Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was first introduced to us and established by the Obama administration for individuals who entered the country illegally as minors. This policy allowed them to receive a two-year deferred action from deportation and are eligible for a work permit. Although the DACA policy for dreamers are put to a hold.CLICK HERE to learn more.

After watching the video, how do you feel about the decision made by office? Does this decision effect anyone you know? Is it unconstitutional or constitutional considering the decision made? why or why not?


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  1. After watching the video, even before watching the video, in fact, I thought that the decision was wrong and narrow-minded. As far as I know, I do not know anyone that would be affected by this decision, but I have seen other videos online where young DREAMers, or DACA recipients, speak on behalf of all the DREAMers. In these videos, they explain how most of them do not even realize that they are unauthorized immigrants until they become teenagers and hold back their tears as they explain that the U.S. is the only country they know and the decision would deport them to a country that they have never even stepped foot in. DACA itself is hard to get into; over 1.3 million people are applicable, but only 800,000 people have actually received it.

    The United States was founded on immigrants; they “discovered” the land and claimed it as their own through divine right and a “manifest destiny.” The United States is nicknamed “The Melting Pot” because of the diversity that is exhibited nationwide. The reason that foreigners come to live in America is because of the opportunities that they seek for themselves and their lineage; they want a better life. So to shut out these hardworking people, preventing them from reaching their goals, reaching a better life, is unconstitutional. Like I said previously, America is the only land some DREAMers know. It would be unjust to force them to “return” to a country that they don’t even know; to return to “their homeland,” when the only land they can call home is in the U.S.

    Donald Trump said that Barack Obama instituting the DACA program was unconstitutional. Why do you think he would say that? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

  2. This topic is very big right now because as the article stated, DACA protects over 800,000 DREAMers. I think that DACA is a great policy implemented by Obama that really opened up the United States to those who wanted to pursue a higher life. Now, with Trump putting this policy on hiatus and potentially terminating it, I believe that the lives of these 800,000 DREAMers are at risk. However, this wouldn’t be so concerning if Trump’s administration had a replacement for these 800,000 individuals. Personally, no one I am close with if affected by this decision, though I fear for those who are affected. I don’t think this is constitutional since these people have been able to live here and progress for so long only to have it ripped away.

    If this decision is to go through, what would be a suitable replacement for these 800,000 people, how would it differ from DACA?

  3. After watching the video, I thought that this decision made by the office was wrong. I don’t think its fair to send someone to another place where they have never been before. DACA is a great policy because it helped out a lot of people who didn’t have the chance to work or open bank accounts. Now that they have this chance, they are taking advantage of the opportunities given to them by the government. This is a big problem because there are about 800,000 dreamers being put at risk of facing deportation. I personally know several people that will be affected by this decision. I find this very unconstitutional because you can’t just take away something that protects a person’s rights or puts them at risk of deportation. It is also wrong that they are going to send to them to a place they don’t even know, or that they most likely haven’t even set foot on. Keep in mind that there is also a lot of insecurity in most hispanic countries due to organized crime. The home of many dreamers is here in the US and it should stay like that?

    Do you think that the removal of these 800,000 people will affect the economy of the US in some sort of way?

