Happy Sunday North House! I am the second scribe of this school year and the second blog assignment will be on Labor Day.

Since I’m still undecided on my topic, I decided to write about Labor Day since tomorrow is Labor Day so I thought, “Hey! Why not just ask my fellow classmates what their thoughts are on this nationwide holiday?” We love celebrating holidays because it is a break from school and work, but some people don’t get that opportunity and still have to work. Labor Day is a nationwide holiday that honors the working class. This is usually held on the first Monday of September, but on May 1st in some countries. This leads me to an article online (Don’t worry! It’s short!). After reading the article, please answer the prompt below!
Article: (I can’t do that epic “Here” button cause I’m not as cool as Kobe. So deal with me here and my apologies.)

Prompt: After reading the article, do you think that everyone should get a day off on Labor Day, especially those in the working class? Do you think everyone has the right of getting a day off or only those of the working class? Like children don’t work! But then again, there would be no one there teaching. What are some things that interested you in the article? Finally, are there any changes you would apply to this holiday?


36 thoughts on “BLOG ASSIGNMENT #2

  1. I believe that regardless of whether a person works or not, they are linked with someone that is working; thus, having a day off in commemoration of the working class reminds them of the hard work and dedication that the everyday working class performs to survive another day. However, there are always some stores, such as Walmart and Target, and restaurants, like the general fast food restaurants, that remain open on this holiday for the sake of the consumers’ convenience. Overall, I would say that everyone has the right to Labor Day, but with the consent of their boss and occupation.

    Something that I found interesting in the article was that the first Labor Day was held on a Tuesday when they stressed that it would be held on the first Monday of September. If I were to change something about Labor Day, I would lessen the hours of the stores and restaurants that are open, so that those employees would still get a break and enjoy Labor Day.

    Labor Day is celebrated in many countries worldwide, but not all. Should Labor Day be enforced in every country worldwide? Why or why not?

  2. Personally, I do think that everyone should get a day off for Labor Day. Even though it really applies to the working class, all the classes are interwoven and dependent on each other. Due to this, everyone has the right to a day off, or at least a shorter work day. Also, the reasoning behind Labor Day is, ” It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” With this being said, every one contributes to the well-being of our country, not just the working class. I thought it was interesting that even after 100 years, no one is truly sure who first proposed the idea of the holiday.

    If I could change something about labor day, I would ensure that either A. hours are shortened so that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy their holiday, or B. Pay is increased for the day for those who work.

    To answer Lucia, I don’t think other countries value the working class and have the same sense of camaraderie towards each other, so enforcing a holiday based off of that wouldn’t be very effective.

    Finally, Should the president be able to take the day off on Labor Day? Along the same lines, should infrastructure be able to take the day off on Labor Day?

  3. I personally think that everyone should have labor day off. Labor Day is literally dedicated for those who work. I actually think it should be against the law to not have labor day off because I think everyone deserves a day off. according to this article EVERYONE should have labor day off. That’s what its first intention was.
    Do you think Labor Day should be enforced on everyone?

  4. Something I found interesting in the article is that labor day was actually held on Tuesday before. Something to change about labor day would be of the place can not close for business purposes they should at least close for half the day so the workers can go home to their family or have a little bit of labor day fun.

  5. After reading the article, I do think that everyone should get a day off on Labor, Day, especially those in the working class. All forms of labor are capable of bringing about stress, risks, and sacrifices in an individual’s life. I think that everyone should have the right of getting a day off because any career can have a mental or physical toll on the human being. Although children do not work, there would be no teachers available to teach on Labor Day as they would be getting rest. Children should see that there is a reason why they have school off, and should not view the day as just another day of their own rest. The people who have raised them, work hard every day just to provide for them. Everyone should acknowledge those who are in the workforce. The fact that not all the states had approved Labor Day as a holiday at the same time was something in the article that intrigued and surprised me. I don’t think those in the workforce receive enough credit for working so hard when Labor Day does come around. I would personally, suggest making the holiday longer than just one day.

    To answer Kobe Peich’s question, I think the president should be able to take the day off on Labor Day as any career requires heavy amounts of effort and time, just in different ways. Infrastructure should be able to take the day off on Labor Day for the same reason.

    Do you think that children and young adults should acquire a better understanding of Labor Day and appreciate those in the workforce more? If so, how should we as a nation, achieve this goal?

