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Hello North House, I hope you are all having a good weekend. We have come down to the the last four weeks of school, so let’s finish strong. I will be the scribe the week, and for this blog assignment I chose a video that discusses the benefits of both free weights and body weight exercises. You can find that video here.

Prompt: What are your thought on the video? For those of you who have tried the two kinds of exercises, which do you prefer? If you haven’t, after watching the video which do you believe to be more beneficial?

Reminder: Path to 40 is due at Midnight, and the Inquiry Tree is due tomorrow.



32 thoughts on “Blog Assignment #34

  1. When watching the YouTube video “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise”, created by PictureFit, I was immediately intrigued because I didn’t know there was such a workout controversy. I personally really enjoy doing bodyweight exercises. Every Tuesday and Friday I take part in the fitness elective at I-Poly, and during the elective I follow along to yoga and pilates videos. These types of workouts for the most part require no additional weights, and I feel as though learning to master my own weight is where my fitness journey personally begins. If I can learn how to hold my own weight then I can move on to more intense weight.

    As the video stated it is all about what a person is looking to get out of their workout. For me, I’m not looking to gain muscles and biceps. I’m just looking to keep my body healthy and relatively the same size. There is no one way to exercise, therefor I don’t believe either one is “more beneficial”.

  2. In the video, “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise,” PictureFit compares which type of exercise is better than the other. After viewing the video, I agree with what they said, both have their own advantages and are beneficial in their own way. It all has to do with what your exercise goal is. If you want to build muscle in your arm, then you should do free weight exercises because it targets specific muscles rather than multiple, large muscle groups when practicing bodyweight exercises. On the other hand, if you’re trying to improve movements and functions used in everyday life, then you should practice bodyweight exercises.

    I don’t exercise regularly. After watching the video, I would have to say that although both are beneficial in their own ways, I think I would prefer to do bodyweight exercise. Like the video said, bodyweight exercise is free. It doesn’t require to buy weights, expensive equipment, or even a gym membership. It’s all techniques that you can practice on your own or at your local park. I think it’s also less intimidating for me too. I mentioned earlier that I don’t exercise regularly, which also means that I have never stepped foot in a gym. I would feel super intimidated to be surrounded by people who go there regularly and know what they’re doing. So I probably wouldn’t even consider doing free weight exercises. But besides that, bodyweight exercises allow more flexibility and variety in an exercise routine too. In the video it also mentioned that you can add weights to your bodyweight exercising for a hybrid of the two types. After viewing this video, I feel a little more motivated to start exercising regularly. I feel the same as Janina, “I’m just looking to keep my body healthy and relatively the same size.” I don’t want to get extremely muscular or anything, but now I know what type of exercise I would be more comfortable with, so thanks Jesse!

  3. According to the video, “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise,” by PictureFit, it discusses the contentious issue of deciding which form of exercise is better — free wights or bodyweight. In terms of building a well-rounded figure, free weight exercises, or weightlifting, benefit a person by “simplifying the process,” whereas bodyweight exercises, or calisthenics, help to “improve functional movements that are used in daily life.” In spite of their differences, both forms of exercise are resourceful for a better shape; however, like the narrator remarks, it is all up to “you.”

    Since I have not been exposed to free wight exercises, I prefer bodyweight exercises. I enjoy taking jogs around my neighborhood or riding my bike at the park. Also, along with my brothers, we play sports, such as soccer or basketball, in our backyard. This form of exercise is feasible anywhere and without charge. Like Chanel stated, “it doesn’t require to buy weights, expensive equipment, or even a gym membership.” Regardless of my experience, I would yet want to try free weight exercises. Though I would not want to become extremely muscular, I believe both alternatives are a good way to balance and procure a healthy lifestyle. Like the video mentions, both forms “have great advantages that anyone can benefit from.” So, why not reap the benefits of both?

  4. In PictureFit’s video, “Free Weights vs. Bodyweight Exercises,” the producers examine the difference between the two methods of exercising. They begin by describing each of them individually, then move on to discussing some of the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. I agree with Chanel when she says, “It all has to do with what your exercise goal is.” There is no definite answer – one is simply not better than the other. It’s a matter of choice and determining what methods is most effective to achieve an individual’s ultimate goal.

