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What is up North House!

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend. The I-Search essay was due last Friday and if you did not turn it in, the “gg” to you mate. The Golden State Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, with Kevin Durant scoring 34 points on his old team and Marvel Studios released their “inside look” on their upcoming movie, “Avengers: Infinity Wars”. And speaking about Marvel, that is going to be the video I will be showing you guys today!

In this video, they talk about their journey since Iron Man (2008) and how they have come a long way to connect the hero’s stories into one giant project. As you watch this, think about your journey at IPoly and connecting it to your giant project, “The Capstone”.

Feel old yet? Like they said in the video, they have started this run since 2008 and with Infinity Wars coming out next year, that would be 10 years of Marvel movies.

Prompt: Do you feel IPoly has prepared you for your Capstone project, in terms of presenting, researching, and communicating? How do you feel about your Capstone topic, is it interesting or different? What does the Capstone offer you?


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  1. The notion that I will graduate in less than five months is unbelievable. When I recollect the arduous, stressful projects that were assigned since freshman year, I still cannot understand how I accomplished them. I am clueless as to how I was able to manage through the Multi-Genre Project (MGP) all the way to the MARS Colonization Project, but regardless, I was successful. According to the short video, “Avengers: Infinity War First Look,” it describes the plot of the Avengers over the course of the years and their ultimate battle against their greatest enemy. But. the focal concept is that each character plays an important role in the team, and in spite of their division, without unity, they are impotent. Similarly, each project, or experience, in I-Poly has and is shaping me not only for the Capstone Project but for life.

    To address Joshua’s prompt, in terms of presenting, I-Poly has exposed me to quite a few presentations, though I am yet reluctant to speak in public. Moreover, I-Poly has sharpened my research skills to search for quality and not feasibility. Furthermore, I-Poly has “opened my box” and compelled me to communicate with my teachers and staff, though I may believe myself intolerable. With this experience, my nervousness for this project has diminished and increased my confidence.

    As of my topic, the music ministry, it is fascinating and different. Fascinating because I am able to share a hidden portion of my life, and different because it entails the idea of my faith and academics intertwined. Nonetheless, I am thrilled.

    The Capstone Project offers leniency, uniqueness, and stress. Thankfully, I am no longer restricted to limited options for topics and long tedious presentations. Also, I am able to demonstrate a part of me that defines and distinguishes myself form everyone else. Last, but not least, as much as I would want to evade it, stress is and will always be present.

  2. In response to Josh’s question I do believe I-Poly has prepared me for my Capstone project in terms of presenting, researching, and communicating. Before coming to I-Poly my school presentations consisted of microsoft powerpoints loaded with paragraphs upon paragraphs of information. In terms of researching I relied on sites like Wikipedia, and whatever popped up first on google. Worst of all, when it came to communicating I remember walking to the front of the class having a stack of flashcards in my hands, and still reading word for word off my powerpoint. Now thanks to the multiple projects and presentations I-poly has made me do, I know understand how to properly capture an audience so that they listen to my words rather that just read my PowerPoint slides.

    My capstone topic is “the psychology of relationships”, and I feel very excited about researching that topic and answering my EQ. I believe my topic is very different from others, because It’s a subject that teenagers have not fully grasped the concept of. I’ve received a lot of compliments on how interesting my topic is and that has given me a boost in confidence. All this will hopefully help me become a couples counselor in the future. I agree with Benjamin when he says “I am able to demonstrate a part of me that defines and distinguishes myself from everyone else.” This is what the capstone project means to me, it’s a chance to show what I’m passionate about and what I want to do with my life.

  3. As I reflect on my journey thus far at iPoly, I am both surprised and extremely proud of myself. Surprised because I honestly do not know how I managed to complete half of the projects without jumping off a bridge, and proud because of all I have accomplished and learned throughout the years. I remember starting out as a freshman and feeling extremely shy and nervous about everything, especially presenting. Being forced out of my comfort zone from the beginning to present in front of small groups of people to even large classes of upperclassmen, has over the years helped me greatly when it comes to pubic speaking. In terms of researching, I would say that projects such as MGP and the debate sophomore year were all helpful in building my research skills, which I will definitely use for the Capstone. So throughout the past few years at iPoly, the skills and guidance I have received have greatly prepared me for the Capstone project.

