Thursday- March 23, 2017


Announcements/ Reminders:

  • Tomorrow morning at 8am is the last day to do the extra credit that is offered on the IPoly English 12 home page.
  • Test is this Monday on March 27th
  • Be sure to remember your one page of notes for the test.
  • Do not forget to gather your evidence for the upcoming essay!
  • If you do not want to be randomly placed in the career day classes, be sure to sign up tonight!

Game Plan:

  • There was no SSW today due to 4-Core rotations
  • We immediately¬†started on our last day (9) of our stations and turned in our work at the end of class.

HW: Blog Assignment is due tonight at 9 guys, don’t forget!


  • We started class off with reviewing the homework and going over any problems we didn’t understand.
  • We then took a small quiz on the last two homework assignments that Phil gave us.
  • After we were done, we turned in all of our homework assignments that we started since Phil came to class.


  • We started off with CNN 10.
  • We then watched a documentary for the rest of the class about a man named Vanderbilt.
  • throughout the movie, we had to answer questions on a worksheet Anaya passed out in the beginning of the film.


  • Holt went around and stamped our homework assignment he gave us two days ago.
  • He then talked about the problems from the same assignments and answered any questions we had.
  • He then talked about our next project that we have to worry about … THE PRODUCT.
    • We will not be able to work on it until almost 3 weeks after we get back from spring break.
    • The due date for the product has not yet been finalized but he said he would let us know as soon as it is.
  • Holt then showed us a short video that “watered down” the Barbie project and gave us time to work on it a bit and to experiment with the rubber bands.

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