Monday 2/06/17

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello North House. Monday’s mean the weekend is over and we should be back in school mode ready to learn. But most of us come to school on Monday’s, especially rainy, cloudy Monday’s, thinking like this:



No matter how functional or not functional we were feeling, Edwards had a game plan for us to get through.

Edwards cut out SSR today because she will be out for an English conference tomorrow and didn’t want us to be short on mini lessons. She handed us a worksheet to remind us what the evidence/proof guidelines are for each status in writing workshop. Then she gave us a mini lesson titled, “Slice of Pie.” Here are the notes I took on it.


You can also click this link to find the top 10 opening lines of novels to help you find a good hook for your narrative. The rest of class was used to work on our narratives.


In Piggott’s class, we reviewed the problems he assigned us last week.

Then we talked about Pascal’s triangle.


I think most of had seen it, but when Piggott showed us that it worked with multiplying our polynomials all of us were like …


Lastly, he introduced us to a new type of problem where we can add things that have the same base. And gave us 3 problems for homework.


Just like Monday’s, we had “government” next. Just kidding. Government is pretty cool to learn about. I just want to meet the new teacher already though! (No offense to La Russa because she’s been awesome.)

Today in class we went over Lesson 9.1, U.S. Citizenship. Then we did an activity in groups to explain what we thought was the best option for America regarding immigration and refugees. At the end of class we watched CNN 10, which wasn’t that great today. C’mon Carl. But at least we have no homework!



  • Edwards: work on narrative (due this Friday on turnitin by 8pm) and Blog Assignment #21 
  • Piggott: 3 problems


  • Sign up for Edwards’ turnitin
    • 13664036 pw: berkeley
  • Valentine’s Day Grams will be sold in the morning and during lunch 
  • Buy toasted/buttered croissants and hot chocolate for $1 each from Diversity Club Wednesday morning and watch Selma with them during lunch


tumblr_inline_nlkthrundx1qf49jlStay dry guys!


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