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As technology becomes increasingly more advanced, it changes the way the world works. This is most prevalent in the automobile industry, which is usually the first to receive or develop new technology.  Read this article for information on emerging technologies in the auto industry and how they may impact society.

The question that I press is this: Aside from the obvious benefits, how might rapidly improving technology have drawbacks?  What my they be?  Are there any ways around them?


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  1. As technology becomes increasingly more advanced, it changes the way the world works. This is most prevalent in the automobile industry, which is usually the first to receive or develop new technology. Read this article for information on emerging technologies in the auto industry and how they may impact society.

    The question that I press is this: Aside from the obvious benefits, how might rapidly improving technology have drawbacks? What my they be? Are there any ways around them?

    Aside all the benefits emerging technology has on society, some of the drawbacks of it may be that the cost is very high and thus too expensive for many people to afford. For the most part, technology grows cheaper as time goes on, but currently, many companies have not even released a price for their driverless cars. Another con to this new invention is that there is always that potential possibility for technology to go wrong, because even if the self driving car is performing flawlessly at first, it is possible that when the programming that runs the cars is updated, it can have a fault string of code. It is errors like these, similar to the ones in computers and cellphones, that can cause car accidents when out on the road. There is also the potential for greater pollution with this emerging technology because although there are many companies that are looking at self driving cars that have fuel efficiency, there may be more pollution in the future should our access to this type of technology outpace our commitment to clean energy. One final downside of this new technology is that there is the issue of the potential loss of privacy when using these cars. The reason being because the car would be communicating with data centers, thus your location would potentially be accessible to people who could hack into the network.

    The only way around these drawbacks would be to let time go by to allow for the technology to improve its quality, efficiency, security, and costs so that all of society can enjoy the benefits that it does have to offer. Regardless of the drawbacks, self driving cars have the potential to act as an incredible new wave to humanity’s future. They possess a wide range of uses and act as a significant step forward in the technological world.

  2. Technology will always be faced with drawbacks. Some technological innovations may not sell as well as expected, causing a shortage; 75% of U.S. citizens are scared of driverless cars, thus causing a halt in more technologically advanced cars; if something unsafe happened with any sort of technologically advanced automobile, it would most likely be exhibited on the news or any media, potentially killing profits and sales that could have been towards the manufacturing of the cars.

    I feel like all of the scenarios and drawbacks stated above are almost inevitable. I say “almost” because those potential drawbacks may not last forever; products have comebacks occasionally. Maybe a driverless car is not the most famous thing right now because of the skepticism towards it, but after a while, with more tests and customer satisfaction, eventually a product can jump back on its feet and hit the ground running. One can try and prevent customer dissatisfaction through surveys and other questionnaires that can help manufacturers understand what a consumer would and would not want in a technologically advanced car, thus catering to the consumers’ needs, increasing the chance of customer satisfaction.

    I, personally, have thought about the idea of Wi-Fi in my car since I was in middle school. What negative effects might be present when using Wi-Fi from your car, with the information provided from the article?

  3. With the auto industry, as you stated, being at forefront of technology and advancing systems, there comes many problems. First of all, for the consumer, at least, the rapid production of new technology means that by purchasing a new car, you may be risking that your car may become outdated in the next few months. This means that many car buyers will be hesitant to buy cars in fear that a better version will emerge. This in turn could mean that car sales could decrease for an unexpected amount of time.

    Also, with the emergence of new technology, many may be afraid of its reliability and safety whilst on the road. A drawback of this is that car designers must find a way to sway this fear and convince buyers their technology is safe. This can cost lots of extra money not originally budgeted for.

    In agreement with Lucia, there is the possibility of customer dissatisfaction. Just because new technology is released, does not automatically mean that consumers will desire it and seek it out just because it is new. Sometimes, new tech isn’t needed, but simply created. This can saturate the market and cause problems for companies.

    In response to Lucia’s question regarding Wi-fi equipped cars, I believe that a negative effect of this could be the possibility of hacking and hijacking systems. This can simply provide another medium for hackers to steal personal information from unsuspecting victims.

    Finally, do you believe that self-driving cars will eventually take over and dominate the market? Why or why not?

