Tuesday- February 28, 2017

Game Plan

  • Read/annotate packet (Highlight significant tips/info)
  • Share your annotations with group
  • Chose one significant piece of info
  • Create a PPT slide + explain why this info is significant
  • TED talk (if time permits)

Hello North House!

Today we had house so there was no regular SSR. Instead, we received a packet on how to go about conducting interviews to help us with the Capstone Project. We then had 20 minutes to read and annotate the packet. After the 20 minutes we shared with our group, and chose one significant piece of information to share with the rest of the class. Each group created one slide to present their information on which created one big North house Interview Guide. Unfortunately, we did not have time to see the TED talk. 

Click here to see the Interview Guide



  • PoR for the month is due today
  • Come up with a 5-7 minute game with your table group for house tomorrow
  • Bring textbook (vol. 2) for 2nd rotation
  • Blog assignment #24 is due Thursday by 9pm


  • Pg. 653 #10-22, Pg. 661 #13-31 odd


  • Worksheet

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