    As for my Capstone project, which is fashion, I feel very happy with my choice because it is something I am extremely passionate about. Although my topic might not be super unique like others, I feel like my focus for the project is different and unique. Rather than focusing on designing clothes, I am more interested in a person’s individual style or their fashion identity. For the project I really want to focus on what makes a person’s fashion identity and how their sense of style communicates a message. Although fashion is not something I want to pursue in the future, this project offers me a great opportunity to further my knowledge on the topic and show what I am interested in and I think Benjamin said it perfectly when he wrote, “I am able to demonstrate a part of me that defines and distinguishes myself from everyone else.”

  4. I believe in some ways IPoly has prepared us for our capstone project; every year, semester after semester we were given a new project and it has become a routine. Over the years we have accumulated new skills that we will be able to demonstrate in our last project.

    My capstone topic I chose is Civil Engineering, specifically bridges and how many have failed and collapsed. I believe that my topic is interesting and is good learning experience for when I enter my career. Just like Benjamin said, “I am able to demonstrate a part of me that defines and distinguishes myself from everyone else.”

    My capstone offers me a new perspective on Civil Engineering; not only will I know the great Engineering advancements for construction, but I will also know past errors and how to learn from them in the future.

  5. My last semester at ipoly will prove all the skills I have gathered throughout my four years. Each year did not only challenge me but it guided me to this very moment. Entering ipoly, I was very shy and timid. Presenting in front of a class or even approaching someone would seem outrageous if I was a freshman. Now, presenting is not only a simple task but a task that I mastered. Specific projects have abled me to develop my presenting skills like MGP, passport approve, and projects like the comic book where we had to present in front of seniors at that time. I believe that Sophomore year has improved my researching skills because all I had to do was research my country, Zimbabwe. All of these skills are going to help me through the Capstone project.
    For the Capstone project, I decided the to my topic on Marketing. As Janina said, ” it’s a chance to show what I’m passionate about and what I want to do with my life.” This is a career I want to pursue and I’m taking advantage of the Capstone project to further my knowledge and “test” it out to see if my interest is really marketing. What makes my topic interesting is that I really want to go in the direction of sports marketing. I am a huge fan of various sport like soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, and tennis. I believe my interest in sports and marketing will be a good chance for me to show who I am. I believe that sports marketing really has a influence on a lot of people, especially Nike and Adidas. My main focus of my senior project is to find out how a brand can influence a persons choice.

  6. Although I have only been at this school for about a good year, I have to say IPoly has been quite an exceptional period of my education. Specifically, the concepts of projects done at this school are entirely different from what I know of. For one thing, projects here extend throughout the semester and is not just a simple assignment that is finished and forgotten the next day like I’ve done in my previous high school. Likewise, I can see eye to eye with Samara L.’s reply, “So throughout the past few years at iPoly, the skills and guidance I have received have greatly prepared me for the Capstone project.” With the projects of Greenfest and Mars, I too am somewhat prepared for the imminent Senior Project.
    The upcoming Capstone is going to be a tedious one. I can do the research, communicating, and presenting and so on, however, the sheer scale of this project has never been done before. Of course, I look forward to future lessons of research and presenting. Albeit, more practice for presentations would be extremely helpful, to be honest. As for the topic, I chose forestry management, something obscure for most. And just like my classmates, I’m enthusiastic into exploring more into forestry and sharing to anyone who’s interested.

  7. One-hundred and sixteen – that’s the number of days I have left until I-Poly washes its hands of me. In four months, give or take, the class of 2017 will embark on a new chapter – whatever that may be. We’ll all go out on different paths, all of which will only be the beginning of our new adult lives.

    Whether you love or loathe I-Poly, we all must admit that it has taught us something – and if you can’t then you’re either incredibly bitter or just flat out ignorant. Sure, we might not remember the specifics of genetics or even how to do mathematical induction, but I-Poly has instilled in us many soft skills. Soft skills are essentially a combination of inter and intrapersonal attributes such as public speaking, general communication, collaboration, adaptability, and conflict resolution. Many of these traits require you to learn how to communicate well with others, to think in a different way and to enhance a person’s ability to look at themselves.