  4. After reading the article on new technology being implemented in cars, it is clear that new and improving technology will always have drawbacks. I personally would not trust a car that is driverless, to me it doesn’t feel safe. And this is what happens, many people simply do not trust new and improved technology. I believe that in order for someone to be able to have trust in something like a driverless car, there has to be numerous studies confirming that this new type of technology. Many things can go bad, for example there could be a glitch or someone trying to hack into the system so that’s why it needs to be proven that it is safe first. Another drawback could be the cost of the new technology. It has been proven in the past that new technology is usually expensive and not many people can afford it. But over time, this cost seems to go down since there is so much new and emerging technology. Some ways around these drawbacks could be increasing the security and software around these cars so that they can gain the trust of the people. The developers and programmers should also work on ways to make the program or software more efficient so that the costs are less.

    What are some ways that companies developing new technology can gain the attention needed from people in order for their product to sell?

  5. There will always be drawbacks with technology. It is manmade, humans make mistakes, so nothing is perfect. Some technology will perform better than others, but that doesn’t make them perfect. There have been many improvements along the years. We have self driving cars, touchscreen laptops, magnetic trains. Of course the company has run tests to make sure the technology is safe and works properly. However, there are flaws that can happen or malfunctions. People are scared that new technology isn’t safe because it’s new. New things amaze people but also frighten them because they are not familiar with it. There also is something new that is invented all the time. Over a few years, the things that are so popular and fascinating now may not be fascinating in the future. Right now, people are trying to get drones to deliver packages to people and self-driving cars to deliver pizza to houses. These are all very convenient and cool, but there can be malfunctions that make this dangerous as well. To prevent these drawbacks, there should be many tests and revisions to make sure there is a less chance of a malfunction. Take time on the products and not rush because that would result in missing parts or steps.

    Answering Lucia’s question: Having Wi-Fi in your car would be super convenient and cool. However there are negative effects from this. Having Wi-Fi in your car can cause a distraction to the driver. The driver would be on their phone more often. It costs a lot of money after the free trial too. This would also cause people to be on their phones more instead of interacting with one another and actually spending time together.

    My question: How do manufacturers come up with new inventions? Is it based on needs or wants? Do they think about if it is beneficial/necessary to the world or just random useless items?

  6. Rapidly improving technology is a fantastic thing but like all things, have many drawbacks. Some technology will be a flop and not sell as much as expected. An example would be Google Glass, the Apple Watch, the Hoverboard, and much more. Any flaws that are showcased and exposed to media could lead to the downfall of the piece. Another issue is that the technology needs to have a great purpose as if there’s a device to fold paper, that would be utterly useless.

    The drawbacks of many of these weird and useless technologies are that they waste money overall. As they cost money to make is supply, to create, and to advertise. Not only is it a waste of money but it is also a waste of materials overall, as some inventions need expensive material to be made.

    The ways to address these issues is to make sure entrepreneurs create inventions that serves a real purpose that is good for humanity as a whole. An invention can’t have a useless purpose or a dumb action, it must serve to help people or to better our situations. If the invention is controversial like self-driving cars, they must be extensively experimented upon and made sure that it is safe.

    To answer Lucia’s question, I feel like Wi-fi in a car is a good and a bad thing, as it can be used for identifying an area through Google, be used to beat out boredom, and so much more. However, I feel that it can be a major distraction to the driver and the passengers. Driving with family should be used to bond as a whole and make sure that the driver is attentive and passengers are safe.

    How has technology changed our lives over the course of history? Do you think it has a negative or beneficial impact?

  7. Rapidly improving technology might have drawbacks because technology is making everything easier for us, and changing the world we live in, and so in result, this might cause laziness. Technology has been making everything easier for us, that we no longer have to put in the effort we once did to complete daily tasks. Mostly everything is online, and we barely have to put in any energy or effort do complete tasks. This contributes to the automobile industry because there are now self driving cars, which uses less effort from humans. Technology has given us a much simpler life, but rapid improvement of technology is making out world much more lazy and laid back, because it is simply easier to rely on technology.

    Question: Is there any way technology can improve people’s lives more than it already has?