  4. Although I don’t know anyone in particular who is being affected by the decision to remove the DACA program, I strongly disagree with the president’s actions due to moral and economical reasons. This is affecting a total of 800,000 people who will be forced to be deported to an area that is unfamiliar to them, without even knowing its language and culture. Donald Trump claims that when Mexico is sending its people, “they are bringing drugs, crime, and they are rapists,” but some of the requirements for being in the DACA program are to have a high school diploma and have a decent criminal record, so what he is generalizing about those people is derogatory and ignorant, coming form the leader of the free world. The people that are a part of the DACA program should not only be seen as equals, but they should be recognized as a crucial part of our nation’s economy. To answer Alan’s question, as Mr. Anaya said during class today, if these 800,000 people are deported, our economy will lose around half a trillion dollars within the next decade or so. That will be a devasting blow to our financial situation, which can thus affect people such as you and I in the near future.
    I do believe that this decision is unconstitutional because it would be taking away all the progress these people have made just to have that ripped apart from them so that they can start all over in a brand new country. There are many people that are part of this program that were brought to this free country by their parents when they were very young, so it is not their fault that they are currently here illegally. Now, it is difficult for them to go out in public due to their fear of the risk of being deported. It doesn’t seem morally correct to allow young adults to live here, go to school, and apply for jobs through this program just to have to give up all that hard work to go back to the way it was before being given this opportunity. The whole point is that the United States is made up of immigrants who have traveled and risked their lives in search of a better life with better opportunities, and to contradict that practice even though this nation may be the only land these Dreamers know, is an unjust and unconstitutional thing to do.
    Do you know anyone personally who is being affected by the decision to remove the DACA program? How are they responding to it and what are their thoughts/opinions on the entire matter?

  5. I view DACA as a very beneficial program. According to Vox, DACA helped immigrants, who are 16 and above, better their future. It gave them an opportunity to succeed. The decision made by office scares me. It makes me question “what is America about?” I thought the United States of America welcomed people and gave them great opportunities (The Statue of Liberty). Yes, DACA affects my mom’s friend’s nieces. I do not think the removal of DACA is constitutional because the United States gave this wonderful opportunity and it does not seem right to remove it after all these years.

    In response to Allan’s question, yes I do think the removal of 800,000 people will affect the US’s economy because those 800,000 people work so hard. They do the work no one else would do. They keep businesses alive.

    How will the removal of DACA affect the United States? In a good or bad way?

  6. “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”
    -Excerpt from The New Colossus

    I feel like people bring the Constitution into the wrong issues, and ignore it when it matters. The Constitution of the United States does not mention immigration in any way whatsoever, however, other important works and the foundation of our nation are based on the idea that ALL MEN are created EQUAL. The use of the word “men” in this quote does not refer to “men,” rather, it refers to “mankind” As a whole, all people. And if all people are created equal, than how is it our right to bar certain groups from entering land that, ultimately, does not belong to us? The answer is simple. It isn’t. Every problem I have thought of that people say is caused by immigration can be solved through other means.

    To answer Andrea’s question:
    It seems like it will have mixed effects. On one hand, the removing of thousands of people from the workforce will create less competition in many fields, but on the other hand, it will cripple the workforce and potentially our economy.

  7. In this argument, I prefer to remain neutral as I see all the pros and cons the decision can make. I see the many major arguments on both sides and both decisions can make an impact on American society. In fact, DACA is both a good and bad thing, DACA saves hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are reportedly undocumented and gives them a chance to integrate into the American lifestyle. However, no matter how you put it, it is ultimately presumed unconstitutional as it was shot down by Congress just like what they did with DAPA.

    Currently, this decision doesn’t affect anyone in my family, but potentially to my friends.

    The decision made to remove DACA will be constitutional or even unconstitutional based on how Congress and the President react to it. If the Congress disagrees with it, but the president still passes it, I believe that would be highly unconstitutional. Again the decision to keep it is still up in the air as it is not confirmed yet until Congress approves the removal.

    To answer Andrea’s question, The removal of DACA will mean the loss of 800,000 people in the work force which equates to half a trillion dollar worth in the next decade. However, the benefits of the removal are that more jobs will be available to registered American citizens which give the unemployed hope in the future.

    Do you think the removal of DACA will pass according to Congress? Why or why not?

  8. After watching the video, I think the the decision made by the office was wrong. As mentioned in the video, DACA has protected nearly 800,000 young adult unauthorized immigrants from deportation. This program allowed them to legally work since 2012 as well. It is unfair to send these people somewhere they are unfamiliar with, where they have to start their lives all over. This does not effect anyone I know, but I still think it is unfair to send these people to an unfamiliar place.