    I haven’t exercised on a regular basis for about five months now – after Christmas, everything pretty much went downhill. I never paid that much attention to differences in techniques, such as the “free weights vs. bodyweight exercises,” I would usually do whatever was most convenient for me. And after viewing this video, it is quite clear that I do prefer bodyweight exercises as opposed to free weight exercises. I have never wanted to be real muscular, I’ve always tried to be as thin as possible, which is probably due to something psychological and how I used to be really fat when I was younger.

    Prior to me falling off the wagon, I used to go running and do “Insanity” regularly. They both were something that just worked into my schedule and I really enjoyed them as an outlet to clear my head and relieve stress. I have even had a gym membership for about seven years (I lied and said I was older than I actually way), and have probably only used it ten times, and that’s a very liberal estimate. I think for me personally, I prefer the bodyweight exercises because it is more attuned with what I am looking for in a workout.

  5. In the video, “Freeweights vs Bodyweight Exercise”, youtube user PictureFit breaks down the main differences between both forms of exercise. After viewing the whole video, it came down to neither being the better option which I was already expecting. Although both types have their own health benefits and advantages, there are still some downsides to them, such as injuring yourself or having to buy equipment. In the end, it all depends on your own personal goals whether that be wanting to gain actual body strength and overall improvement or if you are just exercising for aesthetic reasons. The narrator mentions, “Ultimately the best thing you can do for yourself is to do both. As we can see, both have great advantages that anyone can benefit from. So why limit yourself to just one?” which I do agree with, however there does come a limit as to what your body can handle. Only you know what you are capable of doing so it is important to not over work yourself.

    I personally don’t exercise as much as I should due to lack of motivation, but when I do, it tends to fall under the bodyweight exercises. I usually have no desire in participating in any form of free weight exercises, so I really can’t compare the two based off of my own experiences. The idea of staying in one place and lifting a heavy object does not appeal to me. However, after learning the real differences between freeweight and bodyweight, it does seem like bodyweight exercises are more beneficial to one’s life. As Benjamin T. put it, “This form of exercise is feasible anywhere and without charge.” and that sounds like a good deal to me. No matter what form exercise you prefer, at least you are exercising, it all varies for everyone.

  6. The video, “Free Weights vs. Bodyweight” looks at which type of the two exercises is the better option for people looking to gain muscle and strength. PictureFit explained body weight exercises are not effective in regards to building muscles but at the same time it requires less learning effort with no cost. Free weights demand the purchase of a dumbbell or a gym membership which can seem expensive to most people of our demographic but it is a more effective route to take if a person wants a more simplistic way of building muscle.

    Fitness or attaining “gains” is not a one size fits all process. Jaydalynn B. stated, “No matter what form of exercise you prefer, at least you are exercising, it all varies for everyone.” If a person is interesting in exercising they do not have the option of strictly choosing weights or body weight to exercise. One cannot be more beneficial than the other, instead both can be beneficial joined evenly.

  7. Initially I thought, i’m a lazy person I don’t exercise ,but after analyzing my former days, I realized I have been quite athletic for the average teenager. Joining dance for more than 7 years I’ve been forced into an exercise that is actually intuitively motivating, known as a type of body weight exercise. This, however, wasn’t where my journey with exercise ends, because of my motivation I did engage in body weight exercise in the more common sense.
    In my time, it was, in my opinion, the easiest method to become fit and in shape without trying too hard was bodyweight exercise.

    Generally, I would look up 5 minute workouts and did those twice a day to be able to get in shape and, eventually, enough of it was progressive to get me in shape like I wanted to be. So in my opinion, bodyweight exercises are the most effective method to get in shape. Though, soon I realized that if done improperly, it can really do more harm than good. The method of bodyweight exercise can be useful but if one doesn’t know how to do the exercise to receive full optimal benefit then they will most likely not receive any improvement.