  8. As mentioned by my classmates, technology is improving quite fast and it does have it’s good and its bad. We see technology like mentioned in the article massively in automobiles which has made transportation quite easy and safe. Although it makes our transportation much easier it is making communities rely on this type of technology which can lead humans not to do any exercise which can harm their health essentially. In response to Irene I believe technology can actually improve people’s life’s more than it already has especially in the medical field. The growing use of technology in the medical field is improving a lot which is helping these medical professionals to treat and diagnose all types of health issues that might not have been able to before we had technology. Technology is becoming an important part of society and communities that i believe it really outweighs the negative things that come from technology especially when used in the medical field.

    Question: Do you believe technology is more helpful or more harmful and why?

  9. Technology has been on an up ward climb to improving everyone’s lives. The article is a clear example of the wonderful improves that can benefit the whole world. With this computer generated world we are creating for ourselves it brings up the question what is going to be lost in order to adjust to this new world. The value of intelligence, common sense, and compassion will become less necessary in that world. The only way to keep those three things alive in that world would be the families job to keep up those teaches.
    Do you believe those three are important to everyday life?

  10. In response to Seth, rapidly improving technology can have drawbacks due to the dependency people will have on technology. People will begin to rely on technology more than doing things themselves. For example, self-driving cars. According to, self-driving car users will not have the skills to drive cars. If the highly-technological car malfunctions or breaks down, the drivers will most likely be clueless, or “out of practice” to drive the car themselves. Another drawback that rapidly improving technology might have is that it can attract hackers. According to, the expansion of new devices are a potential target for malicious hackers and it will grow exponentially. People’s personal information might get stolen. There are many drawbacks from technology! I don’t think technology can be absolutely perfect. There are always updates on our phones, computers, TVs, etc. I do not think there are ways around them, however, technology will never stop improving! There are always new things to innovate and create.

    Also, in addition to Kobe’s comment about the post, he mentions how fast improving technology can come with problems for the consumer. He says that buyers will be anxious to buy a new car because of how often new cars will be released with newer and better versions. I totally agree with Kobe’s comment: “This in turn could mean that car sales could decrease for an unexpected amount of time.” Also, with newer and better cars being released, it can be expensive for many buyers. I feel like, with self-driving cars, the upper-class would only be the only buyers that can afford it. In repsonse to Kobe’s question, I do not believe that self-driving cars will eventually take over and dominate the market due to financial disadvantages. Also, in response to David’s questions, “How has technology changed our lives over the course of history? Do you think it has a negative or beneficial impact?” I think technology has had a beneficial and negative impact to society. Technology has changed over lives over the course of history because it made us capable to improve our buildings, medicine, education, agriculture, and more. Technology helps people grow. However, I also do think technology lets us forget how to do things sometimes. For example, I would be shopping at the mall and almost all the little kids are in their strollers with a brightly-lit screen in front of their face. I think technology has a negative impact in this way.

    That being said, if you were able to purchase a self-driving car, would you? why or why not?

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  11. Technology that is improving so rapidly will likely have its drawbacks in the near future. These drawbacks might be that not many people will be able to afford the new technology at their disposal, or that the technology won’t be immune to cyber attacks, malware or hackers because it is still very new and vulnerable. I think that to get around these obstacles, companies should work to perfect the security of the new technology before it is secure enough to sell to the open public. They should also mass produce the technology so that it is less expensive for many potential buyers.

    Answer to Andrea’s question: I probably would not purchase a self-driving car, but this depends on the situation. I would purchase one if by some time in the future, most cars on the market have self-driving technology integrated in them. However, because I do not trust that the technology is safe enough yet, I wouldn’t purchase a self-driving car yet.

    My question: What are some of the ways a company can make new technology more affordable for the general population?

  12. Technological advancements are great considering that they are developed to make work in different industries more efficient and quick, but there drawbacks. Dependency and less value in human workers are the main disadvantages of rapidly improving technology according to Lynda Moultry Belcher of the site, Small Business. Technology is utilized everywhere: at home, school, and work. As people grow more accustomed to using technology as their main source of completing tasks, their dependency on technology increases. This is not good when faced with situations in which a piece of technology like a computer or phone stops working. The individual will most likely not be productive to complete their tasks until they’re fixed. With advanced technology constantly becoming more and more prevalent everywhere you go, the less work human beings themselves will be required to do because the computers and machines can do an abundance of tasks. As this goes on, the need for people to be employed in the industry decreases.