    To answer Andrea’s question: I think the removal of DACA would create less of a job competition, however it will mean the economy would down and all those people would be jobless and possibly homeless as well.

    Why do you think the office wants to do this? What do you think they think is the benefit of making these 800,000 young adults suffer?

  9. After watching the video it leaves a heavy pit in my stomach, because of the issues of the people involved, morality and laws that we have in our nation. Talks about immigration and the problems it faces has been such a controversial topic over the past years. About 800,000 undocumented immigrants have been protected by DACA and for good reason.I t’s unethical to deport someone who either works here and can speak English, has a family here, and is doing actual good for themselves and the economy. Even if they came here illegally, you can’t force someone back to a place that will provide lack them with lack of safety and income. This decision is flat out unconstitutional because of the fact that on this soil we were meant to be equal, and especially if someone has proved their worth as a hard-working American, they should be allowed to stay. As people we should find a way to help someone live here and give them a life with happiness, security, and humility.

    @Diana Office is doing this to either help rid of undocumented immigration or rid of tension of DACA in general. The benefit in the eyes of some, is more jobs, safety, and no one breaking the law.

    My question is if DACA were to be gone and people were to be deported, how would the world around us be?

  10. After watching the video, how do you feel about the decision made by office? Does this decision effect anyone you know? Is it unconstitutional or constitutional considering the decision made? why or why not?

    Every since Trump was elected, I feared this day would come. My father and I have been strong proponents of DACA since its implementation under the Obama administration. We understood the Republican opposition towards this program and what would happen if a Republican president was elected. I feel that the office does not understand the impact their decision will have on not only immigrants but Americans too. This decision has the potential to affect our country’s job market and other economic related entities. However, I do understand their side of the argument. The Republican office feels that Obama overreached his executive power by establishing an “immigration law”. They wish for the program’s fate to be decided by Congress, which they believe is the correct manner this “immigration law” should be dealt with. This decision affects a number of people I know. Various members of my family are a part of DACA, members with a family of their own. My aunt, a member of DACA, has three kids of her own, who are all United States citizens. What are her kids to do if their mother is deported? We must understand that the Trump administration has done nothing so far to DACA, except propose a deadline for applications and a deadline for Congress to protect the program. Trump and his administration have not committed an unconstitutional act. Obama, however, may have. This article really does not provide much information if Obama really did and I personally am conflicted on this. It all depends on how if I define DACA as an immigration law. I swaying more to that he did. But I am arguing that he did for a just cause. It is not the children’s fault that they were brought over to this country illegally. As the article mentions, some children did not any idea that they were an illegal alien.

    My question is, how can the destruction of DACA fully affect the United States?

  11. After watching this video I feel as the Trump administration did the wrong thing although many side with Trump and think that’s the best way to go it will hurt the U.S. in many ways. This decision that was made on September 5th did hurt many people I know, where I live many of my friends were brought to the U.S. for a better life were they didn’t have much of a choice because they were just babies. These friends of mine have never done anything wrong majority of them take Honors class and thanks to DACA many of them have jobs. Many stories I’ve seen throughout the internet children and their parents fear everyday with getting deported, nobody will want to live in fear that one day you won’t be able to see you loved one ever again. MAny of these DREAMers or DACA recipients came at such a young age this is what they call home they don’t know any other place. To shut out many intelligent & hardworking working people is unconstitutional . These individuals are getting prevented from reaching their goals, wanting a better life as i previously said this is the only country they know, deporting these recipients would just be wrong in general because this is the only place they call HOME.

    Why does the Trump administration think the best way to go is ending DACA?

  12. After watching the video, I think the decision made by office is quite iffy. This decision does not directly affect anyone I know because I do not personally know anyone who is undocumented, but relatives of my classmates or members of church or youth group may possibly be undocumented. I’m not sure whether the decision made is unconstitutional or constitutional, but I know that the United States represents itself as a nation for “liberty and justice for ALL.” Discussions about DACA can be quite controversial. I was not entirely aware of the concept of DACA, but I do now know that it has helped support the lives of many people and their families. I believe that people should do all that they can to give a helping-hand to those who are most in need.