  6. I personally don’t think everyone desirers Labor Day. Yes, Labor Day is made for the working class but if the doctors or wardens because the world wouldn’t be working well with those people working everyday.
    Is it possible that all types of worker would receive a day off?

  7. I have to agree with Janelle on this. Everyone should get a day off on Labour Day. Every sort of work can bring about some kind of stress or risk, even simply being a student. Actually, being a student is even considered an occupation!

    To answer Janelle’s question, I would say yes. Too many days have been set aside for reasons that have long been forgotten by most, and, even worse, most people only have respect for the people the day celebrates on the day that celebrates them. Veterans and those in the military are usually the brunt of this tragedy, but after reading the article I realize that I too am guilty of this, only towards the working people.

  8. After reading the article, I think everyone should get a day off on Labor Day because laborers are what keeps the country going. Their hard work and dedication should be appreciated and celebrated. I agree with Seth that everyone has the right of getting a day off because yes, stress is troubling and everyone should have a day to relax and notice all the hard work they put in (especially students haha). In the article, it states that Labor Day was first celebrated on a Tuesday! I find it interesting how they changed the holiday to a Monday. If I could change the Labor Day Holiday, I would have two Labor Day Holidays because I don’t think one day is enough to celebrate the American workers!

    In response to Janelle’s question, yes I think children and young adults should have more knowledge of this holiday because it also gives them a sense of appreciation and it might motivate them to work hard also! As a nation, teachers could teach about the Labor Day Holiday and the media can display Labor Day as a more important holiday.

    Question: Do you think the Labor Day Holiday should be celebrated as a bigger holiday like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day??

  9. Just like my fellow classmates stated before I agree that Labor Day is an important event because it’s the one day out of the 365 days of the year that employees and most workers get the day off. In response to Andrea I believe that Labor Day should be celebrated as a bigger holiday such as Valentine’s Day. It would be nice to see labor day being celebrated just like mothers day and fathers day is celebrated because we should show that we appreciate all the hard work laborers do. I don’t think it ever will be celebrated as big as any other holiday although because, there is nothing in exchange or something you can possibly do to celebrate it more, rather than in valentines day were you give someone a sweet card or candies.

    Question: What do you think we can do or change as a community so that Labor Day is celebrated just like any other holiday so that we show that we appreciate everything workers do?

  10. As previously mentioned before I believe Labor Day is important because it celebrates and praises one of the most important group of people. I believe everyone should have the day off for Labor Day and to just rest. Labor Day celebrates the hard work that has been done by the laborers, if I could change one thing about Labor Day it would be that the business that are still up and running should be open for a shorter period than a regular business day.

    In what ways could we teach younger kids about Labor Day? For example elementary school students, how could we educate them about Labor Day?

  11. Just from the first few lines of this article do I completely agree with the way Labor Day is commemorated with a day off for the working class. The working class are people who are putting in a lot of time and effort to make our lives easier. We truly cannot appreciate occupations like construction, sanitation, and factory assemblies until we do a manual-labor intensive job and see how tedious it is.
    I think everyone should have the choice whether or not to celebrate to Labor Day. We’re all doing a hard’s day work and if someone really needs the tensions off from life, a break is necessary. We don’t want to overwork ourselves. It should be up to the person to determine if they deserve it.
    Something that sparked interest in me was reading the First Labor Day and history beforehand before it was an actual holiday.
    The only thing I would change about Labor Day is make it Labor Day an extra day or two longer. There are some cumbersome jobs in the labor force, and I would think at least one person would appreciate it.

    How can we get the public to appreciate the labor force more?

  12. When labor day was introduced, the idea behind this day was to celebrate a “working men holiday,” from streets filled parades exhibiting labor organizations to festivals for the the enjoyment of the worker and his family. Eventually this concept was later ditched due to large population in cities contained issues with parades, however, Labor Day is still addressed by the use of media. From this, I believe workers, of a certain amount of people, should have a day off such as teachers or the working class, but only a certain amount due America’s economy need this people to work.

    From a CEO of a large corporation to a small worker in a factory, both have the rights to receive a day off. Any one who works for the benefit of society or supporting one’s economy should have a day off for simply to relax or spending time among friends and family. People are constantly working with only a 2 day weekend where most of the time, they are forced to do other responsibilities with no free time. A day off allows them to be refreshed and feel motivated to keep working for their pay to spend another time of relaxation.