    This is why I believe that having a professional, or specific equipment, such as free weights, can ensure improvement instead of just self taught movements. Although I do agree with Althea when she stated, “If a person is interesting in exercising they do not have the option of strictly choosing weights or body weight to exercise. One cannot be more beneficial than the other, instead both can be beneficial joined..”. However, taken how it would be, receiving an outcome is still very much possible with either method. I believe it comes down to knowing how to use either one and using it to its full optimal capacity.

  8. Personally, I don’t think either exercise is naturally superior to the other. As testified by the video, it seems that my opinion is backed by the narrator. Interestingly enough however upon reflection I’ve realized that I have tried both types of exercises- albeit not extensively. But when I used to box and care about what happened in my life I almost exclusively used body weight exercises. At the gym where I used to train the equipment available was used to maximize boxing skills, not muscle. As a result, there were not very many machines or free weights that I could practice with. For several months I almost exclusively used bags, boxes, mats and ropes. I never once found myself thinking how much better I could be with free weights. But that’s probably because I was having so much fun getting punched in the face by better boxers.

    This is basically the same experience I shared when I used to go to the gym.Except in this case, it wasn’t that there was an absence of body weight equipment. It was just that there were so many shiny new free weight equipment that there is where I spent the majority of the time. In either case however I had great fun. I really enjoy pushing my limits and exercising -when I cared enough to do it- was a nice outlet to channel my troubling sadistic urges into a healthy hobby. So given the choice, I can’t say one is naturally better. Like Althea when she says, “Fitness or attaining “gains” is not a one size fits all process” I believe that especially when it comes to exercise, 99% of the outcome depends on the person, not the machines they use (or don’t use).

  9. Content creator PictureFit published a cartoonish informative video called “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise,” in which he (assuming PictureFit was also the one speaking during the video) informed views of the difference between the two. Free weights describe exercises requiring equipment. They are popular towards those who want to build muscle quickly, however they can damage the body if done improperly. Bodyweight Exercises on the other hand, to not require any equipment usually. Popular familiar bodyweight exercises include push-ups and sit ups.
    PictureFit is addressing a popular debate among his constituents. Is one form of exercising better than the other? According the the author it depends on what the person is looking for, in the end you can achieve similar results with both. I agree with the narrator that there are many forms of exercise that can help achieve the results a person wants. I personally would opt for a callisthenic approach, just because being outside and moving around relaxes me.

    Like Christopher Quintana, “prior to this video I never paid much attention to the difference in techniques.” Working out and myself have an abusive past and I have since distanced myself from a set workout routine. What I tend to do now is a light run every night before I get ready for bed. I figure I burn at least one thing I ate today which is enough for me.

  10. Whether it is with weights or without, we can all agree on that working out is an important activity to do because not only does it exercise our body physically, but our mind mentally and spiritually. In the video that was provided to us, it talked about the benefits of free weights versus body weight exercises. As the speaker said in the video, free weight are exercises that do not contain weights, but are workouts like sit ups or push ups, while body weights are the opposite and contain various weights and machines.

    As for which do I do the most, I would have to say free weight because I do my workouts all at home. But overall, both type of workouts are beneficial, but its really up to the person how much work they want to put in and how they want to do it. I have tried both, but dominantly on free weights because I do not own any machines or weights at home.

    In conclusion, whether you want to commit to free body or body weight, they both have great advantages and of course it is always important to exercise. So get off your chair or bed as you’re doing this blog or grading it, and work out. Do some jumping jacks or run around your house. And like Romel M. said in his post, “I believe that especially when it comes to exercise, 99% of the outcome depends on the person, not the machines they use.”

  11. In the video “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise” by picture fit they discussed the advantages and disadvantages to bodyweight exercises and free weights. As the speaker said free weights are lifting heavy weights from point A to point B to build muscle. While body weight workouts consist of push-ups and pull-ups sit ups and many more.

