Wednesday – February 15th, 2017

Kamusta North House!

Mr. Piggott –

The first thing we did in class today was go over the homework from second rotation.

Reminder, there is a test 3rd rotation (Thursday) of this week. After reviewing and looking over the homework, he gave the rest of class time to be be free time because of the HUB schedule.

Mr. Holt –

As soon as class started, we got ourselves seated, handed out the written portion of the retake quiz and started once we got the paper. I believe this will be the last retake of this test, since most of the seniors did not do well the first time.

Reminder, although we fixed the roller coaster, we still need to do the math behind it and finding the G’s on certain parts of the roller coaster. Film and explanation will also be required with the calculations and will be due some time next week.

HUB Schedule –

  • 1st rotation: 8:00-9:05
  • 2nd rotation: 9:10-10:15
  • 3rd rotation: 10:25-11:38
  • HUB: 11:38-12:38


  • There is no school this upcoming Friday and the following Monday of next week due to President’s day.
  • There is a test for Piggott 3rd rotation (Thursday: East, North, South)
    • West House will take it next Tuesday
  • There will be economics test sometime next week
    • Be sure to turn in your textbooks, in order to get your new econ book.
  • Holt’s capstone experiment is due February 24th, 2017.
  • Don’t forget to submit your senior quotes under the class blog
  • Work on Blog assignment #22
  • Work on “Projination”



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