    The article at a whole grabbed my interest from its intriguing history to its deep meaning that which we all take granted.

    I would not like to change anything in this holiday since parades are challenging in major cities, and so enforcing it may be more of a hassle than a celebration, and the history behind this holiday are already accessible through various media.

    In the future, would labor day remain the same as today or will it change similar to when it was introduced?

  13. The working class in America is huge and it continues to grow every day by the thousands. Not giving them the respect they deserve and ignoring their needs is a crime, as the working class citizens in America is what keeps the economy and the country itself going. Having one day to give them a break won’t affect the country at all and should be beneficial to many people as they get a chance to relax and enjoy time with family.

    This includes everyone in the work force, even if they are big or small, their work is still acknowledged and should be honored. Even the children should get Labor Day off as they should be at home with their parents or guardians and having quality family time with them to relax and bond.

    If there were any changes I could apply to Labor day, it would probably be making it maybe 2 or more days off because of the impact the working class has in the nation.

    To answer Nathaniel Roy Pangan’s question, I would say a way to make the public appreciate the labor force more would be to advocate and show off the major works and projects the working force plan to do, are doing or completed. In this way, everyone would get a sense of how much time and effort people have committed to accomplish their goals.

    Do you think Labor day would have a huge effect on America? Would there be fewer people available to complete a task? Would it affect the economy?

  14. No, I do not think everyone should get the day off on Labor Day, especially those in the working class. The holiday seems like an extra day off for absolutely doing what every American is supposed to be doing, working. No, I do not think everyone should have the right to have the day off. Americans already have days off mostly every Sunday and Saturday. A few things that interested me in this article is the way this holiday was created. I found like the article was written by a jokester. The working class celebrating a day of labor that they do every day. The people getting the days off are government workers and a few other businesses. These workers are already given a large amount of time off and the benefits included in the job are amazing. This country was built on the work of hard laborers and we as Americans should appreciate their effort by putting more work into our everyday lives. If I could change this holiday in one way it would be to remove it from the calendar all together.

    Replying to Aniessa’s question: If we could educate children on Labor Day I would suggest that teachers discuss with children the importance of how hard work can lead to great success. This idea of thinking could create a stronger impact on the next generation of the working class. In my opinion, Labor Day should be discussed more because many Americans don’t know why we celebrate Labor Day.

    Question: Do you think Labor Day is being taken advantage of nowadays instead of Americans truly appreciating the true meaning of Labor Day?

  15. The article, published the United States Department of Labor, states that Labor Day “is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.” And to my knowledge, anyone working in the United States is an American worker, despite their legal status. An American worker is defined, in my opinion, as someone who “contributes to the strength, propseperity, and well-being of our country (article).” Even having someone working in Burger King contributes. The problem with letting everyone off is that this would lead to destruction. Public servants would be off and no would be protecting nor running our country. What really attracted me to this article is the meaning of Labor Day; it makes it seem extremely patriotic. I would like to make this holiday a weeklong event where everyone can get at least one day off during that week. This will ensure civil unrest does not occur.

    Question: Do you classify undocumented workers in the United States as American workers? Why or why not?

  16. I think everyone should get Labor Day off. This holiday is dedicated to laborers, though kids don’t work they would be in school with no teacher. Also families can enjoy the day off together and spend quality time. This can also teach children the reason for Labor Day. Teach them that this holiday is dedicated to the hard workers of America. What interested me from the article was how one state passed the labor day legislation at first and then few states followed. Because of that one legislation, it impacted the whole nation and still is here today. One thing I would change is make Labor Day maybe a week instead of a day.

    Responding to Andrea’s question: I do think Labor Day should be celebrated as a bigger holiday. It is a way to show appreciation to the hard working people of America. There should be more celebration to it.

    Question: Why do you think Labor Day is only in America and why don’t other countries have Labor Day?

  17. I do not believe everyone should get the day off on Labor Day, because there are some services that people need everyday such as gas, utilities and groceries that should be available all the time. If people stop providing these then someone could go without food or water for the day which seems unfair to the consumers. Its not that these people don’t deserve a day off, its just that they can’t block people from getting basic necessities.
    Why do people need a separate day to be appreciated for their labor?

