Thursday- March 2, 2017

Game Plan

  • SSW
  • P&P Projination Presentations
  • Debrief

Hello North House!

Today we began class with the usual SSW. Then, we viewed the remaining P&P Projination Presentations. After, we debriefed on the Pride and Prejudice unit and segued into the next unit. The next unit will begin on Monday, so make sure to bring your volume 2 textbook. For this unit, we will have nine stations where we will read Unit 4 texts with your table group. Lastly, for this unit will have a Pearson test along with a PBA.



  • Blog Assignment #24 due today by 9pm
  • Bring textbook (vol. 2) for Monday


  • Pg. 660 #1-11 odd, 41-55 odd


  • Worksheet

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