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Hello North House!

I hope you all are enjoying the four-day weekend, be safe and don’t party too hard! Don’t forget that the roller coaster calculations are due Tuesday when we get back, good luck to anyone that forgot and left their roller coaster in a classroom (aka my group, rip 2 us). Anyways, for this weeks blog assignment I wanted to share with you guys a video about social media and technology that I thought was very eye-opening. Considering right now in english we are focusing on social media etiquette and the how-tos of the different apps, I wanted to focus on the impact social media and technology can have on our lives.

In the video “Look Up” by Youtuber Gary Turk, he shows how technology, which was created to make it easier to connect with each other, can really cause us to do the opposite at times. As you watch the video think about the impact your phone, laptop, social media etc. has on your life.

Prompt: Do you feel social media and technology are necessities in your life or distractions? Has there ever been a time where you missed out on opportunities in your life because you were caught up in the cyber world rather than the real world? If you are not an avid social media or technology user is there a reason why you are not? 


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  1. The video, “Look Up,” by Gary Turk, demonstrated the cons of social media giving an example of missing a big life moment by staring down at technology instead of looking up and living in the real world. Technology at times can be a necessity in the sense of microwaves and dishwashers, but social media is not a necessity because I can live without it. Most of the time my social media is a distraction because it takes away from interacting with others. There probably are more times than I can count of missing opportunities because of technology, but I will never know them because I was lost in a digital world. As Samara stated, “[Technology] was created to make it easier to connect with each other, can really cause us to do the opposite at times.” I had not realized that before, what was intended to bring us together, simultaneously is pulling us apart, is almost too scary to realize. It is true, many times I have found myself and others using technology in each other’s presence when we could having been interacting and spending time together and now we will never get that time back. I will actively be more aware of this phenomena and take steps to overcome it because I want to live in real life and not digital life.

  2. In the video, “Look Up,” Gary Turk depicts what opportunities we can miss such as meeting the love of your life when we are immersed in the digital world rather than the real world. I have to say this was quite eye opening. It made me realize how single moments in our life can be important and impactful to our future.

    I think there is a line people cross when social media and technology becomes a distraction rather than a necessity. I do believe social media and technology are necessities. They are useful tools in research and education, connections and networking, and play an important role in our advancing society. Sometimes social media is needed. For example, a lot of seniors are doing surveys for their Capstone experiment. Many of them have used social media to spread their links and get people to take them.

    I want to say that I live my life in the now and I share most of my enjoyable moments by talking about them with real people, but that’s not true most of the time. Lindsey’s answer to this question is so relatable, “There probably are more times than I can count of missing opportunities because of technology, but I will never know them because I was lost in a digital world.” But I feel like if those moments that I’ve missed were actually meant for me to experience, then I would have experienced them. I guess I missed them for a reason. Or maybe I’m changing my future because I’m choosing to be on my phone rather than talking to another person? I’ll never know. But after viewing this video, I feel that I shouldn’t use social media as a safeguard from interacting with people or I should do a better job of realizing when I’m taking away time to interact with others.

  3. Gary Turk sent a message in his video “Look Up,” that I believe many of us need to be reminded of once in a while. It took me a second to realize that he was speaking in rhymes, but immediately understood what he was trying to communicate to the recent generations who have technology integrated into their lives. The first half of the video capitalizes on the illusions of technology per say, while the final half gives a triumphant backdrop of life when we are not staring at a screen constantly. All we have to do is look up in order to not miss the opportunities life has for us.
    “Social Media is anything, but social.” How true! When Turk said this I immediately thought about the dozens of people I have muted across social media platforms, because they get so damn annoying. Yes, I can see that you have a lot to say, but moderate yourself man! I am not talking about the people that occasionally post a passionate tweet here and there, I am pointing to the people who use social media to inform the net about everything that bothers them or makes them sad. Personally I feel bad for people who have resorted to technology as an outlet to express how they feel all the time.
    In my opinion technology can be a blessing and a curse it just depends what you are using it for. My phone for example lets me hear music whenever I need to unwind, stay up to date on what’s happening in the world, and contact my family in case of an emergency. Yet, if I don’t put limits on myself I can get addicted to it. I can stay up for hours just tapping on links till my fingers get exhausted. I don’t believe technology has caused me to miss an opportunity… that I know of. I agree with Chanel Otec, “I feel like if those moments that I’ve missed were actually meant for me to experience, then I would have experienced them.” I won’t sit wondering how different my life could have been if I didn’t pick up my phone that one time. There is a time and place for everything and I hope that I have done at least a proficient job at monitoring my use of technology.
    To be honest, I have progressively used my phone less. I go off the grid (signing off social media) frequently, because I just cannot stand all the negative energy on it at times. I notice when I use technology like my phone or laptop (which seems to be the type of tech Turk) less or just when I need it I am a lot more productive, focused, and relaxed.

