Monday- May 1

Hi everybody hope you had a good monday per usual ill be going over a quick summary of what happened in class today.


Today the class started off with SSR and shortly after we watched J.K. Rowling’s commencement speech video which she delivered at Harvard University. Next Edwards introduced our new unit. In this unit we will be choosing a book and explaining to the class in a three to five minute presentation how the book enlightened us. (The links to the books are on the I Poly English 12 blog) You are allowed to work in groups or as an individual, but keep in mind time will increase depending on the amount of people you choose to work with. Finally as a reminder Edward’s wanted us to know that the auditions for commencement speeches will be on May 10 in her classroom during 4th block.


In Phil’s class we went over the math packet he had previously assigned and then turned it in. For the rest of class we finished watching smart house and then started Moana! In Mr Anaya’s we started off with CNN 10 as usual and then the class took a short quiz. Afterwards we read a chapter in the textbook and answered the questions at the end of the reading. (For all those who attended the field trip the test and in class assignment does not apply to you and you have received a 100%!!! :] ) Finally we had time to work on our stock market.

Hope this helped and don’t forget to do your blogs. Due by no later than 9:00 PM on Thursday!!!


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