    After watching “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise” by picturefit I 100% agreed with them. Personally i do both free weight workouts and i do bodyweight workouts. I love and respect both these forms of exercise. I don’t believe that one is better than the other because both have there positives and negatives. Throughout the week for me personally I mix the two together. No matter what I worked out or what i did in the gym I end every workout with 150 push-ups and 100 pull ups just because I find it fun. I want to beable to do the human flag and front lever and be that guy that can deadlift 500 pounds all of it interests me. However Personally I love mixing free weights with bodyweight exercises. I love pushing myself and placing weights on my back when performing push-ups and same goes for when doing pull-ups. For me I find all this fun.I like what Romel M. said in his post, “I believe that especially when it comes to exercise, 99% of the outcome depends on the person, not the machines they use.”

  12. The video, “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise”, by youtube user PictureFit informs on the controversy between free weights and calisthenics. My personal belief is the more the merrier, every time that I introduce a different challenge for my body I am training to perform a different movement. The more movements I train for the stronger and more versatile I become. There are different benefits between the two techniques, both offering a way to tear muscles for the body. My mentality on exercising is summed up by Josh when he says, “…not only does it exercise our body physically, but our mind mentally and spiritually.” Working out takes focus and patience, having that time alone with yourself to push towards a progressive goal is a very spiritual experience. I pursue the euphoria of the morning after, the soreness, and the progress that can be seen physically. I’ve always been a tiny person, if you compared my present size to before you would let out a laugh or two. My hyper metabolism keeps my body fat percentage low so every bit of muscle a gain is visible. Seeing yourself grow is addictive, your brain latches onto such productive habits and fuels it with endorphins.
    After going between both types of exercises I have found to prefer calisthenics, due to the use of your own weight to train. It feels more natural, more free, more progressive and more personal. I start all of my work outs with free weights , only because I can put on a heavy load and efficiently wear down muscle fiber. Once the fibers of my targeted muscle has deteriorated to the point where I can no longer lift a considerable amount, I switch to calisthenics and make sure every thread of muscle will be sore in the morning.

  13. People have different workouts depending on what they want to work on or depending what they are capable of. I agree with Romel when he says, ” I believe that especially when it comes to exercise, 99% of the outcome depends on the person, not the machines they use.” Even though both workouts are very beneficially, free weights are perfect for me because I do my workouts at home. Im personally all about being able to have free movement and flexible. Since I play sports, being flexible is very important to me and even though being strong is an important factor, it is not my main focus.

    In the video it talked about the differences between free weight and body weights. Free weights are all about push-ups or pull-ups which I am all about and body weights focus on machines. It also talked about how people say free weights are dangerous or vice versa. In my opinion, both can be very dangerous if equipment are not used properly or if you push your body to hard and end up hurting yourself. So, the proper way is to start what you are comfortable with and slowly start improving.

  14. The video explained both the benefits and the cons about body weights and free weights. I like it how it explained both aspects from the people who do it and also from people who decides to avoid it. I use to do “Insanity” for a couple of months and it felt relaxing to do it. One time, I did videos of body weights and it was a pain to do that because I needed materials to do the exercise. So I prefer free weights, but I believe that both body weights and free weights are important. It also depends on the person and what kind of exercise they find easier to do. Just like Jaydalynn said, “No matter what form exercise you prefer, at least you are exercising, it all varies for everyone.” Whatever form of exercise someone prefers doing is better for them and better than doing nothing at all.

  15. Well when it comes to free weights vs. bodyweight, I actually think bodyweight is better. But I also find bodyweight exercises to be the more difficult of the two. Anyone can pick up some weights and start doing reps. Bodyweight is different because you have to have some muscle beforehand to be able to support your own bodyweight. The video gave some good examples of the pros and cons of both types of exercises. The narrator never took sides and enforce the idea that both are viable forms of exercise. I now understand to build muscle mass fast, free weights are the way to go. If you want to be lean and agile, bodyweight is the way to go. Depending on what you want out of your exercise you decide which form of exercise is the one for you. In my opinion I think bodyweight is the better of the two. I like that you don’t need equipment and that there is lower risk of injury.
    I agree with Nick C. when he says that he prefers bodyweight exercises because you can do them outdoors. I also find that being outside and getting some fresh air relaxes me.

