Hello there North House. I’m your first scribe, and i’m only first because I got extra credit for it. (Don’t fire me, Edwards.) Anyways, the first blog assignment will be to watch this video.

So with cars being my topic, I thought this fit right in as a blog assignment. Self-driving are the buzz right now with many companies implementing self-driving aspects into their cars. Most notably would be Tesla and their autopilot program. Now this is kind of controversial, which in part is why I chose it at the blog assignment. I wanted to hear my peers (educated or not educated on the subject) speak on the subject and hear their thoughts on it. Whether we like it or not self-driving is going to hang around for a long time and it may or may not dominate the roads.

Prompt: Do you think that self-driving cars at the moment are safe to trust on the roads and should they be more widespread? Would this cause a safer road system, or a more dangerous and susceptible infrastructure, considering the safety of the drivers is in the hands of a computer (Which more or may not glitch/be hacked into). Finally, would YOU trust one?


33 thoughts on “BLOG ASSIGNMENT #1

  1. At the moment I do not think that self driving cars are safe enough to be wide spread. This technology is still a work in progress and is not prepared to be handle life-death situations. This technology can be developed to maintain a safer environment on the road although there will always be bugs in the system. A computer or device’s knowledge can only go so far. If the car is put in a situation that was not considered during testing, it is most likely to glitch and malfunction. There are many scenarios that can cause the car to go wild. The only possible way to have a safe self driving car, in my opinion, is the to have AI intelligence within the car to recognize viruses, weather, situations that were not tested. I personally do not trust self driving cars because it is susceptible to malfunctions, viruses, hackers and situations where it may not recognize and glitch. After researching about self-driving cars, do you think it will be available in the next incoming year with the rate researchers are going?

  2. At the moment I don’t think self driven cars are safe at all. There is still being work and research being done to perfect the self driven car. Technology is still changing everyday and there will be more changes and this is why I think that self driven cars will never be up to date. Something small as your car having a virus can damage your car and put you in danger because your car can stop at any given moment. As the video said you will have to be ready at all times in case you have to take control of your car for any reason. I personally wouldn’t trust a self driving cars because there can be problems and I wouldn’t be able to control it, there can be things happen such as malfunctions, glitches and virus that happen to the car.

  3. At the moment, I believe self-driving cars are safe, but should be tested more to become more widespread. It could be a safer road system due to their sensors, but any incident would be on the driver’s fault because they have to be ready to be in control of the vehicle. Failure to do so will result in their fault and not necessarily the system’s fault. Besides that, it could be possible for the system to malfunction and to be hacked just like a brake failure. So far, not many people would trust these self-driving cars because of the possibilities of malfunctions, but with time, we can learn to grow with them. We must learn to adapt to the new technology or perish with the old.

  4. At the current state and technology of self-driving automobiles, I believe that they are safe. As stated in the video, if these computers ran car were widespread, thousands of lives would be saved. 94% of collisions is driver error and the implication of self-driving cars would reduce the statistic greatly. They would make the road safe and suite our need to multitask in the car. I would personally trust one, taking into consideration that there are more fatalities caused by human drivers than self-driving cars. How long do you think it will take until self-driving cars are implemented in the real world?

  5. In accordance with the linked video, I believe that self-driving cars are safe and have the capability to become widespread, due to the development in technology. Overall, I believe it would create a safer road system, considering that 94% of over 30,000 people in the U.S. alone die annually from driver error; in the end, you would still need to be prepared to take control of the wheel at any given time. I would honestly trust a self-driving car more than I trust myself driving.

    I don’t think that self-driving cars will become trendy as of now, considering the fact that people can be skeptical with the idea of a computer essentially putting your life at risk. It might take maybe a decade or two for them to become well implemented.

    What are some disadvantages that you can think of by using a self-driving car?

  6. The problem with many driverless cars being tested on roads today isn’t actually the car itself. Nearly all accidents involving a driverless car is not the fault if the computer, but rather of the human driver involved in the collision. That being said, I would trust a driverless car. However, I personally would not purchase one. However, this decision really has nothing to do with the capability of the computer, but rather because I like older cars such as the 1974 Chevy Camaro SS or Chevelle, and having a driverless car kind of ruins the point of owning a cool muscle car.