    From our earliest projects freshmen year to the recent Mars project, these soft skills have been enhanced. When we walk across that stage in June, we’ll be walking away with the ability to give dynamic and aesthetic presentations, to delegate tasks and manage groups of people to achieve a common goal, and to deal with problems logically as they arise. I-Poly has taught us or at least has given us the opportunity to learn theses very skills; skills that will help us complete our last hoorah which is the Senior Capstone.

    I agree with Benji when he says, “…this project (capstone) offers the chance to demonstrate a part of me that…distinguishes myself from everyone else.” For my topic, I chose Public Relations with a slight emphasis on crisis communications because I have always been obsessed with image and trust. It’s also the less pragmatic of my career choices so I thought this would be an opportunity to take a deeper look at the topic and get out all my energy before college. Sure, I could have picked a topic that I could’ve had more fun with such as interior design, but either way, the capstone itself is a chance for me to highlight all the skills I’ve mastered throughout the years, and I know I’ll be able to do so masterfully regardless of my topic. I-Poly has given me the skills to take on this task, and I’m ready to make the most of it.

  8. I would be lying if I said that iPoly did not prepare me for Capstone at all when it comes to presenting, researching, and communicating because they all seem to be the backbone of all our major projects throughout the years. Starting from creating a math song to figuring out if we can survive on Mars, I have gained an incredible amount of skills and continue to improve upon them everyday. Beyond the three mentioned skills, I have also learned to think creatively outside the box, how to work with others, and to always try to go “above and beyond”. When I describe the projects and things we have to do to friends who go to other schools, they always explain how they could never imagine doing what we do. I am just as surprised as they are that I made it this far and survived. I can strongly relate to Samara L. when she wrote, “I remember starting out as a freshman and feeling extremely shy and nervous about everything, especially presenting.” because I was the same way or I am still the same, but definitely way less than I was before.

    In the “Avengers: Infinity War First Look (2018)” video, they explained that looked at the bigger picture as they planned all the movies out in order to create this grand culmination of all the movies since 2008 and that is exactly what iPoly has done for us. The Capstone project is simply the final setup, it is our “grand finale” of projects which all our past projects were leading up to. As for how I feel about my Capstone topic (Homelessness), I find it interesting and it something I was genuinely interested in. Capstone offers me the chance to jump into something I have always been curious about as I never did anything to feed my curiosity about it until now. Without this project, I probably would continue to remain in the dark about anything and everything behind homelessness. It gives me the chance to go out and learn about something I genuinely have been interested in for a long time now. After all these years, it is now time to use everything I have learned and not only apply it to the very last major iPoly project, but for the rest of time because it does not end here.

  9. Responding to Josh’s prompt, I feel like IPoly has only mostly prepared me for the Capstone project. The components to it are fine, and I’m ready. I’ve been presenting for years, and at this point I can run Google Docs and Slides in my sleep. So I’m ready for all the components and the presentation. However, I do not feel like we were well prepared for the mentorship side of things. Reaching out to total strangers to ask them for time and cooperation isn’t always easy, but, it is a skill that we need. However, I do think that perhaps its better that we were not prepared for it. It’s a little sampler platter of adulthood – getting responsibilities that we are unprepared for and cause stress. It’s good preparation for the real world.
    I agree with Benjamin’s statement that we are no longer stuck with limited options and tedious presentations. For my Capstone, I am in total control. I get to choose my topic (record store management) which is something I’m highly interested in. I get to choose my experiment, my narrative, how I present, everything. I am in total control. I get to choose where I’m going and how I’m getting there. I get to use my creativity and my own ideas, rather than clinging tightly to a rigid rubric.