    Nowadays, it is crucial to practice skills with technology as it is basically our world, but I also think it’s important to not stray far from traditional ways of getting things done. Phones give us the opportunities to connect with people who are far away from us, but are definitely not needed at the dinner table or at a social gathering where communicating in real life should take place.

    If technology isn’t at our hands, all we have is our hands themselves so we should remember to make good use of them.

    To answer Sarah Hoffman’s question, a company can make new technology more affordable for the general population by producing services within industries that don’t have competition. If there is only one brand that is making a product the public is eager to get their hands on, prices are bound to go down as demand increases.

    My question is: do you think the use of technology at home, work, or school should be limited in order to keep in touch with traditional activities and social engagements?

  13. We live in a society that is more dependent on technology than ever before. We rely on various forms of computers to remember phone numbers, take notes for us, be our guides, and even complete computations for us. These aides pose many benefits, but what about the drawbacks? Improvements in technology are actually ruining our memory, the Washington Post declares. We are losing the ability to fully comprehend what we write when we type or execute voice to chat. Our dependence on improving technology can be a major drawback. Technology cannot always be relied upon, for it will inevitably malfunction. Crain’s, a New York business site, reported several issues of this case occurring in important scenarios. A router issue at United Airlines grounded its planes for nearly two hours. This crash led to 800 flight delays and 60 cancellations. Rapid advancements can also be scary. Recently, two Facebook AI robots began to develop their own language in order to communicate with each other. They were soon shut down, but Facebook researchers declared that this action was taken because they wanted robots who could talk to humans.

    I guess the obvious way around the drawbacks is by stop relying on technology. We can go back to the time where everything was done by man, but that would be plain dumb. Technology is much more accurate than us in completing certain calculations and chores.

    To answer Janelle’s question, I strongly believe that technology should not be limited. No matter what humans create, we will always engage in traditional activities and social engagements. Technology has allowed us to engage in further social conversations, allowing us to easily make more friends.

    My question is: Do you think humans are becoming too dependent on technology?

  14. It is evident in the past that new technology always has drawbacks. Advances like the Samsungs that blew up or self-driving cars that malfunction will. Rapidly improving technology may leave no room for double checks on the math or work and may possibly lead to glitches or even hardware faultiness. For these very reasons, according to Seth’s article, 75% of U.S civilians fear driverless cars, the new innovative technology. This will cause the companies investing in driverless cars to lose profit and revenues.

    Although most of these drawbacks are bound to happen if a manufacturer is rapidly making products and innovating, there is one way I believe can be the “go-around” for drawbacks, and that is to always have a group of programmers and design managers to check on the product. These checks are extremely important because they are the only way that people won’t get the various glitches that we hear so much about.

    To answer David T’s question, and that similar question so many others have, I believe technology has made a positive impact on humans and has brought us this time of prosperity. People every day now have cell phones to do anything they need to do. According to a study done by the PEW research center, 78% of Americans use smartphones. This statistic shows us just how much technology has simplified our lives, and how much we like to have them due to their helpfulness.

    My question is if humans were to revert back to not having phones, computers, cars, or the internet, do you think they would be able to cope or return back to the older way of living?

  15. When you look at the past and see improvements in technology or rapidly growing inventions that revolutionized eras, you would notice that people do not necessarily point out the drawbacks of these innovations. For their time, the products did work and carry out their desired purpose to an extent that made it seem futuristic to someone in that time. Only now when we look back at these inventions and compare them to our own modernized ones, do we point out flaws in the design and notice the things that we in the present have improved upon. Same way, in the present, new inventions and products do carry out their desired purpose as per this time, (other wise they wouldn’t be sold), but someone in the future will look upon what we have done and see it as flawed. So the drawbacks of machines do exist when they are being developed, but once they are finished, they will carry out their purpose in accordance to our time. Drawbacks are truly noticed when someone has something better to compare it to. There is no way around it, because it is just in respect to the flow of time and innovation.
    Are there some inventions that have not been improved upon in the last 100 years and why has it not been improved? Is it at a level where it has no flaw?

  16. Like the article said in the beginning, technology changes rapidly and this might lead to drawbacks such as technology becoming irrelevant very fast. Like suhas said drawbacks are not noticed until there is something to compare it to, and this can lead to multiple malfunctions and errors in technology.
    Q-Is it better for technology to advance rapidly or smoothly or steadily.