    I had some difficulty answering the prompt to this blog post because of how unaware and conflicted my thoughts were about the topic. I asked my father for his opinion on DACA and he made clear to me that there are pros and cons. From his firsthand experience working at three different hospitals, he told me that he’s encountered criminal patients who are undocumented and do not have enough to repay medical centers for their treatment. He felt that it’s quite unfair for them to be able to receive the exact same health benefits as those who are documented when he and his coworkers are the ones that end up paying for the patients’ treatment expenses. He also told me that he knows that there are so many good families with adults, teens, and children out there who just long for a good life by coming over to the United States and that they still do deserve to reach their dreams. I find it quite sad that the fact of just having “the papers” or being documented or undocumented determines whether you will have access to opportunities in this country or not.

    To respond to Adrian’s question, I think the destruction of DACA can fully affect the United States in a number of ways. Many families could possibly be separated by the act of deportation. There are also many people who are against and for the removal of DACA, so I think there would be lots of protests, as we have already seen through social media.

  13. After watching the video, I strongly believe that this is wrong. Some children, like Juan Escalante, had no idea that they were illegal. They didn’t have a voice. DACA protected 800,000 and almost protected 4.5 million more. I, personally, was very upset at what Trump called immigrants. Other countries aren’t sending rapists, drug-dealers, or criminals. No, families are coming over trying to provide their children a better future. This affects me and basically all of my family. However, we are U.S. citizens and not under DACA (as far as I know). I do have cousins of my age and less who are trying to come over because my uncle and aunt believe this country will give them a better future than Mexico can provide for them. I believe this is unconstitutional because America was built by immigrants. We all are immigrants and for them to say that they aren’t allowed to cross-over is very stupid.

    @adrianadnorth I believe the Trump administration thinks this is the best way to go, as in ending DACA, is because of congress whispering in their ear and telling them to do so. As well as, all the supporters out there who are very racist and believe immigrants have no right to belong here.

    What do you think would happen if DACA does come to an end?

  14. After watching this video, I feel that the decision the office made was wrong and not just. Although I don’t know anyone who would be affected by this decision, I realize that DACA is important and essential to our society. It would be unconstitutional to take away the better opportunities and safety they receive from living in America. In addition, DACA isn’t inhibiting or affecting anyone badly. In fact, only 800,000 of the 323 million American use DACA so having them here wouldn’t necessarily affect us. Overall, it would be unconstitutional to take away and not help immigrants who are already in America for no reason. America is a nation of immigrants and to not allow some is unjust.

    To answer Adrian’s question about how America would be affected by the destruction of DACA, I think America wouldn’t be hurt super bad, but would still be affected by things like fewer people in the work force and separation between loved ones.

    What kind of response do you think America will receive from Mexico and other countries if DACA is destroyed?

  15. The decision made regarding DACA affected 800,000 students and workers negatively, after being given the opportunity to individuals who entered the United States as minors. Their chance to pursue a better life by working and getting an education to provide for themselves and possibly their families too is now gone. I believe the decision made by president Donald Trump to end the policy DACA not only hurts those 800,000 individual by the U.S as a whole. According to of those 800,000 DACA individuals 730,000 are employed. This would lead to the loss of approximately $105 billion in the U.S. economic output in 2022. Not only will the DACA members loose their opportunity to prosper and pursue their dreams but the U.S. economy will also see that loss. It is said by the Moody’s Chief Economist Mark Zandi that the U.S. has a growing economy of 2% annually and without DACA in a year the economic growth will lower to 1.8% and in five years it is approximated to lower to 1.5%. In response to Adriana I believe the reason for the Trump administration to ending DACA was because it “denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans” and he claimed it to be his responsibility to strengthen “the impartial rule of law”. I completely disagree although because as I mentioned before these DACA individuals make up a lot of the U.S. economy and it will only hurt the economy. Besides it hurting the economy, the jobs most of these individuals take aren’t and won’t be done by Americans but they have to be done anyways which is why I believe that these individual have nothing to do with limiting the amount of jobs for Americans or with the fact that they are doing it intentionally. Personally I have experienced and seen how decisions like these have affected me personally, family members and friends which had nothing but goals they wished to pursue and now their dream is gone and they are more than devastated, I stand in the affirmation that the ending of DACA was unconstitutional.

