Hello North House! Welcome to the LAST BLOG ASSIGNMENT EVER! WOOOHOOO!! There is officially 15 days left of your high school days and I wanted to have everyone take some time to reflect on the last 4 years they have spent in high school. Therefore this weeks blog assignment is…….please write about your absolute favorite high school memory. Yes favorite. Not least favorite. Let’s all be positive. And if you absolutely hated all of high school and have nothing to say, then please just explain how excited you are to get the hell out of here!



– 10 min presentations are this week because senior capstone presentations are THIS THURSDAY! 

– Gradnite is THIS FRIDAY!! 


14 thoughts on “SUNDAY – MAY 28th

  1. I would have to say the most memorable events I’ve experienced here at this school would perhaps be after school. No really, I mean it. I wholeheartedly agree with Lindsay B. as she commented,“2:55 everyday.” For myself, each school event such as the rallies or I-Fest or whatever it may be were just a glimpse in my timeline, but none of those occasions beats sticking good-ol’ time with my best friends. You see, I had much more acquaintances back at my previous high school, more than I can count with my two hands. Unfortunately, I hardly had the chance to get to know them personally whereas I do here. Very few did offer to catch a movie with me or an invitation to a birthday party. I may not have fifty or so friends, but I do have a lot of buddies that I can gladly call, “Brothers from another mother.” They are the ones I’ll stay in touch beyond high school.

  2. Easily the best high school memory I have is of Junior year. One day after school it was Leo, Antonio, and I in the car. We were going to go get something to eat because we had nothing better to do. As we were pulling out of the school turning left on Temple I saw a freshman on a bike and I chuckled and pointed it out. In Antonio fashion he rolled down the window and shouted “nice car” at the kid. As simple as that was I laughed so hard I cried which was dangerous because I was also the one driving. I agree with Kennth when he said, “They are the ones I’ll stay in touch beyond high school.” The friends I have gotten to grow with over the years will be the ones that I will continue to grow with.

  3. Im pretty sure I had many memorable moments during my high school years. And much of the memories did not happen in one day but happened through the course of time. One of those memories is when I played for Southlands during Junior year. Those few months were one of the best because I got to play soccer with I-poly students and got to know new soccer players. Even though we were not a strong team, every game was amazing.
    Another memory was during Olympics, specially when we played soccer. Playing a sport that you love during school will always be the best thing ever. As Isaac said, ” Easily the best high school memory.” Sometimes its the little things that make memories count.

  4. I agree with Kenneth, “I would have to say the most memorable events I’ve experienced here at this school would perhaps be after school.” My favorite high school memory was going bowling with Sarah, Karen, and Summer. We realized that we should of only payed for one round of bowling because we got bored once the first game was over. We ended the night with karaoke; Karen and I applauded as Sarah and Summer sang along to Whitney Houston.

  5. I don’t have one specific memory, but out of all four years I would say that one of my favorite or also painful memory is probably wasting a bunch of money on food from freshman to junior year. As Kenny G. stated, “Much of the memories did not happen in one day but happened through the course of time.” which I can relate to most. From what I noticed, each grade level my friends and I had a specific routine. Freshman year we would always go to Vista or Denny’s and we’d either be eating cup of noodles with an Arizona Tea, chips, or french fries. Sophomore year we went to Starbucks almost everyday during lunch and I don’t know how we did that. Junior year we went Up everyday whether it be us scamming Qdoba for their sides (until they didn’t let us anymore), breadsticks from Round Table, or just drinking diet coke nonstop (COUGH COUGH ALTHAEA) or milk teas with boba and lychee. I guess my overall high school experience basically revolved around food.

  6. This is pretty sad, but the happiest memory that I can recall at the top of my head is the last couple of weeks of Junior year. At the time I was studying every waking moment for my SAT. I ended up studying over 100+ hours in a little short of a month. This was because instead of doing the classwork or caring about projects I was focusing all my energy on something else. My final “American Dream” project was so bad, I believe I barely got a C. But it was in those times waking up incredibly early in the morning to study in the office or to study while watching a movie in Mr.Nav’s that honestly make the feel the most -maybe not happy- but accomplished and worth something. It’s been a very bad four years.

  7. My time in high school has felt very long. I have created many memories, and had many changes of paradigm. Some of the memories that have seemed bad are not so bad anymore, and some memories I thought good have turned bitter. It’s hard to say what my favorite memory is, because so many of the memories I thought had been my best have spoiled. That said, I have made some of the most outstanding memories this year. However, those memories were all outside of school, and school felt more like something that prevented me from making more of those memories, rather than helping me make them. Regardless, I am thankful for the friends I have made in high school, because they have made my high school experience much more tolerable. Even though that was mostly by taking the piss out of the situation. This year has been very chaotic, and I’m glad I could at least have a little fun with it. Even though I have a bad habit of turning into a stranger whenever I go my own way, I will make an effort keeping in contact with my friends this time, as Kenneth said, “They are the ones I’ll stay in touch beyond high school.”