  10. After watching Avengers: Infinity War First Look, it is amazing to see how far Marvel has come from Iron Man to Black Panther. While watching, it almost brought tears to my eyes to see the characters from different movies come together to fight against Thanos. Thinking about the journey since my first day at IPoly to now, it has been a weird yet great journey. From the MGP project to the HAB, or even the Olympics to Green Fest, it has all help each student at IPoly grasp the skills that will benefit us as our adult years come. In regards to Capstone, I believe that IPoly has prepared each student with the skills to achieve that A+. The I-Search component and the researching component are great ways to exercise the skills that I have obtain during my junior and freshman year which makes it a little bit easier to complete these parts. Even the communication and experiment aspect of the project is in a way easier for IPoly students to complete than it is for other high school students since we have been able to conduct our own experiments and write a report and we have been able to contact outside sources in hopes of having some help that will benefit us in the long run. In regards to my topic, death, I find it interesting and different but to other they might see it as weird or strange to focus a lot of attention to. The different famous murderers and killings that have taken place around the world are interesting if you can stomach the certain things you may see but it really isn’t for everyone. For me, I can tolerate different types of graphic images since I can detach myself from feeling certain things so that I won’t have a reaction to things that my cause others pain to look at our disgust. The capstone has open new doors for me in the ways that I have different opportunities to pick a certain major in college or even a career choice. Learning about different serial killers and the way they have murdered people gives me an inside look of the type of person they are and what might have happened t them that caused them to do such things. It gives me a sense of curiosity to the person I am and to why I like certain things like that. I love that we were able to choice our own topics that interests us without being judge, like Benjamin said, “Thankfully, I am no longer restricted to limited options for topics and long tedious presentations.”

  11. In my personal opinion, I do feel that Ipoly has prepared me for the Capstone. Or at least they somewhat prepared me, I learned how to research and find data to help me with my experiment. But I didn’t learn how to find a mentor that would suit me the best regarding my topic. Yes they showed me how to “travel” the world with a group
    of people but they didn’t teach me how to successfully help a certain environment to get better (Passport Approved). Regarding whether Ipoly taught me something about my topic, not really. But I feel that I am prepared with basic skills. I can create and teach a class a lesson with confidence, I have no problem speaking in public or aloud, and I also know how to successfully construct an argument. I agree with Noah, “Ipoly mostly prepared me”. My topic dumbed down is basically Car Modding, and it is definitely not unique but it is interesting. Especially learning about the essential role that each part in an engine performs in order for it to run smoothly. The Capstone has given me the chance to learn something that has always been an interest of mine and I am able to talk to people around me in my community that also enjoy my interest. The Capstone is my fuel and I am the Engine.

  12. To be honest with myself and with everyone. I believe that iPoly somewhat prepared me well for the Capstone project. Most of us were just focused on the amount of work we had to do just to do well throughout the year that we really forgot about our senior project. But the skills we have gained through the years will help us with the Final project. My topic is Trauma Surgeon and so far, I had some problems, but they were solvable. It is somewhat different from how I started. At first I was excited until I started running into problems. But hey, must get through them. Capstone offers me a lot of knowledge and let’s people know one of my interest and what I want to become. Like Samara said, “So throughout the past few years at iPoly, the skills and guidance I have received have greatly prepared me for the Capstone project.” It is something that will benefit not only us right now, but also the us in the future.

  13. I do believe that iPoly has properly prepared me for the capstone project. From the first presentation that I can remember to next week’s economy presentation. Everything has built me up to be ready for the capstone. I agree with Maryela when she said, “Over the years we have accumulated new skills that we will be able to demonstrate in our last project.” Especially now that the capstone took the place of the previous senior project which stressed me to no end and felt that I could never be ready for such a project. Breathing a sigh of relief I am glad I cannot say the same thing for the capstone project. I actually feel excited for it to see all the interesting project everyone came up with, seeing what we are truly capable of when we care about what we are teaching. I believe and hope that my project is interesting and I can show that to everyone I present to. My project offers me a look inside the way media is perceived and how the media likes to shape the views of those who are too narrow minded to look at different opinions or simply believe hat they are told.

  14. In a way IPoly has prepared me for the Capstone Project. All the things the Capstone requires, I have done more than once throughout my high school experience. I cannot say I am the best presenter but since we were given opportunities to present in front of a range of people I cannot say I was unprepared for that part of the component. Thinking about it the Capstone is just like the culmination of Kevin Feige, Anthony & Joe Russo because Iron Man was there beginning, they planned their storyline, and the Avengers Infinity War is the conclusion to the grand Marvel Universe project. Our beginning was the project Strand gave us which partnered with the book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens.” We learned throughout the years how to research, create reports, debate, communicate, and use our creativity in a way to wrap up our four years in IPoly.