  4. “If you read a book, paint a picture, or do some exercise, you’re being productive and present; not reserved and recluse. You’re being awake and attentive and putting your time to good use.” From the video, “Look Up,” by Youtuber Gary Turk, the two lines previously mentioned spoke to me the most. The concept of time is unarguable; it is precious and valuable, with no alternatives to reverse it. However, many people are negligent to realize it.

    Social media and technology influence almost every aspect of peoples’ lives – whether it be personal or in work. According to an article by Business 2 Community, it stated that many “introverts and socially reclusive users” focused majorly on “virtual interaction,” causing them to disregard the world around them. Also, it commented that “British companies…lost billions of dollars per year in productivity because of social media addiction among employees.” Hence, I believe they are a mere distraction and an obstacle that hinders individuals from exploring the natural world.

    To illustrate, due to technology – specifically social media – I have lost many privileges in advancing my academic work. While completing my homework, I get sidetracked by Instagram, viewing and liking pictures. Before I know it, the time is 7:00P.M., warning me that it is late and time to rest. Consequently, my homework, or projects, are crammed in altogether the night before it is due, making it difficult to excel in at least one assignment.

    Affirmatively, I agree with Chanel when she wrote that social media and technology “…play an important role in our advancing society.” But, in reference to the Business 2 Community article, “it is up to each user to use social sites wisely to enhance their professional and social life…”

  5. As seen in the video, “Look Up”, Gary Turk explains how one of the greatest inventions of today is also one of the worst. He provides a powerful example of how we can miss certain chances, such as meeting our soulmate. He also described how it is no longer satisfying to engage with one another as we start to become unsocial. Although this video was very impactful and true, how many people are truly going to change and “put down the devices” after viewing this? I’ve seen this video several times before and I have yet to change my habits. After all, I just watched this video on my phone instead of going outside or doing something more “productive”.

    Social Media and technology fall under both the necessity and distraction category for me as there are postives and negatives to everything. The world has come so far with this amazing invention, as we advance further into greater and better things. It is a powerful tool that allows us to connect with others in a new way. Today, it is so convenient to access information and get results in a blink of an eye. We can easily educate ourselves and be up to date with what is going on in the world. However, it still remains as one of the biggest distractions for others, including myself.

    As I get lost into the digital cyber world, I have missed countless opportunities by staying home just mindlessly scrolling through different media sites. As much as this video makes me feel guilty for being apart of this new generation or “A generation of idiots, smartphones and dumb people.” as Turk put it, it will always continue to be a problem. Just like Chanel, I related most when she wrote, “But after viewing this video, I feel that I shouldn’t use social media as a safeguard from interacting with people or I should do a better job of realizing when I’m taking away time to interact with others.” Sure, we should still take a break and appreciate the world around us, but this is kind of our reality now. There is nothing completely wrong with wanting to Snapchat what you’re doing or liking pictures on Instagram. We just need to learn to find a healthy balance between the cyber and real world as it can be extremely addicting.

  6. In the video, “Look Up”, it talks about the things we miss in life because of social media due to it being a distraction, that we rather actually pursue for those see instead.

    Over the course of time, the use of social media was used to connect with family and friends, whiling sharing pictures with others. Social media had advanced tremendously, that is started attracting an audience to do more than connect and post, have their actual lives, become a digital one. I remember when I made my first Facebook account, (gosh at that was cringy to say)I connected a lot with my family from the Philippines and across the world that I have not seen in a while or have never met. So originally, I used that platform to connect with family. As social media applications started uprising like Instagram, the use of connecting with family started to fade and it became the simple use of sharing your “best pictures” or funny moments with your friends. For some reason, Instagram involved to following your friends, but no family. Eventually I jumped onto Snapchat, and was sharing pictures and videos to my friends instantly, without having to edit or think of a caption. Lastly, there was Twitter, home of the savages and subtweeters. I see Twitter as the Facebook for young adults without the whole poking, that Facebook had.

    To answer Samara’s prompt, I feel that social media in my life is part of life, because it is my way of connecting to my family and even my friends. I think we use social media as a distraction when we are bored or stuck at a place we do not want to be at, so we wander off to these apps to get our minds off the boredom or the moment we are trapped in. There have been times where I have never experienced things I see on social media, but not because I was stuck in the digital world, but simply because I was not allowed to go or because I was not invited to it. And if I had too choose what social media app I am “addicted” too it would be YouTube because of the diverse creativity from the “OG” creators and the upcoming one’s as well. Just as Chanel O. said in her post, “I want to say that I live my life in the now and I share most of my enjoyable moments by talking about them with real people.”

