Thursday 2/9/17

Thursday, February 10, 2017

Yay, it’s finally Thursday! One more day until the weekend can start and we can all do this…



Today in English we started off with SSW as per usual. From there we continued down the list of our game plan.


According to the game plan, we had no mini lesson for today. For the rest of the block, we worked on our narrative. Mrs. Edwards also reminded us that our narrative needs a title. Today was also the fifth and last day of writing workshop for our narrative. Yay we made it through our first component of our last semester guys! 



After Piggott checked if we did our homework we got into a thorough discussion about the latest season of MTV’s show, “Are You The One?” That show is wild.


Then he assigned us to work on these problems and provide full proofs. We will be having a test during second rotation next week.



We have officially transitioned from government to economics. But we don’t have an official economics teacher. We will have Phil for 2 weeks! Today in econ, we took notes on Topic 1 in our book, Scarcity. Phil said we can use any handwritten notes for the upcoming exam.

When I heard exam I was like…


After our notes, Phil introduced us to an activity we will be working on. We got into groups of 5 or 6 and began to work on the packet he gave us. On Monday, he wants the charts he showed us in class to be filled out. Phil is also holding a little competition. He said the house that turns in all of their government textbooks first will get doughnuts/donuts. So let’s turn them in North so we’ll be Miss. Piggy and the other houses will be Mindy.



We are also finally going to the library. So tomorrow during House don’t forget to meet Phil at the library in Room 4134.


  • Edwards: Narrative and Blog Assignment #21 by 9pm
  • Piggott: 4 questions
  • Phil: Packet
  • Holt: Study for quiz


  • Sign up for Edwards’ turnitin
    • 13664036 pw: berkeley
    • Narrative due on turnitin by 8pm on Friday
    • Don’t forget a title!
  •  Valentine’s Day Grams will be sold in the morning and during lunch 
  • Take Benji’s survey for his Capstone by clicking here!


This is Chanel signing off as your scribe!




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