  16. I have told myself time and time again, “I’m gonna exercise and finally get that body that I desire” but I never do. I don’t ever seem to have the motivation to. Yes, I have goals for what I want my body to look like, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to push me off of the couch. The main reason why I believe I don’t try to achieve my body goals is simply because, I am lazy. Once I do begin to exercise, personally, I’d want to do stuff that requires the least amount of effort as possible. Of course, once I do start exercising more often I will gradually do harder exercises. This is why I agree with Kenny when he said “So, the proper way is to start what you are comfortable with and slowly start improving.” Until then, I will begin with doing calisthenics. When I first begin to exercise I would probably prefer to do calisthenics because they require no extra equipment in most cases. Also with calisthenics you don’t need a gym membership, you can exercise from the comfort of your own home if you’d like. All in all do whatever works for you and don’t push yourself too hard.

  17. Prompt: What are your thought on the video? For those of you who have tried the two kinds of exercises, which do you prefer? If you haven’t, after watching the video which do you believe to be more beneficial?

    After watching the video Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise, I agree with what the video said, it depends on what the person is trying to achieve. It is all about comfort and enjoying what you do because if you don’t enjoy which ever you are doing, then it becomes a chore and you are more likely to give up doing whatever exercise that you are performing. I also believe that both can do a person good. If you want to progress in the long run, then it would be best to work out starting with your own body weight so that why you can push yourself to an extent without hurting yourself. When you think you are ready to progress and move on to lifting weights, then you can do so and push yourself even more but not to the point where you end up with a hernia or something. It is best for your body to slowly progress with body weight and then move on to weights because your body will never get used to the weight you are using to gain muscles. Like in the video, it depends on who the person is and what they are trying to do in order to choose which is more beneficial. In my eyes, I believe both are beneficial like Althaea said, “One cannot be more beneficial than the other, instead both can be beneficial joined evenly”.

  18. As a novice in the world of exercise, I tend to lump all types of exercises into one category.I don’t think it’s wrong; it’s just something I prefer. However, it seems like this debate on the best/only method for improving strength and muscle growth forces people to pick a side. Which is better- calisthenics or free weights? Whichever one you pick, there will always be one person to disagree. Althaea summarizes the dilemma clearly: “fitness or attaining “gains” is not a one size fits all process.” Board games versus video games. Cats versus dogs. It’s a debate that not only fails in declaring a victor, but also fails in limiting itself to two sides. The video makes it clear, and I would have to agree with it: “depends on what you enjoy doing more.” it depends. It’s a third option that these types of arguments fail to take into account. These types of personal questions have so many factors that can affect a person’s choice. It just doesn’t make sense to ask, “which is better?”I don’t care for categorizing one exercise from another, since I don’t see it that way. However, I can tell that I prefer doing the calisthenic exercises that are available to me in any place. I just like things that are convenient.

  19. When I exercise, it would always involve hiking and very few weights or dumbbells in between. Nowadays, I’m in worse shape than before. But I have to say, I would prefer body weights over free body weights. For one thing, body weights require hardly any equipment and can be inept for some. I’d have to agree with Brian C.’s of, “Depending on what you want out of your exercise you decide which form of exercise is the one for you.” In the end of day, it comes down to the person who’s exercising. Gain muscles or agility? Some methods work for others and some don’t. Be my guest and choose what you aspire to become.

  20. Personally, I prefer bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercise works well for me because it’s slightly more accessible and much more convenient, but also because my metabolism allows me to be fit enough to pick it back up anytime. As someone who meditates as well, bodyweight exercises are perfect for achieving a meditative state. Although I do not practice any myself, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is known for being very brutal on the mind and body, and thus very good for building muscle as well as meditating through intense physical and mental focus. In other words, what Josh said when he said “working out is an important activity to do because not only does it exercise our body physically, but our mind mentally and spiritually.”

  21. In the YouTube video entitled, “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise,” uploaded by PictureFit discusses the benefits between two exercise methods: free weight and body weight exercise. The narrator does not have a bias opinion on this matter, and claims that both exercise methods are equally beneficial. Free weight, and body weight exercises both prove to successfully improve strength and muscle growth in an individual.

