Thursday- August 31st


Today is our last rotation for Edwards, so today is my last day as scribe, YAY!

SSW+Timesheet: So all we did was start off with SSW and that just consisted of writing 2 pages in 20 minutes for a stamp. If you didn’t get a full 2 pages written, Edwards gave you a freebie stamp. If you want the A for SSW, make sure you do the 3 writing pieces she will read at the end of the 19 weeks outlined here.

36 Statements: Continuing with out 36 ToK terms, we paired up in teams of 4 to discuss out definitions and assign them to 36 different statements. Since everyone has different definitions, all of the answers were different. We talked about some of our choices with the whole class.

H/W: The only homework we have is to finish the blog assignment #1 if you haven’t already. Make sure to add a question at the end of your response!



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