  7. I don’t think self-driving cars are safe and capable to become widespread because there are lots of situations that can happen on the road and what if the self-driving car doesn’t know how to react. Also, I think there is a boundary with computers doing things on their own. A disadvantage that come with self-driving cars is that people won’t get the practice of driving on their own, so when something goes wrong with the self-driving car, they wouldn’t be great at driving because of their lack of practice.

    Do you think there should be a boundary of computers taking on human tasks?

  8. I’d personally like to say that at the moment, cars are not fully capable of ensuring safety and efficient driving protocols for us. Not until automobile manufactures are able to recognize better patterns. When the industry develops all of this into a better situation for drivers in the vehicle then it will create a better and safer road system.
    I’d say yes I’d trust one. @kobe

    There should definitely be a boundary in the way there’s accessibility for those who want computers doing a human task and a function were we are able to do it manually on our own. @andrea

    Is there a way we can instill safer driving techniques and or practices without the use of computers?

  9. I think that society is always evolving, and we are always coming up with new technology that we should embrace, or else we will just stay in the same place, and not advance. I think there may be some difficulties at first, but that is all part of learning, because if we never try than we will not know how to fix the issue in order to succeed. Also, there can also be accidents with cars run on electricity and gas. As far as hacking, we can always learn how to prevent that from happening in the future once more research is conducted.
    Do you ever think that self driving cars will become normal to have and by when?

  10. While the technology that self driving presents is exciting and advance, I personally believe that at the moment self driving cars should not be used by the majority of people. There are still many risks (such as hacking, or an emergency scenario that could cause a severe car accident) that make me wary about cars driving themselves. The technology should become as close to flawless as possible before it is widespread all over the world. Ultimately: computers do make mistakes. People could potentially become far too dependent on technology and there could be issues with this in the future, people just sitting back for the majority of their lives while computers do everything for them. I do believe that we are on the verge of computers taking over human tasks and it makes me feel uneasy. Just because something is convenient does not make it a good thing. We as people need to establish boundaries about how tech reliant we will become.

    Do you think that self driving cars could do more harm then good?

  11. I believe there is a bit of controversy when it comes to self driving cars. Due to the rapid development of technology I do think self driving cars are safe for communities because like mentioned by Lucia there is already many deaths caused by human driving error, so I do believe this will make driving more safe. In response to Andrea I think there should be boundaries or limits on the amount of human tasks computers are taking. We see things such as driving cars and robot vacuums and I honestly see more and more human tasks being taken over by computers as technology progresses. Not only are computers gonna start taking over more human tasks but they’re also gonna make future generations less capable of doing these “human tasks” on their own.

    With this in mind do you think the future of technology and computers being used for things such as self driving cars are gonna harm or help our future generations?

  12. I think that self-driving cars at the moment are safe to trust on the roads. I think they should be more widespread in order for people to get more comfortable with them and feel less paranoid. Based on the video Kobe Peich shared with us, self-driving cars could bring about a safer road system. The number of accidents caused by human error would most likely decrease. As long as the advanced technology of the self-driving car is thoroughly checked and deemed safe, I would trust one.

    After researching about self-driving cars, I think it may be available in the next coming year with the rate researchers are going, but I think it will take quite a long time for the public to get used to this kind of technological advancement due to fear. As mentioned in the video, people in the past were afraid of using elevators without someone manually navigating them.

    As talked about in the video, many people were initially uncomfortable with using elevators without a driver, innovators installed “big, red stop buttons” and a “nice, soothing voice” asking those inside what floor they would like to go to.

    What compromises do you think will be made if the implementation of self-driving cars becomes more prevalent?

  13. I believe that self-driving cars are at the moment safe to be used on the road. They are already being used in some places, and not one accident has been heard of involving them. If, as Kobe’s video explained, the new auto-driving cars can lower a number of accidents the U.S has today. I would advocate for the spread of the innovative technology. I would consider this a safer system because I think it’d be safer than the millions texting and driving today. According to the video, 3000 people died and 430,000 were injured due to only distracted driving. Since self-driving cars would stop the texting and driving situation, I would definitely trust them.