    Some may say it is better to capture the moment you are in without sharing it to social media, but we do that because we like looking back at something physical, seeing that we actually did it, rather than it being a memory in our brains.

  7. In response to Samara’s question I do feel that social media and technology are necessities in my life. Social media to me is a place where I can express my thoughts and feelings, and I being the emotional outspoken person that I am, find social media to be a perfect way to spend my time. I personally also use social media to connect with family members and people all other the world. Although, some people may believe that technology and social media is toxic to society because of issues like fake news, cyberbullying, and the belief that people have become more self centered. I say those two things have changed the lives of many in terms of self expression, connecting people worldwide, and saving lives daily. I believe my classmate Channel O agrees with me when I say that social media is a way to preserve memories. Channel says “I want to say that I live my life in the now and I share most of my enjoyable moments by talking about them with real people.” and I find this sentence to be so powerful l because it trumps the argument that social media leads people to become self centered. By uploading pictures a person is now sharing a memory with friends and family, something that would have taken much longer a decade ago. I appreciate those who have created the technology that I know today, because thanks to them I can enjoy my life just a little bit more.

  8. If you couldn’t tell by frigid fixed scowl permanently affixed upon my face, I am a very angry person. In my public life it’s not too apparent but In my private life I am almost always in a horrible mood. Always have been, probably always will. When I was a young boy I was such an angry pretentious prick that I used to belittle people constantly. Nowadays, I’ll walk into a damn Walmart and make overly aggressive prolonged eye contact with literally almost everyone. I can’t explain why I’m so angry all the time, but it probably has to do with some childhood trauma that I’ve repressed so far back into the chasms of my subconscious that it would give me a brain aneurysm to re-live. I’ve recently been able to manage it to the point I don’t have a stroke every time someone tells me to have a nice day.

    But in the past, when Facebook and Myspace were just becoming hip, I viewed each person with loathing and disgust. So there was never any incentive for me to join with my friends because my only other friend was probably an equally angry 6′ 4″ Jersey construction worker with a wife and two kids. So, It was not so much that I did not use social media because I thought it was useless, I was just never found the appeal. It’s like acupuncture; some people are ok with putting needles in your back and other people are too busy getting in a fistfight with three Asian receptionists for not accepting food stamps as viable payment.

    What’s interesting actually is that I agree with Chanel when she says, ” I do believe social media and technology are necessities. They are useful tools in research and education, connections and networking, and play an important role in our advancing society.”. But I do not own any social media programs whatsoever. Although, in middle school I did briefly own a Facebook. If you’re asking why, it’s the same reason every man ever has done something completely against his entire nature. A girl. Don’t worry though, thankfully It’ll never happen again. Affection is nice and all but nothing beats the warm tender feeling of a 62 mile radius restraining order.

  9. The way I see it, social media and technology is a double-edged sword, both being beneficial and detrimental. As for social media, no one would be able to find me on those known platforms. Why? Simple. I don’t have one because I feel there is no need to have social media accounts, partly due to personal choice and family upbringings. Nonetheless, I can agree on Chanel’s statement of technology bringing a distraction on the everyday life but to an extent. “I want to say that I live my life in the now and I share most of my enjoyable moments by talking about them with real people, but that’s not true most of the time.” As for myself, I cannot think of a situation where technology/social media has prevented me of an opportunity. Of course, I’ve seen others take pictures of natural sceneries on my many road trips whilst I don’t. I don’t know why I do; possibly I find it more unforgettable as a memory than a grainy picture that will be hardly looked at.
    To address the prompt, I find social media a distraction whereas technology a necessity. Sure, my opinion may not be clear as day because of the definitions of the two terms. So, I define social media as Twitter, Instagram, and the whatnot while technology being automobiles and computers. I may be an outcast compared my classmates because of this, but I take pride in it. Sometimes I like to think I was born in a wrong generation or so I’ve been told.