    Regarding the Capstone, I agree with Benjamin T. statement, “The Capstone Project offers leniency, uniqueness, and stress. Thankfully, I am no longer restricted to limited options for topics and long tedious presentations.” Yes, the Capstone adds another layer of stress and consideration to my life but I like that this year it does not restrict the senior class by making mentors mandatory. I can learn more about the topic I chose instead of putting in a lot of research on a parent’s or family friends profession. It offers me to go out of my comfort zone and learn something that has the potential to impact my future instead of choosing a topic based on the fact that it is accessible.

  15. This culminating end of the year project is truly “an event that no one has ever seen before.” This is the end of the road. I have crawled my way through in the beginning and am now able to stand on my own. Of course, I will always have trouble keeping my balance because if there is one thing I have continued to be throughout the year, it’s being uncertain. I-Poly has taught and given me all the necessary tools I need to succeed. All I am having trouble with is getting my lazy self off my chair and using those tools to the best of my ability.
    Gaming strategy. It is a topic that I have been getting into throughout my I-Poly life. I would say it is something I want to get better at. Using gaming as my Capstone topic instead of just keeping it as an interest has led to conflicting feelings. I’m at that bumpy road in the project where concern is the one thing on my mind. I don’t want this Capstone to feel like a burden, but right now I am just falling behind. While my Capstone project is not in search of a possible career, just like Kenny, I want this to be an opportunity to “test” out what this topic means to me.

  16. Like the Infinity Wars, each component built us up to face the ultimate challenge: the Capstone Project. Slowly but surely, as I completed each component, I gained essential skills I need for my last task. In some projects, like Science of a Sport and MGP, I was able to sharpen my research skills while in others that included debates and presentations, I exercised my public speaking skills. Middle school me wouldn’t have thought it possible for me to feel comfortable to stand in front of a crowd to give a presentation. Thanks to the projects at IPoly, I’ve been able to get out of my shell and use my voice. Looking back, I’ve come across a question that many of classmates have asked themselves: How did I manage to complete all these projects? I believe Samara said it best by saying, “I honestly do not know how I managed to complete half of the projects without jumping off a bridge.”

    In regards to my Capstone project, I feel very excited because I get to explore and learn about something I am interested in. Moreover, I like the fact that I am the one in control of my project rather than getting a rubric and researching and presenting about something that my teachers requested. I think it’s great that we get to to a project on something we are either curious or passionate about. For me, it’s the Feminization of Poverty. The Capstone Project is allowing me to explore that subject in a way I probably wouldn’t otherwise do in a regular school setting.

  17. I-Poly has unquestionably prepared me for the Capstone project in terms of presenting, researching, and communicating. However, I must admit that I struggled quite a bit in the beginning.The minuscule projects I was given at my previous school was nothing compared to the abundance of challenging projects at I-Poly. At the time I did not realize that all these demanding projects were actually helping me, and made me a stronger student. As a result, completing projects throughout the rest of my high school career became much easier. My experience with presenting, researching, and communicating has considerably improved since freshman year. I agree with Chris when he states, “From our earliest projects freshmen year to the recent Mars project, these soft skills have been enhanced”.

    The video entitled, “Avengers: Infinity War First Look” discusses the culmination of the entire Marvel universe coming together to create one big project. This reminds me of the Capstone project because, all the projects we have had throughout the years have been accumulating in order to help prepare us for our last big project.

    My Capstone topic is dog training, and I personally find my topic interesting. I have always had been intrigued about dog training, therefore picking this topic seemed like a great opportunity for me to appease this curiosity I have. Lastly, the Capstone project will offer me real world experiences that I would not otherwise get through a regular project.

  18. I do think my experience in iPoly has prepared me for the Capstone. As Jaydalynn said, “I have gained an incredible amount of skills and continue to improve upon them every day.” Ever since freshman year, I learned presentation and communication skills from Stand’s mini presentations, also research skills started with Passport Approved and MGP. I may not be the best presenter, but compared to how I used be, iPoly has taught me so much. Every component given to us, although some seemed useless at the time, have actually prepared use for this final project.