  17. Technology is rapidly increasing every year although there are many drawbacks to go along. For example Volkswagen was a very successful company and still continues to be. Although they had a setback due to malfunctions of the car thus causing a recall of Volkswagens of a certain model. Technology is very susceptible to malfunctions although they are not noticeable until there is something to compare it to l, like suhas said.
    I believe we are attempting to use technology as much as possible to make life easier for us although is having a car drive to a destination with no human control too far? I think it is too far because you are putting your life and possibly other lives in the hands of technology that can experience glitches, software hacks and simply malfunctions. Technology should only be used to assist people who need assistance not putting a life at risk.
    Technology is rapidly increasing, do you think the next generation of technology will be overwhelming considering we are mildly close to perfecting the self driving car ?

  18. Technology will always continue to be improved ( or attempting to improve) and because of this there may or may not be drawbacks. One of these drawbacks in my opinion is all electric cars. This is a drawback in my opinion because the oil industry is a very large industry worth billions of dollars and when cars become all electric this will eventually cause the oil industry to crash. This could be a large problem because cars (Both diesel and gasoline combined) use about 66.7% of the oil the oil industry produces. I do not think this drawback has any way around it because of the environmental impacts oil has. This leads me to my question which is how do you think the ending of gasoline based cars will effect the environment? Do you think it will help the environment exponentially or will it make a minor improvement not worth the loss of gasoline?

  19. Technological advances have improved our lives drastically. Some downfalls that may occur due to technology is giving technology the ability to control everything around us. If technology controls every step we take as humans it limits the amount of things the upcoming generations will learn behind the advancements. If humans were to give technology the power to control our everyday life then who is to say the technology would not control our life. Technology should not control every aspect of society but it can help us in new revolutions like cars mentioned in the article. Technology is a splendid thing in the modern world. By applying vast restrictions on how far technology should be used and limited could be useful in the future but it would also be very controversial. Caleb mentioned a rather provoking question, “Is it better for technology to advance rapidly or smoothly or steadily?” In my opinion, technology has been advancing in a smooth direction but in terms of the article, the advancement of car technology has been put in a stand hall of small evolutionary patterns rather than in a better direction of cars that should be put in a rapid advancement of revolution. The car world has been set in a direction of giving into what the consumer wants instead of focusing on large technological advancements like the self-driving car. Technology should be produced rapidly in a point that helps humans up to a point of return. Technology is important in the world we live in today and we are so dependent on it that many of us would not know how to live without it. Being part of a generation that grew up around the vast growth of technological revolution, I can say that technology is important and the benefits do outweigh the drawbacks.

    Question: Would you want to live in a world run just by technology?

  20. Technology is going to be improving for a long time until man kind is either satisfied with what we have or we have simple ran out of ideas or improvements which seems very unlikely. Some drawbacks that we have had I believe is that we simply cannot figure out how to make specific advancements. Also malfunctions that are caused by certain advancements that we are unable to make, the only way around these drawbacks are is to continue working on technology in these cars to improve and work upon drawbacks and the cars in general.

    In what ways can advanced technology in cars improve our life?

  21. Reading the article that Seth gave us a new light on our technological advances in the automobile industry. Cars are being programmed to do the “hard work” for us. Eventually they will automate themselves to completely drive us to our destination, create safer traffic on the streets and roads, and possibly eliminate all human-use of working with cars. This sounds incredibly useful and can create tons of positives, but in this day and age only a glaring issue will always be in effect when things do the work for us. Laziness. A famous example has to be the space people from the movie Wall-E who completely rely on technology to do everything for them. In one scene Wall-E accidently trips this person completely enhanced by his computer screen, and he couldn’t get up and had to have computers do the work for him.
    A common thing in my family is that when we eat outside we exclusively go on our phones and never talk to each other. We’re so encaptured by our phones, that we don’t even make any eye contact until our food arrives. It’s sad, technology was invented to make our lives easier, but quality time is muddled with our cell phones constantly in our face, and it’s not meant to be used to take away family time from one another.