  18. Everyone should get Labor Day off, but not everyone should take the opportunity. Everyone should have the right to take a day off to celebrate the importance of the American worker, but people should be incentivized to keep working. Options such as double time might be enough to keep people working. These practices are already used by companies to keep people working on more culturally significant holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, so applying them to a smaller holiday could have a bigger impact. Keeping people working allows for consumers to still get the products and services they need while allowing companies to reduce losses from a wasted work day.

    I found it interesting that even after all this time since the founding of Labor Day, the true inventor is still disputed.

    How do you think American ideologies have shaped our view on laborers and business?

  19. I believe everyone should get a day off on labor day, although that it not be possible I would like to think everyone, no matter your profession, should have one holiday for the working class. By saying this though there would be lots of problems. If every single profession had a day off people would start to panic. For example if there were no doctors working for a day where would the people that need intensive care go? In a perfect world I would like to hope everyone could get a day off, but in reality that is something that just cannot happen.

    Responding to Jocelyn’s question: I do believe Americans are taking advantage of this holiday but to be brutally honest I think that goes with all holidays. In my eyes I believe people view holiday’s as more of a break rather than what its’ intended purpose is.

    Do you think Labor Day could also be detrimental as some people need to have work everyday to sustain their family and provide income for the family? Explain.

  20. Prompt: After reading the article, do you think that everyone should get a day off on Labor Day, especially those in the working class? Do you think everyone has the right of getting a day off or only those of the working class? Like children don’t work! But then again, there would be no one there teaching. What are some things that interested you in the article? Finally, are there any changes you would apply to this holiday?
    I do believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have the day off on Labor Day; however, this day needs to be treated with more respect and recognition than it is given today. This holiday would give those who work hard in their jobs the opportunity and the option to rest and relive themselves form the physical and mental stress that they could possibly experience when going to work. This is a day that should be in dedication to the working class, to thank them for all the work they do to help keep this nation running, and yes, students would not be able to go to school because there would be no teachers to run the class, but if the students are taught why they get a day off from school, they will learn to appreciate what the American worker does for this country.
    Something I found interesting when reading the article was that not all states approved of making this day a legal holiday , which I thought was not only surprising, but shocking as well. I feel that everyone needs a day off once in a while, whether you are in the working class or not, but it is important to remember who this holiday is dedicated to.
    If I were to apply changes to this holiday, I would add more information about the struggles faced to get Labor Day to become a legal holiday every first Monday of the month of September. This would not only inform us deeper into the topic but it would also give it more meaning as to why we celebrate it today.
    Finally, what do you think about people such as surgeons, doctors, nurses, or police officers? Should they get a day off of work too at the possible risk of someone getting into an emergency and be in need of their services? Do you still believe that everyone should have a day off regardless of that situation?

  21. I dont think that everyone should get they day off, because otherwise society wouldn’t be able to function, if all members of gov took the day off nothing would get done, police taking the day off would mean criminals running rampant. i do believe that most working class such as business workers, teachers and construction workers shouold get the day off. Like what Kobe said i liked how even 100 years latter people dont know for sure who founded the holiday. I dont think i would change anything about the holiday, in the article it said it was meant to be an appreciation to the people that made American, and i think it accomplishes that now.

  22. After reading this article I do think that everyone should get a day off on labor day. I believe that this should happen to show appreciation to Americans that go to work every day and help stimulate the economy. The holiday should be celebrated to give thanks to the Americans that work, and i think that everyone should get the day off. This day in age Americans are very stresses, to the point where people from other countries point it out. Americans should be given the ability to relax and rewind, or to spend the day with their family.

    To answer Melissa’s question on if Surgeons, nurses, and doctors should work: i think that there should always be a hospital open to protect people who need medical attention. There is no telling when an emergency will happen, and lives would be put in serious danger if hospitals were closed. However, hospitals can try and give the employees that work on labor day the day off the following day. Doctors offices can be closed, but hospitals must remain open as a precaution.

    How do you think American people would feel if there was no holiday like labor day? what might the consequences be?

  23. After analyzing the article, I came to the conclusion that everyone has the right to celebrate the holiday of Labor Day. Every single person is linked or connected to someone that is in the working class, with that being said, they should all be celebrated for their dedication and economic achievements they accomplished through labor.

