Monday- August 28th


Hello all, today in class was fairly simple

SSR: We just read for 20 minutes and after, Mrs. Edwards took down our book titles and we were given our full points. (Remember you must read 20 page for full points!)

Welcome Scribes: Mrs. Edwards just talked about the scribes and reminded the class that the blog assignments must include a question at the end of the response. Don’t worry though, she isn’t going to ding you if you messed up this time.

Collect Forms: Just collected and signed syllabus or accountability forms. DUE TODAY!

Diagnostics Test: This was just the Pearson test we take at the beginning of every year in order to gauge our strengths and weaknesses. It was 38 questions.

H/W: No new homework today, just remember to complete the blog assignment by Thursday no later than 8pm. REMEMBER: There must be a question at the end of your response!


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