  10. I agree with Jaydalyn when she says, ” Social media and technology fall under both the necessity and distraction category for me there are positives and negatives to everything.” I agree with this statement because technology has its pros and cons but I believe that the pros outweigh the con. For example, technology can be used for research, for doing this blog assignment, or writing an essay. I feel that technology is a big part of our school system and technology is a something that our generation must know how to use because technology is the future. Technology can be a distraction but as I said before, the pros outweigh the cons. I remember the day when I got Facebook. I primarily used it to stay in touch of friends and family. It was an app where I can share the adventures I had or share post of my likes and interest. Slowly as social media “grew”, I got an Instagram. This was a total new deal for me. Instagram much like Facebook was where I can post pictures and videos but as time passed, I “outgrew” Facebook. Facebook was mostly used by old people as some might say. Then the domino effect happened where eventually I got snapchat, then twitter, and so on. To answer Samara’s question, I do believe that social media is a big distraction and not really a necessity.
    I cannot recall a time where I got lost in the cyber world. I do my best to balance myself at the cyber world and at the real world. From time to time, I make excuses to why I’m always on the cyber world. If my parents do not let me go out on a Friday night, then that will be my excuse just to watch You Tube videos or Netflix. Every time there is a small party with the family, I try to stay away from social media and try to enjoy the moment with my family. Occasionally, I may go on snapchat to capture a moment but besides that, I try to enjoy the moment.

  11. In the video “Look Up”, Gary Turk talks about technology and how badly it consumes your life. I agree with Gary’s opinion when he says,” You don’t need to stare at your menu or your contact list, just talk to one another and learn to coexist.” I think social media and technology are both a necessity and a distraction. I need technology to expand my intelligence because it is way easier to look things up on my phone then to go to my local library and check out a book that’s probably hundreds of years old with wrong or old information. Because I don’t watch TV often, I also rely on my phone to keep me updated on things that are happening around the world and has other plus sides like being able to talk to my friends, listen to amazing music as well as being able to contact my family in case of emergencies. I also think things like social media can be a huge distraction just like now how twitter is distracting me from doing this blog assignment and lab report. I think I have missed out on only a few moments like funny jokes between my family members and friends as well as my niece’s first steps as well as opportunities like meeting new people who could end up being my friends because I just had to see the latest tweets and pictures on my feed. I use to spend most of my time on social media rather than focusing on the real world but I have learned to appreciate the moments a lot more and try my hardest not to check my social media profiles and learned from past mistakes.

    I agree with Chanel’s comment when she says, “I want to say that I live my life in the now and I share most of my enjoyable moments by talking about them with real people.” I find it amusing and special when someone asks me about any experiences that I’ve had in the past. I am able to explain it to them in person in a way that a picture or video couldn’t. People say, “pictures are worth a 1000 words,” but I personally think explaining the story and moments are a lot better than just showing a single post on social media.

  12. In Gary Turk’s, video, “Look Up,” Turk preaches what he believes to be his truth when it comes to people’s relationships with their smart devices. Turk powerfully speaks about the disadvantages of getting too caught up in the endless black hole that is social media.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Kenneth, when he says, “…social media is a double-edged sword,” because, it truly is. It’s a tool that can give us access to nearly 2.5 billion users worldwide at a moment’s notice. It’s a platform where we can be immersed in pop culture, digest breaking news, and even share some of the most special moments in our lives. However, this tool that we believe to be connecting us, can be disconnecting us at the same time.

    Personally, I find apps like “Twitter” and “Snapchat” consuming my life – I feel insecure without my phone. It has become so much of a problem, that I can’t even have a full conversation with someone without bringing out my phone. At this point, I am only about twenty-five minutes into writing and I have already stopped to check my phone a handful of times.

    I’ve let apps that have little to no meaning control much of my life. I’ve let them fill me was angst, anger, envy, jealousy, and lust. I constantly go out and see families and couples on dates who spend more time on their phones than conversing with one another. This past summer I spent a few days at a resort in Big Sky, Montana, just thirty minutes outside Yellowstone National Park. I only had cell reception in the lobby and the Wi-Fi was incredibly weak. During the first few hours, I began going through withdrawals – what would I do without my phone? However, those four days were complete bliss – I was disconnected from the distractions and connected to what really mattered. It was like a juice cleanse, but instead of drinking charcoal lemonade, I was spending time off my phone with things that matter. This was an opportunity to connect with my family, nature, and myself. I felt like I was untouchable from the outside world – like I was living in a serene little bubble.

    Overall, I’d like to see myself using social media less, but I feel that there will always be a desire to be plugged in. I’m going skiing this weekend and I’m hoping to use these two days to not worry about how much fun people are having on “Snapchat” or checking out the Chrissy Teigen’s latest tweet. Kenneth calls himself an outcast for not being on the social media bandwagon, but I applaud him for doing so and see him as a step above the rest. So, when it comes down to making an impact on the world and creating lifelong memories, there is no way to do it behind a screen – set the phone down and just let life take its course.