    Labor should be celebrated throughout the world because without the hard, dedicate workers that build our economy, we would be in a hole. If there was no holiday such as Labor Day to celebrate, I think the working class would feel very unappreciated. I doubt there would be any consequences because they have no knowledge of such a holiday.

    Based off your knowledge and the article provided, what is your input on Labor Day? Do you celebrate it ?

  24. The first few sentences pretty much cemented my view on the whole matter if we should have Labor Day or not. Working class Americans who do the cumbersome and tedious jobs such as sanitation, construction and road filling, we as middle class Americans truly cannot appreciate what they do for us in society. They do the jobs that we take for granted, so a Labor Day or any kind of break should be indoctrinated by law. I personally think everyone should have the choice to celebrate any holiday that they choose to observe. As for a child, a child may not work, but 99/100 I bet none of them would want to go to school if they had the choice on a day like Labor Day so we shouldn’t make them go to school if it’s optional or there is a day off.
    Things that peaked my interest in reading this was the whole history behind Labor Day and how it came to be in the 1880’s. American was on the verge of becoming a more stabilized country, with roads, plumbing systems and elevators to make our lives easier. Not having Labor Day before this time period feels morally wrong, like we’re robbing them of their freedom.
    My question is: How can we get more people to appreciate and respect Labor Day?

  25. I believe everyone should get the day off on labor day especially the working class since they contribute a whole lot more than students in school. I still think that everyone should get the day off because there is a lot of stress doing things in school and in our jobs, also a fun fact most teenagers have the same level of anxiety as a psychiatric patient in the 1950s. All Americans work hard everyday and some even work over the weekend don’t get to spend time with their family, so having a day off isn’t so bad the let off some stress or anxiety. One thing that interested me was the fact that they still haven’t locked in who actually founded labor day and still continue to debate on who did it, A thing that I would change about it is I extending it because it would give people more time to relax.

    Do you think that students deserve Labor day since they don’t work as hard as the working class?

  26. I believe everyone should get the day off because somehow everyone is connected back to being a part of the working class. Labor day should be celebrated because of all the sacrifices that one has to go though, working isn’t easy regardless what they work for and for schools students work hard to getting homework done and maybe other activities. A interesting thing is that they still don’t know who found Labor Day and is still a debate now. Something I would change is making it longer than just a day.

    Question: Why don’t other countries have a holiday like Labor Day or is it perhaps kind of similar?

  27. After reading this article I really do believe everyone should get the day off especially working class adults. In response to Danny I do think that Labor day can be detrimental to people who work everyday to support their families. My father has to work every labor day because he runs his own business and has a family of six to provide for. Without working on labor day many people loose at least eight hours work of pay and that is a lot even at minimum wage.

    So, with this said my question would be that if labor day was on a weekend do you think more families and working class people would take the time to celebrate this national holiday?

  28. After reading the article, I think I can safely conclude that everyone should get a day off on labor day. Everyone should get a day off no matter if they’re working or not. Like the article says laborers brought us “to the highest standard of living and the greatest production the world has ever known and has brought us closer to the realization of our traditional ideals of economic and political democracy.” This goes to show that everyone, no matter who they are, needs to pay tribute to those who bring us nice lifestyles we live today. In addition, if one was not part of the working class then they wouldn’t need to have a day off because they wouldn’t be working in the first place.

    Responding to Diego’s question of how our ideologies have affected the American views on laborers, I think that our ideologies have indeed affected our perspective on the working class today in many ways. Ideas and evidence that the founding fathers were just working class men who wanted to make a difference show that laborers make a big difference in our nation. This affects our views and makes Americans have a more grateful attitude towards the workers of America.

    How do you think America’s working class mindset has affected the culture and way we live today?

  29. After reading this article, I still think that everyone should get a day off on Labor Day, because if you neglect Labor day, then you neglect a day to honor workers. I can see why people might think to get rid of this holiday, as it was made in the 1800’s and some consider it now useless, but America would not be where it is at today without all its workers, and I think we should have a day that honors that. Everyone, including non-workers should get Labor day off, because it is not just considered a day off, but also a day for “honoring” workers, and I believe everyone should participate in that. Labor day is a basic human right and everyone deserves a day off. One day out of the whole year that honors workers isn’t such a terrible idea.

