Tuesday 2/07/17

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday means we have Holt. Which means we are back to being rollercoaster engineers. “Yay…” We just gotta make sure our rollercoasters don’t do this…



Holt gave us 2 practice problems today in class. Then he told us that tomorrow we will be playing a Kahoot review game and on Friday we will have a quiz. He gave us a worksheet with centripetal force problems that will be due tomorrow.


We used the rest of class time to work on our rollercoaster. Hopefully he extends our deadline.



Mrs. Edwards wasn’t here with us today 😦


But she left us with a game plan. After 20 minutes of SSR, we worked on our narrative.



  • Holt: Worksheet
  • Edwards: Narrative and Blog Assignment #21
  • Piggot: 3 problems



  • Sign up for Edwards’ turnitin
    • 13664036 pw: berkeley
    • Narrative due on turnitin by 8pm on Friday
  • Valentine’s Day Grams will be sold in the morning and during lunch next week
  • Buy toasted/buttered croissants and hot chocolate for $1 each from Diversity Club tomorrow morning and watch Selma with them during lunch

That’s it for today. Bye guys!



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