  13. I do not think social media and technology are just a necessity or a distraction, I believe they are both. As Jaydalynn said, “Social media and technology fall under both the necessity and distraction category for me.” I do not only use technology as a distraction, I use it as a way to get in touch with family members in other states, and even other countries. Growing up, I didn’t have a smartphone or any social media which meant I was always outside playing with my friends or with my brothers, but as I grew older I noticed a change. One I got a smartphone, I did not feel the need to always be doing something, because I had a form of entertainment right in front of me.

    I never really missed opportunities in my life, because I was on social media or just using technology for my enjoyment, it was more that I was using technology for a homework assignment that I had to work on. In the video, Gary Turk says that we should leave those distractions at home, but that’s not always the best thing. When I go somewhere with my friends, and even with other family, my parents want me to notify them and let them know how I am doing. Technology and social media are not something that we can easily ignore, they are both everywhere. Technology is the future, and instead of looking down upon it, society should just accept it because whether people like it or not it is just going to be used more and more often.

  14. i feel that social media can be a distraction but I also believe that technology has become a necessity. There hasn’t been a time where I missed out on an opportunity due to being caught up in the cyber world. I normally tend to have time separate for when I can use social media and time for when I have to work on other things like homework. Social media and technology can be helpful and has allowed us to make our lives simpler, but there is a time and place for using it. I think Nick said it best, “In my opinion technology can be a blessing and a curse it just depends what you are using it for.”

  15. In the short video entitled “Look Up” by Youtuber Gary Turk, discusses how much technology has affected real life social interactions.The main purpose of this video was to encourage everyone to “look up” from their screen, and experience life. A major point that Turk brought up is that if you are too busy looking down at your screen, you do not see the chances you miss.

    I feel that social media, and technology are both a necessity as well as a distraction. It is a necessity because I am able to contact people that I do not see everyday such as old friends, or family members who live far away. I agree with Chanel when she stated, “They are useful tools in research and education, connections and networking, and play an important role in our advancing society.” Although, technology becomes a distraction when I start to stare at the screen more than I go outside and experience life.

    Technology is the holy grail for an introvert like myself because I am able to stay at home, yet still be social. However, I realized that I was not living life to the fullest when I stayed at home all day. I learned that in order for me to strengthen my social skills and get out of my comfort zone, I needed real life social interaction. I felt that I was letting opportunities pass me up if I continued my ways. Therefore, I went on a social media cleanse to start a happier and healthier lifestyle. I did not use social media for a couple weeks, and I immediately saw changes within myself. I still use social media today, but not nearly to the extent I once did.

  16. After watching the video “Look Up” by Gary Turk, it brought some tears to my eyes because the things he was saying are true and what Samara said about technology that was created to make it easier for people to connect does the comment opposite. Social media has taken over the population of teens and young adults because there are always snapchatting that get together they are at but in reality, no one is talking to each other because they are on their phone or using Tinder to find that special someone instead of actually going out and meeting a new person for the first time and experience that first real connection. Social media is a distraction to some things that may be happening around you like enjoying a meal with your family or trying to spend quality time with that special someone but technology itself can be in a way a necessity and a life saver. Using a phone to call 911 when an accident has occurred or your parents checking up on you when you aren’t home, the use of technology in that was is a good thing. There have been multiple occasions where I have left my social media interfered with the time I would be spending with my best friend. She wouldn’t tell me anything because she didn’t want to but then I started to realize that I have been more focused on my phone than the time I have been with her. I did everything I could to try and make up for those times and now when I am spending time with her, I shut my phone off and enjoy the quality time we spend together which is less than it was before since we both moved to different cities and now we cherish each other’s company much more. Overall, the video has made me rethink some of the things I due that I find that social media or technology is distracting me from the real world. As Lindsey stated, “I want to live in real life and not digital”, I will take step to limit my time on social media and when I am at a gathering or social event, I will make sure that I don’t have my phone in my hand.

  17. Technology is what a user makes of it. In one spectrum it is incredibly useful and serves an array of benefit to almost every individual. Many factions of society uses technology for communication and computation. Students use the Internet to add to their arsenal of knowledge while businesses incorporate it in matters such as customer service, finance, and managing sectors of trade. For this reason I agree with Alejandra M. when she says, “I need technology to expand my intelligence because it is way easier to look things up on my phone then to go to my local library and check out a book that’s probably hundreds of years old with wrong or old information.” It helps businesses thrive and market themselves with app such as, Yelp or Facebook. Individuals order products and buy produce through technology and in the future more companies will integrate into that field.