    In reply to Caleb’s question, I believe that as long as technology is advancing rapidly for the better for things such as medicine, transportation, communication, etc, there’s no harm in it. Of course, there will be flubs and flops here and there, but as long as we create a better world around us, I would technology to make large leaps in advancements.

    How is technology advancing in the right direction? Do you think in the future as people we’re going to be abusing our technology or we’re going to use them for the better of the world?

  22. Rapidly growing technology could possibly limit job opportunity. Some fast food chains such as McDonald have start to replace cashiers with an automated system to take your order. Soon jobs could be replaced with robots or technology. A good solution would be to limit the robot so they are not self-controlled and rather to have someone control them.
    What is the best course for the development of technology.

  23. Technology will affect society because products may not sell as expected, this will cause a shortage that will drastically drop. Many U.S. citizens are afraid of self-driven cars. This is why the step into driverless cars is taking longer in time to go through because there has to many thing reviewed before. In the coming months if you do purchase a new car it will soon be outdated because there is always something changing it is always updating just like phones. Many car sellers have to convince the buyers that the cars are safe in technology and no probems that the cars are safe.But this still cause many problems for companies.

    What companies are trying to develop new technology and are gaining from it.

  24. I’m not surprised that the automotive industry is the most prevalent in technological advancement. They have one of the highest demanding and growing markets so it makes sense that they would need the innovation. As for issues with the advancing tech there’s always drawbacks. Cars that will soon be equipped with self driving capability will continue to see errors until all variables are thought out and all problems are solved. These automotive companies don’t want to have to pay for lawsuits so they’ll make sure that all of their technology and cars are perfect before releasing them to the public. The last major drawback with advancing tech is that it’ll come to a point where it will end up being too expensive for the public to afford and the amounts of newer cars being sold will decrease.

    To answer nathaniel’s question i’d say that technology is heading in the right direction in regards to added safety features in newer cars and in map guidance/navigation.

    My question- do you think technology will hit a peak in the near future and things will become very repetitive?

  25. The growing technology can have some drawbacks like many glitches or system problems that could affect the technology that is on the road and may cause an accident. In the article, it also mentions that we already have started replacing petroleum fueled cars with electric ones, but there are problems with that like the mileage you get and the time you have to charge the battery but its beneficial to use cause oil prices rise and also we can help the environment. Technology is always improving and it always seems to impress everyone since it is always something new we have never seen before and it continues to help, but always improving isn’t always beneficial because there might be some set backs that can affect the economy in a way, so that is why we are slowing getting there.

    Do you think improving all these technology will be beneficial to us?

  26. Rapidly improving technology contain numerous drawback such as lowering the needs of certain jobs. In the past, technology advancing did indeed destroyed many jobs, however, this also created new jobs to fulfill is need. The issue is that technology is longer creating as many jobs as previous times. In the next 20 years, about 47% of all jobs are at risked being taken away by technology said by an Oxford study. This in turn will cause massive issue, and among those 47% risked jobs, high skills career are included. There is a way to get around this issue, but requires many to constantly shift skills and knowledge. Jobs are always in need, however, people must be ready to constantly shift careers rapidly in order stay within the rapid development of technology.

    Answering Aniessamnorth question:
    Advance technology in cars will improve our lives dramatically. Technology in cars will allow a connection between other vehicles to gather information about its speed, traffic flow, direction of travel, and road conditions. For example, the article states that which the V2, or vehicle -vehicle-communication that allows for cars to communicate with others, had already saved 33,000 lives in 2014. Technology also created autonomous vehicles that which allows the car to drive on its own. This autonomous vehicle will remove reckless driving that which already fills in 70% of all america’s car accidents, and creates an efficient method of travel.

    Question: Technology has shaped human history from the first Industrial Revolution to modern time, and this action alone shifted society throughout its revolutions. How did technology affect or influence society throughout its revolutions.

  27. People will always try and improve technology. I think that growing technology will always have some form of drawbacks. There might be certain systems that have become faulty and have put people in harms way. Since technology is a manmade thing it will not always be perfect. In creating new technology there might be a mix up in the math, faulty manufacture, or a simple glitch in the system. Faulty technology will always be a drawback but that should not prevent people from trying to improve it. In response to Oscar’s question I do think that improving technology will be beneficial to us because not only does technology make people’s lives easier but they are also a type of entertainment. Do you think that society has become too focused on trying to imrpove technology or do you think there needs to be more emphasis on the rapid advancement of technology?