    However, having self-driving cars do come with disadvantages. To answer Lucia’s question about what the disadvantages were, I believe that glitches, hacks, and malfunctions all come with the idea of a computer based car. However, with every piece of new technology, malfunctions are expected, so I would still put my trust into these cars.

    While on the subject of innovating cars, how else do you think that cars can be upgraded to make life easier and more productive?

  14. I myself wouldn’t trust a self driven car mainly because as simple and common as a virus can make the roads unsafe for not only you but the other people on the road. In response to the question “How long do you think it will take until self-driving cars are implemented in the real world?” I believe self-driving cars will be implemented once the technology is super secure for the road. The way technology is going now it is just a matter of time.

    I have talked about the disadvantages I am interested in hearing from my peers what they believe are the advantages?

  15. I believe that self-driving cars are at the moment safe to be used on the road. Kobe’s video explained that the new auto-driving cars can lower a number of accidents the U.S has today. The car would embrace less human error to any moment of driving. It would be consider a safer system because with all of the people that text and drive their would still be something that would keep an eye out for traffic and on coming cars. According to the video, 3000 people died and 430,000 were injured due to only distracted driving. Since self-driving cars would stop the texting and driving situation, I would definitely trust them.
    To answer Aniessa question on the advantages of having a self-driving car. Human error is the leads to a lot of death by car. Having a computer monitoring your actions or taking over for you would lead to more safe driving and an easier time for the driver to interact with the other people in the car.
    Why do you think self driving cars are not aloud yet in America?

  16. Personally, I think that the current road block to a self driving car future is not safety, but rather the uniquely American attitude towards cars. We see cars as customizable statements of personal expression and utility. Manufactures make different models to appeal to different demographics. Aside from cosmetic differences, major distinguishing facts between cars are engines and performance capabilities. In roads dominated by driverless cars, such features won’t be necessary or useful. The subtraction of human input and addition of inter-car communication completely eliminates the need for a driver to go faster or slower than the currant speed of traffic. Despite increasing road safety, people would not welcome this change because it represents the loss of something fundamentally American: freedom.

    Do you think that this attitude towards cars will prevent the future of self driving cars from ever becoming reality?

  17. I think self-driving cars are safe to be used on the road at the moment. There are already self-driving cars being used today actually. It is a good idea and so far there haven’t been any accidents with the self-driving cars. As said in Kobe’s video, the purpose of self-driving cars is to prevent these thousands of car accidents. The car will recognize what to do and I think this would create a safer road. However, the hacking and glitches are a problem as well. Nothing can be perfect. Having the option to be in control of the car if something goes wrong would be a good idea. I would trust a self-driving car.

    Since the car is driving itself, do you think the rules of drivers’ education change?

  18. I believe self driving cars should not be release yet at this moment because more and more test are needed to be made. Currently, self driving cars are yet to be released to the consumer due to further testing being conducted by these companies. Since programs have a reputation of containing glitches in their code, car companies must be vary careful and fix any issue with their program to insure the safety of the passengers. I do agree that this program should be widespread because this innovated program will save many lives from automobile accidents, and greatly change society as well. Once this program is safe to use in the roads, self-driving cars will indeed reduce tremendously related automobile accidents; decrease traffic as well. I do indeed trust self-driving cars because I do not trust my driving skills, and would allow myself to relax. If self driving cars become widespread, what will happen to traffic signals, stop signs, and many other signs that were design to help drivers on the roads?

  19. I personally would not trust a self-driving car because I simply would not feel safe looking over at a moving car with no one in it. Self-driving cars do exist today but are not used as much because the technology most likely needs to improve so that it is very secure as well. In the video, it states that these self-driving cars will help prevent thousands of car accidents but there is a chance of a glitch or virus happening which could be fatal to other drivers. Since the cars will run on very sophisticated technology, they will also need to have a very secure system so that they do not get hacked into. So therefore, I would not trust a driving car.

    How can we be guaranteed that the car will be safe from glitches, hacks, or viruses?