    On the other hand, there is a balance with everything. If a person overused technology then he/she will become anti-social on a platform called, “social media.” Personally, I never found myself “caught up in the cyber world” but I witness my parents basing their lives in it. My mom would plan our vacations based on what she thinks her friends would find interesting and get caught up in looking at her friends updates that she forgets to talk to her own family. It is okay to use social media but not to a point where the real world becomes elusive. The video by Gary Turk, “Look Up” demonstrated the negative aspects of social media and how looking down at a screen all the time can cause a person to miss important and valuable moments in life.

  18. Social media is definitely not a necessity in my life I only ever use it to laugh or catch up on what other people are doing. As for technology, the only necessary object I need is a phone without it I would not be able to be contacted by anyone who needs to reach me like my mom or if I need to contact her, especially in the case of an emergency there aren’t many pay phones left that I could use instead. That doesn’t mean that I need to get the new high-end phone that comes out every year as long as it can save phone numbers, it is a necessity to me. There has never been a time where I missed out on an opportunity because I was caught up in the cyber world, in fact, it is the other way around for me. I also share the same idea with Channel when she said, “But I feel like if those moments that I’ve missed were actually meant for me to experience, then I would have experienced them.” I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason ad if I missed something it was because I was not meant to experience it. I have had many real world experiences because I was browsing through my social media. Learning of new places to go and especially hearing about concerts an experience I have been fortunate to have.

  19. The video “Look Up” by Youtuber Gary Turk, is clearly aimed at extroverts. The video assumes that all people enjoy social interaction and that solitude is immoral. This narrative of demonizing social media and claiming that it is destroying civilization as we know it is starting to get tiresome. Sure, people do not talk to each other in person like they used to, but they are able to communicate with each other from great distances as well. If it were not for Facebook, I probably would have never reconnected with my family from Ecuador.
    Social media is a true blessing and allows people to connect like they have never before. The video depicts the beautiful tragedy of a couple never existing because of technology, but it completely ignores the couples who do exist now because of social media. My sister found her boyfriend from a simple swipe to the right and she’s never been happier.
    There may be the millennial who is glued to their phone during dinner and completely ignores their family, but is that really the child’s fault? Personally, I would blame the parent for allowing that child to behave as such, or I would assume the life they lead is dreadfully boring and their only solace is living vicariously through others. Social media is a medium that people use when they are bored and are missing something from their life, which is why I am an avid user. But when life finally gets interesting, I have the self control to put my phone down and enjoy the life that is in front of me. I live my life in the now, which could either be online or in person.
    The world has evolved to the point where there is a new realm where we exist, which is online. The people we are online is the person we want the world to see, which is why people are obsessed with the perfect Instagram picture or the funniest tweet.
    So to properly address the prompt, yes I believe social media is a necessity in my life. For any modern human who wants to be able to socialize properly and stay informed, social media would be seen as such. Like Jesse D. said, “Technology and social media are not something that we can easily ignore, they are both everywhere.” In all honesty there could have been an instance where there was a missed opportunity, but I am unaware of it and I do not blame the hole in my life on social media. I am still living somehow and am unbothered by that missed opportunity. I am an avid user of social media and am glad to have it in my life. It has kept me informed, entertained, and connected with people who matter in my life.

  20. In the video “look up” by Gary Turk, he exhibits the cons that come with excessively using social media. He gives the example that you can miss out on a big moment in life by being stuck to your phone screen. Technology and social media is absolutely convenient, but not necessarily essential. Since I got my girl I don’t really find social media very relevant, but I do enjoy the extra dopamine so I still participate. Though there are some necessary technologies such as transportation and medical hardware, almost everything else is a form of a distraction. Generations before us were capable of using their time productively instead of browsing the Internet, I think we can live without it.

    There are scenarios where I have used technology and missed out on fairly important information resulting in a lower grade point average. I love how Lindsey says, “It is true, many times I have found myself and others using technology in each other’s presence…” I am also guilty of doing this, I have worked to diminish this habit. It is sad to jump to the cyber world in the presence of another human being, unless absolutely necessary I avoid using tech with people. But other than that I am not conscious of any missed opportunities, and due to my current circumstances I am glad to have missed out.

  21. To address the prompt, I would first like to point out that social media and technology would not fall under the same categories of utilities for me. Even though social media is a type of technology, not all technology is social media. Technology is a necessity in my life, and social media is not.

    As a student in my last year of high school, I could not have imagined being able to complete half of my school work throughout the four years without utilizing technology and the internet. Now in days, education relies heavily on technology, and without it, a student might find themselves in difficult situations in regards to turning in projects and homework assignments. Because of this, technology and internet access is a huge necessity in my life.

