, threats of war, natural disasters, and more unfortunate events which leads people to believe that this will cause the world to end. Another reason why some people believe in doomsday is for religious purposes. On September 23, 2017 people had predicted that the world would end because a planet was going to crash into the Earth. The planet was supposed to be Niburu but according to NASA the planet never existed in real life but instead exsisted in fables that has been around for years.

    In response to Karen’s question I personally don’t think that the end of the world is scary because everyone dies eventually, it’s just the way of life.

    If it was scientifically proven that the world was going to end in a few days, how do you think people would react?

  31. I think people like to predict the end of the world because usually they want to bring attention to themselves or something they believe in, such as religion. Now whenever I see one of those posts that say the end of the world is near I usually just ignore it because they’re usually fake, not backed up by science at all, or by people who just want to bring attention to themselves and what they want to say. Then there are times when I read those articles to see how people think the world will end or what they thought up. I don’t believe the world will end in our lifetime but who knows what could happen between now and the next 80 years that might, but hopefully not, bring on something that could cause the world to end, either by environmental factors or by humankind. I also believe it won’t end because there is enough people who see the wrong in what some leaders might be doing and have no fear calling them out on it.
    To answer Lucia’s question I think the world might end because of a combination of things, it could end because of the damage to the environment caused by past generations before there were laws in place and the damage we’re doing to the earth now.
    What did you think when people were scared of the world ending in 2012 and other doomsday predictions since then?

  32. To respond to Nathan’s question, I do not believe the world will end in our lifetime. People like to spread rumors that the world will end because people like to spread panic and some ACTUALLY believe it. We are living in a time of a lot of military activity and natural disasters, just look at all the recent hurricanes and earthquakes. People all over the internet have downright crazy beliefs, so we are always going to have those saying “the end is near!”.

    To respond to Selena’s question: if it was scientifically proven that the world was going to end there would be mass panic. People would be trying to gather supplies and there would be those who want to go places or do things to live the days to the fullest.

    My question is: why are people so obsessed about Armageddon (the world ending) and what does this obsession reveal about our society?

  33. I think people like predicting the world’s end because they have fun with all the fear and panic they cause. Another reason might be to make money like Mr. Anaya’s video showed. I believe they think like this just because they’re bored and aren’t doing anything. Personally, I don’t think anyone can say when the world will end because time is infinite and to pinpoint one specific moment would be impossible.

    Answering Madison’s question, People are probably obsessed with Armageddon because they enjoy the attention, showing us that our society is kinda lonely.

    My question is, how do these panic attacks affect our society?

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