    According to the ending of DACA was because president Donald Trump declared it to be denying jobs to Americans. What other alternatives could have Donald Trump done to provide more jobs or to solve this issue without having to end DACA?

  16. After watching this video, I think that the office made a wrong decision by removing DACA. This program has helped and protected over 800,000 people and it is a shame that all these people are no longer going to feel safe in the country they are living. I personally don’t know anyone that is currently affected by this situation, but I still don’t think all these people should go back to living in fear. This decision is in my opinion unconstitutional, because I don’t see the point in putting so many people in danger, and pushing them back to where they were in their lives twelve years ago, after they’ve accomplished so many things. In my opinion, this whole decision was immoral and a huge mistake.

    Question: How will our country be like 3 years from now when DACA is long gone and people are no longer protected by it?

  17. I believe that this was a good decision made by the Trump administration to enforce immigration reform. I am not saying that we should immediately get rid of all of the illegal immigrants and neither was Trump when he proposed this claim. In Trump’s view, “DACA is a very, very difficult subject for me…with heart.… It’s one of the most difficult subjects I have because you have these incredible kids.” I do not know anyone apart of the DACA program but if I did I would tell them to apply for their American citizenship as soon as possible. Answering Adriana’s question, “Why does the Trump administration think the best way to go is ending DACA?” I believe that this ‘removal’ of the DACA program is a bargaining chip for the building of the wall and better immigration laws. Trump is using the removal of DACA to get rid of the criminals already in the system. Trump does not want to deport the DREAMers but the media has portrayed it this way with sad sob stories rather than focusing on the larger problem that was enforced upon by the Obama administration. Trump’s actions ARE constitutional but Obama’s decisions WERE unconstitutional. Obama promoted the help of illegal aliens but now it seems his executive order is spiraling down. Obama in May 2011 {El Paso, Texas}, admitted that this program would be unconstitutional. He complicates matters further when he said, “And sometimes when I talk to immigration advocates, they wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself. But that’s not how a democracy works.” Apparently this is how democracy works. Congress rejected bills proposed by the Democratic Party to help undocumented immigrants countless times. Obama overstepped his power as president to pass the DACA program in 2012 and he overstepped his public trust. I believe the Trump administration should follow through with the ending of this program because the government should follow the constitution. The administration should enforce a better program that is approved by Congress for aliens already in the DACA system. As of now, Trump has recently proposed that Congress has six months to find a solution to help DACA recipients.

    Question: Do you think the media has swayed the general public in believing that Trump’s proposal for DACA is bad?

    Evidence: “Remarks by the President on Comprehensive Immigration Reform in El Paso, Texas.” National Archives and Record ADMINISTRATION, National Archives and Records Administration,

    Bennett, Brian, and Michael A. Memoli. “The White House Has Found Ways to End Protection for ‘Dreamers’ While Shielding Trump from Blowback.” Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times, 16 Feb. 2017,

  18. I feel that the president’s decision to end DACA is a mistake that will consequently create many new problems for not only the people affected by it, but the U.S economy itself. The termination of DACA does not affect anyone that I am close to, but I am still beyond heartbroken at how many lives will be ruined because of the program’s demise. I believe that the decision to end it is unconstitutional because of the unnecessary hardships and punishment that will be put upon the people affected.

    Answering Irene’s question: I believe that in 3 years, the end of DACA will have a serious toll on the country, mainly having to do with the economy. Our economy will be dealt a heavy blow because of the many immigrants who have to leave their jobs since they cannot stay in the U.S, and thus the workforce significantly declines in population.