    When it comes to social media, however, I find that it is not a necessity in my life, yet I still maintain and regularly update my account on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. My first social media account was Facebook when I was in sixth grade. In retrospect, I was probably way too young to have any type of social media profile on the internet; nonetheless, I made an account because it was what all the “cool kids” were doing. The kids in my sixth grade class who had a Facebook account would annoyingly update their status up to ten times a day to share with everyone about their awesome day at Knotts Berry Farm. Even in the sixth grade, girls would post all kinds of selfies on their Facebook accounts with deliberately insecure captions like “I hate my smile” just to get comments on their selfies like “you’re gorgeous!” From a young age, I had been aware of the psychological and sociological affects of social media. My favorite line from the video that really caught my attention was, “I looked around to realize that this media we call social is anything but.”

    As emabrrased as I am to admit it, my middle school self would over use my social media outlets; looking back on it, I was more concerned with getting the cutest picture of my friends and I at a lame birthday party than actually attempting to enjoy it. In reality, social media is just a way for people to make themselves feel good about their mediocre lives by falsely promoting their perfectly candid photos. Now, as a college bound eighteen-year-old, I live a life “in the now” just as Chanel said. A big part of my maturing process was being able to recognize that I needed to appreciate life’s moments a little more; it is an incredible feeling to be disconnected from the cyber world and be more in tune with the real world.

  22. I agree that technology is a necessity in our lives, but social media is a distraction. We need technology to do task we can not do by hand or it will be easier than doing it by hand. For social media, people use it to connect with other people and see what is going on in other people’s lives. There has not been anytime that I missed an opportunity just because I was caught up in the cyber world. I can not say that I am an avid user because I pretty much use my phone for music, videos, and sometimes for homework. Like Nick said, “In my opinion technology can be a blessing and a curse it just depends what you are using it for.”

  23. Water is a necessity; I need it to live. Social media and technology gadgets are commodities. I could easily live my life without either of them. Nevertheless, I’ll admit that I’ve become reliant on the services technology and social media channels offer me. Both have enabled me to gain access things in a more timely manner- from contacting someone to finding research. I don’t believe that social media and technology are a problem nor do I think they were created to destroy human relationships. I think the evil lies in that technology users don’t moderate their time on them. Rather than controlling technology, technology controls them. Moreover, because it makes life so much easier- texts are mistakenly equated to a conversation and pictures to knowing what’s going on in someone’s life.
    Though not an easy task, I have gradually learned to control my time on social media and technology gadgets. As a result, I feel that I have not missed out on opportunities. I am the type of person that likes to leave their phone in their bag on vibrate- a trait that makes me the worst person to contact in case of an emergency- and enjoy what I’m seeing in front of me. I live for those moments where I can take everything in, from seeing the warm hues that exist when sun sets to tasting my mother’s delicious yet dangerous meals to hearing my friends’ uncontrolled laughter after the lamest of jokes. It’s those memories that stay with me the most. Like Alejandra said, “I am able to explain it to them in person in a way that a picture or video couldn’t. People say, “pictures are worth a 1000 words,” but I personally think explaining the story and moments are a lot better than just showing a single post on social media.” I personally find it more engaging when I see someone’s excitement when they tell a story than simply seeing their story on snapchat.

  24. Social media is not a necessity or a distraction to me, the only time i’m on social media is when i’m texting friends or looking at funny pictures.Growing up I never saw the need to have social media, i’ve always been more into video games or cartoons. The only use i see for having social media is connecting with family or friends that live halfway across the world. Technology on the other hand is a necessity for me. Making calls, studying, staying updated with current events, i use technology everyday. Technology is everywhere and has become a part of almost everyone’s life.

    Although technology and social media is involved in my daily life, it has never prevented me from missing opportunities in my life. I always know when to detach from technology and take a break every now and then. Like Kenny said,” I do my best to balance myself between the cyber world and the real world.”

  25. Gary Turk is correct, Social Media is everything but social. Social Media is a source of distraction to some people, including myself. My life has been caught, and is being choked by the stupidity and toxicity of people on the online world (Twitter, Xbox Live, Twitch). The only drive that helps me wake up every day is the memes. Is it a waste of time, definitely. Technology is definitely a necessity but social media is a distraction. But am I hooked on social media? No, not really. I leave people on “Read” because I don’t care about their petty conversations or their needless comments. I have never bailed on a date or my friends due to Social Media. To live is to experience it with your own eyes not through a camera lens or a twitter post. You can’t explain certain events unless you’re there, never miss out on an opportunity to create new memories. I agree with Citlalli, “Technology users don’t moderate their time on.” Its a perfect way to explain the current state of social media. Some people have to share everything but others have to experience moments for themselves rather than experiencing it through someone else. Learn to put your phone down, pass out pieces of yourself because nothing comes free. Like Mac DeMarco’s lyrics say “Watching my life passing by in front of my eyes, hell of a story.” Live your life, not the social media life.

