Thursday – February 23rd, 2017

Hello again North Houseeee! So glad this week is almost over, it has been stressful. To anyone (most likely everyone) who is working on the lab report, I wish you good luck tonight.


Today we started the day with Edward’s class where we completed the usual 20 minutes of SSW. Again her class was used as a work block for the Pride and Prejudice Projination which if you have forgotten is due Monday! For other houses at the end of the block a complete script was due but for us all we needed was a rough draft that she went around and quickly checked at the end of the block. Again as a reminder, if you read off the slides of your video slideshow or “wing it” that will result in a lower grade so make sure you guys don’t do that !

Next we had math and that was used as a work block to complete the lab report, roller coaster video, the projination or whatever else we needed to finish up so that was helpful.


Lastly we had econ and we finished up the Famous Amos documentary whilst eating the cookies, they were very yummy. And then we took the open note econ test which was extremely easy if you paid attention to the lectures in class.



  • Blog #23 due by 9pm tonight
  • Roller coaster video due first block tomorrow
  • Holt’s component due first block tomorrow
  • Projination due Monday
  • Bring money or prepare to be on clean up crew for tomorrows feast

That’s it for today, peace out!




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