    Question: How will DACA’s end affect the United States BESIDES the effect it will have on the economy?

  19. I believe that the decision to remove the DACA program is completely unfair because it helped so many people who wanted a better life and actually helped the nation grow. This nation was created because people wanted to escape their ruling country and be free, so why would it be wrong to allow these people that DACA protects? Don’t they deserve the same freedom? This decision is only made because of racism and negative stereotypes that people are forced to believe. As far as I know, I don’t know anyone who is currently affected by this change. This decision is unconstitutional because it rips basic freedoms away from the people. It takes their future away from them and destroys everything they worked so hard for.

  20. so i am writing this after trump kept daca, so that might play a bit in my comment. I think that the decision to remove daca is not unconstitutional because there is nothing on immigration in the constitution. weather or not it is fair or right i am neutral. while we should help those kids who were brought here without a choice, we should not be encouraging illegal immigration or providing a loophole to illegal immigration. Like the video stated over 800 people would have been effected so instead of deporting them all a different solution should be found to allow them to become legal citizens while deterring more illegal immigration.

  21. The policy set by the Obama administration was an act of simply improving our great nation. This country was brought together by immigrants, our ancestors were immigrants just like our president Trump. I believe Trump was very wrong when he said stated that people were coming over as rapest, thieves and more. His actions towards daca was very constitutional and made people who live her, even citizens feel alienated because they are not citizens.

    HOW will America be effected by daca besides an economic stand point? I think American citizens would be effected emotionally because they may or may not have family who is not a citizen as well as friends, co-workers, classmates and more. If daca ended, we would no longer look like the soil and land of opportunity.

  22. I believe President Trump made a huge decision by removing DACA, I personally know people who will be affected by this and to see them going through the stress and anxiety that they feel because of this is heart breaking. I believe this is unconstitutional because we are a place where people can feel safe and can accomplish dreams. It is also unfair because most of the Dreamers don’t know they aren’t citizens until they are teenagers and they are going to be forced to a place they do not know and a culture they have never experienced.

    What can removing DACA potentially do to our country economically and politically?

  23. I believe the decision made by the office wasn’t right because DACA affects over 800,000 people and it affects their future. Most people that were affected by DACA at a young age won’t have the chance to pursue their dreams if it is removed and it isn’t right for someone to take away the many opportunities they may have in the future. I personally don’t know anyone who is affected by DACA, but know of others within my community who are affected by it.It’s unconstitutional because we built this country to have freedom and allow people to come here to seek their dreams but a lot of thongs may prevent now if DACA is removed.

    On how big of a scale will the removal of DACA affect our country and how will other problems to come will be solved?

  24. Ever since the President announced their decision about DACA I thought it was a wrong decision that would affect the lives of 800,000 people and their families in a bad way. DACA helps so many have a better life and try to achieve more than they would’ve in another country by giving them more opportunities. I personally don’t know anyone who is in this situation but I know it’s unconstitutional because it’s just wrong to have to make someone live in fear about getting deported back to a country they don’t know since most of them came to the US around 6 years old.
    To answer Karen’s question I believe a lot of people will be hurt emotionally because those people that could be deported could be family, friends, and more, not only this but I believe America won’t be seen so much as a land of safety and opportunity from the view of immigrants.
    When you first found out about this how did you feel? If they did get rid of DACA what could be used in place instead of it to protect the people already here?

  25. Most of the time childhood arrivals come to the U.S because their parents are looking for new opportunities to help and protect their family. Majority of childhood arrivals don’t even know that they aren’t U.S citizens until they become older and their parents finally tell them. Decision to revoke DACA is unconstitutional because 800,000 people under the protection of DACA will be deported back to a country most don’t know or understand the language. For most childhood arrivals moving to the U.S was not their own choice but the choice of their parents. I personally do know of people that will be sent back to a country that they don’t know or know the language that is spoken there. It’s not fair that this person had parents who wanted to protect them and offer them with better opportunities might now be forced to go to a country she doesn’t know while the rest of her family stays in the U.S.