    Picking the right exercise method depends on the individual’s needs and wants. This is why I agree with Chris when he stated, “It’s a matter of choice and determining what methods is most effective to achieve an individual’s ultimate goal.” I am ashamed to say that I rarely exercise; and if I do exercise it consists of going on small hikes with my dog. I would love to start exercising more often but I lack the time, and motivation to do so. However if I were to start exercising, I would use the body weight exercise method. I feel that this method would be the most beneficial for me, and it is an added bonus that it is free. The reason why I chose this method over the other is because the body weight exercise method helps to improve functional movements that are used in daily life. Body weight exercise targets a variety of muscle groups unlike free weight exercising. Free weight exercising allows an individual to target specific muscle groups which I personally am not looking for. This video was very informational, and I look forward to use this newfound knowledge to my advantage the next time I try exercising.

  22. The video talks about the pros/cons of using free weights and bodyweight exercising. The video does point out useful tips but it all really comes down to the person. Not everyone is the same, some exercises may suit others differently.

    Personally, I’d lean towards bodyweight, it’s easy and convenient for me. Going to the gym and learning to use all the equipment seems time consuming, when i’m at home, I can exercise at my own pace, instead of waiting for a turn on the treadmill.
    Any exercise is good for the body, like what Jadalynn said, “No matter what form exercise you prefer, at least you are exercising, it all varies for everyone.”

  23. The video, “Free weights vs bodyweight exercise,” by Picturefit, provided an easy understanding of the differences between free weight exercising and body weight exercising. I personally didn’t know there was a difference between the two, I always just thought exercise was exercise, so in that sense I enjoyed the video because I learned something. I have recently joined a gym and have gone with my brother, and in my limited experience I have found that exercising with weights is very beneficial and actually fun. I think that if someone wants to be in the best physical condition then they should do both free weights and bodyweight exercises because they are both really beneficial. I agree with Romel, “I believe that especially when it comes to exercise, 99% of the outcome depends on the person, not the machines they use (or don’t use).”

  24. The YouTube video, “ Free Weights vs BodyWeight Exercise,” explains the differences between two methods of exercise. Free weights exercises include using objects such as a barbells, dumbbells, or any other free moving object to increase muscle and strength. On the other hand, bodyweight exercises are exercises that rely on just the body rather than machinery. Bodyweight exercises are meant to improve balance, flexibility, and strength.

    Some people swear by free weight exercises as results are more visible as time goes by. Still, I find that I prefer bodyweight exercises. Like Jadalynn said, “The idea of staying in one place and lifting a heavy object does not appeal to me.” I’d rather be out and about. I think that if I chose to lift weights, I’d get bored or distracted. Not only that, but with bodyweight exercises, I don’t have to pay for a gym membership or buy extra equipment.All in all, the types of exercise a person chooses to do should depend on their personal goals. If they want to gain extra muscle, they should do free weight exercises and if a person simply wants to create a healthy routine, they should go with bodyweight exercises.

  25. The video makes good comparisons when speaking of both calisthenic and free weight workouts. From a personal perspective I cannot say that I know much about picking up dumbbells and doing reps but I’m no stranger to a good old fashion calisthenic workout. Having trained for my black belt for a total of seven years at no point did the muscle building exercises have anything to do with lifting weight. Core workouts such as crunches and superman’s focus entirely on our ability to support our own weight. I prefer this method of training only because it sets limits that are easily notable and it also gets us much more comfortable with what we are capable of. I would have to agree with Kenneth when he states that ” At the end of the day it comes down to the person that’s exercising.” Only we ourselves can know what we are capable to start off with. It doesn’t make sense to go in trying to lift fifty pound weights when we know that prior we couldn’t lift anything past thirty five.

  26. The two types of body exercises explained in the video are known as either free weight or body weight exercises. Free weight exercises entail using workout equipment and machinery to facilitate in the process of muscle development; body weight exercises, on the other hand, require no equipment or machinery and relies solely on the weight of a body to engage muscles. To address the question of which method of working out is better, I would say that neither of them are particularly better than the other.

