Tuesday- September 5


Hello North House! Today was a fairly simple, relaxing day!

SSR: We did our regular SSR for 20 minutes and Mrs. Edwards wrote down our pages after the time was up. Don’t forget to read a full 20+ pages to get max points! 1 more point added if you read a challenging book!

Welcome Scribes: Mrs. Edwards reminds the class on keeping up on the scribes by answering Blog Assignment #2, if you haven’t already. I also got a big warm welcome as scribe this week!

House Keeping- Personal Statements and SSW: If you are interested in getting help on writing a personal statement, Mrs. Edwards is offering to hold a meeting every 4th block with Miss Hernandez. The sign up sheet will be on the board or ask Mrs. Edwards for it if it magically disappeared. However, if there aren’t many students interested, Mrs. Edwards will be offering to meet one-on-one by appointment only. SSW is next rotation for 20 minutes again. No more freebies so have 2 pages done for max points. Don’t forget about the extra credit offered if you write an argumentative, narrative, and informative! Keep in mind that it has to be read by Mrs. Edwards. Yes, you need all three for the points!

Intro. to Anglo-Saxons: In class, we are given a packet on the Introduction to the Anglo-Saxon Period. It is a pretty big packet (Yes, double-sided). After the reading, you must do questions #1-12. This is due next rotation. You can find the reading and the questions under Mrs. Edwards’ blog in “Handouts” here (Thanks Kobe for teaching me how to do this.)

H/W: Don’t forget to answer Blog Assignment #2, prepare for the quiz, and finish answering the reading, “Intro. to Anglo-Saxons”!



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