Tuesday- March 21,2017


Game Plan:

  • We started with trying to finish our Pendulum lab for 30 minutes (many still did not finish) and talked about some of the problems we had during the lab with Holt.
  • We then took notes on more Pendulum info
    • He showed us two videos
  • Holt brought up our upcoming activity using Barbie dolls and bungeeing them off the second floor … “Death to Barbie means Death to your grade.”
    • Our job is to safely bungee jump the dolls down the second floor and making sure it almost reaches the floor but without actually hitting the floor
    • Barbie might bring along her boyfriend Ken, her dog, or her bike
    • Be sure to practice the change in her mass by using washers (located in by the white board in Holt’s room)

HW: Pendulum Practice Problems Worksheet



Announcements/ Reminders:

  • Test this Monday March 27th
  • Start your 1 page of notes for the test
  • Gather evidence for argumentative essay

Game Plan:

  • Started the class with 20 minutes of SSR
  • It was day 8 of our stations and at the end of class, we turned in our individual and our group work.

HW: Blog Assignment #27



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