    Question: While some may get Labor day off, most people, like doctors, police officers, and firefighters might still have to work and keep the economy going. Do you think it is fair that only some workers get the advantage of having this day off?

  30. I think that everybody should have a day off, labor day shouldn’t be kept for a specific working class or group. But I do believe that only certain group of people should still be working such as the police and firefighters. This should be done in order to ensure peace on the day of the day off.

    In response to Karen’s question: I don’t think labor day should be enforced on everyone, if it does happen and the police/firefighters are affected too, an accident could happen and no one would be there to do their job.

    Prompt: Forcing labor day of everyone could become a problem, so should there be a restriction or limit on who could be affected by labor day?

  31. I believe that everyone in the working class should get Labor Day off because it’s a for the workers and our appreciation for them. I think everyone should have the day off or shorten the hours of the work day, for example it wouldn’t be possible for all doctors to take the day off since people could get hurt or sick unexpectedly. What interested me was they used to throw parades but stopped because of a, “shift in emphasis and medium of expression.” Some changes I would make would be shortening the work day or pay more to those who do work.
    Reply to Jocelyn’s question: I think that most Americans do take advantage of the holiday as just a day off of work or school but in all honesty who wouldn’t want to take a day off of work or school, even for a day
    How would you react or think other people would react if Labor Day was no longer a holiday that people have a day off?

  32. Honestly, I do believe that everyone should deserve to have this day off. I know that there is people who won’t lose a day of work so they can take care of their family, but I still think that they should take at least day off since they work so hard to take care of their family. You’ re getting the opportunity to take the day off, so why not take it. I found it interesting that this holiday has been going on for more than 100 years. I think this holiday is fine the way it is. There really isn’t too much to change about it.

    Why is Labor Day only a holiday that is celebrated in America and not other parts of the world?

  33. I think everyone should get the day off on labor day because the purpose of labor day is to show workers that their daily jobs and their hard work is what keeps the country moving efficiently. Sadly not everyone can have the fortune of taking the day off because there are still jobs that someone must always be on duty. In this case workers should be paid overtime to compensate for not having the day off.

    In response to Ryan’s question I think that only people that have Labor Day off would make a fuss about no longer having the holiday.

    If everyone had the day off what would happen to the country’s economic state?

  34. I agree with Julianna’s statement, that all workers, regardless of their class, should either have the entire day off or if this isn’t possible (like for medical professionals and law enforcement professionals), they should at least have shorter work hours for Labor Day. Something in the article that piqued my interest was how the true founder of Labor Day is still disputed. Perhaps we may never know who actually founded it, but that doesn’t make it any less of an important holiday. I’m pretty satisfied with Labor Day as it is, but if I were to make changes, it would probably be to give the holiday more credit. It’s not as huge of a holiday as Christmas or Halloween, but I feel that it deserves to be almost as important since it’s celebrating important people (but maybe that’s kind of a stretch).

    Responding to Julianna’s question: I believe that people would be very outraged at this change to the holiday, because many workers look forwards to Labor Day to have fun with their families, friends, or just relax. Taking the “day off” part from Labor Day would defeat the holiday’s purpose and really upset most people.

    Question: How many hours do you think people should have taken off their shift during Labor Day if they work important jobs and can’t have the whole day off?

  35. Oops, I was slow to respond so there’s other comments before mine. I’ll just answer Selena’s question instead.

    In response to Selena’s question, I don’t think that the economy would do very well if everyone had the day off. Our country would definitely lose a lot of money, on top of possibly many lives lost due to law enforcement or medical personnel not working at least a little that day.

  36. In society its as if all some people do is work, its very difficult to tell sometimes but for the most part you can see that they are exhausted. Labor day isn’t just for the workers that diverse a day off its for all Americans that contribute to society. Some people work so hard and they rarely get days off and cant afford to miss a day so they look forward to labor day. Overall i think Labor day is an important holiday and should never be removed or changed.

    In response to Ryan i feel like labor day isn’t targeted towards a certain people. Its an American holiday and is applicable for all Americans.

    Prompt. Do you think Labor day is as important as st patricks day a holiday that targets Irish people and doesn’t really apply to others?

    I wrote this a while ago and forget to post it. oops.

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