    I do not think my Capstone topic is not the most interesting because not many people care about Fitness and Nutrition, but I do think it is important. I believe that it is a topic that everyone should know about. I haven’t always been interested in this topic, but I wish I could go back and change that. Capstone has offered me the chance to research a topic that I am very interested in. It is helping me learn more about what could be a possible career for me.

  19. I can say I-poly has helped me prepared not just for the cap stone project but also for college in the road ahead. Over the years, I’ve come to notice that I’ve been more comfortable speaking in front people. After so many projects I’ve done the past years, a presentation doesn’t scare me anymore. My presentation skills improved over time and so did my confidence. I can say I’m ready for the final one, all those in the past has prepared me for it. Being able to choose our own topic makes it even better, everyone has a chance to share an interest or topic they’re passionate about. Like Isaac said,” I actually feel excited for see all the interesting project everyone came up with, seeing what we are truly capable of when we care about what we’re teaching.”

    My topic is virology, a possible career path in the future. This project can offer me connections or possible internships that can prepare me for college. Capstone offers me early exposure to a possible profession I’m interested in. I can’t wait for the road ahead.

  20. My journey throughout IPoly has fully equipped me to complete the Capstone because that is what they prepared us for. I feel fully capable that the teachers at IPoly have set us up to succeed with this project. Every year has built on each other academically especially for the projects so in terms of presenting, researching, and communicating as Joshua stated, I know I can complete this project exceptionally and graduate in four months. Exactly how Benji said it, “Similarly, each project, or experience, in I-Poly has and is shaping me not only for the Capstone Project but for life.” I chose my topic based on what I want to do in my life which is Civil Engineering. Heavy careers like this have a reputation to be intimidating and not many people believe they could do it, but I feel like I can because of the environment and academics at IPoly. This school has taught me how to succeed in college and in life, not just in school, with the help and advice of the teachers here and I’m very thankful for that.

  21. I don’t think Ipoly directly contributed to my capstone project, in so much as indirectly. See, if you haven’t realized by now I absolutely loath Ipoly. Now more than ever in the final year of my time here. Around Junior year I realized that my life was all downhill from here and so I decided that if I needed to apply myself in the real world because there was no chance competing against other far more intelligent individuals across the U.S. As such I got involved in politics and have made a reasonable success of myself for a high school student that I probably would not have achieved were it not for having so little regard for my education. As far as my capstone project, it is uneventful and mundane.As I’ve said before I think for people like me who have already decided what to do what their lives(for the most part) this capstone project seems very drawn out and frankly like jumping through a lot of unnecessary hoops. Maybe it’s just senioritis talking but I have not even a fraction of a percent of the investment I used to have for projects or even work this year, as such I expect nothing and will likely receive nothing. Unlike others I feel like I have to disagree with others like Kevin and Issac when they say they “do feel that Ipoly has prepared [them] for the Capstone. Or at least they somewhat prepared [them], “.

  22. Marvel Studios has begun celebrating its ten year Avenger anniversary by releasing the teaser for its next blockbuster Avenger: Infinity War. In the anticipated sequel the Avenger currently “a name with nobody in it” as put by producer John Walker, will finally be face to face with Thanos. He will prove to be their most formidable foe yet. The Avengers will have the Guardians of the Galaxy to help them bring down Thanos. Producer Kevin Feige explains that each Marvel movie was created leading to this moment. Director Joe Russo explains what Marvel has been able to accomplish and the task it has in making sure that the next two films are executed perfectly.
    I have to agree with Joe Russo, over the past ten years Marvel has been able to create a roster of “well developed characters” who will come together to create a “combustible… massive sized adventure.” While I may not be the biggest Marvel geek I do have to admit that I still get goose bumps when I watch a Marvel film. Because of great teamwork and communication behind the scenes, the audience gets a film that is both extraordinary, but equally ordinary. The chemistry between characters is unique and simple. The characters are balanced, and even with a large cast each character has depth and intertextuality.
    To get back to the your questions Josh, yes. I Poly has taught how to present in more ways then I can remember. Because of this school, I have ashamed to say I LOVE researching. Group projects forced me to communicate, but hey now I can call some of the most inspired people I know friends. What I learned about the world through these years inspired me to research how I can inspire it. For my Capstone Project I am researching Diplomacy and the role we play as citizens in pulling apart prejudices by interacting with the world around us. My topic offers me the opportunity to learn about ways I can travel the world making a positive difference in the lives of others. I agree with Benjamin, “The Capstone Project offers leniency, uniqueness, and stress.” It is asking me to share what I want and I hope that what I present inspires others to explore what they love.