    As Citlalli put it, “the types of exercise a person chooses to do should depend on their personal goals.” For example, if a person is going for a slim and toned physique, they might be better off doing body weight exercises because it puts less strain on the body. If a person wants to gain lots of muscle and bulk up, then it is more likely that they will use the free weight exercises because they push the limits further than the weight of a body could. Personally, I have only done body weight exercises like sit ups, push ups, and squats. I don’t do these workouts everyday, but I do try to do them a couple times a week because they help me increase my strength that is necessary for yoga, which I regularly practice.

  27. The video does well to compare calisthenic and free weight workouts. Calisthenic being the more active running and cardio workout and free weight is just lifting weights. Specifically, I do more calisthenic workouts rather than free weights. I agree with what Jaydalynn said, “The idea of staying in one place and lifting a heavy object does not appeal to me.” I much prefer to run around and be active than staying in one location repeatedly lifting weights. Although I should reconsider because both have their purpose and it is beneficial to accumulate muscle strength.

  28. When watching the video that Jesse posted along with the blog I first thought about the difference in the two exercises. One of the exercises focuses more on muscle growth while the other focuses on muscle strength. I have been a soccer player for most of my life and training would consist of both types of exercises. In my personal experiences, free weight exercises benefited me since I always able to use my body mass to shield the ball from any defender. But calisthenic exercises also increased my movement speed and ball control. The two exercises can be used for different intentions but they can be used together to improve overall. I prefer to use both exercises as opposed to just focusing on one aspect of my body. I agree with Citlalli when she says “should depend on their personal goals” since it is true that it depends on someones choice based off of their intention.

  29. I think the video brought some very interesting points from both sides but I personally think that it’s best to do calisthenics workouts. It targets not only one but almost all body parts. Usually when doing free weights, mostly body builders, they target the upper body and arms a lot more than they do the rest of their body. Of course that’s when you put leg day into work, but calisthenics workouts could work all at the same time, saving time. I agree with what Jaydalynn stated, “The idea of staying in one place and lifting a heavy object does not appeal to me.” I don’t think that that type of workout is for me. I also see that people who do choose to do that, have to push themselves a lot more to get higher and bigger results which means adding more to the weights. I would much rather run and do cardio than to lift weights.

  30. In the video “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise”, created by PictureFit the benefits and disadvantages of free weights vs. bodyweight exercises. I thought the video showed both sides very well really leaving it up to the viewer to decide which type of exercise would be best for them. I personally have not tried bodyweight exercises I do free weights. I prefer free weights because how the video stated that some people like the feeling of being able to lift heavy things, that is me when I notice that I can move up in weight I get really excited and it’s just more motivation to work harder. After reading the blog response most lean more to bodyweight exercises which are fine, free weights is definitely not something you can just jump into without knowing basic techniques and how to effectively target your muscles. Bryan put it best when he said “Depending on what you want out of your exercise you decide which form of exercise is the one for you.”

  31. The video “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercises” by PictureFit speaks on the pros and cons of the two forms of exercises. The video explain that both can be beneficial, but it simply depends on a person’s goal to determine which mode of exercise will work best for them. Personally, I prefer body weights, or calisthenics. I used to do gymnastics, so my coach would always make us do calisthenics for conditioning. There are so many different ways for a person to work one muscle, and with body weight I have the option to choose different positions for me to workout.
    I have a gym membership so I do both types of exercises, but I still prefer body weights over free weights. Using the bars is very intimidating because there are a bunch bulky guys by those stations. I always feel judged by those people when I use those weights even though I know they do not care. But not knowing how to use the machines, and getting dirty looks from others keeps me away from those areas of the gym. I would rather stick to a workout that I understand and know works for me.
    I may not be a crazy gym nut, but I do enjoy working out. It makes me feel better and allows me to pretend that I am healthy for an hour. But in the end, exercise is exercise. As long as people are doing it for themselves, and are comfortable doing so they can use any method they want. Both methods have a purpose and has what the other lacks. So like the Ortega taco girl said, “Por que no los dos?” They are both useful so why not just combine them. I agree with Audissey when she said, “All in all do whatever works for you and don’t push yourself too hard.”

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