  20. I personally think that self driving cars can be dangerous. They can get hacked into by people with bad intentions. It is also technology which malfunctions all the time. With these possible complications in mind is why I don not find self driving cars safe. Also according to self driving cars are not really trusted around the world so they’d have trouble selling.
    So with this in mind I have to ask, even if self driving cars were safe enough to start marketing would there be any trust? Will they sell, because according to business insider they are not trusted by people all over the world.

  21. As of right now, I do not think self driving cars are safe on the roads but the idea of self driving cars should be an advancement that other countries should be attempting to perfect. If self driving cars were to become the next efficient way of transportation and were proven to be safe I would gladly accept self driving cars on the road because I think it would diminish our waiting time in traffic. If we put our trust into a computer system on the road I think that our cars would have frequent updates and software checks by the manufacturers like we have oil changes in the modern age. Yes, I would trust a self driving car.

    How close is society to perfecting self driving cars?

  22. Currently, even though our society today is very advanced in technology with new inventions being upgraded every day, I would have to give the self-driving car a bit of time before I can trust it. I respect the time and programming done to make this revolutionary masterpiece but however, that could be its flaw. With all the programming put into the self-driving car, one little error can easily make the situation very dangerous as a flaw in a system can make the car do an action that is not intended. The car can be very convenient and a revolution in the car industry but I feel that it needs more testing and experiments to make sure the car is safe. But once the self-driving car is perfected and protected from hacking, I feel that it could be a good step into safe driving for the people that can afford it (I think it would be pretty expensive). Finally, I would actually be open minded in trying to test out a self-driving car in a controlled setting. I love new technology and I would love to try out any new discoveries and inventions that are present in society today.

    With regular cars today, you get to experience the feeling of pressing on the gas pedal and feel the acceleration as the speed of a car propels your body towards the seat as you zoom along a road. Would self-driving cars take away the feeling of riding a car or would it not matter?

  23. I believe like the video states self driving cars are safe. However, I also believe that there is still a large risk in selling these to the majority of the people at the moment due to computer failure and hacking. I think that self driving cars should still undergo rigorous testing in real life scenarios as well as controlled crash prevention tests in order to make these cars even more safe for the general public. Finally, I think I would trust a self driving car but I like the feeling of being in control and driving my own car which is why I personally would not invest in one at the moment.

    Do you believe that one day in the future that driving your own car will be out of the question and that all cars will become self driving?

  24. I don’t believe that self driving cars are safe as of now, partially because of manually driven cars. People make many mistakes on the road and a self driven car would probably not be able to avoid these people, leading to accidents. If all manual cars were changed to self driven, then it could have an integrated system that helps avoid complications and could be possibly safe; it would be like a train system. However there are too many possibilities of error to trust these cars as of today.
    Would people be more anxious in a self driving car than a manually driven one because of possible errors?

  25. I do believe that self-driving cars are safe to use on roads at the moment; however, to ease the concerns of and worries of the rest of the public, it would be best if there were more testing done before these cars become more widespread. Like the video said,”The real moral dilemma is why aren’t we getting these cars out on the road faster.” They can actually save many lives because 30,000 lives are lost each year due to car accidents caused by human error. Instead of focusing on the small chance that the self driving car would have to make a tough choice on the road, you should focus on how many lives it could save in the future in the long run. In your personal opinion, if you were given the chance to use a self driving car, would you use it? Would you trust it?

  26. As of now i think that self driving cars are safe and should be more wide spread. The only problem with self driving cars right now is the trouble with navigating through complicated small narrow roads but that can be solved by the driver taking over. While just on highways if all cars were self driving the number of accidents avoided would be amazing like it was stated in the video. Human drivers are lazy and selfish while self driving cars follow the rules that were designed to keep drivers safe.

    would it be possible for self-driving cars to replace normal cars soon and efficiently, and what problems might come from switching?

  27. I think that I would trust self driving vehicles. One big problem I would have with them is that not all roads are optimized for it. Huge cities will have an advantage on how the cars autopilot functions. Cities like San Fransisco that are tested with frequently will more like be safer than rural areas. Also, many Americans love driving. Its a concept that is held closely to the heart. So I ask you, as a lover of cars:

    Would you trade in your sports car for a driverless vehicle?