  23. Like most of my classmates, I have attended I-Poly for the past four years of my high school career. My presentation skills before I-Poly weren’t that bad. I have been a part of ASB since 6th grade, so I’ve had experience speaking in front of large audiences and hosting school events. However, I-Poly has really developed those skills. I’ve learned how to present to specific audiences and identify what to do and what not to do in a presentation. My research skills were pretty terrible. Wikipedia was my most cited source, and I couldn’t tell if sources were actually credible or not. I-Poly has taught me to test the authenticity of research articles I find, and to back up claims with more than one piece of evidence. Research skills don’t only help me with writing papers, but even in debates with classmates or issues that need to be brought up to teachers or administration. My communication skills since the beginning of freshman year have changed drastically. I have learned how to listen to others and compromise and how to effectively communicate my ideas and opinions. I like how Lindsey puts it, “This school has taught me how to succeed in college and in life, not just in school, with the help and advice of the teachers here and I’m very thankful for that. As I’ve grown up throughout the years, so have my skills in presenting, researching, and communicating and that’s thanks to all of the different trials I-Poly has put me through.
    My Capstone topic is interesting and different. I haven’t seen or heard a senior presentation that involved children’s ministry. I really appreciate how flexible the project has become. The things I have heard in the past about this project made it seem unappealing and made me anxious about it. But this year’s project has made it seem possible to do it on something you’re actually interested in and passionate about. The Capstone lets me focus on a topic that I am already passionate about. I get to dive in deeper into the topic that I am deeply interested in. I can analyze children’s ministry from so many different perspectives and learn how to love it in different ways.

  24. Before going to Ipoly, I didn’t have a love for school. Yes, I got good grades all through middle school, was even valedictorian for my 8th grade class, but I didn’t have a genuine intellectual curiosity. When I finally came to Ipoly as a freshman, my favorite class was by far Psychology taught by Mr. Strand. I remember reading his packets on topics like nature vs. nurture and confirmation bias and becoming completely invested in the subject. After reading a packet, I would go on the internet and look up more information on the topics because they really intrigued me. Mr. Strand’s class freshman year was the first time that I realized I had a genuine liking for what I was learning.

    As I am now a senior at ipoly, having gone through all of the semester projects, I firmly believe that I have gained the skills sets needed in order to have a successful senior capstone project. More importantly, I believe that I have found an academic passion of mine that I plan to pursue as a career. After knowing what it felt like to be genuinely interested in an academic subject like Psychology, I started delving into new academic subjects like sociology and anthropology. I started to become interested in topics like American assimilation for immigrants and public policy on immigration reform. Because of my genuine interest in these types of social and humanistic issues, I chose to do my senior capstone project on Youth Immigration in Los Angeles.

    In retrospect, Mr. Strand’s Psychology class freshman year is in my opinion what prepared me the most for the senior capstone project. Not because of the content learned in the class, but because I learned what it was like to be genuinely invested in an academic subject. Sure, I suppose it is possible to have a successful capstone project with crisp cut researching and presenting skills, but without the authentic passion and interest in a topic, projects tend to become mediocre and routine. I completely agree with Jaydalynn when she stated, “It gives me the chance to go out and learn about something I genuinely have been interested in for a long time now.”