  26. I feel as if social media and technology are necessities in my life not because im addicted to them as shown in “Look Up” by Youtuber Gary Turk. I agree with rocky when she says “Social media is a true blessing and allows people to connect like they have never before.” With out my social media I wouldn’t be as encouraged as I am when it comes to fitness. Without seeing all the crazy cool fitness men and woman I wouldn’t be motivated as much as I am to push myself and become better than all them. Without social media I wouldn’t been able to connect with as many fitness models and athletes as I have been able to.

    Personally i’ve never had the problem of disconnecting from social media in order to go out and be with my friends. I’ve never let social media or technology control me so much. I have never missed out on opportunities with friends or with family. Personally I don’t know anyone so addicted to their technology to turn down cool and fun activities to stay in doors.

    I do use both technology and social media on the regular however i’m not addicted and that because i can separate myself from my phone. The reason why I’m not connected to my phone is because i love life. I love being with friends, outside and exploring the world. But at the end of the day seeing what cool things there are to experience in life from social media and technology is cool.

  27. Technology, as it is, contains so many benefits to its existence. The internet itself has given us access to all realms of knowledge beyond our knowing. It is a man-made production that continues to inform our generations as it continues to constantly and infinitely expand. Now, in modern 2017, there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing something most people do as the answer can be found in a quick online search.

    In my experience, social media is not a necessity but a want. As for technology, it is a need. So much use is implemented in our nature that being without it even for a day can prove to be a very bad day. I can speak from experience because I went through one day without my phone and I was completely lost and couldn’t find ways to communicate and found it particularly difficult to find a solution to my communication problem. This shows us, first hand, the difficulty our society can possibly endure without this tightknit technology that we have grown to engage in since it has become accessible. As Maryela stated, “Social media and technology can be helpful and has allowed us to make our lives simpler”. As for missing out on opportunities in life because I have used technology to an extreme, there isn’t a moment where technology became a problem. Every moment spent communicating, to me, seems like time well spent. Even relaxing with social media is a normal form of human interaction. In my experience, social media has never become more than an entertainment and never felt like a need.

    I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and being able to communicate with them through various abilities doesn’t change the effect of communication and learning. As I’ve viewed before, a child used technology to the best of his ability by googling how to tie his shoes and learning before anyone expected him to. Technology is a strong and feasible asset to the growth of our generations and with its use, we can produce a stronger community.

  28. Personally, I believe, that social media and technology are not necessarily needed for everyday life functions. Although, I believe that some people actually need to use both social media and technology for their everydays works, like businessmen. Then again there are people who neglect the outside world due to social media and technology. This is why I agree with Chanel when she stated “I think there is a line people cross when social media and technology becomes a distraction rather than a necessity.” In the video it talks about how by being so glued to our technology we neglect to notice the world around us. Sometimes we are too busy trying to get likes on an instagram photo we fail to see the real photography is the environment we live in. There have been many times where I have chosen to stay in and play xbox instead of going out and having actual human interaction, but I have online friends that I play with so it isn’t all that anti social. Overall I believe there are certain times where one should put away their technology and bask in the moment, certain times where you can take a few pics and send a few tweets, but to be glued to your phone 24/7 is certainly not healthy.

  29. I know that as a society we are very dependent on technology and definitely more than we could ever understand. As for myself I truly think that technology is a necessity for the way of life we have grown accustom to. This does not mean that I do not think technology has gotten out of hand and has become a distraction taking people away from the lives they could be living outside of social media. Interestingly enough the other day at the beach as I walked down the pier a man approached me. He saw that I had been staring at my phone and told me i would enjoy the beach much more if I put it away. I told him he was probably right and we proceeded to have a great conversation for the next twenty minutes. Technology is something that at this point we cannot live without but we also must learn to know when the right time is to shut it down.

  30. I really enjoyed the video by Gary Turk. It has so much truth to it. Social Media and technology have taken over our lives. I really do think that they are necessity as well. I use my phone all the time, I take it everywhere. I use it everyday to go on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. I need my daily dose of memes to survive. So I guess I am guilty but whatever. I really do enjoy using it though. Responding to whether I have missed out on something in real life for the virtual world, hell yea I have. I usually stay home and play video games with my bois or watch Netflix. But it is undeniable that technology has taken over our lives.
    I agree with Lolly when she says it can destroy human relationships. It is sad but it is true.

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