  28. After reading the article on technology in cars there will always be drawbacks to it. People will always try to make things perfect but nothing will ever really be and malfunctions can always happen. There will also be people who are afraid of how fast technology is advancing and don’t feel safe with them. Glitches could happen and the way companies could go about fixing them is testing and always improving, but that’s not always a guarantee.
    To answer Lucia’s question, I personally think it would be pretty cool but having it could be a big distraction to the driver by them being on their phones more.
    Do you think that advancing technology will make humans even more dependent on it and do more harm than good?

  29. Rapidly advancing technology is at first glance a good thing, but when you really give it a hard look, you can see problems and drawbacks that occur. A recent example of this is Amazon and online shopping making Toys R Us go bankrupt. This only one example of advancing technology (in this case internet shopping technology in the example I mentioned) causing stores to go out of business. With the automobile industry there are problems caused with peoples idea to make cars more convenient and more and more perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect and there is always a possibility of damage and malfunction, Such as cars getting hacked into.

    To answer Julianna’s question, i really do think that technology and it’s rise can do more harm than good. We as a society have become addicts to technology. While it is undeniable that technology does make life more convenient, what we we need all of this convenience for?To have more time to sit back and flip through our twitter and Instagram? With the rise of technology people have become less social and there are problems caused by technology.

    My question is: Do you think people will expect do less and less as technology advances? or will our technology addictions die down at some point?

  30. Technically continues to grow day by day due to the fact that humans are just getting smarter by the day as well. One of the biggest fears we have to face right now as we develope smarter and smarter machines is then what? What Will happen when these machines are smarter than us? Or what will happen when we are no longer able to control them? We are setting ourselves up for things like unemployment and the possibility of not having control of our surroundings and other r future for that matter. Now this answers Julie’s question. I think we are setting ourselves up for failure and we are bound to cause more harm than good.

    Now this can only lead me to ask what is the goal of our technology advancement?

  31. As technology progresses at a fast rate is good, but there are many drawbacks. One of the big things that stick out to me are, if the technology is advancing are jobs for people going to be replaced by machines? If the technology isn’t perfected could there be problems such as glitches in the system? This is important because if we are trusting companies to use their automobiles then safety should be a first priority. The article talked about how oil-filed cars will become a thing of the past, and I found this interesting. From an economic standpoint, the oil industry is worth a trillion dollars and if we make advances towards electric cars, then history shows that the oil industry would collapse and throw the world into instability.

    My question is, would you like to live in a world that is completely automated?

  32. The rapid changing of automobile technology has numerous benefits. As discussed in the article, cars are becoming smarter and more connected. These technological advancements have the potential to greatly improve roadway safety. While this may seem extremely positive, there are in fact some downsides to these rapid changes. These new changes bring about the need for change in other areas of transportation. Autonomous cars will need new laws to govern their usage, and the interconnectedness of vehicles could be exploited by security flaws. Unfortunately, as with all new technologies, there will be growing pains that are unavoidable. As time moves on, new problems will arise, and eventually be resolved. This is just the natural flow of technological progression.

    Are there any technologies that could could completely eliminate the risk of accidents while driving?

  33. As for the most part technology advancing is a good thing, but with all the good there are some drawbacks that I have concerns with. One of my main concerns is if technology advances so far beyond our imagination would robots take over jobs that humans have right now? We can already see this in the automotive making world where most of the parts are put together and built by machines. Although they have humans look over the cars, I believe sooner or later technology would be so advanced that we wouldn’t even have to worry if they did their jobs correctly.

    How much longer do you guys think we have to wait until we see flying cars?

  34. Technology is constantly evolving. It is an overall good thing, however, there are drawbacks. For instance, the faster more technology comes out, many recent types of technology will be outdated. Things are being produced too quickly where much of the world has to catch up. The same goes for automobiles. They are being built with new pieces of technology that some people think it is a dream. There are ideas that are being pushed out now, relating to the article, ride-sharing is being spread to help with road congestion. As well as saving fuel. Cars have only existed for a short amount of time(recent history) and is now being quickly changed.

    Will there be flying cars in our lifetime? Is it possible?

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