  8. I don’t know what to make of these four years. There were definitely some moments that made me want to curl up in my snuggie blanket for comfort. But along with the irritating and stressful moments came the unusual and memorable ones. It was in freshman year that I started a tradition that Melanie Arnold and I would never forget.
    I never brought my own lunch to school. I was either lazy to do so or had no time to prepare one. Both are valid answers. I relied on my small amount of bills to get me through the hour and a half of our lunch. It was at the Vista Market that my unusual lunch menu came to life. I think it was a craving moment that made it happen. I wanted chips. It felt like a sufficient meal during my freshman year–still does. Cheeto puffs will always be my number one choice when that option is presented to me. My stomach was also craving a drink. I asked Melanie for a suggestion, but she said I should just choose something. And so I did. Pineapple chunks in a can is not the first thing that people think of when they ask for a drink, but for the rest of my years at iPoly it’s the first thing that will always come to mind when I enter Vista.

  9. I do not think I can pick one moment from my high school experience as my favorite. Like Kenny said, “much of the memories did not happen in one day but happened through the course of time” because I have made so many memories with my friends that I will cherish for a very long time. Year after year there was always something new that I experienced, so if I had to choose something it would be spending time with my friends almost every day. They made my high school experience amazing, and I will be forever grateful for that.

  10. These past four years of high school has been an amazing roller coaster ride filled with many emotions. I am glad to say that I have so many positive memories throughout my time in high school but my most memorable one was Freshman year. I remember going up to lunch with my best friends Ashley and Delynn; and we decided we wanted to go “exploring” throughout the Cal Poly campus. Without thinking about the concept of having to go back to class in 45 minutes we walked as far as we could into the Cal Poly campus. To this day, I have no idea where we went because it was so far up in the campus. On top of walking for 30 minutes and finding a place to eat our lunch we decided to watch YouTube videos. Time passed by and we still overestimated how much time we had until it around 1:50 when we actually checked the time. We were suppose to be at class 20 minutes ago so we ran through the Cal Poly campuses like maniacs trying to get back to class at a reasonable time. We finally made it to one of the bus stops but when the bus finally arrived it broke down 2 minutes into us driving back to school. Delynn and I got out of the bus to run back to class while Ashley decided to stay behind and wait for the bus to get fixed. Looking back now, I should have stayed behind with Ashley because it would have prevented an extremely embarrassing moment that followed. While I was running back to class with Delynn and I somehow merged into each other and I completely ate it. I was so mortified because I had fallen in front of people who just laughed at me. But honestly, I would have laughed too but at the moment I was too embarrassed and worried about being extremely late to class so I just got up and ran away from the situation. This memory nevers fails to make me laugh, and I will never forget it. All the memories I share with my best friends have been valuable ones that I will cherish forever. This is why I agree with Jesse when he stated, “They made my high school experience amazing, and I will be forever grateful for that.”

  11. My greatest memory was my arrival hear, it was so nice to be welcomed and meet so many new people. Exploring the cal poly campus was interesting itself, discovering the spots to chill at. But I believe my greatest memory will be tomorrow, such a beautiful place with such beautiful people. The anticipation is literally killing me.

  12. Kenny best said it when he said that, “Much of the memories did not happen in one day but happened through the course of time.” Collectively, these memories have made my high school experience enjoyable. I can say this about them: they all had to do with the relationships that were built during my four years. I can start with the the memory that I don’t even know if I will ever be able to recall: becoming friends with Christian C. To this day, I don’t remember how our friendship began. Then, there’s my friendship with Samantha S. during sophomore year. Shoutout to Mr. Hogan for putting me in a group with that crazy girl. Lastly, there’s the friendships and the strengthening of them my senior year. I was blessed with an amazing Mars group. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They truly made my first semester so thank you Jesse, Samara, Kenny, and Kevin. Then there’s my second semester group. My shook group. I have much love for them and thank them for the many laughs we shared. I’m glad to have built these relationships and hope to stay in touch.

  13. My favorite experience that I’ve had being here in IPoly is quite a few actually. But one of my favorites has to be around sophomore year. I had just lightened up from having my family experience with going in and out of judicial courts to see if my mom and dad could still have custody over us, or if my mom was ever gonna recover from her mental illness, or after seeing my older brother experience a dark state of depression if he was ever gonna get better, I would definitely say i was at the most all time low in my life. Mr.Daly was one of my favorite teachers, the reason for this was he took the time to notice when i was feeling down, he knew briefly what was going on in my life but he always cared to ask how I was doing how my brother was doing or if I was OK. I believe after so many times of entering his classroom crying in the morning, it was one morning where we had a test. I was, of course, late and everyone had already started. Holding back anymore of my tears , Mr.Daly walked up to me and said something so bitter sweet and greatly appreciated that I will always remember. He said to the class, “Well Jennifer, I believe the first answer may or may not be A. Not sure, just an intuition.” Then he leaned to me and confirmed, hoping that I had caught on to what he had said. Before this experience I wasn’t able to confirm to him that my family was alrifht, or that I was alright. But as junior year left, I remember stumbling upon Daly and him asking me how was I doing, with finally responding with, “I’m good.” It wasn’t until that time that he made me realize that in that instance, it was the first time I’ve ever been able to tell him things were actually finally going okay for once.

  14. My absolute favorite memory is a simple but a fun memory. It was sophomore year James, Jose and I are went to get lunch together. we ended up just eating junk food and joking around and having a good time. towards the end of lunch Jennie came skating by and the four of us ended hanging out and was late to class. they stuffed so much chips and junk food down my throat I threw up and it was so funny.

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