    In response to Andrea’s question I think that the removal of DACA will affect the U.S. in a bad way because according to CNN ending DACA will remove an estimated 685,000 workers from the nation’s economy.

    What do you think would happen to minors protected under DACA had to be sent back to a country they hardly know while their parents and siblings stayed in the U.S?

  26. In response to Charlene, after watching this video I don’t believe this was a good decision made by office. I believe the action had good intentions but the situation was made worse by the sudden removal of the program. If Office had a solution before removing DACA then everything would be fine, but the sudden change will leave hundreds of thousands of jobs empty and a sudden vanishing of people out of the country. I don’t know anyone personally that is affected by DACA but it is unconstitutional to remove a program without the other branches of government approval that will displace many people at once.

    In response to Oscar’s question, around 800,000 immigrants would be affected and many jobs would be left empty, affecting our economy. Congress would be forced to find a solution to the immigration issues now that DACA is removed.

    My Question: How could have the situation been better handled if you were in power?

  27. I personally feel that the DACA laws was is a necessary program that will benefit everyone. This decision would actually effect my third family and my other brother. The decision to ban the DACA program is in the factual stand point is constitutional because only President Obama, the whole republican groups, with a few others states agreed to making it a law. The act made against the law is still consisted constitutional because each branch of the government is working on a way to change or replace the DACA law.
    Do you believe it is possible to have the government change DACA slightly to still and the affect but not at full affect? Why?

  28. The thoughts and feelings towards the office for this decision comprehend words. I am deeply disappointed of the Trump Administration’s action, and asking why must you do this? DACA, at its current point, supports illegal immigrants who were brought by their parents forcefully without any choice in mind. These kids, who cam here unwillingly, lived a life as Americans, and thought as an American with only their parents who once lived a life of another country which none of them know of. They have the rights to receive the same benefits as an American citizen, and cannot live under fear. About 800,000 kids are enrolled in this program which about 70% receive a high paying job that supports the economy greatly. These kids could be a doctor, a scientist, an engineer, a programmer, or an architecture right now, and work so hard to achieve that level. More than 60% has their own bank account added with another 65% bought their own car. These kids are living their life here in America while paying their taxes, supporting the economy, and helping Americans in various ways. They are clinging to hope to this program, purpose by the Obama Administration, and simply erasing this will cause horrific outcomes. From supporting the economy, you will simply hurt it by doing this action, and ending over 800,000 lives. This decision does not affect anyone I know, however, this does indeed affect myself emotionally. I am indeed an immigrant from Colombia who, similar to other families, moved to America for finding a better life, and for a brief period of time, both my family and I were considered Illegal Immigrants. Thankfully, we managed to become legal, and received American Citizenship, however, the thought of what if we didn’t receive our Green card, and what if my older brother, my little brother, and I were clinging onto DACA today, frightens me deep to the bone. I believe its very unconstitutional by the admiration action to terminate this program which protects over 800,000 lives that fully supports the economy. 800,000 lives where 70% of them contain a high paying job which could be doctors, lawyers, or any career that supports their lives. It is unconstitutional to ban human beings who had lived all their lives in America, and now be threaten to leave to another country with little to no knowledge of.

    The video mentioned that the Obama Administration tried to expand DACA, but were prevented to due so by a law suit of 26 States. This was due the the fact about half of the illegal population were going to be protected by the program. This does make sense for these States to sue, however, these same 26 states were threatening the Trump Administration to action upon DACA. Why did these 26 states tried to sue the Trump Administration to take action upon DACA even thought DACA wasn’t expanding at all?