  28. I think self driving cars would be safe because there are a lot of people with disabilities or unsafe drivers that are out on the streets. Although there are possiblities that the system in the car might fail and may cause an accident, but that is why there are prototypes being tested. Self driving cars can help so many people who aren’t able to drive and can keep people safe on the road. Many people end up dying because of dull-witted people on the road and we can’t stop that like in the video more than 30,000 people die each year because of accidents and self driving can save many people.

    People today still steal cars, would self driving cars have enough security to prevent that?

  29. I believe that I would trust self driving cars more if the technology was approved on more and made as safe as possible. Just as the video showed the self driving car having a dilemma between crashing into the car to the left or the motorcycle to the right, I would feel more secure if the car was automated with programs that can help it in situations like that one. For now I think that automated cars should be improved upon more before they become more widespread to ensure the safely of the passengers and other drivers. To answer Aneissa’s question, some advantages would be the death toll and accident rates going down because of human error such as people talking or texting on the phone.
    If anyone ever gave you a self driving car would you feel comfortable and safe enough to let the car drive itself even with all of the risks that might happen?

  30. Kobe’s prompt – Currently, I don’t believe that self-driving cars are safe on the open road because the technology is very early in development and therefore still needs a lot more work and testing before it becomes safe enough to try out in public. However, I think that the technology of self-driving cars should be more widespread. This is because if more countries and cities get to try out the technology, then they can contribute to the development of self-driving tech and make it even safer. Making self-driving cars widely available now would probably cause chaos and destruction because of the many uncertainties of the early technology (like you mentioned in the prompt, they can be hacked into or just glitch out). I would trust a self-driving car, but only if this was in a controlled and smaller space like a university campus, or once the technology becomes more refined and advanced.

    Oscar’s prompt – Yes and no, I think that in the future once they develop more self-driving cars, there would be many more security measures to prevent hot-wiring and theft. However, there would still be rare occurrences where someone could bypass the security of the car and steal it.

    My question – How long do you think it will take for the self-driving technology to become safe enough where it will be seen on the open roads more often?

  31. I am confident that self driving cars are safe and should be used more frequently. Due to car accidents around 30,000 people die each year and nearly two million are injured. Forty percent of accidents are due to faulty drivers and with self driving cars the number of annual accidents can be decreased substantially. There are risks when it comes to self driving cars, such as a glitch in the computer system that operates the self driving mode. That is why drivers should still be focused on the road at all times. If the driver isn’t paying attention to the road and there happens to be a computer glitch the driver will not have enough time to respond and take control of the car again.

    In response to Oscar’s question I believe that a potential security breach in self driving cars would be that they would be irresistible to hacking but many people don’t have the knowledge to hack into high tech cars so I don’t think security will be a major problem.

    With more self driving cars in the future would the average price for them drop?

  32. For me personally i feel like self-driving cars right now should be only used on private properties and not on the main rode, reason being is that this type of technology is wide spread yet and thus hasn’t gain any popularity. So if these cars would be out in public people would become uneasy. Lastly I wouldn’t trust self-driving cars just yet.

    To answer Kevin’s question, I feel like nothing would change with the signs and signals for other drivers. Assuming self-driving cars does improve in the near future, they should obey the same traffic rules as regular drivers would.

    My question- Do you think self-driving cars are mean’t for a small part of society (such as the rich and famous) or do you think they should be allow for public consumption?

  33. I believe that self driving cars would be amazing if the technology is perfected. As it stands now self-driving cars are a fairly new technology and need to be properly tested and perfected until they are even eligible to hit the main road. Self driving cars are dangerous in my opinion. What would happen if your cars autopilot has an error and you cant control your vehicle? Would the human passenger be able to take back control of the vehicle on command?

    To answer Ryan’s question- self driving is an expensive and recent technology. So the odds are that self driving cars are going to be very pricey.

    My question- Are the self-driving cars programmed to safely respond to a car accident or will it continue to stay on its course?

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