  25. I feel extremely proud of all the projects and work I’ve completed over the years at ipoly. I remember starting ipoly not feeling shy but not knowing how to present. Id never had to present in all my time in middle school. Presenting just infant of my class was brand new to me and i felt out of my comfort zone. However by the time second semester sophomore year when we did the debates I felt more then confident with presenting and haven’t stressed sense. Through out all the projects and different hw assignments i feel as if poly has almost over prepared me with presenting and researching and communication

    I am very happy with my capstone project. Personally I’m having trouble determining how to go about my project. However I’m feel very happy about my project because is something i feel very passionate about. My topic is about the human physical limitations and how to break them and i find it very interesting but many may not. I believe it is different then other people who are doing fitness because many of there’s involves living a healthier life. My topic goes into sacrificing cartilage and tearing ligaments to do the impossible. Because of the capstone project i have been able to sit down and interview many different athletes. From these interviews I’ve been able to network and have been offered jobs, as well as come participate in calisthenics competitions and even been invited as guest to a body building competition. I am not sure what path i will go on in life but i feel for this project Benjamin said it perfectly when he said “I am able to demonstrate a part of me that defines and distinguishes myself from everyone else.”

  26. I transferred to ipoly for one reason, to get prepared for college. Being prepared for college means learning those skills, presenting, researching, communicating. I feel that Ipoly has definitely taught me all of those skills throughout my years here at Ipoly. Having the various differents projects has covered every single one of those skillsets. This is why I agree with Lindsey when she stated “Every year has built on each other academically especially for the projects so in terms of presenting, researching, and communicating.” I feel my Capstone topic, YouTube, is very interesting to me. YouTube has always been an interest of mine, and I am glad to be able to find out more about my hobby through the Capstone project. Capstone will allow me to explore YouTube and the way it works, finding out the statistics of all components of it. Figuring out what it takes to gain an audience, views, money, etc. Capstone will also allow me to expand my YouTube channel now, and possibly look at it as a side job if all goes well.

  27. My Thanos is slowly but surely approaching, or so it seems. The senior project is all IPoly student’s last hurrah, but it does not feel very intimidating. I was more afraid of the senior project freshman year than I am now. Then again, freshman Rocky was afraid of everything.
    Compared to my fourteen year old self, I have become slightly more competent of a human. I would not say my presentation skills have necessarily gotten better. More so, I have become more comfortable with my audience, because if I were to be put in front of a new group I would retract and crawl into the fetal position. I do however know how to create a very aesthetically pleasing power point. I know what I should be saying, but I have not yet been able to put my thoughts into action. I also still feel rather mediocre at researching, although I do understand what quality information is. My communication skills however have most definitely improved. I can now order my own food at restaurants without dying on the inside. I also feel comfortable with talking on the phone and can ask strangers questions if necessary. I do not feel competent yet, but in due time I will become a full fledged human with basic social skills.
    My senior topic is about Sugar Baby culture. I am most definitely intrigued by their lives and source of income, and would very much like to be in the profession. My topic I feel is different, and could possibly change my outlook on life and how I live my own. It will give me information on how to feasibly pursue the profession.
    I am not sure if my ultimate lesson from IPoly would be the presentation skills or my ability to work in group projects. If anything, my lesson from IPoly would be me learning what my limits are. Whether they be emotional or physical. This school has tested me, and allowed me to better understand how I work. I have learned to persevere and understand that I will get through life. I have learned that everything comes to pass, and although it may not get better, I will live through it. All those late nights where I almost broke down crying from frustration over a project have shown me my strengths and determination. I am well acquainted with stress, and have learned to power through my old frenemy. Stress has been a great part of my IPoly life, and like Benji said, “stress is and will always be present”, so thank you IPoly for teaching me about the world, myself, and how to deal with both.

  28. I believe that ipoly has definitely prepared me for anything the capstone project has to throw at me. My public speaking skills have been refined after multiple presentations and my confidence in my ability to get my point across through presentations and papers is quite high. It seems like a fitting end to a four year process that we use all the skills we have learned in order to create one massive independent product. On top of all this, having the ability to choose our own topics makes for products that will truly be filled with our passion. Without a doubt I can say that having been able to pick my topic in biological research has only been in my own benefit because not only am I taking a glimpse into my future, I am preparing for it as well. As far as this project being different I have to agree and say that it is but clearly not in a bad way. This years project seems a lot less like busy work the seniors had to do last year and is more focused in independent learning and less on how flashy it would look to have some eighty sources. I must agree with Chanel when she states that her capstone project is both “interesting and different.” Having the opportunity to work with a topic that actually interests us is a chance that should be appreciated. Overall I look forward to see where my questions will tale me and what i will learn about myself and my topic.

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