  29. I feel like the action made by the office is rather negative and a bad decision. DACA had made lives of thousands easier and it’s action can only be seen as good rather than bad. DACA can only been seen bringing benefits for the general population and nothing more. Me, personally, i don’t know anyone that was affected by this. I feel like this is unconstitutional as what the office do should represent the people’s opinion.
    Replying to Oscar’s question: The removal of DACA will only possibly destroy thousands of lives and other problems might arise because of the removal of DACA.
    My question: Could there be any other way to work around this removal of DACA problem? Like an alternative bill to replace DACA that still benefit those thousands of lives and at the same time appeal to the only that is trying to remove DACA?

  30. The decision to rescind the policy of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is malicious and unethical. The policy offered protection to hundreds of thousands of children who, by no choice of their own, were brought to this country illegally. Many opponents of Trump’s decision cite the economic damage that could be caused by the loss of 800,000 workers. While these economic downfalls are very real possibilities, it dehumanizes these individuals; treating them as data points rather than someone’s son or daughter.

    Personally, I do not know anyone who will be affected by this decision, but this does not change my adamant belief that immigrants make this country better. Allowing young children to step out of the shadows and blossom under the educational and economic opportunities afforded to those unafraid of deportation, makes our country stronger, smarter, and a more diverse pool of cultures. Sadly, DACA never offered a path to citizenship, leaving all these dreamers with an uncertain future.

    As far as constitutionality goes, no courts have ruled it explicitly unconstitutional. When the case reached the Supreme Court, a four-four tie was reached resulting in the lower courts upholding of the policy.

    What do you think influences people to have anti-immigrant and often xenophobic ideals?

  31. After doing some research to come up with a better answer, I’ve come to realize that it is not unconstitutional. It is immoral because the kids who are brought over didn’t choose to be brought over. This is the only country they’ve ever known and displacing them would be bad. Not only morally, but economically as well. If we are talking about it being constitutional or not, then I think it is not unconstitutional. Just because it is not right doesn’t mean it is unconstitutional. I think if America wants to economically grow then maybe the government should reconsider this choice because it will remove a lot of skilled workers in sectors that are already low on workers.

    The question I ask is, what benefits America in the long run the best?

  32. After watching this video, the decision made by the office makes me feel upset and I do not support the decision. People protected under DACA should not have to fear being deported. DACA has given many immigrants a chance to start a new life here in the US and allow them to get a job and go to college. No one should be denied these rights in the United States. In the video they said that 65% of those protected by DACA perused more educational opportunities that they previously couldn’t, this is by no means a bad thing. The removal of DACA would cause more bad than good, jobs removed and the economy would be effected. I do not think it is constitutional for the government to remove a program like this, going against immigrants will not solve problems. America was built and shaped by immigrants and there is no race specifically “American” we are diverse and should promote that, not try and destroy it. I do not understand why the president would want to gt rid of DACA as there are no huge disadvantages, it makes no sense to me and feel that this action from the government is terrible. Young people in this country should not be in fear of being deported, but should be able to take advantage of what this country has to offer.

    To answer Diego’s question, I think that these anti-immigrant ideals come from the environment where you live, often parents and those around you shape your opinions and ideals. Racism in families making them think that they ideals they have are “right” and that xenophobia is okay.

    How does this news about ending DACA reflect upon our current society?

  33. After watching the video I believe that the government(the new president) has to right to start remove this but, it should not effect the people who have been living here for all their lives. taking away DACA should only begin to effect people now and not last year or years earlier. I do think that DACA is constitutional because it helped people out and was legally passed, even though some may not agree and it brought hope to many DREAMers who have/had no idea they were illegal to begin with.

    Do you think that is DACA is removed it will create newer cultures by people who are sent back to countries they can not remember?

  34. After watching the video, I believe the new administration needs to change it’s decision about the whole situation. Although none of this is involving me nor my family, I believe it is unconstitutional to just basically ruin 800,000 peoples’ life and but if the Trump administration were to find a replacement for these people but that does not seem to be the case.

    How would you guys feel if you were affected by the decision of this DACA being removed? What procedures would you guys take?

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